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What is the full form of CATI ?

This page is all about abbreviation, acronym and meaning of the given term CATI.

CATI Stands For : computer assisted telephone interview | Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing | computer-assisted telephone interview | Computer-Assisted Telephone Interview | Canadian Automotive Trucking Institute | Carolina Association of Translators and Interpreters

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Related Full Forms - Terms


CATI Stands For : A Camera Activated Telescopic Interviewing | Computer Aided Telephone Interviewing | Computer Aided Testing And Interpretation | Computer Assisted Telephone I | Computer Assisted Telephone In | Computer Assisted Telephone Interview | Computer Assisted Telephone Investigation


CATI Stands For computer assisted telephone interview| Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing


CATI Stands For : computer-assisted telephone interview, Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing


COMPUTER Stands For : Common Operating Machine Particularly Used for Trade


INTERVIEW Stands For : interviewed | interviewing


COMPUTER Stands For : Common Operating machine Particularly Used for Training | Complicted Office Machine Put Under Tremendous Effort to Reduce manpower | Common Operating Machine Particularly Used for Trade Education and Research


CAPI Stands For : Computer Aided Personal Interviewing | Computer Assisted Personal Interview | Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing


CAPS Stands For : clinician-administered post-traumatic stress [patient interview] | Commodity Availability Procurement Strategy | Computer Aided Prototyping System | Computer Assisted Problem Solving | Consolidated Aerial Port System | Common Attitude Pointing System | Corrective Action Problem System | Crew Activity Planning System | Crew Altitude Protection Suit | Certified Airline Passenger Services | Computer Assisted Passenger Screening


CASI Stands For : Chili Appreciation Society International | Cold Atom Sagnac Interferome | Cold Atom Sagnac Interferometer | Compact Airborne Spectrographic Imager | Computer Aided Spatial Informatics | Computer Assisted Self Interviewing | Computer Automated Systems Inspector | The Canadian Aeronautics And Space Institute


CAD Stands For : Collectors And Dealers | Color Asymmetry Diagram | Change Again Daily | Complicated And Difficult | Computer Aided Difficulties | Creepy Asian Dude | Computer Aided Design | A Cation Anion Degree | Can And Do | Carbohydrate Adicts Diet | Cash Against Delivery | Cash Agaisnt Delivery | College Avenue Deck | Come And Die | computer aid design | Computer Aided Drawing | Computer Aiding And Drafting | Computer Assisted Demon | Computer Assisted Drawing | Computers And Drawing | Computor Aided Design | Controlling And Drawing | Crt Alt Del | Current Accou


CATI-MERIT Stands For : Cooperative Agreements and Technology Indicators database


CARM Stands For : Computer Assisted Radio Monitoring | Computer Assisted Radio Monitoring | Computer Assisted Radio Monitoring | Computer Assisted Radio Monitoring | Computer Assisted Radio Monitoring


CAWI Stands For : Computer-Assisted Web Interviewing


CAD Stands For Charged Area Development| Computer-Aided Design| Computer-Assisted Drafting| Computer Aided Drilling


CAPA Stands For IEEE Computer Society Workshop on Computer Architecture for Pattern Analysis and Image Database Management| Creative And Performing Arts| California Academy of Physician Assistants| Computer Assisted Physics Assignments


CAST Stands For : Computer Aided Software Testing, Computer-Assisted Survey Technology


CANDA Stands For : Computer-Assisted New Drug Application | computer assisted new drug application


CA Stands For : Commonwealth Award | Courage Award | Contractor Activities | Calcium | Constant Acquisitions | Contract Administration | Contract Authorization | Corrective Action | Cellulose Acetate | CyanoAcrylate | Heavy Cruiser (Cruiser | CA Acronym | Calcium And | California Agora | California also | California Az | Cameo And | Canada Accounting | Canadian Alliance | Canooter Assimilators | Car Assisted | Carbohydrate Antigen | Cayman airways | Cellular Automata | Census Area | Change Always | Character Animation | Chartered Accountancy | Chief Architect |


CADD Stands For : Computer Assisted Day Dreaming | A Computer Aided Documentation And Design | Center For Advanced Drug Development | Citizens Against Drunk Driving | Computer Aided Design And Draughting | Computer Aided Dimensioning And Development


CAST Stands For : Calf Antibiotic and Sulfonamide Test | Canadian Amphibious Search Team | China Aerospace Science and Technology | Computer Aided Strategy Tactics | Computer Assisted Supervision Team


CAX Stands For : Computer-Assisted Exercise | Computer Assisted Exercise


CAA Stands For : Collusion Attack Algorithm, Computer Aided Architecture, Computer Aided Or Assisted, Computer-Aided Assessment


CAPA Stands For : Certified Automotive Parts Association | Computer Assisted Personalized Assignments | California Pawnbrokers Association


CAPLA Stands For : Computer-Assisted Product License Application | computer assisted product license application


CAD Stands For : Current Account Deficit | Canadian Dollar | Carl And Daniel Canteen Service | Conneaut Audio Devices | Capital Adequacy Directive | Community Affairs Director | Computer Aided Dispatching | Computer Aided Drafting | Computer Assisted Development | Cadogan | Community Affairs Director | Cash Against Documents


CATT Stands For : Cattclearwater Accountability Treatment Team | Combined Arms Tactical Trainer | Computer And Technologies Theme | Computer Assisted Teacher Training


CAT Stands For : Crisis Action Team, Computer Aided Testing, Computer Aided Translation, Charges, ConCATenate, ConCATenate, Computer Aided Testing, Catalog (CP Backup - dBASE IV), Quicken IntelliCharge categorization file, Rational Rose Logical package, Computer Assisted Translation


CAD Stands For : Coronary Artery Disease | Canadian Air Division | Cartridge Actuated Device | Collective Address Designator | Community Affairs Director | Condemned At Depot | Course Administrative Data | Community Affairs Director | Computer-Aided Design | Communities Against Drugs | Computer Assisted Dispatch | Central Appraisal District | Computer Aided Dispatch | Computer-Aided Dispatch system | Community Affairs Director


TICS Stands For : Trafford Integrated Care Services | Telephone Interview for Cognitive Status


CAE Stands For : Client Application Enabler, Computer Aided Engineering, Computer Aided Engineering, Common Application Environment, Computer Assisted Education


CAMS Stands For : Cabin Air Management System | Computer Aided Medical Systems | computer-assisted monitoring system | Critical Appraisal for Medical Students


CAL Stands For : Cotton Area Lagged | Cal Always Loses | Cybernerd Aquiring Love | Casual Astronomy League | CALendar | Chaos And Light | Adapt logo | Client Access Licenses | Colorado Association of Libraries | Column Array Loudspeaker | Computer Aided Learning | Computer Assisted Learning | CALories


CAMEO Stands For : Car Assisted Mobility Escort Organisation | Characterizations Automatically Made And Edited Online | Children And Mothers Experiencing Opportunities | Computer Assisted Mechanistic Evaluation Of Organic | Content Auditing For Microsoft Exchange Organisations | Content Auditing For Microsoft Exchange Organizations


CTI Stands For : Computer Telephony Integration, Computer Telephony Interface, Computer Telephone Integration


CART Stands For : Cancelled At Race Time | Child Abduction Response Team | Christians Achieving Recovery Together | Classifcation And Regression Trees | Cocaine And Amphetamine Related Transcript | Communication Access Realtime Translation | Computer Aided Real Time | Computer Aided Realtime Translation | Computer Aided Reticulation Of Townships | Computer Analysis Response Team | Computer Assisted Real Time | Computerized Access Real Time | Conservation Amenity And Recreation Trust


CAMEX Stands For : Computer Assisted Map Exercise


CAA Stands For : Civil Aviation Authority | CAA Acronym Abbreviation | California Aikido Association | California Alarm Association | California Apartment Association | Calling All Angels | Campaign Against Acronyms | Campaign Against Aviation | Canadian Acoustical Association | Cancer Arthritis Artery | Carriage Association of America | Category Agreement Analysis | Catholic Athletic Association | Cluster Active Archive | Codesys Automation Alliance | College Art Association | Colonial Athletic Association | Comprehensive Articulation Agreement | Computer Aided Assessmen


CAAT Stands For : Computer Assisted Auditing Technique


TRANSCAD Stands For : Transportation Computer Assisted Design


CAAR Stands For : Computer Assisted Accreditation Reporting


CASA Stands For : Computer Assisted Sperm Analysis


CALT Stands For Computer Assisted Language Teaching


DCAT Stands For : Dynamic Computer Assisted Tomograph


CANDA Stands For : Computer Assisted New Drug Application


MCAI Stands For : Multimedia Computer Assisted Instruction


CALI Stands For Computer Assisted Language Instruction


CAES Stands For : Computer-Assisted Execution System


CATS Stands For : Computer Assisted Trouble Shooting


CARR Stands For Computer Assisted Research And Reporting


CARM Stands For Computer Assisted Radio Monitoring


CARM Stands For : Computer Assisted Radio Monitoring


CADE Stands For : Computer-Assisted Data Entry


CAKT Stands For : Computer-Assisted Keyboard Training


CAHSS Stands For : Computer Assisted Health Services Simulation


CAAM(S) Stands For : Computer Assisted Artillery Meteorology System


CAIPS Stands For : Computer Assisted Immigration Processing System


CAFMS Stands For : Computer-Assisted Force Management System


CCART Stands For : Contracts Computer Assisted Reinforcement Tutorials


CALL Stands For : Call Procedure, Invoke a Batch file as a subroutine, Computer Aided Language Learning, Computer Assisted Language Learning


CAE Stands For : Computer Assisted Engineering | Calendar Of Annandale Emmigration | Caprine Arthritis Encephalitis | Certificate Of Advanced English | Chinese Algae Eater | Culbert Automotive Engineering


CORES Stands For : Computer-assisted Order Routing and Execution System


UCCATS Stands For : Urban Combat Computer-Assisted Training Simulation


CADLAS Stands For : Computer Assisted Depreciation and Life Analysis System


BROADSWORD Stands For : Computer Assisted Division Level Battle Simulation


CAPLAR Stands For : Computer-Assisted Product License Application Review


CORESF Stands For : Computer-assisted Order Routing and Execution System for Futures


CATT Stands For : Computer Assisted Technology Transfer | Catapult Communications Corporation


CORESO Stands For : Computer-assisted Order Routing and Execution System for Options


CASAIL Stands For Computer Assisted Systematic Analysis of Instructor and Learner Behavior


CARM Stands For : Computer Assisted Radio Monitoring | Cancun and the Riviera Maya


CALA Stands For : computer-assisted license application | Community Airborne Library Architecture


CALL Stands For Collaborative Asteroid Lightcurve Link| Computer Assisted Language Learning


VNT Stands For : Vietnam Tours | Compania Anonima Nacional (formerly Computer ANON NAC Telephone de Venezue)


CAATT Stands For : Coalition Army Advisory Training Team | Computer Assisted Audit Tools and Techniques


CASES Stands For : Center for Alternative Sentencing and Employment Services | Computer Assisted Survey Execution System


CARLA Stands For : Computer Aided Related Language Adaptation | Computer Assisted Related Language Adaptation


CART Stands For Computer Assisted Radar Tomography| Cloud and Radiation Testbed| Center of Advanced Research and Technology


PTT Stands For : Post | Pacific Track Time | Perfect Tactical Trainer | Physical Therapy Today | post telegraph and telephone | Postal Telegraph and Telephone | Public Telephone Telegraph | push to talk In this


CAVE Stands For : A Computer Activated Video Environment | Carboplatin Adriamycin Vincristine Etoposide | Cave Activated Virtual Environment | Cave Audio Visual Experience | Cave Automated Virtual Environment | Cave Automatic Virtual Environment | Cave Automatic Virtual Environments | Compressed Audio For Vehicle Entertainment | Computer Aided Virtual Environment | Computer Assisted Video Editing | Computer Automated Virtual Environment


PSTN Stands For : Plain Standard Telephone Network | Public Switch Telephone Network | Public Switched Telephone Networks | Public Switched Telephony Network | Public Switching Telephone Network


CAR Stands For : Canadian Association of Radiologists | carbohrate | Cardiac Ablation Registry | carminative | cell adhesion regulator | Center for Aging Research | cis anti-repression sequence | conditional antimicrobial reporting | Continued Access Registry | cytarabine-usually | Computer Assisted Radiology | Cytosolic Androgen Receptor


CATS Stands For : Chicken And Tomato Soup | Cats Always Tear Stitchery | Crazy Aged Tyrant Stinks | Calm After The Storm | Canadian Archipelago Throughflow Study | Canned Artichokes Taste Sour | Capital Assets Tracking System | Cecomputer Assisted Testing Service | Central Acts For Traffic Safety | Cerebral Aneurysm Tumor Survivors | Chandler Academically Talented Students | Child Assertiveness Training Series | Children Assisting Teachers And Students | Christians Against Teen Sexuality | Cognitive Ability Tests Six | Committed Alliance To Strays | Communications And Techn


POTS Stands For : Plain Old Telephone Service, Plain Old Telephone Service, Plain Old Telephone Service, Plain Old Telephone Service, Peripheral Online Technical Standards


CAL Stands For Controlled Axial Lifetime| Casual Astronomy League| Center for Applied Linguistics| Chinese Academic Link| Computer-Assisted Listening


CAMP Stands For : Childhood Asthma Management Program | Computer-Assisted Message Preparation | Campaign Against Marijuana Planting | Continuous Air Monitoring Project


CATS Stands For : Customer Account Tracking System | Card And Ticket Shop | Computer Assistive Technology Solutions | Cross Application Time Sheet | Certificates of Accrual on Treasury Securities | Communication And Technology Services | Confidence plus Attitude plus Trust equals Success | Customer Access To Transactional Services | Catalyst Semiconductor | Computer Assisted Trading System


CAPPS Stands For : Checkout | Computer Assisted Passenger Prescreening System | Computerized Airline Passenger Pre Screening


VATS Stands For : Vault-tec Assisted Targeting System | Video Assisted Telescopic Surgery


CAST Stands For : China Aerospace Science and Technology | Computer-Assisted Scheme Training | Computing And Systems Technology


PAL Stands For : Personalized Assisted Living | Power-Assisted Liposuction | Peptidoglycan Associated Lipoprotein | People and Animals Learning


TEL Stands For : Traffic Event Logger, TELephone, Telephone, Telnet Host file


TACS Stands For : Theoretical Aspects Of Computer Software, Telephone Access Customer Satisfaction, Total Access Communications System


OSCAR Stands For Ohio State Catalog of Automated Retrieval| Optical Soil Canopy Atmosphere Radiance| Orbital Satellite Carrying Amateur Radio| Orbital Satellite Carrying Amateur Radio| Orbital Satellite Carrying Amateur Radio| Orbital Satellite Carrying Amateur Radio| Ofw Student Consulting And Research| Ohio State Catalog For Automated Retrieval| Ohio State Catalog Of Automated Resources| Online Student Computer Assisted Registration| Optical Scanning Computer Assisted Registration


CAMMS Stands For : Combined Arms Multi-Purpose Missile System | Computer Assisted Map Maneuver System | Condensed Army Mobility Model System


MALA Stands For : Memichigan Assisted Living Association | Michigan Assisted Living Association


CARA Stands For : California Alliance for Retired Americans | Carolina Animal Rescue And Adoption | Catalina Amateur Repeater Association | Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate | Center for Astrophysical Research in Antarctica | Centers And Regional Associates | Central Adoption Resource Agency | Championship Auto Racing Auxiliary | Choice Autobody Repair Association | Classification And Rating Administration | Coalition Against Rape and Abuse | Community Addiction Recovery Association | Community Animal Rescue and Adoptions | Community Assessment and Rapid Access |


CADI Stands For : Cadillac | Canadian Advanced Digital Ionosonde | Center for Alternative Development Initiatives | Children of the Americas Dressage Invitational | Ciation At Delhi Inc | Cms Analysis Database Interface | College Association at Delhi Inc | Comcenter For Alternative Development Initiatives | Community Alternatives For Disabled Individuals | Computer Administered Diagnostic Interview


CAPS Stands For : Corporate Accounts Payable System | Credit Assessment and Program Specifications | Capital Area Pronunciation Specialists | Combined Actuarial Performance Services | Counseling And Psychological Services | Capacity And Planning System | Combined Attitude And Perspective Survey | Computer Aided Product Selection | Computer Assisted Paint System | Corporate Account Printing Solutions | Corporate And Public Sector | Centralized Account Processing System | Community Alternative Placement Scheme


DTL Stands For : Defense Telephone Link | Defense Telephone Link | Designator Target Line | Defense Telephone Link


IMTS Stands For : Improved Mobile Telephone System | Independent Mirc Theme Standart | International Manufacturing Technology Show | Itinerant Mobile Telephone Service