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What is the full form of AARP ?

This page is all about abbreviation, acronym and meaning of the given term AARP.

AARP Stands For : Appletalk Address Resolution Protocol

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AARP Stands For Alternative Admission Research Project


AARP Stands For : American Association of Retired Persons


AARP Stands For : American Association of Retired Persons | Adopt A Road Program


AARP Stands For : Actually Against Real Protection | Another Arrogant Republican Promotion | Association Against Rational Policy | Active And Ready to Party | American Association of Retired People | Association of American Retired Persons


ARP Stands For : Address Resolution Protocol, Address Resolution Protocol, Active Reservation Protocol, Active Resource Program, Address Resolution Protocol, Arp Resolution Protocol, Amiga Resource Project, Access Responsible Party, Address Resolution Protocol


ADDRESS Stands For : Addresses | Addressing


RARP Stands For : Reverse Address Recognition Protocol, Reverse Address Resolution Protocol, Reverse Address Resolution Protocol


TARP Stands For : The Anti Rocketship People | Tid Address Resolution Protocol


ATP Stands For : Appletalk Transaction Protocol, Asymmetric Transport Protocol, All Tests Passed


ATCP Stands For : AppleTalk Control Protocol


AFP Stands For : Apple File Protocol, Apple Filing Protocol, Active Foxpro Pages, Adobe Flash Player, Air Filled Porosity, Abnormalize Floating Point, Shape palette (ABC FlowCharter), Advanced Function Printer, Advanced Function Printing, Appletalk File Protocol


ADSP Stands For : Appletalk Data Stream Protocol


ARAP Stands For : AppleTalk Remote Access Protocol


AURP Stands For : Appletalk Update-based Routing Protocol


CARP Stands For : Caching Array Routing Protocol, Common Address Redundancy Protocol


ARP Stands For : Acquisition Requirements Packages | Address Resolution Protocol | Air Raid Patrol | Air Raid Place | Air Raid Precautions | Air Refueling Point | Ammunition Refilling Point | Anti-Radiation Projectile | Aerospace Recommended Practice | Automated Release Processing | Airport Reference Point


STUN Stands For : Serial TUNneling protocol, Simple Traversal of UDP (User Datagram Protocol) through NAT (Network Address Translation)


NHRP Stands For : Next Hop Resolution Protocol


IPA Stands For : Internet Protocol Address


CAP Stands For : Client Access Protocol, Columbia Appletalk Package, Competitive Access Provider, Channel Assembly Program, Collaborative Analytical Processing, Common Aftermarket Protocol, Custom Application Program, Casing Added Protection, Compressed And Packed, Consistency, Compressed music file, Session capture file (ProComm - Telix), Ventura Publisher CAPtion file, Computer Accommodations Program, Computer And Printer, Computer-Aided Planning, Current Applications Presentation, Cut And Paste


ABTP Stands For : Address Book Transport Protocol


CIPAV Stands For : Computer and Internet Protocol Address Verifier


CIPAV Stands For : Computer and Internet Protocol Address Verifier


LA Stands For : Latchable Address, Location Area, Load Address, Logical Address, Netscape packetized audio (LiveAudio), List Access


MADCAP Stands For : Multicast Address Dynamic Client Allocation Protocol


NAT Stands For : Network Address Translation, Name Address Translation, Network Address Translation, Network Address Translator, Network Affinity Threshold, Network and Telnet, National Application Transport, Network Address Translation


SA Stands For : Socket A, Security Association, Server Address, Source Address, System Administration, System Administrator, Security Advisory, Scripting Additions, Search Algorithm, Software Architecture, Special Applications, Sql Administrator, Smart Ass, Scalable Architecture, Service Agent, Set Attribute, Shutdown Acknowledged, Stand Alone, System Audit, Set Access, Shift Amount, Sort Address, Starting Address


IPAM Stands For : Internet Protocol Address Management, Information Personalization Agent Manager, Information Pattern Aware Memory


ARK Stands For : Address Resolution Key, ARC archive ( CP/M port of ARC file archiver), Managing your Money Archive file, QUARK Compressed file archive, Advanced Rendering Kernel


ARK Stands For : Advisors Of Rubi Ka | Acknowledge And Reward Kids | Actively Restoring Kids | Address Resolution Keys | Akasaka Roppongi Knot | Akira Reina Kaiba | Akita Rescue Kennels | Altogether Ready For Kinship | Amazing Righteous Kids | At Risk Kids


AVHRR Stands For : Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometry | Ataadvanced Very High Resolution Radiometer | Avhrradvanced Very High Resolution Radiometer


DHCP Stands For : A Directory Header Configuration Protocol | Decentralized Hospital Computer Program | Dhcpdynamic Host Configuration Protocol | Domain Host Control Protocol | Dynamic Hostname Configuration Protocol | Dynamically Host Configuration Protocol


PPP Stands For : Point-to-Point Protocol, Point-to-Point Protocol, Point-to-Point Protocol, Point-to-Point Protocol, Protect Proper Patch, Perl Pre Processor, Point-to-Point Protocol, Poster Printer Paper, PagePlus Publication


UIP Stands For : Unique Internet Protocol address, User Interface Program, User Interface Process


BIA Stands For : Burned-In Address, Branch to Invalid Address


RTP Stands For : Real-Time output Port, Real-Time Plotter, Real Time Protocol, Real-time Transport Protocol, Redundant Time Protocol, Routing Table Protocol, Real-Time Protection, Release To Production, Real-time Transport Protocol, Realtime Transport Protocol, Run Time Package, RTPatch Software update file


UDP Stands For : Unreliable Damn Protocol | Unreliable Datagram Packet | Unreliable Datagram Protocol | A Universal Delivery Protocol | Unacknowledged Data Protocol | Undying Data Packetgrams | Uniform Datagram Protocol | Universal Data Packets | Universal Digital Player | Unix Data Protocol | Unreliable Data Protocol | Upset Deadly Pandas | Uridine Diphosphate A Phosphorilated | User Datagram Packets | User Defined Primitive


CARA Stands For : Cern Appletalk Remote Access


IGMP Stands For : A Internetwork Game Manager Player | Iewinternet Group Management Protocol | Igmpinternet Group Management Protocol | Ingsinternet Group Management Protocol | Internet Group Message Protocol | Internet Group Multicast Protocol | Of Internet Group Multicast Protocol


RIP Stands For : Reconstituted Information Protocol, Remote Imaging Protocol, Routing Information Protocol, Regulated Interaction Protocol, Regulated Interaction Protocol, Raster Image Processor, Raster Image Processor, Raster Image Process, Raster Image Processing, Resources Into Pixels, Router Information Protocol, Maximus 3.0 Telegrafx Remote Imaging Protocol, Quincy Program crash report, Remote Access Graphics


IP Stands For : Internet Protocol, Internet Protocol, Internet Packet, Internet Protocol, Ingress Protection, Intelligent Peripheral, Internet Protocol, Instructional Pointer, Data (Interactive Physics), Inspection Procedures (NRC Inspection Manual)


SNMP Stands For : Spatial Nutrient Management Planner | Security Not My Problem | Super Nana Mega Plaisante | Secure Network Migration Protocol | Securitys Not My Problem | Silent Network Management Protocol | Simple Network Message Protocol | Simple Networking Management Protocol | Simply Not My Problem | Standard Network Management Protocol


EAP Stands For : Enhanced Authentication Protocol, Enterprise Architecture Planning, Extensible Authentication Protocol, Electronic Authentication Partnership, Extensible Access Protocol, Extensible Authentication Protocol, External Auxiliary Power


AWE Stands For : Axiom Wireless Ethernet, Address Windowing Extensions, Address Windowing Extension


UDP Stands For : User Datagram Protocol, User Datagram Protocol, Undefined Destination Packet, Universal Data Port, User Data Protocol, User Datagram Protocol, User Datagram Protocol, Up Down Pair, User Defined Procedure


IGP Stands For : Interior Gateway Protocol, Intermediate Gatway Protocol, Internal Gateway Protocol, Integrated Graphics Processor


SIP Stands For : Single In-line Package, Session Initialization Protocol, Session Initiation Protocol, SMDS Interface Protocol, System Interface Procedure, Self Initiated Program, Service Interface Point, Session Initiation Protocol, Scilab Image Processing, Software Input Panel


FCP Stands For : Fibre Channel Protocol, Flexible Communication Protocol, Final Cut Pro, Fibre Channel Protocol, Function Control Protocol, FLAMES CheckPoint Restart file, File Control Program


PRR Stands For : Production Revision Record | Polycarbonate Replacement Resin | Painting Red Rhinos | Parietal Reach Region | Prison Releasee Reoffender | Problem Reporting And Resolution | Problem Resolution Report


WAB Stands For : Web Address Book, Web Application Builder, Windows Address Book


NAB Stands For : Not About Broadcasting | Name Address Book | Name And Address Book | National Accountablity Bureau | Nawaz And Benazir | Never Again Brother | New Arrangements To Borrow | New Asia Bar | No Alias Booth | Normal Approximation To Binomial | North American Broadcasters


MODIS Stands For Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectrometer| Maximal Overlap DIScrete wavelet transform| Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer| Management Of Data Information Systems


PAP Stands For : Password Authentication Protocol, Password Authentication Protocol, Password Authentication Protocol, Printer Access Protocol, Protected Audio Path


TCP Stands For : Transmission Control Protocol, Tape Carrier Package, Tranmission Control Protocol, Transmission Control Protocol, Telephone Connecting Program, Transmission Control Protocol, Terminal Control Program, Type Constrained Programming


PAE Stands For : Physical Address Extension, Physical Address Extension, Physical Address Extensions


NAB Stands For : Not A Bug, Notes Address Book, Novell Address Book


LPAE Stands For : Lafayette Parish Association of Educators | Large Physical Address Extension | Large Physical Address Extensions | Late Post Apoplectic EpilepsyåÊ | Lead Poisoned Adults Egroup


EA Stands For : Extended Attribute, Extended Address, Effective Address, Erase All, External Argument, Entity Attribute


NAD Stands For : Noise Adding Device, Network Address Directory, Network Attached Device, Name and Address Data


ICMP Stands For : Internet Control Message Protocol, Internet Control Message Protocol, Internet Control Management Protocol, Internet Control Message Protocol, Internetwork Connection Model Protocol


PA Stands For : Power Adapter, Power Amplifier, Public Address, Port Adapter, Presence Agent, Privacy Act, Persistent Attribute, Program Advance, Pointer Adjustment, Precision Architecture, Printable ASCII, Physical Address


SIP Stands For : Structural Insulated Panel | Seasonal Irrigation Program | Saccharine Infused Prozac | Savings Investment Plan | Self Improvement Project | Serial Interface Protocol | session initiated protocol | Session Internet Protocol | Single Inline Package | Sloan Innovation Period | Society for Invertebrate Pathology | Something In Parenthesis | Soul Influenced Product | Sound Improvement Platform | Standard Interchange Protocol | State Improvement Plan | Stateful Inspection Of Packets | structural insulated panels | Sun Industries Protocol | Swords Into Plowshar


SDP Stands For : Session Description Protocol, Shelf Discovery Protocol, Software Delivery Platform, Software Development Plan, Software Development Process, Service Definition and Provisioning, So Dont Pay, Sockets Direct Protocol


ICMP Stands For : A Internal Control Mail Protocol | A Internet Control Message Parameter | Icmpinternet Control Message Protocol | Icsinternet Control Message Protocol | Internet Connection Message Protocol


VA Stands For : Virtual Airline, Virtual Assistant, Voice Activity, Virtual Address, Virtual Address, View Attributes, Valid Again, Variable Argument, Variable Arguments, Vector Accumulate, Video Acceleration


RDP Stands For : Reliable Data Protocol, Remote Desktop Protocol, Remote Dive Planning, Rapid Deployment Pack, Remote Desktop Protocol


LCP Stands For : Link Control Protocol, Linkage Control Program, Lyris Command Protocol, Link Control Protocol, Load Current Procedure


SAP Stands For : Systems, Systems, Sandipan Accepted Protocol, Service Access Point, Service Announcement Protocol, Session Announcement Protocol, Start of Active Profile, System Area Pointer, System Application Product, Systems, Send Another Person, Service Advertising Protocol, System Application Program, Systeme, Systems Applications Processing, Secondary Audio Programming


DODAAC Stands For : Department Of Defense Activity Address Code | DoD Activity Address Code


ASO Stands For : Active Server Optimal, Address Space Object, Address Supporting Organization, Active Simulation Object, Assembler Object (object-oriented) file, Astound Dynamite Objects, Application Service Object


VTP Stands For : Virtual Terminal Protocol, VLAN Trunk Protocol, Verification Test Plan, Voice To Print, Virtual Terminal Protocol, Virtual Terminal Program


SOAP Stands For : Simple Object Access Protocol, Simple Object Access Protocol, Secure Overlay Access Point, Simple Object Access Protocol, Simple Object Access Protocol, Storage Operand Attenuation Prevention


NCOA Stands For : National Change of Address System | National Change Of Address


VRRP Stands For : Very Reliable Routing Protocol, Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol


TTP Stands For : Time Triggered Protocol, Trivial Transport Protocol, TinyTerm Plus, Third-Party Provider


MIP Stands For : Mobile Internet Protocol, Multiplexed Intercommunication Protocol


MOP Stands For : Maintenance Operation Protocol, Means Of Production, Meta Object Protocol, Multiple Original Printout


IPsec Stands For : Internet Protocol Security, Internet Protocol SECurity architecture, Internet Protocol SECurity protocol, Internet Protocol Security


HRTEM Stands For high-resolution transition electron microscopy| High-Resolution Transmission Electron Microscopy


WEP Stands For : Wireless Ethereal Picketfence | Worthless Equivalency Protocol | Weird Equivalent Privacy | Wire Equivalency Protocol | Wired Equivaent Privacy | Wired Equivalence Privacy | Wired Equivalency Privacy | Wired Equivalency Protocol | Wired Equivalent Protocol


IPMP Stands For : Internet Protocol Measurement Protocol


TCO/IP Stands For : Transmission Control Protocol/ Internet Protocol


TCP/IP Stands For Transmission Control Protocol/ Internet Protocol


TCP/IP Stands For : Transmission Control Protocol/ Internet Protocol


BOOTP Stands For : Boot Protocol, Bootstrap Protocol


PCP Stands For : Personal Control Panel, Priority Ceiling Protocol, Priority Ceiling Protocol, Paracel Clustering Package, Pattern Classification Program, Packet Chain Protocol, Program Control Program, PCP file Bitmap graphics


DODAAC Stands For : Department Of Defense Activity Address Codes | Department Of Defense Address Activity Code


DRPM Stands For : Dispute Resolution Project Manager | Direct Reporting Program Manager | AAA | dispute resolution project manager


ESP Stands For : Encryption Security Protocol, Enhanced Synchronization Protocol, Enhanced System Protocol, Encapsulating Security Payload, Easy Setup Program, Eudora Sharing Protocol, Exercising System Paths, Extended Stored Procedure, Electro-Selective Pattern, Emulex SCSI (Small computer System Interface) Processor, Enable SPrinkler, Enhanced Stack Pointer, Extended Stack Pointer, Extra Simple Programming, Elder Scrolls Plugin file, Extra Sprite Palette


ACAP Stands For : Automated Content Access Protocol, Application Configuration Access Protocol, Application Configuration Access Protocol, Advanced Common Application Platform


TKIP Stands For : Temporal Key Integration Protocol | Temporal Key Integrity Pro | Temporal Key Integrity Protocal | Temporary Key Integrity Protocol | Tkiptemporal Key Integrity Protocol


FCR Stands For : Fast Cast Rate | Flat-Coated Retriever | Full Custom Road | Facilitating Commerce Relationships | family computer robo | Federal Case Registry | feed conversion rate | Feed Conversion Ratio | First Call Resolution | First Capital Realty | First Class Racing | First Contact Resolution | Foreign Car Rebuilders | Fuji computed radiography | functional cranial release


NAP Stands For : Network Access Protection, Network Access Points, Network Access Protection, Network Address Protocol, Network Application Program, Network Access Protection, Network Application Program, Network Access Point, Vector graphics (Naplps format) (VideoShow - EnerGraphics)


IMAP Stands For : Internet Mail Access Protocol, Internet Mail Access Protocol, Internet Message Application Protocol, Internet Mail Access Protocol


IPNG Stands For : Internet Protocol, Internet Protocol, Internet Protocol, Internet Protocol


ARA Stands For : Appletalk Remote Access, Apple Remote Access


TDP Stands For : Thermal Design Power, Tag Distribution Protocol, Tag Distribution Protocol, Transient Data Program, True Desktop Project


SMTP Stands For : Simple Mail Transport Protocol | Small Mail Transfer Protocol | Strategic Medium Term Plan


HRPT Stands For High Resolution Picture Transmission| High Resolution Picture Transmission


HRCT Stands For : High-Resolution Computed Tomography | High Resolution Computed Tomography