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What is the full form of ACAD ?

This page is all about abbreviation, acronym and meaning of the given term ACAD.

ACAD Stands For : AutoCAD database file

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ACAD Stands For : Acadia Group


ACAD Stands For : Automatic Chemical Agent Detector


ACAD Stands For Alberta College of Art & Design| Anodized Ceramic Aluminum Diaphragm

J Am Acad Dermatol

J Am Acad Dermatol Stands For Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology


ACAD Stands For : academy | accelerated coronary artery disease | Ambulatory Care and Diagnostic Centre | asymptomatic coronary artery disease | atherosclerotic carotid artery disease | Azithromycin in Coronary Artery Disease | Ambulatory Care And Diagnosis


FILE Stands For : Filenet Corporation


FILE Stands For : Future Identification and Location Experiment | Financial Literacy Is Essential


DWG Stands For : application/acad


LDF Stands For : Log Database File, Log Database File, Log Data File, Geoworks Library Definition File, IBM Works for OS/2 Data Filer Form


MDF Stands For : Main Distribution Frame, MicroSoft Database File, MicroSoft Database File, Master Data File, Master Dictionary File, Memory Device Failure, Main Data File, Marker Definition File, Media Descriptor File, Microsoft Meta - Data Framework


SHP Stands For : AutoCAD Shape file and source file for text fonts, Printmaster Icon library


DDF Stands For : Data Distribution Frame, Disk Data Format, BTRIEVE Database file, Data Description File, Database Definition File, Data Definition File, Driver Description File


DWG Stands For : Device Working Group, Drawing database (vector) (AutoCAD - Drafix) (CAD programs)


UDB Stands For : Universal Desktop Box, U Dim Bulb!, Microsoft Works File, Universal DataBase, Windows2000 Uniqueness Database File


MVF Stands For : Stop frame file (AutoCAD AutoFlix)


MVI Stands For : Movie command file (AutoCAD AutoFlix)


AC$ Stands For : Spooled plot file (AutoCAD AutoSpool)


ZBD Stands For : Zero Bright Dot, MechWarrior 3 Snow Fields File, Zebedee Encrypted File, ZoomBrowser Database File


XGO Stands For : GeoConcept File, LogMate for Windows File, Paradox Database-related File


PFS Stands For : Parallel File System, Protocol Functions Similar, Perfect Forward Secrecy, Database (PFS:FILE) - text file (PFS:Write)


MND Stands For : My New Developer, Multi-Number Dialer, Magick New Database, Menu source (AutoCAD Menu Compiler)


MOV Stands For : Move, Movie (AutoCAD AutoFlix), Timebased multimedia file (Apple QuickTime)


DB Stands For : DataBase, Decibel, Dial Back, Dropped Burst, DataBase, Data Bus, Define Byte, Database (dbVista - Paradox - Smartware - XTreeGold), dBASE IV Configuration file, Data Byte, Desktop Bundle


DB2 Stands For : an IBM RDBMS released in 1983, DataBase 2, dBASE II Database file


DVP Stands For : Digital Voice Privacy, Dynamic Virus Protection, Digital Voice Privacy, Data Verification Process, Device parameter file (AutoCAD), Program information file (DESQview)


UDF Stands For : Upper Document Feeder, Universal Disk Format, Universal Disk Format, User Defined Field, User Defined Format, User Defined Function, Uniqueness Database File, Universal Data File, Excel User Defined Function, Filter (Photostyler), Photostyler Image Filter, Uniqueness Database File (Windows NT), Windows NT Uniqueness Database File


SCR Stands For : System Clock Reference, Send Configure Request, Single Call Ring, AutoCAD Script, ColoRIX or Sun rasterfile Bitmap graphics, Debug source code file, Fax image, LocoScript Screen font, Microsoft Screen Capture format SCReen snapshop, Screen File, Windows 3.x Screen saver


PLT Stands For : Power Line Telecommunications, Program List Table, Programming Languages Team, Procedure Linkage Table, HPGL plotter - Vector graphics ( AutoCAD Plot), Page Magic 2.0 Paper format, Palette, Pre-linked transfer file (Clipper 5), Software platform file (Geoworks Glue, Table for .pll (CA Clipper)


MNX Stands For : Compiled menu (AutoCAD), Main (DBF) menu description file (FoxPro)


DBF Stands For : Data Base File, Database file (dBASE III/IV - FoxPro - dBFast - DataBoss)


FRF Stands For : Frame Relay Forum, FontMonger Font database file, First Reduction File


DBT Stands For : Clipper DataBase text, dBASE IV Memo file for database w/same name, FoxPro Foxbase+ style memo


ZDB Stands For : Intuit Quicken On-line File, Canon Zoombrowser file, EPSQ Security Officer Submission Database


FW Stands For : Fire Wall, Field Width, Function Word, FrameWork Database file, Fast Write, File for Writing, FORTRAN Wrapper


XMX Stands For : X Protocol Multiplexer, X Window System session on multiple X displays, Specify heap memory size in command line arguments, Autodesk AutoCAD External Message Compiled File


IDC Stands For : Interim Domain Controller, Internet Database Connector, Internet Direct Connection, Image Data Capture, Internet Data Connector, Information Distribution Company, I Dont Care, I Dont Comprehend, Internet Data Center, IDA C language source code file, Internet Database Connector Document, Tech CORE IDC file Bitmap graphics


CVT Stands For : Cendant Virtual Tour, Circuit Validation Test, Coordinated Video Timing, Code Value Table, Backup file for CONVERTed database file (dBASE IV)


PWT Stands For : Personal WebTutor, Point Well Taken, Autodesk AutoCAD Publish-to-Web Template, HotDog PageWiz Template, Microsoft Pocket Word Template File


P Stands For : Processor, Pointer, Personalize, Print, Parity, Protected, Public, Applause picture Graphics file, Progress Database source code, ReaGeniX code generator Rea-C-Time application parameter file


DX Stands For : Duplex, Digital Xchange, Declare X, Data explorer Document file, DEC WPS/DX format Text file, THOR database Cross-reference data, Digital Index, Direct X


ZOT Stands For : Zoot Database File


VFA Stands For : FontLab Database file


FW2 Stands For : Framework II Database file


APX Stands For : AppExpert database file


FW3 Stands For : Framework III Database file


DB3 Stands For : dBASE III Database file


FOG Stands For : Fontographer Database File


XVU Stands For : BOClean Database File


SFD Stands For : Seed File Directory | Science Fiction Dork | Santa Fe Distributing | School for Deacons | semi fixed dune | Six Feet Down | Slovensko farmacevtsko druÁtvo | Social Fairy Dust | Software Freedom | Software Freedom Day | Sound File Data | Special Fund for the Disabled | Spline Font Database | Sportowe Forum Dyskusyjne | static file demo | Strategic Financial Designs | stress field detection


WDB Stands For : Microsoft Works DataBase file


DMS Stands For : Default Menu System, Dell Movie Studio, Deutsche Malaga Syntax, Digital Media Station, Digital Media System, Distributed Make System, Distribution Management System, Database Management System, Database Managed Storage, Digital Media Storage, Data Management System, Compressed Amiga file archive (DiskMasher), Database Modelling System, Digital Multiplex System, Display Manager System, Document Management System


NEDB Stands For : National Earthquake Database, New England Database Summit, Nuclear Explosion DataBase


NSDD Stands For : National Security Decision Directives | Nato Standardization Document Database | Natural State Digital Database | Naval Sensor Data Database | New Schools Development Department | Non Shakespearian Drama Database | North South Diversion Ditch | Nuclear Structure And Decay Data


BSC Stands For : Binary Synchronous Communications, Bi-Synchronous Communications, Compressed Apple II file archive (BINSCII), Database (Source Browser), Microsoft Developer Studio Browser information, Pwbrmake object file (MS Fortran)


LCK Stands For : Lock file (especially for database access control)


ACCDB Stands For : Access 2007/2010 Database file


PKG Stands For : P-CAD Database, AppleLink Package file, NeXT Installer script


UXD Stands For : User-Experience Design, URLBase URL Database file


UXP Stands For : User eXperience Planning, URLBase v5.1 URL Database file


CRF Stands For : Calcomp Raster File Bitmap graphics, CHARTrunner Chart Definition file, MASM - Zortech C++ Cross- Reference file, Sierra Print Artist Craft File, System Shock 2 Archive file, Thief 2: The Metal Age Archive file, Cdx Resource File


DBM Stands For : DataBase Maintenance, DataBase Manager, Decibel relative to one milliwatt, Double Balanced Mixer, DataBase Management, DataBoss Menu template, DataEase Datafile


SID Stands For : System IDentifier, Shared Information Distance, Security IDentifier, Security In Depth, Software Item Description, Still In Development, Security IDentifier, Searchable Image Database, Subunit Interaction Domain, System Installation Diskette, Simple Information Database, PlaySID tunes and sound effects file


DTF Stands For : Dial Tone First, Digital Transmission Facility, Database file (PFS - Q&A)


NFO Stands For : Filioview database, Help format (Netware Folio), Info file


HX Stands For : Hyper Xtream, THOR database Cross-reference Hsh file


QDB Stands For : Query DataBase, Quick DataBase, Quicken DataBase


HP Stands For : Hewlett Packard, Hand Phone, Hewlett Packard, Hot Plug, Half Precision, High Precision, Hewlett-Packard printers/plotters Printout file, THOR database Primary Hash file


DRW Stands For : Database Results Wizard, Micrografx Designer Vector graphics format file


DAT Stands For : Digital Audio Tape, Digital Audio Tape, Disk Access Time, Database Access Tool, ASCII or binary DATa file, WordPerfect Merge data file, Dynamic Address Translation


RDF Stands For : Repair Difficulty Factor, Resource Description Framework, Remote Distribution Frame, Resource Description Framework, Rich Document Field, Retrieval Definition File, Rich Database Fundamentals, Geoworks UI Compiler, Report Definition File


VDB Stands For : Vulnerability DataBase | Verification DataBase | Voluntary Denied Boarding | Vulnerability DataBase


PDF Stands For : Portable Document Format, Portable Document Format, Personally Dedicated Folder, Program Development Facility, Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format, ED-SCAN 24bit format Graphics file, Netware Print Device Information, Package Definition File, PCAD Database Interchange Format


DP Stands For : Data Packet, Decentralized Peripheral, Distributed Processing, Dynamic Profile, Data Privacy, Diverse Protection, Data Processing, Developers Preview, Developers Package, Diagnostic Program, Dial Pulsing, Drop Point, Decentralized Peripheral, Data Processing, Data Pulse, Design Prototype, Display Picture, Define Property, Daily Planner Calendar file, DataPhile Data file, THOR database Primary Data file, Digital Painting, Draft Proposal, Dual Processor, Dynamic Programming


CFS Stands For : CD-ROM File System, Cryptographic File System, Continuous Fuzzy Subset, Cyberthak File System, Call For Service, Customer Facing Service, Continuous Feed System, Corrupt File Structure, Central File Store, Concurrent File System, Inmos configuration file


CRP Stands For : Corel Presents Run-time Presentation, dBASE IV Encrypted database file, Visual dBASE Custom Report


MIF Stands For : Machine Information File, Maker Interchange Format, Memory Initialization File, Metamorphosis Input File, FrameMaker Data file


DIF Stands For : Data Interchange Format, Directory Interchange Format, Data Interchange Format, Data Interchange Format - Database, Digitally Improvized Format, OS/2 Display Information File, Patch script DIFference data file


SHX Stands For : AutoCAD Shape entity


FS Stands For : File Server, FreeSpace, File System, File System, Full Scale, Usenix FaceServer file Bitmap graphics, Fairchild Semiconductor, Field Separator, File Separator


XIF Stands For : eXternal Interface File, eXtended Image File Format Graphics file, Wang Image File, Xerox Image File


IFS Stands For : Installable File System, Interim Facility Share, IOS File System (Cisco), Internet Fraud Screen, Industrial and Financial System, Internal Field Separator, Internal Field Separator, Installable File System, Interchange File Separator, Insertable File System, Institutional File Space, Institutional File System, Integrated File System, Fractal image compressed file (YuvPak), FRACTINT Iterated Function System Fractal, Installable file system (OS/2), InterFrame Space


MFS Stands For : Macintosh File System, Mosix File System, Macintosh File System, Meandering Free Space, Media File System, Move From Segment, Miami File System, Migrating File System


HDX Stands For : Half Done Xconnect, Help index (AutoCAD - Zortech C++)


DXB Stands For : Drawing binary exchange format (vector) (AutoCAD)


RND Stands For : Random Number, AutoCAD AutoShade Rendering Slide


PLC Stands For : Programmable Linear Controller, Paragraph Line Character, Power Line Carrier, P-CAD Database, Personalized Localized And Customized, Add-in file (functions - macros - applications) (Lotus 1-2-3)


WDDB Stands For : Rand McNallys World Digital DataBase, Web Design DataBase


DBDF Stands For : DataBase Display Function, DataBase Development Framework


IDB Stands For : Integrated Database | Interoperability DataBase | In-suit Drink Bag | Illicit Diamond Buying


TDB Stands For : Tactical Data Base | Terrain Database | The Devils Brigade | Transportation Database


BIB Stands For : Business In a Box, Bibliography (ascii), Database - not compatible with TeX format (Papyrus), Literature database (TeX/BibTeX)


CDB Stands For : Card database ( CardScan), Turbo C Utilities main DataBase, Command Descriptor Block


VDB Stands For : Vulnerability DataBase, Visual dBase, Virtual DataBase


SGD Stands For : Saccharomyces Genome Database | Skeletal Gene Database


BDE Stands For : Bloated Database Error, Borland Database Engine


DXF Stands For : Vector graphics (Drawing Exchange Format) (AutoCAD) (CAD programs)


STK Stands For : Situation Track display, Sim Tool Kit, Statistical Tool Kit, Synthesis ToolKit in C++, Satellite Tool Kit, Stack, CRiSP Harvest File, HyperStudio Stack File, MetaMorph Imaging System Discovery - 1 Software Stack file, Personal Stock Monitor File, Rail3D 2KD/2K3 Stock and Scenery Models file, Sticker Store Sticker file


GAD Stands For : GOBI Atom Database Project, Generate And Display, Generic Application Development, Global Availability Database