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What is the full form of FTP ?

This page is all about abbreviation, acronym and meaning of the given term FTP.

FTP Stands For : Foil Twisted Pair, File Transfer Protocol, File Transfer Protocol, Document (FTP Voyager)

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TRANSFER Stands For : transferred | transferring


SFTP Stands For : Shielded Foil Twisted Pair, Secure File Transfer Protocol


FILE Stands For : Filenet Corporation


FILE Stands For : Future Identification and Location Experiment | Financial Literacy Is Essential


UTP Stands For : A Universal Time Protocol | U Twisted Pair | Universal Transfer Protocol | Unknown Twisted Pair | Unsheilded Twisted Pair | Unshielded Twisted Pairs | Unshileded Twisted Pair


STP Stands For : Secret Tweaker Pad, Shielded Twisted Pair, Server Time Protocol, Signal Transfer Point, Spanning Tree Protocol, Secret Tweaker Pad, Software Test Plan, Speed Test Pro, Shielded Twisted Pair, Signal Transfer Point, Spanning Tree Protocol, ISO-10303 STEP product data, Software Technology Park, Straight Through Processing, Straight To Paper


TP Stands For : Thermal Printer, Touch Panel, Twisted Pair, Team Portal, Termination Point, Transaction Processor, Transfer Protocol, Transit Portal, Tamper Proof, Third Party, Telephone Pole, Typical Provider, FLAMES template file (Ternion Corporation), Transactional Process, Turbo Pascal, Turing Processor, Turbo Pascal Configuration file, Turbo Profiler Session-state file


TFTP Stands For : Trivial File Transfer Protocol, Trivial File Transfer Program


MTP Stands For : Multiple Time Programmable, Mail Transfer Protocol, Media Termination Point, Message Transfer Part, Mobile Transactional Platform, Media Transfer Protocol


FD Stands For : Filter Default, Full Duplex, Flat Display, Floppy Drive, Float Double, Field Delimiter, File Description, Forms Definition, Field offsets for compiler - DataFlex, Front Door Resource file, Microsoft Fortran Declaration file, File Descriptor, Floppy Disk, FTP (File Transfer Protocol) Directory


FTP Stands For : First To Post | File Transfer Protocol


BFTP Stands For : Bunny File Transfer Protocol


WFTP Stands For : Windows File Transfer Protocol


Kermit Stands For : a file transfer program/protocol


OFTP Stands For : Odette File Transfer Protocol


Kermit Stands For : a file transfer program/protocol


FSP Stands For : File Server Protocol, File Sharing Protocol, FILE SERVICE Publication, Finite State Process, Free System Projekt


UTP Stands For : Unshielded Twisted Pair, Unshielded Twisted Pair, Universal Transport Packet, Universal Transmission Protocol, Unshielded Twisted Pair


EFT Stands For : Easy Fitness Ticket | Effective Field TheoryåÊ | Electronic Field Trip | Electronic File Transfer | Electronic Fund Transfer | Electronic Funds Transfer Electronic Funds Transfer | Emotion Free Trading | Emotional | Emotional Freedom Techniques | Energy Financing Team | Enhanced File Transfer | EVE Fitting Tool


FTP Stands For : File Transfer Protocol | First Terminal Position | Focused Technology Program | Fuel Transfer Point | Flight Test Procedure | Full Throttle Position | Function Test Progress | Functional Test Program


SMTP Stands For : Simple Mail Transfer Protocol | Simple Message Transfer Protocol | Simple Mail Transfer Protocol


FCP Stands For : Fibre Channel Protocol, Flexible Communication Protocol, Final Cut Pro, Fibre Channel Protocol, Function Control Protocol, FLAMES CheckPoint Restart file, File Control Program


HTTP Stands For : HyperText Transfer Protocol, HyperText Transfer Protocol, HyperText Transfer Protocol, HyperText Transfer Protocol


DTA Stands For : Data Transfer Application, Data Transfer Area, Directory Tree Analyzer, Dont Trust Anyone, digital transport adapter, Data file (Turbo Pascal - PC-File - Stata), Disk Transfer Area


FOIL Stands For : First Outside Inside Last


FOIL Stands For : Forum Of Indian Leftists


FOIL Stands For First Outer Inner Last| First Order Inductive Learning


BRD Stands For : Allegro file, BizInt Smart Charts for Pharmaceuticals Data Transfer format, Eagle Layout File, RPG Toolkit Board Design File format, Winning Bridge Saved Hand, Business Requirements Document


FOIL Stands For : Forum Of Indian Leftists | Freedom Of Information Law


HTTPS Stands For : HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure, HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure, HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure, HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure, HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure


AFP Stands For : Apple File Protocol, Apple Filing Protocol, Active Foxpro Pages, Adobe Flash Player, Air Filled Porosity, Abnormalize Floating Point, Shape palette (ABC FlowCharter), Advanced Function Printer, Advanced Function Printing, Appletalk File Protocol


PAIR Stands For : Portal to Asian Internet Resources


PAIR Stands For : Political Asylum Immigration Representation


PAIR Stands For Psychiatric Assertive Identification and Referral


HTTPS Stands For : Hypertext transfer protocol over secure socket layer | HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure


UFT Stands For : Universal File Transfer | Unsolicited File Transfer


PTP Stands For : Paper Tape Perforator, Paper Tape Punch, Picture Transfer Protocol, Point-To-Point, Precision Time Protocol, Preliminary Test Plan, Proficient Test Program, Programmable Text Processor, Personal Telco Project, Point To Point, Picture Transfer Protocol, Program Tape Preparation, Programming The Psychodrill


HTTP Stands For : A High Throughput Transfer Policy | HyperText Transfer Protocol


PAIR Stands For : Pairgain Technologies | Performing Artist In Residence | Passive Air Induction Return | Pulse Air Injection Recirculation


FOIL Stands For : First Official Intramural Logorrhea | F Off Injured Litigants | Federal Outdoor Impact Laboratory | first outer inner and last | First Outer Inside Last | Foilforum Of Indian Leftists | Foreign Oil Independence League | Forum of Insurance Lawyers | Freedom Of Information Laws | Friends Of Indiana Libraries


FTAM Stands For : File Transfer, File Transfer


WCTP Stands For : Wireless Communication Transfer Protocol, Wireless Communication Transfer Protocol


WMTP Stands For : Wireless Messaging Transfer Protocol, Wireless Messaging Transfer Protocol


RTP Stands For : Real-Time output Port, Real-Time Plotter, Real Time Protocol, Real-time Transport Protocol, Redundant Time Protocol, Routing Table Protocol, Real-Time Protection, Release To Production, Real-time Transport Protocol, Realtime Transport Protocol, Run Time Package, RTPatch Software update file


PFS Stands For : Parallel File System, Protocol Functions Similar, Perfect Forward Secrecy, Database (PFS:FILE) - text file (PFS:Write)


MFT Stands For : Multiple File Transfer, Metallic Facilities Terminal, Master File Table, Master File Table, Style file (MetaFont source formatter)


SMTP Stands For : Simple Mail Transport Protocol | Small Mail Transfer Protocol | Strategic Medium Term Plan


SHTTP Stands For : Secure Hyper Text Transfer Protocol, Secure Hyper Text Transfer Protocol


SWP Stands For : Stop And Wait Protocol, Sprint Document backup, Swap file


AIO Stands For : APL file transfer format file, Asynchronous Input Output


UDP Stands For : User Datagram Protocol, User Datagram Protocol, Undefined Destination Packet, Universal Data Port, User Data Protocol, User Datagram Protocol, User Datagram Protocol, Up Down Pair, User Defined Procedure


ATM Stands For : Asynchronous Transfer Mode, Asynchronous Transfer Mode, Asynchronous Transfer Mode, Asynchronous Transfer Mode, Automated Telephone Manager, Asynchronous Transfer Mode, Automated Transmissions Machine, At The Moment, Automatic Teller Machine, Adobe Type Manager related file, Adobe Type Manager, Aschronous Transfer Mode, Automated Transactional Management


CAP Stands For : Client Access Protocol, Columbia Appletalk Package, Competitive Access Provider, Channel Assembly Program, Collaborative Analytical Processing, Common Aftermarket Protocol, Custom Application Program, Casing Added Protection, Compressed And Packed, Consistency, Compressed music file, Session capture file (ProComm - Telix), Ventura Publisher CAPtion file, Computer Accommodations Program, Computer And Printer, Computer-Aided Planning, Current Applications Presentation, Cut And Paste


AFT Stands For : Almost Free Text, Ant Functional Testing, Template (ABC FlowCharter 3.0), Automatic File Transfer, Available File Table


AP Stands For : Access Point, Access Point, Advanced Packaging, Application Protocol, Access Point, Action Point, Alternative Power, Application Processor, Allocation Pointer, Datalex EntryPoint 90 Data file, Whap Compressed Amiga file archive, Artificial Paradise, Automation Protocol


CEFT Stands For : Ceftczech Educational Foundation Of Texas | Club Des Escrimeurs De Faches Thumesnil | Coordinated Electronic Funds Transfer | Corporate Electronic File Transfer | Corporate Electronic Funds Transfer | Customer Electronic Funds Transfer Of | Czech Educational Foundation Of Texas


NTP Stands For : N Terminal Peptide | National Time Protocal | Net Transport Proper | Network Technology Partners | Network Tme Protocol | Network Transfer Protocol | New Tip Placement | Normal Temperature Pressure | Northern Telecom Products | Not Too Probative | Number Of Theoretical Plates


FTU Stands For : File Transfer Utility, File Transfer Utility


FTO Stands For : File Transfer Order, File Transfer Order


BOO Stands For : Business Office Online, BOO Encoded file archive (ASCII), Book (IBM BookManager), Bootstrap (Kermit protocol binary file)


VCF Stands For : Veracity Clip File, Voyager Client Framework, Vintage Computer Festival, Visual Component Framework, Virtual Card File, Vevi Configuration File ( WorldToolKit objects)


NNTP Stands For : Network News Transfer Protocol, Normal Network Test Packet, Network News Transport Protocol


PCP Stands For : Personal Control Panel, Priority Ceiling Protocol, Priority Ceiling Protocol, Paracel Clustering Package, Pattern Classification Program, Packet Chain Protocol, Program Control Program, PCP file Bitmap graphics


HTTP Stands For : HyperText Transfer Protocol


GIFT Stands For : Gathering Items For Troops | Gear Instruments Flaps And Trim | General Import Format Template | Getting Involved Families Together | Getting Involved For Tomorrow | Gift Internet File Transfer | Gnu Internet File Transfer | Go International For Tomorrow | God Is Faithful Today | Gods Inspiration From Teens | Going Into The Fields Together | Growing In Faith And Theology | Growing In Faith Today | Growing In Faith Together


SMTP Stands For : Simple Mail Transfer Protocol


MTP Stands For : Mega Transfer Protocol | Methanol To Propylene


CSTP Stands For : Calendar Server Transfer Protocol


AITP Stands For : Audit Information Transfer Protocol


RATP Stands For : Reliable Asynchronous Transfer Protocol


SMTP Stands For : Simple Mail Transfer Protocol


PPTP Stands For : Pigeon Packet Transfer Protocol


HTTPD Stands For : HyperText Transfer Protocol Daemon


EDT Stands For : electronic document transfer | emergency duty team | end-diastolic thickness | external data transfer


CSV Stands For : Comma Separated Values, Comma Separated Values, Comma Separated Values, Client SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) Validation, Clustered Shared Volume, ClassAd Structure Verifier, Circuit Switched Voice, CompuShow Adjusted EGA/VGA palette, Data file (Comma Separated Values format)


ICP Stands For : Internet Cache Protocol, Internet Caching Protocol, Implementation Control Process, Integrated Control Panel, Parameter file (IContact) (Unix)


S-HTTP Stands For : Secure Hyper Text Transfer Protocol


BSMTP Stands For : Batch Simple Mail Transfer Protocol


ESMTP Stands For : Extended Simple Mail Transfer Protocol


IPOA Stands For : Internet Protocol Over ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode)


CIPoA Stands For : Classical Internet Protocol over ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode)


ESP Stands For : Encryption Security Protocol, Enhanced Synchronization Protocol, Enhanced System Protocol, Encapsulating Security Payload, Easy Setup Program, Eudora Sharing Protocol, Exercising System Paths, Extended Stored Procedure, Electro-Selective Pattern, Emulex SCSI (Small computer System Interface) Processor, Enable SPrinkler, Enhanced Stack Pointer, Extended Stack Pointer, Extra Simple Programming, Elder Scrolls Plugin file, Extra Sprite Palette


HTP Stands For : High ThroughPut, Hypertext Transfer Protocol, Highest Takes Precedence


SPL Stands For : Security Protocol Language, Standard Php Library, Sample, Sybyl Programming Language, Systems Programming Language, Set Priority Level, Set Processor Level, Macromedia Splash file, Personal SPell Dictionary, Splint Compressed file archive, Spool file for printing, Sprint Customized printer driver


OFT Stands For : Odor Fighting Technology | On-line Family Tree | often | Office of Force Transformation | Office of Fuel Tax | Optical Fiber Thermometer | Optimal foraging theory | Oscar File Transfer | Outlook file template


ZRP Stands For : Zone Routing Protocol, Zone Routing Protocol, Rapid simulation package file


TFS Stands For : Team Foundation Server, Transfer File System, Turbo File System, Turbo Profiler Statistical information


SRP Stands For : Secure Remote Password, Server Routing Protocol, Secure Remote Password, Software Requirements Planning, Spatial Reuse Protocol, Specialized Resource Point, Script file


JFT Stands For : Just File Transfer


MAP Stands For : Morse Assemblers Program, Mobile Application Part, Maintenance Analysis Procedure, Manufacturing Automation Protocol, Marketspace Agent Protocol, Color palette (colormap intensities and indices), Format data (Micrografx Picture Publisher), Geographical map (Atlas MapMaker), Linker map file, Network map (AccView)


PT Stands For : Point and Talk, Protocol Translation, Process Tracker, Powered Tower, Print Thread, Project Template, Game crack Player Tools file, Kodak Precision Color Management System, Pitch Track Sound file


NFT Stands For : Network File Transfer


PZT Stands For : Pizazz Plus Transfer file


BBTP Stands For : Bandwidth Broker Transfer Protocol | Beaten Back To Pure | Black Bottom Theater Project


CTCP Stands For : Client Transfer And Control Protocol | Clinical Toxicology Of Commercial Products | Computer To Conventional Plate


FTM Stands For : Fault Tolerant Modem, Family Tree Maker, Fault Tolerance Management, File Transfer Manager, Far Too Many ...., For That Matter, Fault Tolerant Machine, Flat Tension Mask, Font file (Micrografx)


ICFT Stands For : Incoming File Transfer


DHCP Stands For : A Directory Header Configuration Protocol | Decentralized Hospital Computer Program | Dhcpdynamic Host Configuration Protocol | Domain Host Control Protocol | Dynamic Hostname Configuration Protocol | Dynamically Host Configuration Protocol


ASP Stands For : Active Server Page, Active Server Page, Active Server Page, Advanced Simple Profile, Advanced Systems Protocol, Active Server Page, Another Script Program, Application Service Provider, Atari Software Pirates, Active Signaling Protocol, Application Service Provider, Advanced Systems Protocol, ATM Switch Processor, Auxiliary Storage Pool, Aspect language script file (Procomm Plus), Association of Shareware Professionals note, Active Screen Protocol, Advanced Spatial Parameterization


FTMS Stands For : File Transfer Management System