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What is the full form of HVGA ?

This page is all about abbreviation, acronym and meaning of the given term HVGA.

HVGA Stands For : Half-size Video Graphics Array

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HVGA Stands For Hudson Valley Garden Association


GRAPHICS Stands For : allows Graphics to pass from screen to Printer


HALF Stands For : High Abrasive Loaded Fluids | High Amplitude Low Frequency | Homeownership Assistance Loan Fund


VGA Stands For : VGA (Video Graphics Array) Graphics Adapter, VGA (Video Graphics Array) Graphics Adapter, Video graphics array, Video Graphics Array, OS/2 VGA Bitmap graphics file, VGA display font


VGA Stands For : Violet | Very Good Adaptor | Very Gross Adapter | A Visual And Graphics Adaptation | Vesa Graphics Adapter | Video Game Arena | Video Graphical Array | Video Graphics Accellerator | Video Graphics Ansi | Visual Gate Array


SVGA Stands For : Super Video Graphics Array | Super Video Graphics Array


VGA Stands For Variable Gain Amplifier| VGA (Video Graphics Array) Graphics Adapter| Voltage Generator Amplitude


SVGA Stands For : Super Video Graphics Adapter, Super Video Graphics Array, Super VGA


VGA Stands For : Video Graphics Array


SVGA Stands For Super Video Graphics Array


XVGA Stands For : Extended Video Graphics Array


SVGA Stands For : Sunny Venice Goes Arabic | standard video graphics array


MCGA Stands For : Multi-Color Graphics Array, MultiColour Graphics Array


UXGA Stands For : Ultra Extended Graphics Array, Ultra Extended Graphics Array


VIS Stands For : Viewable Image Size, Viewable In Screen, Visual Identity System, Virtual Instrument and Subroutines, Video Information System, Visual Instruction Set, Visible Information Set, Vista Graphics file


PGA Stands For Peak Ground Accerleration| Phospho Glisaric Acid| PhosphoGlyceric Acid| PolyGlycolic Acid| Pin Grid Array| Plastic Grid Array| Professional Graphics Adapter| Programmable Gain Amplifier| Programmable Gain Array


VGB Stands For : Video Graphics Board, Video Game Bible, Virtual GameBoy


VGA Stands For : Video Game Alliance | Very Good Abilities | Video Graphics Association


PGA Stands For : Professional Graphics Adapter, Professional graphics adapter, Pin Grid Array, Professional Graphics Adapter, Process Global Area, Programmable Gain Amplifier, Program Global Area


VDA Stands For : Virtual Desktop Access, Virtual Digital Assistant, Truevision Targa format Video Bitmap graphics, VDA-FS surface data Graphics file


HGA Stands For : High-resolution video Graphics Adapter, Hercules Graphics Adapter


WXGA Stands For Wide eXtended Graphics Array


MCGA Stands For Multi-Color Graphics Array


WXGA Stands For : Wide eXtended Graphics Array


ROUS Stands For : Rats Of Unusual Size | Rodent Of Unusual Size | Rodents Of Unusual Size | Rodents Of Usual Size


VICAR Stands For : Video Image Communication And Retrieval, Video Indexing, Video Image Communication and Retrieval Graphics file


WUXGA Stands For : Wide Ultra Extended Graphics Array


WVGA Stands For : Wide Video Graphic Array


GA Stands For : Group Address, Genetic Algorithm, Graphics Array, General Agent


PSE Stands For : Persistent Storage Engine, Priest Spell Editor, Page Size Extension, Bitmap graphics (IBM printer Page SEgment)


VID Stands For : Voltage Identification Digital, Voltage IDentifier, VLAN IDentifier, Vendor Id, Virtualization Infrastructure Driver, Screen Video Device Driver, YUV12C M- Motion Frame Buffer Video file Bitmap graphics


VGO Stands For : Video Graphics Output


VGU Stands For : Video Graphics Unit


VGN Stands For : Video Graphics Network


VSG Stands For : Video Sound And Graphics


HWHM Stands For Half Width at Half Maximum


WPG Stands For : Web Page Generator, Web Policy Group, WFDB Programmers Guide, Word Perfect Graphics, WildTangent Branded .PNG file, WordPerfect Graphics Format - Bitmap graphics, WordPerfect Graphics Format - Vector graphics


DVI Stands For : Digital Video Interleaved, Digital Video Interactive, Digital Video Interface, Digital Video Interactive, Digital Video Interface, Direct Video Input, Digital Video Interactive movie, Text document (TeX Device Independent File Format) (TeX), Digital Video Imaging


CDVG Stands For : Chyron Duet Video Graphics


SVGA Stands For : System Video Graphics Alliance


VGDE Stands For Video Graphics Display Electronics


VDI Stands For : Video Display Interface, GEM VDI file Bitmap graphics


BM Stands For : Bdales Mailer, Boyer-Moore, Maximum Burst size, Battle Mac, Button Masher, X-Window BitMap Bitmap graphics (1bit text), Bench Mark, Bit Mapped


MSS Stands For : Median Signal Selector, Managed Security Services, Maximum Segment Size, Motorola Service Software, Modular Sample System, Minimum Segment Size, Minimum Segment Size, Memory Stack Segment, Measurement and Stimulus Sub-system, Manuscript text file (Perfect Writer - Scribble - MINCE - Jove)


AGP Stands For : Accelerated Graphics Port, Accelerated Graphics Port, Accelerated Graphics Port, Advanced Graphics Processing, Acclerated Graphics Port, Advanced Graphics Printer, Another Good Platform, Accelerated Graphical Presentation, Accelerated Graphics Performance, Advanced Gaming Port, Advanced Graphic Processing, Advanced Graphics Port, Advanced Graphics Processor


HLC Stands For : Healthy Lawn Care | Half Life Cheaters | Heero Lovers Club | Half Life Counterstrike


TGA Stands For : Therapeutic Goods Administration (Australia) | The Genuine Article | Thermo-Gravimetric Analysis | Trace Gas Analyzer | Trans Global Airlines | The Great Alliance | Truevision Graphics Array


VGM Stands For : Viking Generic Memory, Virtual Guitar Modelling, Video Graphics Monitor


VESA Stands For : VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association) Unified Graphics Architecture, Video Electronics Standards Association, Video Electronics Standards Association


VTC Stands For : Video Teleconference | Video TeleConference | Video TeleConference | Valve Timing Control | Video Teleconference | Visual Terminal Chart | Video Teleconference | Video Teleconference


HSHA Stands For : half synchronous half asynchronous | Hanover Scotland Housing Association | High Sierra Hikers Association | Humane Society of Harrisburg Area


SALTE Stands For : size | size


SALUTE Stands For : Size | Size


VIC Stands For : Voice Interface Card, Virtual Innuendo Call, VICAR ( Video Image Communication and Retrieval) Graphics


HB Stands For : haemangioblastoma | haemophilia B | Health Board (Scotland) | heart block | hepatitis B | His bundle | homeobox | housing benefit | hydroxybutyrate | HeartBeat | Human Being | HGB | Haemoglobin | Half Blind | Human Brain | Half Breed


VLA Stands For Variable Length Array| Very Large Array| Very Large Amplifier| Very Large Array


RAID Stands For : Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks, Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks, Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks, Required Analysis of Image Data, Redundant Array of Independent Disks


HWP Stands For Half Wave Plate| Half Wavelength Plate


HVL Stands For Homogenous Value List| Half Value Layer| Half Value Layer


DVD Stands For : Dads Volcanic Destruction | Dads Volcanic Detruction | Dangerously Vindictive Damper | Dependable Video Discus | Digital Virus Disease | Dual View Display | Dumb Video Ducks | Dumb Vs Dumber | Digital Video Disc | A Dangerous Vapour Dampner | Deliciously Varied Data | Digital Versitile Disk | Digital Verstile Disc | Digital Video Discwhilst | Digital Video Disk | Digital Video dist | Digital Videodisc Or Digital | Dolby Video Disk


VG Stands For : Virtual Graffiti, Vicious Gaming, Video Game, Voice Grade, Virtual Graphics


VGJ Stands For : Visualizing Graphs with Java, Video Graphics with Java


VGD Stands For : Video Graphics Display, Very GooD, Vensim Graph Description, Vga display driver (Generic CADD)


RFS Stands For Radio Frequency Simulator| Radio Frequency System| Regardless of Feature Size| Receptive Field Size


FWHP Stands For Full Width at Half Peak| Full Width at Half Power


VEPS Stands For : Video | Video Encyclopedia of Pool Shots | Video Evidence Presentation System | Visa Easy Payment Service | Volunteer Endowment for Patient Support


PAL Stands For : Programmable Array Logic, Phase Alternating Line, Personal Access List, Palmtop Application Library, Pedagogical Array Language, Programmable Array Logic, Programmable Array Logic, Parents Are Listening, Platform Abstraction Layer, Phase Alternating Line, Platform Abstraction Layer, Playlist Automation Language, Pooling, Privileged Architecture Library, Process Assets Library, Color palette


RAID Stands For : Redundand Array Of Inexpensive Drives | Redundant Array Of Inexpensive Discs | Redundant Array Of Inexpensive Disk | Redundant Arrays Of Independent Disk | Research in Attacks Intrusions and Defenses | risks actions issues and decisions | Risks Assumptions Issues and Dependencies


IGES Stands For : Initial Graphics Exchange Specification | A Integrated Graphics Exchange Specification | For Initial Graphics Exchange Specification | Initial Graphic Exchange Specifications | Initial Graphics Exchange Service | Initial Graphics Exchange Specifications | Initial Graphics Exchange Standard | Institute For Global Environmental Strategies | Internation Grephical Exchange Standard | International Genetic | International Genetic Epidemiology Society | itial Graphic Exchange Standard | itial Graphics Exchange Specification | itial Graphics Exchange System


RAIN Stands For : Redundant Array of Independent Networks, Redundant Array of Inexpensive Nodes


PAUT Stands For : Phased Array Ultrasonic Teasting | Phased Array Ultrasound Testing


AMV Stands For : Anime Music Video | All Mighty Vash | American Mockup Vehicle | Anime Musci Video | Average Market Value | The Apex Media Video


HST Stands For : High Speed Taxiway | HyperSonic Transport | Half Square Triangle | Half-Square Triangle | Happy Smiley Trains | Hi Shok Two | High Speed Tunnel | Hostile Sub Terranean | Hot Spot Tracker | Hunter S Thompson | Hybrid Scrimmage Team


LGA Stands For Logical Grid Array| Lattice Gas Automaton| Land Grid Array


PNG Stands For : Portable Network Graphics, Portable Network Graphics, Pacific Northwest Gigapop, PNGs Not GIF, Bitmap graphics (Portable Network Graphics)


HS Stands For : Hard Surface | Home Site | Herding Started | House Specialty | Hardy Special | Holy Shiite | Half Step | Hyper Shadow | Hyper Speed | Half Squat | Hang SnatchåÊ | Head SAM | Heat Shock | Home School | HS stands | Human Services | Hour of Sleep


JVC Stands For : Jaluo Very Complicated | Junk Video Cameras | Junk Video Corporation | Junky Video Camera


EGA Stands For : Enhanced Graphics Adapter, Enhanced Graphics Adapter, Enhanced Graphics Adapter, Extended Graphics Adapter, EGA display font (Ventura Publisher)


VMR Stands For : Video Mail Retrieval, Virtual Multicast Router, Video Mail Retrieval, Video Mail Retrieval, Video Mixing Renderer


ALMA Stands For : American Latino Media Arts | Atacama Large Millimeter Array | Atacama Large Millimetre Array


VRS Stands For : Video Rental Software, Virtual ReScan, Virtual Resource Solution, Video Relay Service, Variable Row Spacing, Video Resource (device driver) (WordPerfect)


CVBS Stands For : Central Valley Birding Symposium | Colour Video Blanking Sync | Colour Video Blanking Syncs | Composite Video Broadcast Signal


AVC Stands For : Access Vector Cache, AntiVirus Comparatives, Actuator Valve Controller, Audio Video Control, Attribute, Advanced Video Coding, Audio for Video Coding, Average Variable Courseweb


VGS Stands For : Very Good Shoes | A Volunteer Gliding School | Valley Geometry Seminar | Vegetable Growers Supply | Ventura Geo Score | Vermont Geological Survey | Very Good S | Very Good Shit | Video Game Scoreboard | Video Game Summit | Video Game System | Video Games Show | Virginia Genealogical Society | Visiting Graduate Students | Vocational Guidance Services | Voodoo Glow Skulls


SVG Stands For : Scalable Vector Graphics, Scalable Vector Graphics, Scalable Vector Graphics, Scalable Vector Graphics, Microsoft Word Glossary Autosave file


PPS Stands For Pattern Probability Strategy| Probability Proportional to Size| Provider Power Series| Precipitation Processing Subsystem| Probability Proportionate to Size| Photosynthetic Pigment System| Photosynthetic Pigment Systems| Philosophy Paradigm Studies| Physician Practice System| Pied Piper Sampling| PolyPhenylene Sulfide (Plastic)| Peter Pan Syndrome


VAIO Stands For : Video And Audio Integrated Operation | Video And Audio Integrated Operations | Video And Audio Intergrated Operation | Video Audio Integrated Operability | Video Audio Integrated Operations | Video Audio Integration Operation


AVI Stands For : Audio Video Interleave, Audio Video Interleave, Audio Video Interleave, Audio Video Interface, Audio Video Interleaved file


FWHM Stands For Full Width Half Maximum| Full Width at Half Maximum


SMV Stands For : Smart Machine Vision, Cadence Symbolic Model Verifier File, Saved Mail Video file, Smith Micro Software VideoLink Mail Video File, Streaming Mobile Video File


CG Stands For : Character Graphics, Convert to Garbage, Character Generation, Character Generator, Composite Graphics, Computer Generated, Computer Graphic, Computer Graphics


SKA Stands For Small Kraft Advisory| Square Kilometre Array| square kilometre array


AVP Stands For : Amateur Video Productions | Artistic Video Productions | Associated Video Producers | Avon Products | Alternate Vice President | Assistant Vice President | Avcorp Industries Inc


SG Stands For : Saurashtra Gramin Bank | Standard Guage Railroad Trackage: Four-feet eight and one half inches between inner vertical edges of rails: | Savage Garden | Schneider Grunau | Serba Guna | Siddarth Geo Consultants | Silicon Graphics | Stourbridge Glass | Scheduling Graph | Small Group | Study Group | Scientific Games Holdings | Salary Grade | Security Guard | Site God | Solicitor General | Sound Guy | Stud Guy | Spin Glass | Straight Glass | Strand Grade | Super Glue


DVC Stands For : Dark Virginia Cavendish | Dark Voice Cult | Deadly Venom Clan | Deaf Video Communications | Delaware Valley Chapter | Delaware Valley Concrete | Deputy Vice Chancellors | Digital Versatile Controller | Digital Video Camera | Digital Video Cassette | Digital Video Collection | Digital Video Creator | Digital Voter Certificate | Disney Vacation Club | Distributed Visual Composer | DJs and Vinylphiles Club | DocuSource Visual Communications | Domestic Venture Capital | Drains Vents Cushions | DynPort Vaccine Company


CEG Stands For : Bitmap graphics (Tempra Show - Edsun Continuous Edge Graphics)


HGL Stands For : Highlight groups definitions (DN), Vector graphics (HP Graphics Language)


PTX Stands For : Bitmap graphics (Printronix graphics file), E-Transcript PTX files


GIFF Stands For : Bitmap graphics (GIF87A/GIF89A CompuServe Graphics Interchange Format)


PC3 Stands For : Atari Degas Image Bitmap graphics, Harvard Graphics 3.0 Custom PALette