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What is the full form of KIM ?

This page is all about abbreviation, acronym and meaning of the given term KIM.

KIM Stands For : Keep In Memory, Keyboard Input Monitor

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MEMORY Stands For : memories


KVM Stands For : Keyboard, Keyboard, Keyboard, Kilobyte Virtual Machine, K Virtual Machine, Keyboard, Key Variable Management, Keyboard, Kilobyte Virtual Machine, Keyboard-Video-Mouse switch, Kernel Virtual Memory


RIO Stands For : RAM (Random Access Memory) Input/ Output, Radx Input Output, Random Access Memory Input Output, Remote Input Output, Resources Input Optimization, Riada Internet Objects


DMA Stands For : Distant Monitor Access, Domain Manager Agent, Data Mining Algorithm, Doesnt Mean Anything, Direct Memory Access, Direct Memory Access, Display Memory At, Dayton Microcmpnuter Association, Direct Memory Addressing


SPM Stands For : Software Project Management, Software Project Management, Scratch Pad Memory, Session Protocol Machine, Software Performance Monitor, Standard Port Monitor, System Performance Monitor, Spy Password Manager, Software Performance Monitor, Software Process Measurement, Software Project Management, Source Package Module, System Performance Monitor, System Performance Monitor/2, Set Program Mask, Site Project Manager, Software Programmers Manual, WordPerfect Data


DIMM Stands For : Difficult To Install Memory Module | A Digital Information Memory Mode | Differential Image Motion Monitor | Dual Inline Memmory Modual


RKM Stands For : Rack-mount Keyboard and Monitor


KIP Stands For : Kefkas Imperial Palace | Keyboard Input Processor


Ki Stands For : 2 ^ 10, IEC symbol meaning 2^10 (Kibi), Kernel Interrupt, Keyboard Input


ICOM Stands For : I Can Only Monitor | Industrial Common Ownership Movement | Input Control Output And Means | Input Control Output Mechanism | Intercollegiate Communication Organization of Mizzou | International College Of Music | International Conference on Missions


VHM Stands For : Van Haandel Motorparts | Vavrovsky Heine Marth | Vehicle Health Monitor | Vibration Health Monitoring | Victor Hugo Moll | Virgil Hauselt Memorial | Virtual Hardware Monitor | Virtual History Museum | Visitation Heart Mind | Volume Holographic Memory


ROMMON Stands For : Read Only Memory MONitor


IMB Stands For : Input Memory Buffer, I Might Be ...., Inter-Module Bus


NM Stands For : Networked Media, Nothing Much, Names, No Memory, No Monitor, Normal Mode, No Mark


PIO Stands For : Processor Input Output, Programmed Input Output, Parrallel Input And Output, Past Inputs and Outputs, Programmed Input Output, Parallel Input Output, Port Input Output, Port Installed Options, Programmed Input/Output


LPM Stands For : Local Power Monitor, Library of Parameterized Modules, Load Program Memory


VGM Stands For : Viking Generic Memory, Virtual Guitar Modelling, Video Graphics Monitor


MEM Stands For James H Mulligan| Manufacturing Equipment Monitor| Micro-Electro-Mechanical| Most Eventful Memory


RAM Stands For : Random Access Memory, Random Access Memory, Random Access Memory, Reliability, Random Access Memory, Random Access Memory, Remote Authorization Mechanism, Random Access Memory, Retrieving Away Messages, Read Alternate Memory, RealAudio Metafile


OSK Stands For : Operationally Soft Keyboard, On Screen Keyboard, Os Starter Kit, Outlook Survival Kit


KEYBxx Stands For : load Foreign Keyboard Code Page for non-US keyboard


KCS Stands For : Knowledge Center Software, Keyboard Controlled Sequencer, Keyboard Controller Style


KBD Stands For : Keyboard, Knowledge Based Discovery, Keyboard mapping (LocoScript - Signature - Procomm Plus)


MEM Stands For : Memory, MEMory - to display memory allocation and available, Clarion Memos datafile, MEMory variable save file ( Clipper - dBASE IV - FoxPro), WordPerfect Macro Editor macro


IPO Stands For : Input, Input, Internet Protocol Over ...., Input, Input


KSR Stands For : Keyboard Send/Receive, Keyboard Shift Right


KMM Stands For : K Meleon Macro | Kaback Model Management | Karen Marie Moning | Keep Middlesex Moving | Kelly Mill Middle | Keyboard Monitor Mouse | Killdeer Mountain Manufacturing | King Maker Marketing | Kr̦ller MÌ?ller Museum | Kumpulan Mujahidin Malaysia


DK Stands For : Damn Kommies | Disbursing Clerk | Display Keyboard | Double Kill | DecK | Display/Keyboard | DocKing


QWERTY Stands For : Standard computer or typewriter keyboard, top-left 6 letters on a standard English keyboard


KYBD Stands For : Keyboard | Keyboard


WK Stands For : Wider Keyboard, Web Keyboard, Who Knows


UMA Stands For : Uniform Memory Access, Uniform Memory Architecture, Unified Messaging Application, Unlocking Mechanical Apparatus, Unlicensed Mobile Access, Uniform Memory Access, Upper Memory Area (DOS), User - Mode Audio


FIO Stands For : Future Input/ Output, File Input Output, Forms Input/ Output, Graphics filter (Aldus PhotoStyler)


IOCP Stands For : Input/Output Completion Port, Input/Output Control Processor, Input/ Output Configuration Program


RAM Stands For : Rampant Angry Men | Real Awesome Memory | Really Angry Machine | Radon Action Month | Los Angeles Rams | A Realtime Available Memory | A Regal Adding Machine | Random Access Machine | Reading About Memory | Ready Access Memory | Real Action Marker | Real Audio Media | Recursive Analog Multiplication | Remote Access Memory | Resource Assessment And Monitoring


MIF Stands For : Machine Information File, Maker Interchange Format, Memory Initialization File, Metamorphosis Input File, FrameMaker Data file


MR Stands For : Memory Recall, Maintenance Release, Master Reset, Masked ROM (Read Only Memory), Magic Return, Memory Read, Multiple Record, Modem Riser


IOC Stands For : Input/Output Configuration, Input/Output Controller, Infrastructure Operating Center, Inversion Of Control, Inter-Office Channel, ISDN Ordering Code, Input/Output Comparator, Instant ORGcharting! Organizational chart


RMB Stands For : Read Memory Barrier, Right Mouse Button, Reserve Memory Block, Reserve Memory Byte


MIO Stands For : Masked Input Output, Multimedia Information Organizer, My Input Output, Module Input Output


M Stands For : Mobile, Module, Mozilla, Memory, Monitor, Multiply, Meta, Maple Common binary file, Mathematica Standard package, Matlab M-file Function and commands, Miranda programming language Script file


WVM Stands For IEEE Workshop on Visual Motion| Web Vectorial Model| Water Vapor Monitor| Water Vapor Monitor| Water Vapor Monitor| Grain-Stabilized Tungsten (Wolfram) with a high corrosion resistance against Various Molten metals


XMS Stands For : Extended Memory Specification, Extended Memory Specification, Xtreme Memory Speed, Autodesk AutoCAD External Message, ViewCafT XML Markup Session


ROM Stands For : Read-Only Memory, Read-Only Memory, Read Only Memory, Read Only Memory image (emulators - AONs)


MON Stands For : Memorandum Of Need | Monitor | Monitor | Motor Octane Number | Motorcycle Organisation Netherlands | Monitoring


MM Stands For : Multi-Mode, Main Menu, Meeting Maker, MentorMate, Multi-Media, Mighty Miffed, Mass Memory, Memory Management, Move Memory, Macro Module, Meme Virtual reality world file, MultiMate Advantage II Text document, Musicbrainz Metadata


HIPO Stands For : Hierarchy of Input | Hierarchical Input/Process Output


I Stands For : Input, Input, Insecure, Integrated, In, Borland C Preprocessor, Phase Vocorder Analysis data


DIA Stands For Dynamic Input Area| Direct Input Amplifier


I/O Stands For : Input/ Output | Input/ Output | Input/Output | In-Port Operations


EPROM Stands For : A Electronic Programmable Read Only Memory | Electronic Programable Read Only Memory | Erasable Progammable Read Only Memory | Erasable Programmable Red Only Memory


DIMM Stands For : DSP Interface ManageMent, Dual Inline Memory Module, Duel Inline Memory Module, Dual Inline Memory Module, Dual In-line Memory Module


ADDM Stands For : Affordable Distributed Data Mining, Audit Data Delta Monitor, Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor


VMA Stands For : Virtual Memory Area, vSphere Management Assistant (VMware, Valid Memory Access


CTM Stands For : Color Transform Matrix, Component Transaction Monitor, Corba Transaction Monitor, Cellular Textphone Modem, Complete The Manual


MON Stands For : Monitor, MONitor description


MI Stands For : Multi Interface, Message Invader, Machine Independent, Mainframe Interface, Manual Input, Menu Image, Multimedia Integrated, medical informatics, Multiple Inheritance, Mechanical Interlock, Memory Information, Machine Interface, Maskable Interrupt, Micro Instruction, Mebi- (2^20), Mutual Information, Miscellaneous


EEPROM Stands For : Erratic Extensible Program Random Object Memory | Electronically Erasable Programmeable Read Only Memory


AMS Stands For : Add, Automated Mail Systems, Advanced Mathematics Software, Analog Modelling System, Aviad, Analog and Mixed Signal, Associative Memory System, Adobe PhotoShop Adobe Monitor Setup calibration file, Velvert Studio MOD Music file, Access Method Services, Application Management Service


BIO Stands For : Block Input / Output, By Invitation Only, Belonging, BIOS (OS/2), Basic Input Output, Bearer Independent Object


IOCR Stands For : Input/Output Configuration Register, Input/Output Conformance Relation, Input/Output Cross-Reference, Intelligent Optical Character Recognition, Intelligent Optical Character Recognition


IOCM Stands For : Input/Output Control Matrix, Input/Output Cisco Media controller


ICOM Stands For : Input, Input


BPM Stands For : Barley Protein Meal | Business Performance Management | Big Pants Man | Bound Printed Matter | Beam Position Monitor | Beats Per | Better Priced Merchandising | Blood Pressure Management | Break Point Memory | British Prime Minister | Burr Pilger Mayer | Beats Per Measure | Beats Per Minute | Blocks Per Minute | Blow Per Minute


BIOS Stands For : Before Initiation Of Operating System | Basic Input Output Systems | Binary Input Output Support | British Intelligence Objectives Sub


MT Stands For : Magnetic Tape, Mating Type, Multi-Technology, Movable Type, Multi-Tasking, Message Transmission, Metered Tariff, Mobile Telephone, Mobile Terminal, My Thoughts, Marked Text, Menu Text, Monitor Type, Memory Type, Machine Translation, Missed Type, MacIntosh Truetype font


EIEIO Stands For : Enhanced Integration of EMACS Interpreted Objects, Extended Interface for Enquiry Input and Output, Enforce In-order Execution of Input/Output


TIOA Stands For : Terminal Input/ Output Area, Timed Input/ Output Automaton


IOA Stands For : Independent Operational Assessment | Input/Output Adapter | Input/Output or Assembly


IODD Stands For : Input/Output Device Description, Input/Output Data Dump


SIO Stands For : Subscribers In Operation, Scalable Input/ Output Initiative, Serial Input/Output


PSM Stands For : Persistent Stored Modules | Personnel Status Monitor | Please See Me | Phase Sensitive Modulator | Priority Select Module | Project Security Manager | Propellant Storage Module | Pyro Substitute Monitor | Please See Me


IOB Stands For : Intelligence Oversight Board | Input/Output Box | Input/Output Buffer


IOCH Stands For : Input/Output Controller Hub, Input/Output Control Header


PROM Stands For : Programmable Read-Only Memory, Programmable Read-Only Memory, Programmable Read-Only Memory, Packages, Please Return On Monday


PEBCAK Stands For : Problem Exists Between Chair And Keyboard, Problem Exists Between Chair And Keyboard


EMS Stands For : Enhanced Messaging Service, Enhanced Mobile Solution, Enterprise Mobility Server, Electronic Media Sanitization, Electronic Manual Special, Electronic Music Studio, Enterprise Management Suite, Element Management System, Enhanced Messaging Service, Enhanced Messaging Service, Expanded Memory Specification, Expanded Memory Specification, Electronic Music System, Enhanced Memory Specification, Expanded Memory System, Expanded Memory Services


SISO Stands For : Soft-Input Soft-Output, Single Input


CAM Stands For : Compliance Assurance Monitoring | Chemical Agent Monitor | Commercial Assets Mobilization | Common Area Maintenance | Computer Aided Manufacturing | Coordination Alert Message | Crisis Action Module | Centrifuge Accommodations Module | Computer Annunciation Matrix | Computer-Aided Manufacturing | Content Addressable Memory | Cameroon Anglophone Movement | Cambridge Area Metro


DIM Stands For : Digital Instant Message, Distributed Information Management, Data Interface Module, Declare In Memory, Declare Into Memory


VMS Stands For : Volatile Memory Storage, Voice Messaging Service, Version Management Service, Virobot Management Server, Virtual Mimicking System, Vax Management System, Video Memory System, Virtual Management System, Virtually Motionless System, Visual Memory System, Text file containing VMS specific information


CMD Stands For : Color Monitor Device | Color Monitor Display | Command | Cruise Missile Defense | Command


MPM Stands For : Market Pulp Monitor | Mates Port Mapper | Maximum Of Posterior Marginals | Mehlhorn Porzellan Manufaktur | Mertz Peters Michaels | Metal Polymer Metal | Mobile Phone Monitor | The Mimer Provider Manager | Medals Per Million


IN Stands For : Input, Intelligent Network, Intelligent Network, Input Byte or Word, a Batch command intended to precede a [set] argument, Influence Net


IO Stands For : Imperfect Obstructionist | Inside Outsider | Indirect Object | Imperial Outpost | British Indian Ocean Territory | input and output | Input Output | Inside Out | Iowa old


FSM Stands For : Flight Synchronizer Module | Fuel Supply Module | Flight Schedule Monitor | Flight Simulation Monitor | Free Speech Movement


TM Stands For : Text Memory, Translation Memory, Turing Machine, Tools For Mime, Too Much, Technical Machine, Template Manager, EOSAT Landsat Thematic Mapper data file


AAMI Stands For : age-associated memory impairment | Age Associated Memory Impairment | Aviation Asset Management Inc


VIO Stands For Video Input/Output| Voltage Input/Output


QIO Stands For : Quick Input/Output, Queue Input Output


FOSDIC Stands For : Film Optical Scanning Device For Input To Computers | Film Optical Sensing Device For Input To Computers | Film Optical Sensing Devices For Input To Computer


RIO Stands For : Rio de Janeiro | Radar Intelligence Officer | Rangiora International Office | Rdf I O | Re Integration Of Offenders | Readiness Input And Output | Really Interesting Objects | reconfigurable I O | Ressoruces Input Optimisation | Restoration International Outreach | Restore Iraqi Oil | Review International Organization


NUMA Stands For : Non Uniform Memory Access, Nonuniform Memory Access


EDOM Stands For : Elccmnic Dissolution of Memory | Electronic Dissolution of Memory


BIOS Stands For : Binary Interrupt Output Service, Basic Input/Output System, Basic Input-Output System, Basic Input/ Output System, Binary Intelligence Override System


DM Stands For : Defect Mode, Desktop Manager, Directory Management, Disk Manager, Download Map, Delta Modulation, Data Medium, Dialog Machine, Digital Media, Display Medium, Distributed Memory, DRAM (Dynamic Random Access Memory) Module, Direct Manipulation, Display Memory, Display Message, Double Mode, Draw More, Data Missing, Data Model, Data Manipulation, Data Mining


LTM Stands For : lean tissue mass | learning to manage (health information) | long-term memory | Long Term Memory


IOCS Stands For : Input/Output Control System, Input/Output Control Subsystem


GPI Stands For : General Purpose Interface, General Purpose Input, Good Previous Input


HIPO Stands For : Hierarchy Input Process Output, Hierarchical Input Process Output