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What is the full form of WTL ?

This page is all about abbreviation, acronym and meaning of the given term WTL.

WTL Stands For : Wireless Transport Layer, Windows Template Library, Wireless Transport Layer, Will Talk Later

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KENLEY HEAVISIDE layer Stands For The phenomena of an established layer encircling the earth and acts to reflect radio signals back to earths surface| Inner space layer reflecting radio-frequency signals back to earth


WTLS Stands For : Wireless Transaction Layer Security | Wireless Transport Layer Socket


TLS Stands For : Three Line Scanner, Thread Local Storage, Transparent LAN (Local Area Network) service, Transport Layer Security, Transport Layer Service, Transport Layer Security, Top Level Specification, Telephone Line Simulator, Tape Library System, Two Level Systems


WTLS Stands For : Wireless Transport Layer Security


TL Stands For : Transport Layer, Target Language, Top Level, Telephone Lead, Tough Luck, Template Library, Type Locality


WINDOWS Stands For : We Indeed Never Developed One Working System | We Interpret New Data Only When Stuck | What It Never Does OK: Work Stably | Will Install Needless Data On Whole System | Wished Id Never Deployed On Work Station | Work Is Never Done On a Windows System | Work is never done on Windows systems

Windows NT

Windows NT Stands For : Windows New Technology

Windows NT

Windows NT Stands For : Windows Not Tested


SSL Stands For : Secure Sockets Layer, Secure Sockets Layer, Secure Socket Layer, Secure Sockets Layer, Secure Sockets Layer, Scalable Software Library, Secure Socket Layer, Secure Sockets Layer, System Specification Language, Secure Sockets Layer, Seconds Sponsored Linksfree


LIBRARY Stands For : librarian | Libraries


TALK Stands For : Text to speech


TALK Stands For Total ALKalinity| Transfer of African Language Knowledge


TALK Stands For : Talking and Acting Leads to Knowledge | Talktalk Telecom Group | TalkCom


WTCP Stands For : Wireless Transport Control Protocol, Wireless Transport Control Protocol


TLI Stands For : Transport Layer Interface, Transport Level Interface


IWT Stands For : Inn of the Weary Traveler | Innovative Wireless Technologies | Instructional Web Technologies | Integrated Wave Technologies | International Waste Transport | International Welding Technologies | International Wireless Technologies | Interop Wireless Technologies


LLT Stands For : Low Level Transport Layer


KITL Stands For : Kernel Independent Transport Layer


STLP Stands For : Secure Transport Layer Protocol


TLMC Stands For : Transport Layer Multicaster Client


TLSP Stands For : Transport Layer Security Protocol


MTL Stands For : MAC Transaction Layer, Manage Train And Learn, Matrix Template Library, Master Textbook List, Wavefront


SASL Stands For : Sacramento Adult Soccer League | Sanford Area Soccer League | Scriptable Avionics Simulation Library | Secure Authentication and Security Layer | Simple Authentication And Security Layer | Simple Authentication Security Layer | Simple Authentications and Security Layer | South African Sign Language | St Andrews Static Language | System Architecture Support Libraries


WCM Stands For : Wireless Contact Monitor, Wireless Connection Manager, WebSphere Content Manager, Wireless Connection Manager, WordPerfect for Windows Macro, Microsoft Works Data transmission file


TLS Stands For : Top Level Specification | Time Line Sheet | Top Left Side | Transport Layer Security | Truck Load Services


TSL Stands For : Transport Layer Security, Test Script Language, Terminal System Language


WSL Stands For Wyoming State Library| Wireless Security Laboratory| Wireless Systems Laboratory| Workshop Research Library


WTK Stands For : Wireless ToolKit, Wireless ToolKit, WinTalk URL address of person to talk to


TLC Stands For Technology Library Club| Total Library Computerization| total leukocyte count| Tile| Teaching For Literacy Competence| Technology| The Learning Collaborative| Trichotillomania Learning Center| Thin Layer Chromatography| Theoretical Length of Cut| Thin-layer chromatography| Transferring Linear Cubic


CAL Stands For : CAN Application Layer, Client Access License, CPCC Automated Library, Client Access License, Connection Access License, Customer Access Line, calendar, CALibrate, Cray Assembly Language, Computer-aided Acquisition and Logistics Support file Bitmap graphics Black & White, SuperCalc Spreadsheet Calculation file, Windows 3.x Calendar file, Cad Abstraction Layer, Cakewalk Application Language


WIX Stands For : Wireless Information eXchange, Wireless Information eXchange, Windows Installer Xml, Windows Interface To X, Wireless Information eXchange, Wireless Information eXchange, Windows Installer XML


WIN Stands For : Wireless Information Network, Wollongong Integrated Networks, Microsoft Windows, Wireless Intelligent Network, Window file (FoxPro - dBASE)


WZC Stands For : Wireless Zero Configuration, Wireless Zero Configuration utility ( Windows XP), Wireless Zero Configuration


WSP Stands For : Wireless Service Provider, Wireless Session Protocol, Wireless Signal Processor, Widest Shortest Path, Wireless Service Provider, Wireless Signal Processor, Fortran PowerStation Workspace


WMTP Stands For : West Midlands Total Preservation | White Mountain Trading Post | Wireless Modular Transport Protocol


SDL Stands For : Simple DirectMedia Layer, Screen Definition Language, Simple DirectMedia Layer, Software Development Library, Surface Display Library, Scenario Description Language, Specification and Description Language, Specification And Design Language, Structured Description Language, System Directory List, Software Defined Language, Parsys hardware network description file, Scene Description Language (Alias Wavefront), SmartDraw library


WCS Stands For : Wireless Communication Services, Wireless Coupon System, Web Cabinet System, Wide Character String, Windows Color System


DAL Stands For : Data Access Layer, Data Access Layer, Dynamic Action Linker, Dedicated Access Line, Download And Leave, Data Access List, Database Abstraction Layer, Direct Algebraic Logic


AAL Stands For : Access Activity Log, Add A Leaf, Application Adaptation layer, ATM Adaptation Layer, Access Activity Log, ATM (Asynchronous Transmission Mode) Adaptive Layer


WAP Stands For : What About Protocols? | Wireless Application Protocolfile | Wireless Application Protocoll | Wireless Application Provider | Wireless Applications Protocol


WLL Stands For : Wireless Local Loop, Wireless Local Loop, WinGO Localization Library, Wireless Local Loop, MicroSoft Word Add-in


TTL Stands For : Technololgy Transfer Layer | Torpedo Tube Layer | Transistor-Transistor Logic | Tax | Time To Lose | Technololgy Transfer Layer


WBT Stands For : Windows Based Terminal, Wireless Business Technology, White Box Testing, Wireless Business Technology, WilsonWare WinBatch Batch file


FIT Stands For : Flexible Image Transport, Form Interactive Technology, Frequency of Information Transfer, Flexible Image Transport, Framework for Integrated Tests, Flexible Image Transport System Graphics and data, Failures In Time, File Index Table ( Windows NT), Folding Integrated Technology, For Information Translation


WSA Stands For : Web Service Addressing, Wireless Security Auditor, Wireless Security Auditor, Washington Software Alliance, Windows Sockets Api


PAL Stands For : Programmable Array Logic, Phase Alternating Line, Personal Access List, Palmtop Application Library, Pedagogical Array Language, Programmable Array Logic, Programmable Array Logic, Parents Are Listening, Platform Abstraction Layer, Phase Alternating Line, Platform Abstraction Layer, Playlist Automation Language, Pooling, Privileged Architecture Library, Process Assets Library, Color palette


TLA Stands For : Tube Leveling Amplifier, Top Level Architecture, Transport Layer Architecture, Text Link Ads, Top Level Architecture, Temporal Logic of Actions, Three Letter Abbreviation


WTR Stands For : Web Tools Review, Wireless Token Ring, Windows Trace Remover, Wireless Token Ring


BL Stands For : Balance Line, Brokering Layer, Base Layer, Basic Logic, Background Loading, Bell Laboratories, Block Length


MLI Stands For : Multi Layer Isolation | Multiple Layer Insulation | The Multi Layer Insulation


STM Stands For : Synchronous Transport Module, Synchronous Transport Module, Segment Time Marked, Synchronous Transmission Mode, Synchronous Transport Module, Synchronous Transport Module, Support Tool Manager, Synchronous Transport Module, Sample Time Message, Super Text Markup, Prosa State Transition Diagram model file, Scream Tracker II Music (4 channel)


TWA Stands For : Time Weighted Average | The Wireless Association (former Cellular Telecommunciations and Internet Association) | Transport and Works Act | The Worlds Airline | Two Word Acronym


FTL Stands For : Free Talk Live, Flash Translation Layer, Fuzzy Technology Language


ABLE Stands For Atmospheric Boundary Layer Experiment| Arctic Boundary Layer Expedition| Atmospheric Boundary Layer Experiment| A Better Learning Environment


WML Stands For : Wireless Markup Language, Wall Mount with Legs, Wireless Markup Language, Wireless Markup Language, Wireless Markup Language, Website MetaLanguage, WAP Wireless Markup Language document


OAL Stands For : Optical Access Link, OEM Adaptation Layer, Open Audio License, OEM Adaptation Layer


WINS Stands For : Washington Internships For Native Students | Windows Internet Name Server | Windows Internet Naming Service | Windows Internet Naming System | Windows Internetworking Name Server | Wireless Integrated Network Sensors


OIL Stands For : Ontology Inference Layer, Optimized Invocation Layer, Ontology Interchange Language


DTLS Stands For : A Dawn The Last Slayer | Datagram Transport Layer Security | Descriptive Top Level Specification | Dutch Techcentre for | Dutch Techcentre for Life | Dutch Techcentre for Life Sciences


ATT Stands For : Advanced Tactical Transport | Advanced Theatre Transport | Advanced Transport Technology | Assign Terminal Type | Authorization To Test | AUTHORIZATION to Test The | Advanced Transport Telematics


AAL5 Stands For : ATM (Asynchronous Transmission Mode) Adaptation Layer 5, ATM Adaptation Layer 5


IWT Stands For : Innovative Wireless Technologies, International Wireless Technologies, International Wireless Technology, Interoperable Wireless Technologies


XCL Stands For : X C Binding, XLIB Compatibility Layer, XOOPS Cube Legacy, Xtree for Windows Script file


WMA Stands For : Windows Media Audio, Windows Media Audio, Windows Media Architecture, Windows Media Audio, Wireless Messaging API (Application Programming Interface), We Must Assimilate


WIA Stands For : Wearable Internet Appliance, WIreless Access Point, Windows Imaging Acquisition, Where Its At, Windows Image Acquisition, Windows Image Acquisition


UIL Stands For : Unified Invocation Layer, User Interface Layer, User Interface Language, Motif UIL icon file Bitmap graphics


MOST Stands For : Ministry Of Science and Technology | Ministry of Surface Transport | Mission | Mobilization Optimization Stabilization and Training | Mission Operations Support Team | Municipal Option Sales Tax | Media Oriented Systems Transport | Mobile Over Snow Transport


HAL Stands For : Hackers At Large, High Availability Linux, Hardware Abstraction Layer, Hardware Abstraction Layer, Higher Assembly Language, Data file (Hyper Access Lite OS/2)


PT Stands For : Part Time | Preferred Term | Patrol Torpedo | Peace Time | Personal Touch | Personal Training | Physical Training | Plain Text | PLRS Terminal | Point | Private Type | Pure Torture | Advanced Planning and Technology Office | Part Time | PinT | Pitch Trim | PoinT | Pressure Transducer | Police Trainer | Panel Truck | Passenger Traffic | Performance Tuned | Personal Transport | Personal Transportation | Personal Truck | Personalised Transport | Personalized Transportation | Procedure Turn | Public Transport | Physical Torture | Plenary Talk


SSL Stands For : Secure Sockets Layer | Shop Stock List | Secure Sockets Layer | System Software Loader


HVL Stands For Homogenous Value List| Half Value Layer| Half Value Layer


WT Stands For Water Temperature| Wireless Thermometer| WaterTight| Wireless Thermometer| Wireless Telegraphy| wild type| Whole Tree harvest| Wild Type| Winter Term


WBRM Stands For : Wireless Based Reliable Multicast, Wireless Based Reliable Multicast, Windows-based Backup


MFTL Stands For : MLC Flash Translation Layer, MultiFlow Triangulation Library, My Favourite Toy Language


ATL Stands For : Automated Tape Library, Activex Template Library, Along These Lines, Automated Test Lanes, Active Template Library, Automatic Tape Library


IATA Stands For : International Air Transport Association | International Air Transport Association | International Air Transport Associaton | Illinois Athletic Trainers Association | International Air Transport Association | International Air Transportation Association


WPK Stands For : Wireless Public Key, WordPerfect for Windows Macro


DLL Stands For : Dynamic Link Library, Dynamic Link Library, Data Link Layer, Dramatic Lisp Linker, Dynamic Link Library, Doubly Linked List


GDL Stands For : Grey Death Legion | Gas Diffusion Layer | Gnome Development Library | Group Distribution List


WMT Stands For : Windows Media Technology, Wireless Management Toolkit


WDA Stands For : Wireless Developer Agency, Wireless Digital Assistant


WDP Stands For : Wireless Data Pool, Wireless Datagram Protocol


WBA Stands For : Wireless Broadband Access, Wireless Business Application


BLWT Stands For : Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel | Boundary Layer Wind Tunnels


PLCP Stands For : Physical Layer Convergence Procedure, Physical Layer Convergence Protocol


PLCP Stands For : Payne Lake Community Partners | Personal Learning and Career Plan | PHY Layer Convergence Protocol | Physical Layer Convergent Protocol | Pine Lake Corn Processors | Port Lincoln Caravan Park | Private Land Conservation Program


WAPI Stands For : Wireless Application Programming Interface, Wireless LAN Authentication and Privacy Infrastructure, Washington Apple PI


LVL Stands For Low-Velocity Layer| Low-Velocity Layer| Level


WRI Stands For : Wireless Reader Interface, Windows Write Text document


L2TP Stands For : Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol, Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol, Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol


ADTS Stands For : Ameritech Digital Transport Service, Ameritech Digital Transport Service, Automated Digital Terminal System, Audio Data Transport Stream


XTP Stands For : XML Template Page, Xpress Transport Protocol, eXtreme Transaction Processing, XTree Data File, XTreeGold Overlay


WAVE Stands For : Wide Area Voice Exchange, Wireless Access in Vehicular Environments, Wireless Audio Visual Email


DLS Stands For Doctor of Library Science| Drawing Layer Setup| Dynamic Light Scattering| Display Lot Status| DownLoadable Sound


GL Stands For : General Libraries, Global Layer, Global Leaf, Get Lost, Good Looking, Good Lord, Graphics Language, Global Long, GALink Script file, GRASP Animation Presentation format, Global LInks, Graphic Library, Graphics Library, Grasp Library


WBMP Stands For : Wireless Bitmap, Wireless BitMaP, Wireless Bitmap file


AWCC Stands For : Afghan Wireless Communications Company, Animated Windows Capture CODEC


WIM Stands For : Web Information Mediator, WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) Identity Module, Where Is My .... ?, Windows IMaging File Format


FCL Stands For : Forwarding Control Layer, Font Compiler and Loader, Framework Class Library, Fuzzy Control Language


BL Stands For British Library| Boundary Layer| British Literature| Base Line| Banana Leaf| Band Limited| Battery Low