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What is the full form of COMMAND ?

This page is all about abbreviation, acronym and meaning of the given term COMMAND.

COMMAND Stands For : Computer COMmand Engineer

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COMMAND Stands For : a Batch command (under DOS 2.0)


AMC Stands For : A Million Civilians | Acquisition Method Code | Air Mobility Command | Airborne Mission Coordinator | Army Materiel Command | Army Medical Corps | Midpoint Compromise search Area | U S Air Force Air Mobility Command | Active Mission Control | Advanced Mission Computer | AMERICOM satellite | Automatic Mixture Control | Arua Municipal Council | Air Mobility Command | Air Mobility Command | Army Materiel Command


ENCOM Stands For : Engineer Command | Engineer Command (Army)


N-Sp/CC Stands For : North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD)-US Space Command/Command Center


CSM Stands For : Committee on Safety of Medicines | Cheyenne Support Module | command and service module | Command Sergeant Major | Company Sergeant Major | Compartmented Security Mode | Command Service Module | Common Support Module | Computer Status Matrix | Conceptual Site Model | Chemical Surety Material | Command Sergeant Major - Army


ENGINEER Stands For : Engineering | Engineerings


CMD Stands For : Command, Control and Monitoring Display, Creative Mechanical Design, Command file, External command menu (1st Reader), REXX Batch file


MAC Stands For : Mental Adjustment to Cancer scale | Mainland Affairs Council | Maintenance Allocation Chart | Make A Change | Mandatory Access Control | Maneuver Area Command | Message Authentication Code | Military Airlift Command (Now Air Mobility Command) | Military Assistance Command | Mission Assurance Category | Mortuary Affairs Center | Main Display Console | Maintenance Advisory Committee | Maximum Allowable Concentration | Maximum Concentration of Organics | Mean Aerodynamic Chord | Military Airlift Command | Multiaccess Computer | Minority Affairs Committee |


COMPUTER Stands For : Common Operating Machine Particularly Used for Trade


CCE Stands For : Commercial Construction Equipment | Container Control Element | Continuing Criminal Enterprise | Computer Command Engineer


COMPUTER Stands For : Common Operating machine Particularly Used for Training | Complicted Office Machine Put Under Tremendous Effort to Reduce manpower | Common Operating Machine Particularly Used for Trade Education and Research


BCC Stands For : Base Cluster Commander | Battery Control Central | Battlefield Circulation Control | Battlefield Command Computer | Bay Command Console | Bikaner Camel Corps


COCOM Stands For : Combatant Command (command authority) | Combatant Commander | Controlling Command Authority | Coordinating Committee


RTCC Stands For : Real Time Clock Counter | Rough Terrain Container Crane | Real-Time Command Controller | Real-Time Computer Center | Real-Time Computer Command | Real-Time Computer Complex


TCC Stands For : Tactical Command Center | Technical Command Center | Technical Control Cell | Telecommunications Center | Theater Communication Command | Theater Communications Control | Transmission Control Code | Transportation Component Command | Test Control Center | Thermal Control Coating | The Crackhead Clubhouse | Tank Car Committee | Torque Converter Clutch | Transportation Component Command | Transportation Control Center | Transportation Coordinating Committee | Total Construction Cost | Transaction Classification Code


DACCS Stands For : Danville Area Council For Community Services | Deployable Air Command And Control System | Diagnostic And Career Counselling Service | Distributed Advanced Cluster Computer System | Divisional Artillery Command And Control System


CLI Stands For : Command Line Interface, Calling Line Identification, Command Line Interface, Clear Interrupt-Enable Flag, Call Level Interface, Command Line Interpreter


TRAC2ES Stands For : Transportation Command Regulating and Command and Control Evacuation System


MTMCTTC Stands For : Military Traffic Management Command Transportation Terminal Command


SOC Stands For : System Organ Class | Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges | Space Operations Command | Special Operations Capable | Special Operations Command | Special Operations Commander | System On a Chip | Science Operations Coordinator | Simulated Operation Computer | Simulation Operations Center | Simulations Operations Center | System Operating Concept | System Option Controller | Scene Of the Crime | Save Our County | Secretarys Operations Center | Special Operations Command | Standard Occupational Classification


CCS2 Stands For : Command and Control Support System | Command


CCL Stands For : Connection Control Language, Cerner Control Language, Command Control Language, Code Conversion Language, Cgi Creation Library, Communication Command Language file ( Intalk), Common Command Language


RC Stands For : Reserve Capacity, Resistor-Capacitor, Resource Compiler, Resource Configuration, Resource Conservation, Rivest Cipher, Rons Cipher, Run Command, Release Candidate, Rons Cipher, Run and Compile, Runlevel Control, Runtime Command, Rating and Certification, Rudys Cellular, Run Command, Rendering Context, Robot Control, Run Control, Release Command, Return Code, Right Check, C++ Resource script, EMACS Configuration Record, Racing Champions, Radio Control


CCSS Stands For : Comanche Crew Support System | Combat System and Command Support System Directorate | Command and Control Support System | Commodity Command Standard System


SGC Stands For : Supreme Grand Champion | ScrewAttack Gaming Convention | StarGate Command | Scottsdale Gun Club | Star Gate Command


CCS Stands For : Casualty Clearing Station | Central Control Ship | Change Control System | Combat Communications Squadron | Combined Chiefs of Staff | Command and Control System | Command and Coordination Set | Communications Control Set | Container Control Site | Central Checkout System | Central Control Section | Central Control Station | Command and Control System | Complex Control Set | Computer Core Segment | Console Communication System | Contamination Control System | Crime Capture System | California Childrens Service


CMC Stands For : IUCN Conservation Monitoring Centre | Chemical Manufacturing Control | Chemistry | Ceramic Matrix Composites | Closed Military Zone | Command Master Chief | Commandant of the Marine Corps | Crew Management Cell | Midpoint Compromise Coverage Factor | Command Module Computer | Crew Module Computer | Cajun Mexican Connection | Crime Management Centre | Chemistry


MSC Stands For : Miscellaneous | Chief Mess Specialist | Major Subordinate Command | Major Systems Command | Maritime Support Center | Mechanized Soldier Carrier | Medical Service Corps | Military Sealift Command | Military Staff Committee | Mission Support Center | Mission Support Confirmation | Manned Spacecraft Center | Manned Spacecraft Center (changed to JSC) | Master Sequence Controller | Materials Service Center | Military Sealift Command | Mobile Servicing Center | Moding Sequencing and Control | Marine Safety Council | Mechanical Speed Control | Military Sealif


2IC Stands For : Second In Command | Second In Command | Second In Command | Second In Command


CMSE Stands For : Command Management Systems Engineer


ECCS Stands For : Engineer Command and Control System


NORAD Stands For : Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation | North American Aerospace Defense Command | North American Air Defense Command | New Outer Ring Alliance Democracy | North American Aerospace Defense Command


AFMC Stands For : Air Force Material Command | Armed Forces Medical College | Air Force Materiel Command


SCL Stands For : Serial CLock, Sensys Command Language, Simple Class Library, Surpac Command Language


TSC Stands For : The Sergeants Club | Theater Security Cooperation | Theater Support Command | Theater Sustainment Command (Army) | Top Secret Club | Training Support Center | Trojan Switching Center | Test Setup Complete | Test Support Coordinator | Thermal Sonic Cavitator | Two-Stage Command | Transportable Storage Canister | Two Stroke Cycle


TECCS Stands For : Tactical Engineer Command and Control System


ECCIS Stands For : Engineer Command and Control Information System


AVSCOM Stands For : Aviation Security Command | United States Army Aviation System Command


C3I Stands For : communications | Command | Command


C4IM Stands For : Command | Command


ACU Stands For : Air Control Unit | Arctic Command Unit | Area Common User | Army Combat Uniform | Assault Craft Unit | Arm Computer Unit | Arm Control Unit | Attitude Control Unit | Area Command Unit | American Conservative Union


BCIP Stands For : Battle Command Integration Program | Battlefield Command Improvement Program


ESC Stands For : Electronic Submission Coodinator | Electronic Security Command | Electronics Systems Center | Equilibrator Support Cover | Escadron | Expeditionary Sustainment Command | Engine Start Command | Engineering Support Center | ESCape | Employment Security Commission | Electronic Spark Control | Electronic Speed Control | Electronic Stability Control


SOUTHAF Stands For : Southern Command Air Forces | United States Southern Command


MTMC Stands For : Military Traffic Management Command | Multi-Tasking Machining Center | Military Traffic Management Command | Military Traffic Management Command


RTC Stands For : Recruit Training Command | Replacement Training Company | Return To Control | Rotterdam Terror Corporation | Real-Time Clock | Real-Time Command | Real-Time Computer | Recruitment Training Center | Room Temperature Cure | Road Traffic Collision | Regional Training Center | Right To Censor


MAJCOM Stands For : Major Command (AF Usage) | Major Command (USAF)


IJC3S Stands For : Initial Joint Command | Integrated Joint Command


INSCOM Stands For : Intelligence and Security Command | United States Army Intelligence and Security Command | US Army Intelligence and Security Command


ATC Stands For : Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical | Aberdeen Test Center | Active Training Cell | Advanced Training Cadet | Air Threat Conference | Air Traffic Control | Air Training Command | Air Training Corps | Air Transport Command | Air Transportable Clinic | Army Tactical Center | Army Training Center | Attack The Cripple | Automatic Target Cueing | Absolute Time Command | Authorization to Carry | Air Tactical Communications | Air Traffic Control | Air Training Command | Airport Traffic Congestion | All Terrain Collection | All Terrain Cycle | Automatic Tourque C


TRANSCOM Stands For : TRANSportation COMmand | Transportation Operations Coordinating Committee | United States Transportation Command


ACDB Stands For : ABCS (Army Battle Command System) Common DataBase | Army Combat Developer | Assistant Command Director | Automated Cost Database | Automatic Call Distribution


TCL Stands For : Tool Command Language, Total Cost of Loss, Tool Command Language script source code


MEDCOM Stands For : Medical Command | US Army Medical Command


MICOM Stands For : Missile Command | Missile Command (Army)


C2P Stands For : Command and Control Planning | Command and Control Protection


C2S Stands For : Command and Control Support | Command and Control Systems


PERSCOM Stands For : PERSonnel COMmand | Personnel Command (Army)


PAYCOM Stands For : Payload Command | Payload Command Controller


ABCCC Stands For : Airborne Battlefield Command and Control Center | Airborne Battlefield Command and Control Centre | Airborne Battlefield Command | Airborne Battlefield Command and Control Center


HSC Stands For : Homeland Security Council | Hardware Systems Command | Health Services Command | Helicopter Sea Combat (Navy) | High Speed Craft | Hardware/Software Coordination | Health and Safety Commission


JMC Stands For : Joint Military Command | Joint Movement Center | Joint Munitions Command


SACCS Stands For : Strategic Army Command and Control Software | Strategic Automated Command and Control System


CMD Stands For : Color Monitor Device | Color Monitor Display | Command | Cruise Missile Defense | Command


AFSC Stands For : Air Force Skill Code | Air Force Specialty Code | Air Force Systems Command | Armed Forces Staff College | Army Field Support Command | Air Force Systems Command | Armed Forces Staff College


NCC Stands For : National Coordinating Committee | National Communications Coordinator | National Cadet Corps | National Coordinating Center | Naval Command Commission | Naval Commissioning Code | Naval Component Commander | Naval Construction Class | Naval Construction Community | Naval Construction Company | Naval Construction Contract | Naval Construction Corps | Naval Contract Code | Navigation Control Center | Navy Command Center | Navy Component Command | Navy Component Commander | Network Control Center | North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) Command Cen


TRADOC Stands For : Training and Doctrine Command | United States Army Training and Doctrine Command


C3S Stands For : Command | Command


3C Stands For : Command | Command


TAC Stands For : Threat Assessment Center | Tactical | Tactical Advanced Computer | Tactical Air Command | Tactical Air Controller | Tactical Air Coordinator | Tactical Officer | Target Acquisition Console | Team Aerial Combat | Technical Advisory Committee | Terminal Attack Control | Terminal Attack Controller | Total Access Communication System | Total Aerial Combat | Total Amount of Codes | Total Area Coverage | Training Access Center | Transportation Account Code | Tactical Air Command | Telemetry and Command Computer | Terminating At Canaveral (Kennedy Space Cente


NCCS Stands For : Naval Command and Control System | Nuclear Command and Control System | NASA Center for Computational Sciences | National Center for Constitutional Studies


RPCS Stands For : Refined Print Command Stream | Refined Printing Command Stream | Remote Procedure Calls SOAP | Rock Point Community School | Roland Park Country School


JFCC Stands For : Joint Functional Component Command | NW Joint Functional Component Command For Network Warfare | SPACE Joint Functional Component Command For Space


CC Stands For : Carbon Copy, Check Cookies, Client Capability, Cluster Controller, Courtesy Copy, Command Code, Common Core, C Compiler, Call Control, C Compiler, Cache Coherent, Color Compensating, Compact Computer, Carry Clear, Clear the Command, Condition Code, C++ language source code file (gcc), CC Language source Code file, Cyber Copy


CNC Stands For : Cool Not Complicated | College of New Caledonia | Command and Conquer | Communications Network Consulting | Computer Numerical Controlled | Computer Numerically Cnc | Computer Numerically Control | Computer Numerically Controlled


CDO Stands For : Classified Delta Operations | Command Duty Officer | Commander | Civilian Detention Officer | Command Duty Officer | Conduct and Discipline Officer


SMDC/ARSTRAT Stands For : United States Army Space and Missile Defense Command/United States Army Forces Strategic Command


A2C2 Stands For : Army Airborne Command and Control | Army Airspace Command and Control


ARCENT Stands For : Army Central Command | United States ARmy CENTral Command


MARCORSYSCOM Stands For : Marine Corps System Command | Marine Corps Systems Command


CQRS Stands For : Command Query Responsibility Segregation, Command Query Responsibility Separation


OPCOM Stands For : OPerational COMmand | OPerational COMmand


AADCP Stands For : Army Air Defense Command Post | Army Air Defense Command Post | ASEAN Australian Development Cooperation Program


SMDC Stands For : Space & Missile Defense Command | Space & Missile Defense Command (Army) | Shielded Mild Detonating Cord


ACCS Stands For : Air Command And Control System | Army Command and Control System | Advanced Checkout and Control System | Arlington County Commuter Services


ITC4 Stands For : Interim Transportable Command and Control Computer Center


USACSC Stands For : United States Army Computer Systems Command


ABCS Stands For : Active Bacterial Core Surveillance | Army Battle Command System | Army Battle Command System


STACCS Stands For : Standard Tactical Automated Command and Control System | Standard Theater Army Command and Control System


IAC Stands For : Inter Application Communication, In Any Case, Interpret As Command, Integrator And Computer, Inter Attribute Constraint, Intelligent Analytic Computer


EBC Stands For : Echelons Below Corps | Embedded Battle Command | Emulated Buffer Computer


CAU Stands For : Cell Adapter Unit | Community Affairs Unit | Cryptographic Auxiliary Unit | Command Acquisition Unit | Command Activation Unit | Customer Acquisition Unit | Crime Analysis Unit


B2C2 Stands For : Brigade and Below Command and Control | Brigade/Battalion Command and Control


CENTAF Stands For : CENTral Command Air Forces (9th Air Force) | CENTral Command Air Forces


DISCOM Stands For : Division Support Command | Division Support Command (Army)


CIDC Stands For : Criminal Investigation Command | Criminal Investigation Division Command


UTACCS Stands For : Unit Tactical Command and Control System | USAREUR Tactical Army Command and Control System


DCMC Stands For : Defense Contract Management Command | Office of the Deputy Chairman | Defense Contract Management Command