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What is the full form of QRE ?

This page is all about abbreviation, acronym and meaning of the given term QRE.

QRE Stands For : Quick Reaction Element | Quick-Reaction Estimate

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Related Full Forms - Terms


QRC Stands For : Qualitative Construction Capability | Quick Reaction Capability | Quick Reaction Countermeasures | Quick Release Check | Quick Reverse Clutch


QRD Stands For : Quality | Quick Reaction Demonstration | Quick Reaction Deployment | Quick Reaction Demonstration | Quick Reaction Demonstration


QRS Stands For : Quick Reaction Strike | Quick-Reaction Sortie


QRA Stands For : Quantitative Risk Analysis | Queens Regimental Association | Quick Reaction Alert | Quick Reaction Antenna | Quick Release Attachment | Quantitative Risk Analysis | Quantitative Risk Analysis


QRP Stands For : Quick Reaction/Response Program | Quick Response Posture | Quick Response Proposal | Quick Release Plate


ESTIMATE Stands For : Estimated | estimating | Estimation


QRT Stands For : Quick Reaction Team | Quick Response Time | Quick Response Training | Quick Response Time | Quick Response Time | Quick Response Training


QRV Stands For : Quick Reaction Vehicle


QRD Stands For : Quality | Quick Reaction Demonstration


QRCT Stands For : Quick Reaction Communications Terminal


QRIA Stands For : Quick-Reaction Integration Activity


QRSL Stands For : Quick-Reaction Space Laboratory


QRSA Stands For : Quick Reaction Satellite Antenna


QUBE Stands For : Quick Understanding of Block Extrusion | Quick Upper Bound Estimate


QRMP Stands For : Quick Response/Reaction Multi-Color(-purpose) Printer


QD Stands For : Quick Death | Queen of Diamonds | Qd D | Quantifier Depth | Quick Dash | Quick Detail | Quiet Dot | The Quick Designs


QD Stands For : QuaDelta | Quality Data Corporation | Quick Detailer | Quantity Demanded | Quick and Dirty | Quartz Date | Quick Detach | Quick Detachable | Quickly Discontinued | Quarterly Dividend


QRC Stands For : Quality Racks And Containers | Quick Reaction Corporation | Quality Rehabilitaion Counselor


PCR Stands For Polymerase Chain Reaction| Preliminary Chain Reaction| polymerase chain reaction| Peanut Chlorotic Ringspot| polymerase chain reaction| Principle Component Regression


ADR Stands For : acid-detergent residue | acquired drug resistance | acute drug reaction | ADR58 | adrenal and pituitary procedures | adriamycin | airway dilation reflex | Alzheimer‰Ûªs disease research | artificial disc replacement | ataxia-deafness-retardation syndrome | Animal Drug Request | Adverse Drug Reaction | Adverse Drug Reaction | adverse drug reaction


QS Stands For : Qsa Stands | Quad Shield | Quadrupole Splitting | Quality Safety | Quantum Suffisit | Quantum System | Quarter Session | Quasi Stationary | Quaterly Stock | Quenta Silmarillion | Query Service | Quick Screen | Quick Shape | Quick Stop | Quick Study | Quick System | Quiet Storm | Quilted Sapele | Quiz Status


QT Stands For : Quick Table, Quick Template, Quick Time, Quick Tran, Quicktime, Query And Transform, Query Text, Queue Time


QTT Stands For : Quick Thermal Transfer | Quick Tips Today | Qualifying To Teach | Quick Term Timing | Taro Pharmaceutical Industries Options


RJD Stands For : Reaction Jet Device | Reaction Jet Driver | Rashtriya Janata Dal (National Peoples Party)


QRH Stands For : Queens Royal Hussars | Quick Release Holster | Quick Reference Handbook | Quick Release Hook


QD Stands For : Quaque in Die (once daily) | Questioned Documents | Quality Distance | Quick and Dirty | Quick Disconnect | Quick and Dirty


RCS Stands For : Records Control Schedule | Regulations Coordination Staff | Radar Cross Section | Reaction Control System | Regimental Combat Support | Revision Control System | Rudder Control System | Reaction Control Sub-system | Reaction Control System


PCR Stands For : Pre-hospital Care Report | Polymerase Chain Reaction | Polyvalent Cytoplasmic Ribosome | polymerase chain reaction | Protein Catabolic Rate | Pediatric Cancer Research | Prostate Cancer Research | polymerase chain reaction


QRF Stands For : Quick Release Fasteners | Quality Reliability Flexibility | Quality Results Formula | Quick Release Flash | Quick Response Force


IRF Stands For : Immediate Reaction Force | Immediate Reaction Forces | Incident Response Force | International Road Federation


QTP Stands For : Quick Transaction Protocol, Quick Test Professional, Quick Test Protocol, Quick Time Pro, QuickTech Professional


QEC Stands For : Quality Environmental Education | Quick Engine Change | Quick Engine Change | May I make a 180-degree turn and return down the runway? | Quick Engine Change | Quicksilver Express Courier | Quicktube Exhaust Cutout


QCK Stands For : Quick Charger Kit | Quick Combat Kill | Quick Charger Kit


SPQR Stands For : Small Profit Quick Return | Some Pretty Quick Restaurant


QA Stands For : Quality Assessment | Quote Assistants | Quick Access | Quick Assets


QFT Stands For : Quick | Between what height above has ice formation been observed at (position or zone)? | Quick


QDC Stands For Quad Digital Channel| Quick Die Change| Quick Disconnect


QEA Stands For : Quick and Easy Analysis | Quick Erect Antenna | May I cross the runway ahead of you?


QB Stands For : Quanto Basta | Qualified Beneficiary | Quality Bill | Quick Beauty | Quick Build


QIQ Stands For : Quick Investigation of Quality | Quick Immigration Questionnaire


QIQ Stands For : Quick Insurance Quote | Quick Investigation of Quality


QANTAS Stands For : Queers And Nuts Travel Australian Style | Quick And Nasty Tacky And Substandard | Quick And Nasty Typical Australian Service | Quick And Nasty Typically Australian Service | Quite A Nice Trip


QDS Stands For : Qualified Duty Specification | Quick and Dirty Solution | Quality Data System | Quick and Dirty Solution | Quick and Dirty Solution


QCH Stands For : Qmark Ceiling Heater | Quick Change Head | Quick Connect Heavy-duty blades


QDA Stands For : Quick and Dirty Analysis | Quick Defect Analysis | Quick Defect Analysis | Quantity Discount Agreement


QRS Stands For : Quality Relaibility And Services | Quick Reference Subject | Quick Release System | Quiet Resource Study


QL Stands For : Qenya Lexicon | Quantity Limit | Quantum Life | Query Language | Quick Lite | Quick Load


QNC Stands For : QUICK Network CONNECTION, Quick Net Connect


QBP Stands For : Quick Bullet Penetration | Quick Back-Pedal | Quick Back- Pedal


FQ Stands For : Flight Qualification | Fashion Queen | Fashion Quotient | Flipping Quick | Fat Quarter of fabric (18-inches x 22-inches) | F Quick | Fantasy Quotient‰Û?Most | Fat Quarter | Fibrosis QuÌ?stica | Filter Query | Filter QueryåÊ | Fucking Quick


QRS Stands For : Quick Response Service | Quick Response Squad | Quality Real Service | Quick Response System | Quantronic Resonance System


QBK Stands For : Quick BookKeeping | Quick-Build Kit


QRI Stands For : Quality and Reliability Improvement | Quality and Reliability Improvement | Quick-Reaction Integration | Quality and Reliability Improvement


RTPCR Stands For : Reverse Transcriptase Polymerase Chain Reaction | Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction | Reverse Transcriptase Polymerase Chain Reaction


IQF Stands For : individual quick freeze | Individual Quick Frozen | individually quality frozen | individually quickly frozen | Individualy Quick Frozen | Integrated Qualifications Framework | International Quality Federation | International Quilt Festival


QT Stands For : Q-Tip swab | Quiet Time | Quantity | Quarantine Tank | Quart | Quick Tan | Quick Therapy | Quiet


QOB Stands For Questions Of Balance| Quick Open Bolted circuit breaker| Quick Opening Breaker


QPO Stands For : Quick Purchase Order | Quick Purchase Order | Quick Purchase Order | Quick Purchase Order | Quisque Pro Omnibus


QNE Stands For : Quick n Easy | Quick n Easy | What indication will my On landing at(place) athours altimeter give on landing with your sub-scale being set to at(place) athours? | Quick n Easy


MAR Stands For : medication administration record | Medication Administration Records | Mixed Agglutination Reaction | Multiple Antibiotic Resistance | maternal antibody related autism | Mixed Antiglobulin Reaction | medication administration record


PDQ Stands For : Pretty Damn Quick | fast [pretty quick] | Partie De Quebecois | Permanent Dole Queuer | Pretty Dammd Quickly | Providers Of Data Quality


QLR Stands For : Quality of Life Research | Quick Look Report | Quick Look Report


QNS Stands For : Quantity Not Sufficient | QUICK n SIMPLE | Queens | QUICK n SIMPLE


QSR Stands For : Quick Service Restaurant | Quality System Record | Quick Secretarial Response | Quality System Representative | Priszm Income Fund


QRF Stands For : Quad Rebel Force | Quarterly Report Form | Quick Reaction Force | Quarterly Report Form | Quarterly Report Form | Quarterly Report Form


QQ Stands For : Quenie Quah | Quartersawn Quality | Queen Queen | questioning queer | Questions QQ | Quick Questions | Quick Quote


QSG Stands For : Quick Start Guide, Quick Start Guide, Quick Search Guide


QOC Stands For : Quality Of Contribution | Quick Oil Change | Quick Oil Change


QDV Stands For : Quick Dump Valve | Quick- Disconnect Valve


QQM Stands For : Quality Quaker Management | Quick Quality Marketing | Quick Quality Measuring


QPO Stands For : Quality Purchasing Operations | Quick Purchase Order | Quick Purchase Order | Qualified Personnel Only


QQT Stands For : Quick Qard Technology, Quick Qard Technology, Query QuickTime Player Plug-in


QUEST Stands For Quick Unbiased Efficient Statistical Tree| Quantitative Underwater Ecological Surveying Techniques| Quick Underwater Erasable Slate Technology| Queens University Evaluation System For Teaching| Quincy University Early Start


SRT Stands For : simple reaction time | SIMPLE REACTION TIME


QSG Stands For : Quadrant Security Group | Quality Street Gang | Quality Support Group | Quantitative Sciences Group | Quantum Simulations Group | Quick Service Guides | Quick Study Guide


QFW Stands For : Quick Fill Work | What is the length of the runway in use in (units)? | Quick Fill Work


QDT Stands For : Quaggy Development Trust | Qualification Design Team | Quantum Decision Theory | Quantum Defect Theory | Quantum Digital Technology | Quarterly Data Transmission | Quick Deployment Tower | Quick Dirty Talker | Quik Dogg Teddy


QAS Stands For : Quality Aviation Services | Quick Accounting Solutions | QuickAddress Software | Quality Assured Services | Quarterly Account Statement | Quick Adjustment System | Quality Assurance System


QPM Stands For : Quality Product Marketing | Quality Productivity Measurement | Quantitative Process Management | Quantitative Project Management | Quick Page Network | Quick Purchasing Management | QuickPan Magnum


QVS Stands For : Quick Verification System, Quick Verification System, QuickVideo Suite


BCE Stands For : Beneficial Clinical Event | Base Civil Engineer | Baseline Cost Estimate | Battlefield Coordination Element | Backup Control Electronics | Bus Control Element


NR Stands For : nasal (airflow) resistance | natural resistance | natural rubber | nearest relative | nephrogenic rests | neuroleptic responsive | nitrate reductase | nitrogen retention | NMDA receptor | no radiation | no recurrence | no refill | no respiration | non-reactive | non-reducing | non-resistance | non-response | normal response | nuclear receptor | nuclease resistant | nutrient restriction | no reaction | Nerve Root | No Reaction | No Response | Normal Range | Not Remarkable | Not Responsive | Nutritional Requirement | not refillable


QND Stands For : Quick n Dirty | Quick n Dirty | Quick n Dirty


QXS Stands For : Quick Access | Quick Access | Quick Access


COSTART Stands For : COding Symbols for Thesaurus of Adverse Reaction Terms | Coding Symbols for Thesaurus of Adverse Reaction Terms


ARRC Stands For : Ace Rapid Reaction Corps | Acupuncture Research Resource Centre | Advanced Recovery Rehabilitation Center | Alaska Raptor Rehabilitation Center | Alcuin Research Resource Centre | Allied Rapid Reaction Corps | Appalachian Regional Recycling Consortium | Area Reference And Resource Center | Aylesbury Recycling And Reuse Centre


SAR Stands For : sarcoidosis | sarcoma | sarcosine | seasonal allergic rhinitis | secondary attack rate | sinoatrial rate | slowly adapting receptor | specific absorption rates | standardised access ratio | staphylococcal accessory regulator | subjective analysis return | survival after recurrence | suspected adverse reaction | systemic anaphylactic reaction | Systemic Affect Rating | Scatter-Air Ratio | Sodium Absorption Ratio | Sodium Adsorption Ratio | Specific Absorption Rate


QAF Stands For : Quality Assurance Function | Quick Acting Fuse | Quick Action Firing | Quality Assurance Function | Quick Acting Fuse | Quality Assurance Function


RT-PCR Stands For : Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction | Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction


QE Stands For : Quality Engineer | Quadrature Elevation | Qualification Examiner | Qualifying Education | Quality Enhancement | Quantifier Elimination | Quantitative Easing | Quasi Electron | Quasi Equal | Quasi Every | Quasi Everywhere | Quasi Expression | Queen Elizabeth | Queen of England | Question Everything | Quick Email | Quick Escape


QR Stands For : Quasi-Ribbon | Queens Rook | Quintessentially Rockette | Quilt Related | A Quantity Restrictions | Quadratic Residue | Qualitative Rate | Quality Ranking | Quality Related | Quality Research | Quality Result | Quality Rowe | Quantitative Reasoning | Quantum Reduction | Quarter Rest | Queue Rank | Quick Ratio | Quick Relief


QQF Stands For : Quite Quite Fantastic | Quick Quote Form | Quick Quote Form


QBT Stands For : Quick Back-Track | Quick Back-Track | Quick Back-Track | Quick Back-Track | Quick Back- Track


QC Stands For Quadratic Concave| Quarter Circle| Quality Control| Quantum Chemistry| Quantum Chemistry| Queens College| Quad City| Quality Control| Quick Connect| Quick Core| Quantum Correction| Quantum Counter| Quantum Critical| Questionable Causation


HR Stands For : haematologic remission | haemorrhagic retinopathy | hairpin ribozyme | heat resistant | high responder | histamine receptor | histamine release | homing receptor | homologous repeat | hormone receptor | hospital report | hospitalisation rate | human recombinant | human resources or personnel | hyperimmune reaction | hypersensitivity reaction | hypersensitivity response | hypoxic response | Haematological Response | hazard ratio | High Risk | Headache Removal | Heart rate | Horrific Regurgitation | Hospital Record


RXN Stands For : Reaction


Q&D Stands For : Quick and Dirty | Quick and Dirty


QAX Stands For : Quick Access to X-ray | Quick Access to X-ray


NRB Stands For : No Reaction Baby


ORR Stands For Oxidation- Reduction Reaction