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What is the full form of ACU ?

This page is all about abbreviation, acronym and meaning of the given term ACU.

ACU Stands For : All Completely Useless

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CUBS Stands For : Cant Understand Baseball Strategy | Completely Useless By September | Completely Useless By Spring | Consistantly Unavailale By September | Cubs Useless By September | Can U Beat Somebody | Choke Usually Before September | Closers Usually Blow Saves | Come Unraveled By September | Come Usless By September | Completely Usless By September | Completly Unbeatable By September | Completly Useless By September


UN Stands For : Un Nutted | Unanimously Neglectful | Uneducated Nations | United Nothing | United Nuzum | Unmistakably Nutless | Unwanted Nobodies | Useless Nations | Useless Nutless | Useless Nuts | Usually Nothing | Universal Number | UnLucky | United Network | Unit | Uncountable Noun | Unidad Nacional | United Nazis | United Net | University of Nebraska | Useless Nimrods | User Name


TBU Stands For : True But Useless | Tie Bar Unit | True But Useless


SUV Stands For : Safe Utility Vehicle | Satanic Urban Vehicle | Sausage Under Veils | Senseless Urban Vehicle | Senseless Urban Vulgarity | Seriously Useful Vehicle | Shameful Unregulated Vehicle | Sheep United For Victory | Shiny Unused Vehicle | Shut Up Vehicle | Simply Useless Vehicle | Slightly Upgraded Van | Sluggish Unbearable Vendor | Smelly Utility Vehicle | Snobs Upperclass Van | Soccermoms Ugly Van | Social Urban Vanity | Some Useful Virtues | Son Of Ugh Vitch | Spectacularly Ugly Vehicle | Spinal Utility Vehicle | Sport Utility Volvo | Square Underpowered V


SCD Stands For : Something Completely Different


NCD Stands For Nearly Completely Decomposable


ANFSCD Stands For : And Now For Something Completely Different


GOK Stands For : An acronym that has been flogged almost completely (but not quite | God only knows (!)


CWB Stands For : Completely Wacked Boarders


VMU Stands For : Very Much Useless


SUV Stands For : Silly Useless Value


TBU Stands For : True But Useless


UHD Stands For : Useless Homeless Dog


MUGEN Stands For : Mostly Useless


USL Stands For : Useless Loop


UUOC Stands For : Useless Use Of Cat


CRAY Stands For : Completely Redundant Array of Yuppies


CRAY Stands For : Completely Redundant Array of Yuppies


CT Stands For : Cant Talk | Completely Trippendicular | Cool Topics


UMP Stands For : Useless Message Poster


UMS Stands For : Useless Motivational Slogan


UPS Stands For : United Pie Stands | Ultra Poor Service | Un-Predictable Service | Unbelievably Pathetically Slow | Unbelievably Ponderously Slow | Unbelievably Poor Service | Unbelievably Pulverized Shipments | Uncommonly Poor Service | Unequaled Package Smashers | Universally Poor Service | Unmitigated Package Smashers | Unusual Pulling System | Unusually Poor Satanosphere | Use Purolator Service | Useless Poor Service | Useless Power Supply | Un-Prepared Speaking | Under Paid Slaves | Unreliable Postal Service | Unsatisfactory Poor Service | Utter Parcel Shit | Upda

Lay It Out

Lay It Out Stands For : To explain thoroughly; to discuss both sides completely Phillip is going to lay it out at the meeting


UMNO Stands For : Useless; Make Noise Only


TTIUWG Stands For : This Thread Is Useless Without Graphs


TBU Stands For : Tape Backup Unit, True But Useless


CAPTCHA Stands For : Completely Automatic Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart


CAPCHA Stands For : Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart


ABU Stands For : Airman Battle Uniform | Always Bloody Useless | Anyone But United


LUG Stands For : Linux Users Group, List Useless Garbage


UPI Stands For : Unique Public Identifier, Useless Piece of Information


PRIUS Stands For : Pretty Rotten Incomprehensible Useless piece of Scrap


U Stands For : Unlimited | U S Airways Group | Useless | Uranium Participation Corporation


LOTUS Stands For : Loads Of Totally Useless Spares | Lots of Trouble Usually Serious


CRAP Stands For Coral Reef Assessment Program| Completely Radical Anthropic Principle| Crude Reagent And Products


TRIUMPH Stands For : The Risk In Useless Machinery Pays Heavily | This Really Is Unreliable Man | Tried Repairing It Until My Parts Hurt!


COMPAQ Stands For : Come On | Compatibility and Quality | Completely Outdated Machines Packaged As Quality


EU Stands For : Elastic Underpants | Evil and Useless | Evil Union | Energy Usage


UGLY Stands For : Unbelievably Generous Lovable You | Unique Gifted Lovable You | Useless Generation Love Yourself


CRAP Stands For : Challenge Response Authentication Program, C Ready Application Project, Completely Redundant Array of Pointers, Computer Rage Anxiety Phobia, Contrast Repetition Alignment Proximity


UWT Stands For : Undergraduate Writing Tutor | United World Telecom | Universal Wear Tester | University of Washington Tacoma | Useless Wooden Toys | UW Tacoma | UW Tacomas


CTA Stands For : Certified Travel Agent | Camel Toe Assassinator | Commodities Trading Advisor | Completely And Totally Accurate | Computed Tomography Angiography | Constant Total Annoyance | Counter Terrorism Alliance | Cover Thy Ass | Culumon The Author


UAE Stands For : Unusable Amiga Emulator | Useless Amiga Emulator | United Arab Emirates | Urinary Albumin Excretion


VU Stands For : Virtually Useless | Vehicle Unit | Vehicle Utility | Volume Unit | Vertical Unlimited


USB Stands For UPPER SIDEBAND| upper sideband| Undergraduate School of Business| University of South Berkly| Universal Serial Bus| Useless Steam Blowhole


UAW Stands For : U Agree Weakly | Unemployed Auto Workers | United Automaton Workers | Useless Auto Workers | Ultimate Anime Worshipper


COBOL Stands For : Cannot Operate Because Of Limitations | Completely Obsolete Business Oriented Language | Confusion Oriented Bastard Of a Language | Crappy Obsolete Boring Old Language | Crude Old Bugger Ogles Ladies


UML Stands For : Underappreciated Modeling Language | University Of Manchester Language | Useless Modeling Language


UE Stands For : Unified And Errogant | Urban Exploration | Under Exposed | United Empire | The Uniform Edition | Ultimate Ears | Ultra Enterprises | Un Earthed | Unexpected Event | Uniformen Effecten | Unique Effector | unit Each | UNIVERSAL ENTERTAINMENT | Unknown Entity | Unofficial Expansion | Unrestricted Electives | Useless Elevation


UCS Stands For : Uniform Chromaticity Scale | Unidentified Carlos Sightings | Ultimate Collectors Series | Uniform Color System | Univeral Character Set | Useless Career Services | User Coordinate Surveying | Unit Coordinate System | Units Of Crack Susceptibility


CBU Stands For : California Baptist University | Cape Breton | Cape Breton University | Center for ByProducts Utilization | Christian Believers United | Christian Brothers University | Citizens for Balanced Use | Completely Built Up


CIO Stands For : Cargo Integration Officer | Career Is Over | Chief Information Optimist | Clever Information Officer | Completely Insane Organization | Current Imagination Operations | Everybody I See I Owe | Career Is O | Central Input Output | Cheif Information Officer | Compliance Information Officer | Crying It Out


CTA Stands For : Control Terminal Agency | Clinical Trial Agreement | clinical trial application | Case Telescoped Ammunition | Central TMDE ( Test | Common Table of Allowance | Completely Terrible Analysis | Computer Technology Associates | Controlled Thrust Assembly | Call To Action | Chicago Transit Authority | Controlled Time of Arrival


CDM Stands For : Cement Deep Mixing | Comical Defense Mechanism | Configuration Data Management | A Carbon Depletion Mechanism | A Control Of Demolition And Management | Cangussu Decarlo And Mathur | Cold Dark Matter | Comic Drawing Masters | Completely Deaf Moron | Context Dependent Memory | Core Data Module | Crash Draft Masters


ET Stands For : Endotracheal Tube | Embryo Transfer | Embryo Transplant | elapsed time | Experimental Therapeutics | And | Enterostomal Therapy | Equal Temperament | EsoTropia | Essential Tremor (ET) is a neurological disorder which cannot be completely relieved even with medication The tremor occurs when the patient is performing any kind of movement or maintaining a position against gravity Stressful situations will make the | Evapo Transpiration | Extra Testicular | Extremely Tired | et - and


CBS Stands For : Concrete Building Structure | Cant Beat Scholar | Cant Beat Survivor | Cant Believe Schlessinger | Cant Believe Snot | Cant Believe Squat | Cant Broadcast Sports | Cancelled the Best Shows | Cancels Best Shows | Censored Broadcasting System | Cheap Broadcasting System | Cheerleaders Bust Size | Chickens Being Sacrificed | Cliched Boring Sitcom | College Basketball Stranglehold | Commercials Before Sports | Completely Blowing Sports | Confusing Bush Supporters | Conservative Broadcast System | Corporate Bullying Syndicate | Could Be Slander | Counterfei


CMH Stands For : Congressional Medal of Honor | Completely Meticulous Housekeeping | Childrens Mercy Hospital | Chinese medicine hospital | Christian Mental Health | Citizens Memorial Healthcare | Citizens Memorial Hospital | Classy Moronic Ho | Clinton Memorial Hospital | Cochran Mantel Haenszel | Columbus Municipal Hangar | Columbus Municipal Hanger | Community Memorial Healthcenter | Community Memorial Hospital | The Center Of Military History


IUD Stands For : Intra-Uterine Device | Incredibly Useless Device | Intra-uterine device | Intrauterine Device | Intrauterine device


MU Stands For : Marvel Universe | Manchester United | Mauritius | Maddness United | Mail Unicode | Maintainence Update | Make Up | Man Up | Manchester Useless | Maquis Universal | Marginal Utility | Marshall University | Massive Urethra | Math Urban | Measuring Up | Medium Universal | Member Update | Members Update | Memory Units | Military Unit | Miniature unit | Monitor Units | Morpholine Urea | Mother Unit | Moveable Unit | Muonic Units | Mutual Understand | Mass Units | Master Units


CP Stands For Circular Polarized| Construction Permit| Cambridge Pulsar| Carnivorous Plant| Chemically Pure| Creatine Phosphate| Crude Protein| Campus Police| City Planning| College Program| Course Pack| Course Packet| Capability Performance| Cathodic Protection| Chip Place| Circular Polarized| Conductive Polymer| Constant Potential| Continuous Propagation| Process Capability| Central Peak| Community Psychology| Closure Preserving| Completely Positive| Critical Point| Cyclic Permutation| Cyclic Prefix| Center of Pressure| Continental Polar| Coulomb Potential|


CSP Stands For : Client Server Protocol, Cluster Server Package, Communicating Sequential Processes, Certificate Service Provider, Computer Security Plan, C Server Pages, Cache Server Pages, Commerce Solution Provider, Crystal Server Pages, Callback Service Provider, Continuous Speech Processing, Converged Service Platform, Custom SIM Profile, Chip Scale Packaging, Chipset Support Package, Completely Self-Protected, Converged Service Processor, Client Side Paradata, PC Emcee Screen Image, Control Sequence Prefix, Cross System Product


ATSC Stands For : Administrative Technology Service Center | Advanced Technology Studies Centre | Advanced Television Standards Committee | Advanced Televisions Systems Committee | Advanced Tv Systems Committee | Air Travellers Security Charge | American Television Systems Committee | Analog Television Systems Corporation | Annihilate Terrestrial Service Completely | Arlington Travel Soccer Club | Assessment And Treatment Services Center | Athletic Training Service Center | Autism Treatment Services Of Canada


USDA Stands For : United States Department of Agriculture | United States Department of Agriculture | United States Department of Agriculture | Useless Students Demanding Attention | United Square Dancers of America | United Square Dancers of America


CBC Stands For : California Building Code | Chi Bhai Chi | Can Broadcast Crap | Can Buy a Championship | Cant Broadcast Curling | Censorship Broadcasting Corporation | Cheap Broadcasters Of Canada | Communist Broadcasting Company | Completely Boring Coverage | Completly Biased Coverage | Cabbys Breed Challenge | Cambridge Brewing Co | Canadian Boardcasting Corporation | Canadian Broadcasting Company | Cant Be Credible | Center for Biodiversity and Conservation | Central Baptist College | Chicago Biomedical Consortium | Childrens Book Council | Chinese Born Canadian | Ch


CIC Stands For : Counter-Intelligence Corps | Canada Israel Committee | Cadet In Charge | Cadet Instructor Cadre | Change Identification Number | Combat in Cities | Combat Information Center | Combat Integration Cell | Combat Intelligence Center | Combined Intelligence Center | Command Information Center | Commander In Chief | Communications Interface Controller | Content Indicator Code | Counter-Intelligence Center | Command Interface Control | Communications Interface Coordinator | Continuing Improvement Council | Control and Information Center | Crew Interface Coordin


MCP Stands For : Minnesota Corn Processors | Male Chauvinist Pig | Management Completely Pathetic | Microsoft Crappy Program | Magalluf Club Pass | Magaluf Club Pass | Managing Compliance Programme | Manoel Chaves Projetos | Maritime Communications Partner | Mass Control Pollinated | Master Clock Program | Master Control Principal | Media Content Platform | Medical Care Plan | Memory Control Program | Micros Commerce Platform | Military Continuous Power | Minecraft Coder Pack | mobile computing platform | Mod Coder Pack | Mode Control Panel | Modern Curriculum Press |


CHEVROLET Stands For : Can Hardly Experience Velocity Really Or Leave Extended Tiremarks | Can Hear Every Valve Rap On Long Extended Trips | Can Hear Every Valve Rattle On Long Extended Trips | Can Hear Every Valve Rattle Over Long Extended Trips | Can Here Every Valve Rattle On Long Extended Trips | Cant Haul | Cheap Hardly Efficient Virtually Runs On Luck Every Time | Cheap Heap Every Valve Rattles Oil Leaks Every Time | Cheap Helplessly Embarrasing Vehicle Running On Luck Every Time | Check How Every Valve Rusts Or Leaks Every Time | Chews Heads | Cracked Head Every Valve Rat


CCR Stands For : California Code of Regulations | Curly-Coated Retriever | Common Change Request | California Cancer Registry | Calling Crazy Roosters | Canonical Commutation Relations | Cant Count Razors | Carolina Cosplay Revolution | Center for Climatic Research | Center for Communications Research | Center for Computational Research | Center for Cyberspace Research | Central Carolina Region | Chest Chest Revolution | Cincinnati Commercial REALTORS | Clan Conquer Resistance | Closed Circuit Rebreather | College and Career Readiness | College Community Rockland | Commu


CIA Stands For : Cold Inducted Air | Culinary Institute of America | Custard In Apples | Cant Identify Anything | Cant Indulge Another | Cancer Inside America | Cannabis Internet Activist | Capital In Abundance | Capitalisms International Army | Capitalisms Invisible Army | Cats Investigating The Atmosphere | Celebrity Intelligence Agency | Celestial Intelligence Angels | Chickens International Agency | Cider Ingested Apples | Clearasil Is Available | Cleavage Inspection Agency | Clowns In Action | Clueless In America | Cocaine Importers Annonymous | Cocaine In America


KFG Stands For : Kalkurung


NFG Stands For : Nefteyugansk


SDSU Stands For : Soo Line Railroad Company


WRBC Stands For : Batu Licin


MON Stands For : Monday | Month | Men Of Nativity | Middle of Nowhere | Minnoye Oskolochonym Napraveniem | Mistress Of Novices | Mixed Oxides of Nitrogen | Motorcycle Organization Netherlands | The Money Of Nations


PKO Stands For : Pyocola Keeping Operation | Pirate King On-line


FITG Stands For : Freedom In The Galaxy


CORS Stands For : Canadian Operational Research Society | Comparative Occurrence Reporting Service | Continuing Operating Reference Stations | Continuously Operated Reference Stations


IAPE Stands For : Independent Association of Publishers Employees | Instituto de Apoio a Programas de EstÌÁgio | Inter American Partnership for Education | Intergovernmental Affairs and Public Engagement | International Association for Property and Evidence | Israeli Association for Program Evaluation


NUF Stands For : No-Flow Underfill Reliability


SDC Stands For : Swiss Development Corporation | Satyam Development Centre | Sheppard Decorating Company | Solutions Development Center | Space Data Corporation | Swingers Date Club | Swingers Date Club | Share Depository Center | Size | Spot Deferred Contract | System Development Charge | Systems Development Charge | Santa Fe International Corporation | Synopsys Design Compiler


HAZ Stands For : Hazelwood | Hayes Lemmerz International | Hold Approach Zip


MTFG Stands For : Manchester Training Fitness & Gyms | Mitsubishi Tokyo Financial Group


DJXKRE Stands For : Djia Mini E-cbot


L&F Stands For : Lost and Found


PODO Stands For : Planning Official Development Officers


CHEUY Stands For : Cheung Hong Holdings


NYICW Stands For : New Yorker Marketing Warrants


GGY Stands For : Comp Generale Geophysique


FBSE Stands For : First Bulgarian Stock Exchange


UPCU Stands For Unit De Psychologie Clinique Universitaire


QCK Stands For Quick Charger Kit


LEM Stands For Light Emotive Machine


ESMR Stands For Electronic Scanning Microwave Radiometer


APEO Stands For alkylphenol ethoxylates


EBU Stands For : Enterprise Backup Utility, Electronic Business Universe


MFD Stands For : Multi-Function Display, Monadic functions (ABC programming language)


SOPC Stands For : System On Programmable Chip, System On a Programmable Chip, System On a Programmable Chip


ZG Stands For : ZipGlobal, Zero And Go