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What is the full form of ADD ?

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ADD Stands For : Advanced Dumbass Disorder

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DUMBASS Stands For : Dumbasses


JEE-Advanced Stands For Joint Entrance Examination - Advanced


CET-Advanced Stands For Common Entrance Test-Advanced


ASD Stands For : acute stress disorder | adaptive seating device | adult Still‰Ûªs disease | aldosterone secretion defect | Alzheimer‰Ûªs senile dementia | androstenedione | arthroscopic subacromial decompression | autosensitisation spongiotic dermatitis | acute stress disorder | Autism Spectrum Disorder | autism spectrum disorders | Academic Skills Disorder | Advanced Senility Disease | Anterior Segment Dysgenesis | Atrial Septal Defect | Autism Spectrum Disorder | Autistic Spectrum Disorder | Action for Singapore Dogs


ADD Stands For : acceptable daily dose | acute diarrhoeal disorder | adductor | adenosine deaminase | anterior disc displacement | Attention Deficit Disorder | Addiction | Adduct | Adduction | Adenosine Deaminase Deficiency | Adult Deficit Disorder | Advanced Dietary Delivery | Alcohol and Drug Dependency | Anatomically Directed Design | Attention Deficit Disorder


SAD Stands For : Single Anomalous Dispersion | Sinoaortic denervation or deafferentiation | Subacromial decompression | ugar-acetone-diacetic acid test | Seasonal Affective Disorder | Source-Axis Distance | Seasonal Affected Disorder | Seasonal Affective Disorder | Seasonal Allergy Distress | Simple Anxiety Defect | Situational Affected Depression | Social Anxiety Disorder | Stoupa Addiction Disorder | Stress | Swinford Anxiety Disorder


APD Stands For : accessory pancreatic duct | acquired perforating dermatosis | adult polycystic disease | advanced professional development | alkaline phosphodiesterase | antero-posterior diameter | anti-psychotic drug | articulation-phonological disorder | atrial premature depolarisation | atypical parkinson‰Ûªs disease | automatic peritoneal dialysis | average percentage deviation | avoidant personality disorder | Automated Peritoneal Dialysis | Acid Peptic Disease | Afferent Pupillary Defect | Auditory Processing Disorder


ASPD Stands For : Aircraft Spare Parts Depot | Advanced Sleep Phase Disorder | Alberta Society of Pipers and Drummers | Altamonte Springs Police Department | American Society of Podiatric Dermatology | Anti Social Personality Disorder | Associated Students of Planning and Development | Association of Specialist Providers to Dentists


GAD Stands For : Generalized Anxiety Disorder | generalized anxiety disorder | General Anxiety Disorder | Generalised Anxiety Disorder | Generalized Anxiety Disorder | Graft Arterial Disease


PDD Stands For : Percentage depth dose | Pediatrician Did not Decide | Perfectly Dumbfounded Diagnosis | Pervasive Development Disorder | Pervasive Developmental Disorder | Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder | Proventricular Dilatation Disease


SBD Stands For : Sleep-related Breathing Disorder | Senile Brain Disease | Silent But Deadly | Swim Bladder Disorder


ODD Stands For : Observation Danger And Diagnosis | Oppisitional Defiant Disorder | Oppositional Deficit Disorder | Oxidative Dysoxygenative Dysfunction


BPD Stands For : Bi-Parietal Diameter | Bi-Polar Disorder | Billio-Pancreatic Diversion | Balanced Placebo Design | Bilio-Pancreatic Diversion | Bi-Parietal Diameter | Bi-Polar Disorder | Body Part Discomfort | Borderline Personality Disorder | Broncho-Pulmonary Dysplasia


CMD Stands For : cartilage matrix deficiency | Certified Medical Dosimetrist | chief medical director | childhood muscular dystrophy | chronic myeloproliferative disorder | common mental disorder | congenital muscular dystrophy | continuing medical development | cortimedullary differentiation | craniomandibular disorder | craniometaphyseal dysplasia | cystic medial degeneration | Canadian Medical Directory


ADD Stands For : A Dogs Dream | Activated Dough Development | A Dumb Dog | Aint Denyin Dysfunction | American Dream Disorder | Americans for Donald Duck | Another Darn Democrat | Another Darn Dog | After Death Disciples | Astral Destruction Dragon | Addendum ADD Addition | Adding | Address ADD Additional | Adult Deficiency Disorder | and ADD definition | and ADHD The difference | Attention | Attention Defisit Disorder


PTSD Stands For : Pissed Tired and Sick of Drills | Post Traumatic Stress Disorder | POST-TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER | Post Traumatic Stress Disorder | Post Traumatic Stress Disorder


STD Stands For : ST-segment depression | Sexually Transmitted Disease | Skeletal Transcript Database | Sterilized Testing Developer | Sexual Tension Disorder | Sexually Transmitted Disease | Short-Term Depression | Skin Test Dose | Small Testicle Disorder | Standard | Standing Tremor Disorder | Sheep Transmitted Disease


ROAD Stands For : Reality Of Amy Dumas | Record Of Achievement And Development | The Reality Of Amy Dumbass


PBD Stands For : peroxisome biogenesis disorder | Protein Binding Domain | Peroxisomal Biogenesis Disorder


EPD Stands For : Excessive Posting Disorder | Excesive Posting Disorder | Expanded Provider Database


OCD Stands For : Obsessive Compulsive Disorder | Obsessive Compulsive Disorder | Osteochondritis Dissecans | Obsessive Compulsive Disorder | Obsessive Compulsive Disorder


AST Stands For : Advanced Sealing Technologies | Advanced Simulation Technology | Advanced Software Technlogies | Advanced Sound Technologies | Advanced Systems Technology | ATT Software Technologies | Ascent Resources | Advanced Skills Teacher | Automotive Service Technician | Advanced Suspension Technology | All Star Titanium | Association for Software Testing | Association of Surgical Technologists


DCD Stands For : dark cell degeneration | developmental cognitive disorder | Diploma in Chest Disease | disorders of cortical development | DISCONTINUED | Donation After Cardiac Death | Developmental Coordination Disorder


OCD Stands For : Obviously Corporate Dummies | Obsessive Completion Distinction | Obsessive Corgi Disorder | Obsessive‰ÛÒcompulsive disorder | Optical Cooperation Disability | Original Champions of Design


PCL Stands For : P(ost-traumatic stress disorder symptom) check-list | Posterior Cruciate Ligament | PTSD Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) CheckList | Pale Colored Lizard


ALD Stands For : adrenoleukodystrophy | Adult with Learning Difficulties | aldosterone | anterior latissimus dorsi | approximate lethal dose | arithmetic learning disorder | aspirin-like drug | autoimmune/lymphoproliferative disorder | Assisted Listening Device | Alcoholic Liver Disease


EDNOS Stands For : Eating disorder not otherwiaw specified | Eating Disorder Not Otherwise Specified


AES Stands For : Advanced Encryption Standard, Advanced Encryption Standard, Advanced Encryption Standard, Advanced Encryption Standard, Application Environment Services, Asynchronous Event Scheduler, Advanced Encryption Standard, Advanced Entertainment System, Advanced Expert System


APT Stands For : Advanced Platform Technology | Advanced Pointer Telemetry | Accelerated Pavement Testing | Advanced Performance Tuning | All Purpose Traction | Arranged Passenger Transport | Assumed Points To | Attitude | Automatic Package Transfer | Administrative | Advanced Persistent Threat


EBD Stands For : effective biological dose | emotional or behavioural disorder | epidermolysis bullosa dystrophica | evidence-based dentistry | Emotional and Behavioral Disorder | Emotional Behavioral Disorders


AIM Stands For : activity information mapping | advanced informatics in medicine | Annals of Internal Medicine | Addressing Inhalants and Methamphetamine | ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) Impact Module | Ambulatory Infusion Manager | Absolute Imprinting Mode | Abridged Index Medicus | Adolescents In Medicine


FTAD Stands For : Facebook /Twitter Addiction Disorder | French Tactical Division | Facebook Twitter Addict Disorder | Feeding Tube Attachment Device | Formation TutorÌ©e A Distance | Freshwater Trout Aquaculture Dialogue | Fundamentos TecnolÌ?gicos de Audio Digital


MAD Stands For : Medical Assessment of Donors | Medical Assistance Division | Method Accuracy Description | Mitotic Arrest Deficient | mesenteric artery disease | Melanoma Awareness Day | Maximum Adrenaline Dose | Mercury Acquired Disease | Morning Affective Disorder | Multiple Avatar Disorder


AST Stands For : Above-ground Storage Tank | Administrative Supply Technician | Advanced Sensor Technology | Advanced Shooting Technology | Advanced Simulation Technology | Advanced Submunition Technology | Airborne Surveillance Testbed | Assign Secondary Traffic channels | Aero Space Technology | Astro Star Tracker


MDD Stands For : Doctor of Dental Medicine | minimum detected dose | multiple daily dosing | Medical Data Drill | Medical Device Directive | major depressive disorder | Major Depressive Disorder | Mal De Debarquement Syndrome | Mean Daily Dose


PTSD Stands For : Post Traumatic Stress Disorder | post-traumatic stress disorder | Post Traumatic Stress Disorder


ADHD Stands For : Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder | attention-deficit-hyperactivity disorder | Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder


PD Stands For : Paget‰Ûªs disease | pancreatic duct | pancreaticoduodenal | panic disorder | papillary dermatitis | paralysing dose | Parkinson‰Ûªs disease | pars distalis | partial deficiency | patent ductus | percutaneous drainage | perfusion defect | perinatal death | pesistent diarrhoea | Peyronie‰Ûªs disease | phosphate dehydrogenase | physical disabilities | Pick‰Ûªs disease | poorly differentiated | population doubling | posterior deltoid | posterior descending | postpartum day | prenatal diagnosis | prescribed dose | problem drinker | programmed death | pr


ARC Stands For : Advanced Resource Connector, Advanced Router Configuration, Authenticated Request Code, ARC or PKARC Compressed file archive, Advanced Risc Computing, Argonaut Risc Core


AGT Stands For : Advanced Gear Train | Advanced Green Technologies | Advanced Ground Topology | Alternate Grand Tour | Americas Got Talent | American Gaming Technologies | Automated Golf Tee


ACR Stands For : Attenuation Crosstalk Ratio, Advanced Code Reconstruction, Alternate Conditional Request, Advanced Communication Riser, ACR-NEMA medical image file Bitmap graphics, Advanced Computational Research, Animated Computer Rendering


AAC Stands For : Advanced Audio Coding, Advanced Audio Coding, Advanced Audio Compression, Advanced Audio Coding, Alternate Area Code, Apple Audio CODEC, Augmentative and Assistive Computing


AGP Stands For : Accelerated Graphics Port, Accelerated Graphics Port, Accelerated Graphics Port, Advanced Graphics Processing, Acclerated Graphics Port, Advanced Graphics Printer, Another Good Platform, Accelerated Graphical Presentation, Accelerated Graphics Performance, Advanced Gaming Port, Advanced Graphic Processing, Advanced Graphics Port, Advanced Graphics Processor


ATT Stands For : Advanced Tactical Transport | Advanced Theatre Transport | Advanced Transport Technology | Assign Terminal Type | Authorization To Test | AUTHORIZATION to Test The | Advanced Transport Telematics


NDD Stands For : Novice Draft Dog | National Dairy Database | Nancy Den Delk | National Direct Dialing | Nature Deficit Disorder | Neighborhood Development Division | Network Design and Development | Neuro Developmental Delay | new diagnostic designs | New Dir Diff | Next Day Delivery | No Dealing Desk | no desktop display | Non Dealing Desk | Norton Disk Doctor | Nutrition Deficit Disorder


CTD Stands For : carboxy terminal domain | chest tube drainage | chronic tic disorder | circling the drain‰ÛÒflippant for near death | clinical test for drunkenness | close to death | congenital thymic dysplasia | connective tissue disease | conotruncal defects | CT discography | Carboxy-Terminal Domain | Comet Tail DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid) | Cyclophosphamide Thalidomide Dexamethasone | Clitoral Therapy Device | Cumulative Trauma Disorder


GID Stands For : gender identity disorder | Gender Identity Disorder


NDD Stands For Nature-Deficit Disorder| Nature-Deficit Disorder


ATA Stands For : Advanced Technology Attachment, Advanced Technology Attachment, Advanced Technololgy Attachment, Advanced Technology Attachment, Analog Telephone Adapter, Analog Telephone Adaptor, Advanced Technology Architecture


ED Stands For : Emergency Department | Early Discharge | Eating Disorder | Edged Dilution | Emergency Department | End Diastolic | Examination Documentation | Extracellular Domain | Elbow Disarticulation | Early Death | Eating Disorder | Ectodermal Dysplasia | Edema | Efferent Ductule | Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome | Embryonic Disk | Emergency Department | Endothelial Dysfunction | Erectile Dysfunction | Excretory Duct | Effective Dose | Emergency Department


ADW Stands For : Australian Domaine Wines | Active Data Warehouse | Advance Deposit Wagering | Advanced Deposit Wagering | Advanced Digital Wireless | Advanced Digital World | Animal Diversity Web | Assistance Dogs of the West


AMTI Stands For : Advanced Management Technology Inc | Advanced Management Technology Incorporated | Advanced Mediator Training Institute | Applied Marine Technology Inc


CACS Stands For Certificate of Advanced Counseling Studies| Calcenter for Atmospheric Chemistry Studies| Center for Advanced Computer Studies| Centre for Access and Communication Studies| Centre for Advanced Construction Studies| Canadian Active Control System


CAAT Stands For : Canvas Advanced Animation Tookit | Canvas Advanced Animation Toolkit | Captive Air Amphibious Transporters | Center for Academic Assistance and Training | Center for Advanced Academics and Technology | Center for Advanced Automotive Technology | Center for Autism Assessment and Treatment | Chinese American Association of Tampa | Coloradans Against Auto Theft | Colorado Animal Assisted Therapy | Consortium for Applied Acoustoelectronic Technology | Content Analyst Analytical Technology


AT Stands For : Advanced Technology, Advanced Technology, Advanced Technology, Agile and Transparent, Access Terminal, ATtention command, Attention To ....


AGE Stands For : Adjacent Generational Exchange | Advanced Glycation End | Advanced Glycosylation End


AMT Stands For Amino Mercapto Thiadiazole| Advanced Manufacturing Technology| Advanced Midi Transmission


AAAV Stands For : Advanced Airborne Command Post | Advanced Amphibious Assault Vehicle


AMSU Stands For Advanced Microwave Sounding Unit| Advanced Microwave Sounding Unit| Advanced Mass Spectrometry Unit| Amsterdam Maastricht Summer University


AWM Stands For Advanced Wave Memory| Advanced Waveform Modulation


ASCR Stands For : Advanced Scientific Computing Research | Advanced Semantic Content Repository | Advanced Subsonic Combustion Rig | Alabama Statewide Cancer Registry | American Society of Clinical Rheumatologists | Associa̤̣o Sindical dos Conservadores dos Registos | Associated Students Campus Recreation | Astronaut Strength Conditioning and Rehabilitation | Asus Smart Contrast Ratio | Australian Solicitors Conduct Rules


AMAC Stands For : Advanced Materials Advisory and Consultancy | Advanced Materials Advisory Consultancy | Advanced Mobile Asset Collection | Advanced Mouse Auto Clickers | Aircraft Monitor And Control | Airport Minority Advisory Council | Amacamerican Mortgage Acceptance Company | American Medical Alert Corp | American Muslim Advisory Council | Assistance To Mine Affected Communities | Association for Metroarea Autistic Children | Association of Mature American Citizens


ACF Stands For : Advanced Communications Function, Access Control File, Access Coordination Function, Advanced Communications Facility, Adobe PhotoShop Custom Filter, Advanced Communication Facility


AMST Stands For : Advanced Medium Short Take-off and Landing (STOL) Transport | Advanced Multi-Sensor Tracker


AD Stands For : abdominal diameter | abdominal discomfort | above diaphragm | accident dispensary | acetabular depth | actinomycin D | active disease | acute dermatomyositis | acute diarrhoea | acute dissection | acute dysentery | addict | addictive disorder | Addison‰Ûªs disease | adductor | adenosine deaminase | adjustment disorder | adjuvant disease | adriamycin | adult | advance directive | affective disorder | after discharge | alcohol dehydrogenase | alcohol dependence | alcohol dependent | allergic disease | alveolar duct | Alzheimer‰Ûªs disease | amiodar


OD Stands For : occupational dermatitis | oesophageal dysfunction | oligodendroglioma | Ollier disease | open drainage | operations directorate | organ dysfunction | organisational development | osteochondritis dissecans | right eye (oculus dexter) | OverDose | Oculus Dexter | RIGHT EYE (Lat ocularis dexter) | OverDose | Occupational Disease | Oculus Dexter (Right Eye) | Once Daily | Order Disorder | Ostrich Disorder | OverDose | Oxygen Demand | oculus dexter - right eye | omne in die - every day/once daily (preferred to qd in the UK[3]) | once daily


ADE Stands For Algebraic Differential Equation| Advanced Distance Education| Association of Departments of English| Advanced Development Environment


ASW Stands For : Advanced Share Registry | Advanced Computer Software Group | Accurate Sound Wave | Auto Sub-Woofer


ASCI Stands For : Aadministrative Staff College Of India | Administrative Staff College Of India | Advanced School For Citeseer Ist | Advanced School For Computing And Imaging | Advanced School For Computing Imaging | Advanced Simulation And Computing Initiative | Applied Systems Consultants Incorporated | Art Science Collaborations Inc | Asciiart Science Collaborations Inc


SAGE Stands For : Security Algorithms Group of Experts, Story Advanced Game Engine, Simulation and Advanced Gaming Environments


AMAP Stands For : Advanced Management Accounting Program | Accelerated Microenterprise Advancement Project | Automotive and Manufacturing Advanced Practice


AMT Stands For : Alternian Multiverse Tournament | Ache Most Terrible | Adaptive Motion Trainer | Advanced Manufacturing Techniques | Advanced Media Technologies | Advanced Microscopy Techniques | Advanced Moulding Technology | Alissia Melka Teichroew | All Money Taken | Aluminum Metal Toys | Ambulance Medical Technician | American Machine And Tool | Annual Multi Trip | Applied Manufacturing Technologies | Applied Microphone Technology | Association for Manufacturing Technology | Atlantic Meridional Transect | Atmospheric Measurement Techniques | Australasian Mobile Telec


D/O Stands For : Disorder


ACS Stands For Auxiliary Constraint Set| Auxiliary Communications Service| Advanced Camera for Surveys| American Chemical Society| Academic Computing Service| Advanced Competitive Science| All Cannot Study| American Campus Subscriptions| American College of Sofia| Adjacent Channel Selectivity| Advanced Communications System| Alternative Current Switch


ARPA Stands For : Amazon Region Protected Areas | Advanced Research Projects Agency | Advanced Research Projects Agency | Automatic Radar Plotting Accessory | Advanced Research Projects Agency | Automatic Radar Plotting Aid | Advanced Research Projects Agency | Archaeological Resources Protection Act


DUD Stands For : drug use disorder


ESO(s) Stands For : eating disorder(s)


AUD Stands For : alcohol use disorder


AECF Stands For : Advanced Electronics / Computer Field | Advanced Electronics Computer Field | Advanced Electronics/ Computer Field | American Egyptian Cooperation Foundation | Annie E Casey Foundation | Association des entreprises de Chine en France | Atlanta Electronic Commerce Forum


BED Stands For : Binge Eating Disorder


IAD Stands For : Internet Addiction Disorder


NPD Stands For : Narcissistic Personality Disorder


PHT Stands For : Pulmonary Heart Disorder


OJD Stands For : Obsessive Jonas Disorder


WND Stands For : Waste Nitrogen Disorder


EID Stands For : Exercise Intolerance Disorder


IOD Stands For Internet Obsessional Disorder


OCD Stands For : Obsessive Cullen Disorder


BDD Stands For : Blog Dysmorphic Disorder


IED Stands For : Intermittent Explosive Disorder


BAD Stands For : Bipolar Affective Disorder


ODD Stands For Oppositional Defiant Disorder


PDD-NOS Stands For : Pervasive Developmental Disorder Not Otherwise Specified


SSAD Stands For : Same Sex Attraction Disorder


ACLS Stands For : acrocallosal syndrome | Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support | Advanced Cardiac Life Support | Advanced Cardiac Life Support training course


AGP Stands For : Association of Gaming Professionals | Motor Torpedo Boat Tender | Accelerated Graphics The Photo | Advanced Graphic Publishing | Advanced Graphical Port | Anthro Green Peace


ATSC Stands For : Administrative Technology Service Center | Advanced Technology Studies Centre | Advanced Television Standards Committee | Advanced Televisions Systems Committee | Advanced Tv Systems Committee | Air Travellers Security Charge | American Television Systems Committee | Analog Television Systems Corporation | Annihilate Terrestrial Service Completely | Arlington Travel Soccer Club | Assessment And Treatment Services Center | Athletic Training Service Center | Autism Treatment Services Of Canada


AVPD Stands For AVoidant Personality Disorder


RBD Stands For : RAS Binding Domain | REM Behavior Disorder