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What is the full form of ADE ?

This page is all about abbreviation, acronym and meaning of the given term ADE.

ADE Stands For : acute disseminated encephalomyelitis | adverse drug effect | Animal Disease Eradication Division USDA | antibody-dependent enhancement Immunology | Ara C | arrhythmogenic dose of epinephrine | Adverse Drug Event | Antibody Dependent Enhancement | Adverse Drug Experience

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Proc Eur Soc St Drug Tox

Proc Eur Soc St Drug Tox Stands For Proceedings of the European Society for the Study of Drug Toxicity


ADR Stands For : acid-detergent residue | acquired drug resistance | acute drug reaction | ADR58 | adrenal and pituitary procedures | adriamycin | airway dilation reflex | Alzheimer‰Ûªs disease research | artificial disc replacement | ataxia-deafness-retardation syndrome | Animal Drug Request | Adverse Drug Reaction | Adverse Drug Reaction | adverse drug reaction


DRUG Stands For : Dragon Pharmaceuticals


ADP Stands For : adductor pollicis | adenosine diphosphate | advance planning document | after depolarising potential | Animal Disease & Parasite Research Division‰ÛÒof the USDA | aortic diastolic pressure | approved drug product | assistant director of pathology | Association for Disabled Professionals | Adhesive Daily Patch | Androgenic Dermal Patch | Antibody Dependent Enhancement | Area Development Program | adenosine 5- diphosphate | Antropyloroduodenal


ADR Stands For : Adverse Drug Reaction | Adverse Drug Report | Adoption Disclosure Registry | Aircraft Damage Repair | Armament Delivery Recording | Automatic Data Relay | Automated Demand Resolution | Automatic Driver Recognition


ACES Stands For : adverse clinical event | Cardiology Azithromycin Coronary Events Study A trial that asked whether Chlamydia pneumoniae infection is causally associated with cardiovascular disease and | Conclusion Aveloxå¨ is useful for managing acute bacterial exacerbations of chronic bronchitis‰ÛÒABECB | Conclusions No link between cardiovascular disease and Chlamydia pneumoniae; azithromycin treatment doesn‰Ûªt affect morbidity or mortality | Medspeak adverse cardiac event | Microbiology Aveloxå¨ Clinical Experience Study A post-marketing study which assessed the safety and efficac


PADE Stands For : Postmarketing Adverse Drug Experience


ADER Stands For : Adverse Drug Experience Report


ADC(s) Stands For : antibody-drug conjugates(s) | antibody-drug conjugate(s)


ADCC Stands For : antibody-dependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity | Antibody-Dependent Cellular Cytotoxicity | Antibody Dependent Cell-mediated Cytotoxicity | Antibody-Dependant Cellular Cytoxicity | antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity


ADE Stands For : Adverse Drug Event | Aerial Delivery Equipment | Air Defense Emergency | Armored Division Equivalent | Army Data Encyclopedia | Assign Digit Editing | Assistant Division Engineer | Assistant Divisional Engineer


E2B Stands For : FDA Working Group that defined Efficacy Topics Data Elements for Transmission of Adverse Drug Reactions Reports | Efficacy Topics Data Elements for Transmission of Adverse Drug Reactions Reports (ICH)


AE Stands For : Aeromedical Evacuation | Antitoxin unit (Einheit) | Adult Equivalent | Above elbow (transhumoral) | Adverse Event | Above the Elbow | Active and Equal | Aryepiglottic Fold | Adverse Experience


CDC Stands For : cancer diagnostic centre | capillary diffusion capacity | carboplatin | cardiac diagnostic centre | Center for Disease Control and Prevention (USA) | central data control | Certified Drug Counsellor | chemical dependency counsellor | chenodeoxycholate | child day center | child development centre | chronic disseminated candidiasis | Clostridium difficile colitis | collecting duct carcinoma | communicable disease center | communicable disease centre | complement-dependent cytolysis | complement-dependent cytotoxicity | Crohn‰Ûªs disease of colon | Centers


NOAEL Stands For : No Observable Adverse Effect Level | no-observed-adverse-effect-level | no-observed-adverse-effects-level


ADRS Stands For : Adverse Drug Reporting System


1932 Stands For : FDA form for veterinary adverse drug reaction


1932a Stands For : FDA form for veterinary adverse drug reaction


ADRAC Stands For : Adverse Drug Reactions Advisory Committee

FORM 1932

FORM 1932 Stands For : Veterinary Adverse Drug Reaction

FORM 1932a

FORM 1932a Stands For : Veterinary Adverse Drug Reaction


AER Stands For : adverse event report | Aerosol Liquid | Apical Ectodermal Ridge | Auditory Evoked Response | adverse event report


ADROIT XX Stands For : Adverse Drug Reactions Online Information Tracking


SADR Stands For : serious adverse drug reaction | Standard Ambulatory Data Record


SADR Stands For : Suspected Adverse Drug Reaction | Standard Ambulatory Data Record | Stand Alone Disaster Recovery


TEAE Stands For : Tar€±msal Ekonomi AraÙt€±rma EnstitÌ?sÌ? | Tar€±msal Ekonomik AraÙt€±rma EnstitÌ?sÌ? | Test of Emerging Academic English | Tigers East Alpines East | Tigers East/Alpines East | treatment emerged adverse event | Treatment Emergent Adverse Event | treatment emergent adverse events


AD Stands For : abdominal diameter | abdominal discomfort | above diaphragm | accident dispensary | acetabular depth | actinomycin D | active disease | acute dermatomyositis | acute diarrhoea | acute dissection | acute dysentery | addict | addictive disorder | Addison‰Ûªs disease | adductor | adenosine deaminase | adjustment disorder | adjuvant disease | adriamycin | adult | advance directive | affective disorder | after discharge | alcohol dehydrogenase | alcohol dependence | alcohol dependent | allergic disease | alveolar duct | Alzheimer‰Ûªs disease | amiodar


NOAE Stands For : no observed adverse effect | no observed adverse effect


CAERS Stands For : CFSAN (Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition) Adverse Event Reporting System | CFSAN Adverse Event Reporting System


ACE Stands For : Adverse Clinical Event | Automated Commercial Environment | A Ceased Explosion | Adaptive Communication Environment | Aerobatic Competency Evaluator | Air Combat Element | Air Force Airborne Command Element | Airborne Command Element | Airborne Communications Electronics | Allied Command Europe | Analysis and Control Element | Armored Combat Earth-mover | Armored Combat Excavator | Army Combat Earth-mover | ASAS (All-Source Analysis System) Collateral Enclave | Assistant Chief of Engineers | Aviation Career Education | Aviation Combat Element | Aviation


FD-1932 Stands For : FDA form | FDA form for veterinary adverse drug reaction


FD-1932a Stands For : FDA form for veterinary adverse drug reaction | FDA form


BDTC Stands For : Bradenton Drug Treatment Center | British Dependant Territories Citizenship | British Dependent Territories Citizen | British Dependent Territories Citizens | British Dependent Territories Citizenship | British Dependent Territory Certificate | British Dependent Territory Citizens | Broadband Digital Technician Certification


SAE Stands For : Standard Aeration Efficiency | Serious Adverse Event | Secretariat of Strategic Studies | Service Acquisition Executive | Serious Adverse Event | Society of Automotive Engineers | Solar Array Experiment | Sexual Assault Examiner | Safety of Automotive Equipment | Society of Automotive Engineers


USDA Stands For : United States Department of Agriculture | United States Department of Agriculture | United States Drug Association | United States Department of Agriculture


ACE Stands For : acentric | acetaldehyde | acetaminophen | acetic | acetone | acute | acute care for elders | acute cerebral encephalopathy | Addenbrooke‰Ûªs Cognitive Examination | adrenal cortical extract | Advancement in Clinical Excellence | affinity electrophoresis | alternative care for the elderly | American College of Epidemiology | angiotensin-converting enzyme (CD143) | approved continuing education | Aspirin and Carotid Endarterectomy | Adverse Childhood Experiences | Alzheimers Care and Enrichment | Angiotensin Converting Enzyme | Angiotensin Converting Enzym


NCIE Stands For : National Center for Import and Export (USDA) | Notice of Claimed Investigational Exemption (CVM) | Notice of Claimed Investigational Exemption for a New Animal Drug | Notice of Claimed Investigational Exemption for a New Animal Drug | Notices of Claimed Investigational Exemption for a New Animal Drug


DAEA II Stands For : Division of Adverse Event Analysis 2


MDR Stands For : Multiple Drug Resistant | Multi-Drug Resistance | multi-drug resistant/ce | Medium Dose Rate | miltidrug-resistant | minimum daily requirement | Multi Drug Resistant | Manifestation Determination Review | minimum daily requirement | multi-drug resistant | Multiple Disease Resistance | minimum daily requirement


LOAEL Stands For : Lowest Observed Adverse Effect Level | lowest-observed-adverse-effect-level


DEN Stands For : Drug Experience Network | drug experience network | Stapleton International Airport | drug experience network


FAEMS Stands For : Foods Adverse Event Monitoring System | Foods Adverse Event Monitoring System


VAERS Stands For : Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System | Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System


ADS Stands For : acute death syndrome | acute diarrhoeal syndrome | adult day services | anonymous donor sperm | antidiuretic substance (ADH) | Appraisal of Diabetes Scale | Attribution Data Set | Advanced Dressing Station | Alcohol and Drug Services | Advanced Diagnosis System | All Day Sickness | Antibody Deficiency Syndrome | Attention Deficit Syndrome


ADAA Stands For : Animal Drug Availability Act of 1996 | Alcohol and Drug Abuse Administration


DMD Stands For : daily maintenance dose | delayed mental development | disease-modifying drug | Drug Misuse Database | Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy | Doctor of Dental Medicine | Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy | Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy


DEA Stands For : Drug Enforcement Administration | Drug Enforcement Administration | Aerospace Drift Error | Data Exchange Agreement | Doctrine Evaluation Activity | Drug Enforcement Administration | Deployed Electronics Assembly | Department of Economic Affairs | Drug Enforcement Administration | Drug Enforcement Administration (US Department of Justice)


NADA Stands For : New Animal Drug Application | National Automotive Dealers Association | New Animal Drug Application


PDP Stands For : Prescription Drug Plan | Progesterone-Dependent Protein | Parallel Distributed Perceptrons | Practice Development Plan | PachyDermoPeriostosis | Palpitating Dendrite Phase | Papular Dermatitis of Pregnancy | Parallel Distributed Perceptrons | Peak Diastolic Pressure | Phonological Dyslexia Performance | Pyruvate Dehydrogenase Phosphatase | Prescription Drug Plan


ADC Stands For : active diffusion control | adenylate cyclase | adrenal cortex | adult day care | affective disorders clinic | agar diffusion chamber | AIDS-dementia complex | albumin | Alzheimer‰Ûªs disease centre | analogue-to-digital computer | anchorage-dependent cell | anodal duration contraction Physiology | anthracenedicarboxyaldehyde | antibody-dependent cytotoxicity | apparent diffusion coefficient | arginine decarboxylase | automatic data capture | average daily census | axiodistocervical Dentistry | Ambulance Dispatch Center


AMDUCA Stands For : Animal Medical Drug Use Clarification Act | Animal Medical Drug Use Clarification Act Of | Animal Medicines Drug Use Clarification Act (USA)


DDI Stands For : Dangerous Drug Informant | Division of Drug Information | Data Display Indicator | Deputy Director of Intelligence | Digital Display Indicator | Dedicated Display Indicator | Discrete Data Input | Division of Drug Information


AE(s) Stands For : adverse event(s)


AE(s) Stands For : adverse event(s)


SAE(s) Stands For : serious adverse event(s)


AE(s) Stands For : adverse event(s)


DMARD Stands For : Disease Modifying Anti-Rheumatic Drug | Disease Modifying Anti-Rheumatic Drug | disease-modifying antirheumatic drug


FDERA Stands For : Food and Drug Export Reform and Enhancement Act of 1996


NOAEL(s) Stands For : no observed adverse effect levels


CD Stands For : cadaveric donor | caesarean delivery | Canavan disease | canine distemper | capillary diameter | carbon dioxide | cardiac denervation | cardiac disease | cardiac dysfunction | Castleman‰Ûªs disease | catalytic domain | cathepsin D | cation dependent | celiac disease | cell death | cell density | cell dissociation | centre distance | cerebellar degeneration | cervical dystonia | Chagas disease | challenge dose | chemical dependency | chemical diabetes | chiral discrimination | choline deficiency | chronic dialysis | chronic dizziness | cigarettes/d


DDD Stands For : dense deposit disease | dorsal dural deficiency | drug design and discovery | Daily Defined Dose | degenerative disc disease | Defined Daily Dose | Degenerative Disc Disease | Den Danske Dyrlaegeforening ( Danish Veterinary Association)


FDA Stands For : Food and Drug Administration | Fatal Drugs Allowed | Fear | Federal Denial Agency | Food and Death Association | Food And Diet Administration | Fundamentalist Duping Association | First Division Association | Florida Dental Association | Food Drug Administration | Frog Detection Agency | Fundamentally Defective Agency | U S Food and Drug Administration | U S Food and Drug Administrations


LOAEL Stands For : Lowest Observed Adverse Effect Level


LOAEL(s) Stands For : lowest observed adverse effect levels


ADAP Stands For : Alzheimer‰Ûªs disease-associated protein | AIDS Drug Assistance Program | Alcohol and Drug Abuse Program


BAER Stands For : Brief Adverse Event Report


AEFI Stands For : Adverse Event Following Immunization


FDA Stands For : factorial discriminant analysis | Family Doctor Association | Food and Drug Administration (USA) | Frenchay disarthria assessment | Food and Drug Administration | Fluorescein Diacetate A | Food and Drug Administration | Food and Drug Administration


NKDA Stands For : No Known Drug Allergies | No Known Drug Allergies | No Known Durg Allergies | No Known Drug Allergies | Non-Ketotic Diabetic Acidosis | No Known Drug Allergies


FAERS Stands For : FDA Adverse Event Reporting System


PAER Stands For : Preliminary Adverse Event Report


UADE Stands For : Unanticipated Adverse Device Event


MDR(s) Stands For : Medical Device Adverse Event Report(s)


SAE Stands For : Serious Adverse Event | Siamese Algae Eater


AERS Stands For : Adverse Event Reporting System


IACE Stands For Individual Adverse Childhood Experience


AdEERS Stands For : Adverse Event Expedited Reporting System


MDAER(s) Stands For : Medical Device Adverse Event Report(s)


ADUFA Stands For : Animal Drug User Fee Act of 2003 | Animal Drug User Fee Act


PDH Stands For : Peterborough District Hospital | Pyruvate DeHydrogenase | Pain Drug Hypnosis | Pituitary-Dependent Hyperadrenocorticism | Prevention of Deafness and Hearing Impairment


NADA Stands For : National Aquaculture Drug Application | new animal drug application


AMA Stands For : acute metabolic alkalosis | antimyosin antibodies | antithyroid microsomal antibody | Against Medical Advice | Another Medial Anomaly | Anti-Mitochondrial Antibody | Anti Mitochondrial Antibodies | Anti-Mitochondrial Antibody | Acute Metabolic Acidosis | Advanced Maternal Age | Against Medical Advice | American Medical Association | Anterior Mesenteric Artery


SAER Stands For : Standard Adverse Event Report Review (CDRH)


DDMAC Stands For : Division of Drug Marketing | Division of Drug Marketing | Division of Drug Marketing


MACE Stands For : major adverse cardiovascular events | Military Acute Concussion Evaluation


EFFECT Stands For : Environmental Forecasting For The Effective Control Of Traffic


DIA Stands For : diakinesis | diffusely infiltrating astrocytoma | Digital Image Analysis | DIAbetic | Diaphragm | Drug-Induced Agranulocytosis | Diazepam | Drug Information Association | Drug Information Association


CIDR Stands For : Computerised Infectious Disease Reporting | Controlled Internal Drug Release | Controlled Internal Drug Releasing device


NDA Stands For : New Drug Application | Next Doctor Appointment | New Drug Application | No Data Available | New Drug Application | New Drug Application


ANIMAL Stands For : Automatic Non-linear Image Matching and Anatomical Labeling


AAWWS Stands For : Airborne Adverse Weather Weapon System | Airborne Adverse Weather Weapons System


MEDWATCH Stands For : FDA Safety Information and Adverse Event Reporting Program | MEDical WATCH


ANA Stands For : Abbreviated New Animal drug number | Administration for Native Americans | Anti-Nuclear Antibody | Afghan National Army | Albanian National Army | Army Navy Air | Area Navigation Approach | Program Director for Automation | Administration for Native Americans


AMDUCA Stands For : Animal Medicinal Drug Use And Clarification Act Of | Animal Medicinal Drug Use Clarification Act | Animal Medicinal Drug Use Clarification Act Of


CDER Stands For : Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (United States Food and Drug Administration) | Center for Drug Evaluation and Research | Center for Drug Evaluation and Research | Center for Drug Evaluation and Research | Center for Drug Evaluation and Research


AWQI Stands For : Acceptability Water Quality Index | Acquisition Workforce Qualification Initiative | Adverse Water Quality Incident | Adverse Water Quality Incidents | Agricultural Water Quality Index


AODA Stands For : Alcohol And Other Drug Abuse | Alcohol And Other Drug Addiction | Alcohol And Other Drug Awareness | Alcohol Other Drug Abuse