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What is the full form of AIHA ?

This page is all about abbreviation, acronym and meaning of the given term AIHA.

AIHA Stands For : Auto-Immune Hemolytic Anemia | Auto-Immune Hemolytic Anemia | American International Health Alliance | Auto-Immune Hemolytic Anemia | Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia

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Related Full Forms - Terms


ANEMIA Stands For : Anaemia


IMHA Stands For : immune-mediated haemolytic anaemia | Independent Medical Health Advocacy Service | Institute of Musculoskeletal Health and Arthritis | Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia


MAHA Stands For : Microangiopathic hemolytic anemia | MicroAngiopathic Hemolytic Anemia


AUTO Stands For : Automatic


AUTO Stands For : AutoInfo


AUTO Stands For : Acorn User Treffen Ost


AUTO-MDIX Stands For : Automatic Medium Dependent Interface Crossover


AUTO-SEVOCOM Stands For : Automatic Secure Voice Communications (System)


AIHA Stands For : American Industrial Hygiene Association | American International Health Alliance | American Italian Historical Association


HDN Stands For : Health and Development Networks | Hemolytic Disease of Newborn | Hemolytic disease of the newborn | Henry Duke of Norfolk | Hierarchical Democracy of Nerds | Hispanic Digital Network | Home Delivery | Home Delivery Network | Hypotheken Data Netwerk


IDA Stands For : Improvement Development Agency | Indian Dental Association | Iron Deficiency Anemia | Iron Deficiency Anemia


AIP Stands For : AIDS Information Project | Alcohol Improvement Programme | Auto-Immune Profile | Apoptosis-Inducing Protein | Automated ImmunoPrecipitin | Acute Idiopathic Pericarditis | Acute Infectious Polyneuritis | Acute Intermittent Porphyria | Acute Interstitial Pneumonia | Anti-Inflammatory Protein | Atypical Interstitial Pneumonia | Auto-Immune Pancreatitis


AHD Stands For : Arteriosclerotic Heart Disease | Attention Hyperactive Disorder | Autoimmune Hemolytic Disease


AITD Stands For : Auto-Immune Thyroid Disease


HDN Stands For : Hemolytic Disease of Newborns


FNH Stands For : Febrile Non-Hemolytic reaction


RHPA Stands For Reverse Hemolytic Plaque Assay


HUS Stands For : HAEMOLYTIC URAEMIC SOMEYNDR | Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome


AIDS Stands For : Academy of International Dental Studies | Accident/Incident Data System | Accretive Industrial Development Syndrome A non-medical term used in real estate | All Individuals Deserve Support An AIDS support group slogan | also | Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome | Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome | acquired immunodeficiency syndrome | Acquired Immune Deficiency Sydrome | Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome


NAAC Stands For : Nakamichi Auto Azimuth Correction | National Academy of Ambulance Coding | National Accreditation and Authority Council | National Albanian American Council | National Anemia Action Council | National Appellate Advocacy Competition | National Archival Authorities Cooperative | National Asian American Coalition | National Assessment and | National Assessment and Accreditation Council | National Association for Alternative Certification | Native American Advisory Committee | Naval Academy Aquatic Club | North American Air Charter | North American Association f


ABLA Stands For : Acute Blood Loss Anemia


AIP Stands For : Aeronautical Information Publication | Aeronautical Information Publication | Airplane Inspection Plan | Artificial Intelligence Power | Academic Internship Program | Advanced Inquiry Program | Aging in Place | Alaskan Independence Party | American Indian Program | American Industrial Partners | American Institute of Parliamentarians | American International Pictures | Archival Information Package | Archive International Productions | Article Index Page | assets in place | Association for Integrative Psychology | Astronomical Image Processing | Auto Immun


IFAR Stands For : Instruction Fetch Address Register | International Fanconi Anemia Registry | International Forum For Aids Research | International Forum For Antibiotic Resistance | International Foundation For Art Research | International Front Of Afrikans For Reparations


IRIS Stands For : Intern and Resident Information System | IMMUNE RECONSTITUTION INFLAMMATORY SYNDROME | Immune Reconstitution Inflammatory Syndrome | International Renal Interest Society


BHS Stands For : Bachelor of Health Science | basic health services | Beck Hopelessness Scale | beta-haemolytic streptococci | Bogalusa Heart Study | breath-holding spells | British Hip Society | British Hypertension Society | Beta Hemolytic Streptococcus | Big Hairy Spider | British Horse Society


GABC Stands For : Goodwrench Auto Body Center | Gradison Auto Bus Company | General Accommodation Booking Conditions | German American Business Council | German American Bancorp


IG Stands For : immature granulocyte | immunoglold | information governance | inspiratory gasp | intermediate grade | intervention group | intragastric | IntelliGenetics | Immune globulin | ImmunoGlobulin | Immune globulin | immunoglobulin | Internal Globulin | Italian Greyhound


LIT Stands For : local immune therapy | lumbar infusion test | Leukocyte Immune Therapy | Leukocyte Immunization Therapy


AIF Stands For : Apoptosis Inducing Factor | Adherence-Inhibiting Factor | Anemia-Inducing Factor | Anterior Interbody Fusion | Animal Industry Foundation


PA Stands For : Palaeopathology Association | palladium | panic attack | paranoia | Parapsychological Association | pathology | patient | patients‰Ûª association | percussion & auscultation | performance analysis | periarteritis | periodic acid | pernicious anaemia | phosphoric acid | photoallergic | physician advisor | physician‰Ûªs assistant (USA) | plasminogen activator | platelet adhesiveness | Police Authority (!) | polyarteritis | positive attitude | postmortem examination‰ÛÒie | prealbumin | pregnancy-associated | procainamide | profile analysis | progr


AIDS Stands For : Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome | ADCOM Information Display System | Army Inventory of Data Systems | Automated Infantry Data System | Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome


NIDS Stands For : Neuro Immune Dysfunction Syndrome | Neuro Immune Dysfunction Syndrome | Neuro Immune Dysfunction Syndrome


HBIG Stands For : Hepatitis B immune globulin | Hepatitis B immune globulin


AA Stands For : Anchor Assembly | Absolutely Alright | Airbus Always | Alcoholics Arise | American Arrogance | Americans Anonymous | Archaic Academy | Assassins Anonymous | Awful Awful | Action Adventure | Alternative Armies | Air Abrasion | Alcoholics Anonymous | Auto Aperture | Amazon Alliance | Advanced Articulators Toastmasters Club | Another Ah | Acronym Abbreviation | Acronyms and abbreviations | addiction AlcoholicsåÊ | and AA | Annual Accounts | Anti Air | as an | auto attack


IAAL Stands For : I Am A Lawyer | I Am A Loser | Ibero American Action League | Identity Authentication Assurance Levels | Imitation Auto Alarm Light | International Academy of Aesthetic Lipolysis | International Alliance for Accelerative Learning | International Association of Afghan Lawyers | •?©•?Á•?Á•?Â


CA Stands For : Cancer | cold adapted | Coxsackievirus A | Cocaine Anonymous | coronary angiography | Calcium | Cancer | Cancer Antigen | Cancer Associated | Calcium | Cancer | Carcinoma | Cardiac Arrest | Caucasian Adult | Chronological Age | Cooleys Anemia | Cornu Ammonis | Coronary Artery

AMA Arch Ind Health

AMA Arch Ind Health Stands For American Medical Association Archives of Industrial Health


EIA Stands For : Equality Impact Assessment | Enzyme ImmunoAssay | Exercise-Induced Asthma | Enzyme ImmunoAssay | Extracorporeal ImmunoAdsorption | EnteroInsular Axis | Exercise Induced Asthma | External Iliac Artery | Environmental Investigation Agency | Equine Infectious Anemia


IMD Stands For : immune deficiency | immunodeficiency | index of multiple deprivations | institute for mental diseases | Institution for Mental Diseases | Invasive mold disease | Immune-Mediated Disease | Index of Multiple Deprivation | Inherited Metabolic Disease | Invasive Meningococcal Disease


ALS Stands For : acute lateral sclerosis | afferent loop syndrome | air leak syndrome | angiotensin-like substance | Advanced Life Support | Artificial Liver Support | Agglutinin-Like Sequence | Anti-Lymphocyte Serum | Advanced Life Support | Absolute Loss Of Sense | Acute Lumbar Strain | Advanced Life Support | Aldolase | Alveolar-Like Structure | Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis | AntiLymphocytic Serum | Auto-immune Lymphoproliferative Syndrome


AAA Stands For : alacrimia-achalasia-addisonianism | Ambulance Association of America | American Academy of Addictionology | American Academy of Allergy | American Academy of Audiology | American Acupuncture Association | American Against Abortions | American Allergy Association | AminoAdipic Acid | Androgenic Anabolic Agent | Annual Accountability Agreement | Anti-Albumin Antibody | Aromatic Amino Acid | Arterio-Arterial Anastomosis | automated amino acid analysis | Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm | Appropriate | Arrest After Arrival | A trial of aspirin vs no aspirin | Abdomi


UAW Stands For : U Agree Weakly | Unemployed Auto Workers | United Automaton Workers | Useless Auto Workers | Ultimate Anime Worshipper


NASCAR Stands For : National Association of Scary Cars At Races | National Association of Societys Cancer Advertised in Races | Nearly All Smoke Cigarettes And Reek | Never A Serious Competition At Richmond | Never Address Serious Conspiracy Allegations Reasonably | Noisy Airheads Striking Confusion At Racefans | Non Athletic Sport Created Around Rednecks | Non-Athletic Sport Created by Alcohol and Rednecks | Non-Athletic Sport that Centers Around Rednecks | North American Secret Conspiracy Against Rednecks | Not A Street Crazy Alabama Redneck!


NAIAS Stands For : North American International Auto Show


NAIAS Stands For : North American International Auto Show


PID Stands For : pain intensity differences | patient identification | patient identifier | person identifiable data | personally identifiable data | primary immune deficiency | proliferative intraocular disorder | Pelvic inflammatory disease | Primary immune deficiencies | primary immunodeficiency disease | Pelvic inflammatory disease | Poughkeepsie Inflamatory Disease | Prolapsed Intervertebral Disc


AA Stands For : Access Authorization, Auto Answer, Awaiting Activation, Agile Access, Auto Answer, AMD Assured, AMD Athlon processor, Acquired Attributes, ASCII Art


UAW Stands For : United Auto Workers | United Auto Worker


SCADA Stands For : State of California Auto Dismantlers Association | State of California Auto Dismantlers Association | Student Clinicians of the American Dental Association


GARCH Stands For Generalised Auto Regressive Conditional Heteroskedasticity| Generalized Auto Regressive Conditional Heteroskedactic


AII Stands For : Advanced Instruments Inc | Aesthetic and Interpretive Inquiry | Agency Intermediaries Inc | American Indian Institute | American International Industries | Analytiks International Inc | Angiotensin II AII | anticipated increase in information | Apartment Income Investors | Art Institutes International | Association of Independent Institutions | Auto ID Infrastructure


ASIC Stands For : American Society of Irrigation Consultants | Auto Service International Cooperative | Australian Securities and Investments Commission


SCIDS Stands For : Severe combined immune deficiency syndrome | Social Cultural and International Development Studies | Soft Computing Intrusion Detection System


VIG Stands For : Vaccinia Immune Globulin


XID Stands For : X-linked Immune Defect


IMVC Stands For : Immune Mechanisms of Virus Control | Imperial Male Voice Choir | International Medical Volunteerism Center | Israel Machine Vision Conference


AAIS Stands For : All American International Security | American Association of Insurance Services | Arizona Accounting and Information Systems | Auto Asia Intelligence Service | African Association of Insect Scientists


IGIM Stands For : Immune Globulin Intramuscular


IGIV Stands For : Immune Globulin Intravenous


IAHA Stands For : Immune Adherence Hemagglutination Assay


IMNR Stands For : Immune Response Corporation of Delaware


GRID Stands For : Gradual Retrograde Immune Degeneration


ITSF Stands For : Immune Thymus Suppressor Factor


GRIDS Stands For : Gay Related Immune Deficiency Syndrome


ISAC Stands For : Immune System Activation Of Coagulation


VIG Stands For : vaccinia immune globulin | Very Important Guest


IGIV Stands For : Immune Globulin Intra-Venous


VariZIG Stands For : varicella zoster immune globulin


IDFA Stands For : Immune Deficiency Foundation of Australia


VZIP Stands For : Varicella Zoster Immune Plasma


RSVIG Stands For : respiratory synctial virus immune globulin


AIR Stands For : Anterior interval release | Activator of Immune Response


DAIDS Stands For : Development of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome


CFIDS Stands For : Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction Syndrome


ASCAR Stands For : American Society Of Crows And Ravens | American Stock Car Auto Racing


PAC Stands For : Physically Addressed Cache, Precision Air Conditioning, Port Authorization Code, Presentation Abstraction Control, Proxy Auto Configuration, Public Access Catalog, Process Algebra Compiler, Proxy Auto Configuration, Predict Application Control, Atari STAD Image Bitmap graphics file, SBStudio II Package or song


HEALTH Stands For : Healing Energy And Life Through Holism | Healthy | Help Efficient Accessible Lowcost Timely Healthcare | Help End Addiction to Lethal Tobacco Habits | Helping Employees Achieve Life Time Health | Helping Employees Authentically Lead Train And Help


RSVIGIV Stands For : respiratory synctial virus immune globulin intravenous


AAAT Stands For : All American Auto Transport | Area


PCMM/IDI Stands For Program in Cellular and Molecular Medicine/Immune Disease Institute


NAICS Stands For : Naicsnorth American Industry Classification System | National American Industry Classification System | New Auto Industry Classification Survey | North American Industry And Classification System | Northern Alliance Of Information Compiled Sources


IGM Stands For : Iemca Giuliani Machines | Immune Globulin M | In Game Management | The Institute For Geotechnics And Materials


AMZ Stands For : AMZ Productions | Auto Motor Zone | American Medical Security Group


ADAP Stands For : American Discount Auto Parts | Adaptive Broadband Corporation


YFAS Stands For : Yellow Front Auto Supply | YELLOW FRONT AUTO SUPPLY


IASCA Stands For : I A S Communications | International Auto Sound Challenge Association


AAG Stands For : Anime And Games | ALL AMERICAN GIRL | Advanced Arresting Gear | American Advisors | American Advisors Group | American Aftermarket Group | Association of American Geographers | Australia Advance Group | Auto Glass | Aviv Arlon Global | Award and Administration Guide


CASDI Stands For : Child Aid Survival And Development International | Club Auto Sport Defi Inc


ACF Stands For : Activated Carbon Filter | Association of Consulting Foresters | Administration for Children and Families | Access Control Facility | Air Contingency Force | Airlift Clearance File | Army Cadet Force | Auto- Correlation Function | Auto- Correlation Function | Area Control Facility | Administration for Children and Families


AHL Stands For : Action Half Life | Adrenaline Hockey League | A Hole League | Aboriginal Hostels Limited | Acyl Homoserine Lactone | After Hejrat Lunar | Always Hoping League | American Hottie League | Animal Health Laboratory | Auto Hard Limit