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What is the full form of FTA ABS ?

This page is all about abbreviation, acronym and meaning of the given term FTA ABS.

FTA ABS Stands For : Fluorescent treponemal antibody absorbed

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FTA-ABS Stands For : Fluorescent treponemal antibody absorbed | Fluorescent Treponemal Antibody ABSorption test | Fluorescent Treponemal Antibody ABSorption test


FTA Stands For : Fluorescent Treponemal Antibody


FA Stands For : First Aid | Fatty Acid | Fluorescent Antibody | Fat Adjuster | Fluorescent Antibody | Failed Appointment | Fat Analysis | Fertility Awareness | ForeArm | Friedreichs Ataxia


DFA Stands For : Direct Fluorescent Antibody | Difficulty Falling Asleep


IFA Stands For : indirect fluorescent antibody | Investigational Food Additive | investigational food additive (file) | In-Flight Analyses | Interface Functional Analysis


FTA Stands For Filtering Transformation and Aggregation| Fundamental Theorem of Algebra| Fluorescent treponema antibody| Federal Tuition Assistance| Future Teachers Association| Future Teachers of America| Fault Tree Analysis| Full Test Approval


ANA Stands For : Almost Never Awake | Anti-Nuclear Antibody | Anti-Nuclear Antibody | Anti-Nuclear Antibody | Almost Negative Alignment | Anesthesia | Anorexia | Anti-Nuclear Antibody


ADCC Stands For : antibody-dependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity | Antibody-Dependent Cellular Cytotoxicity | Antibody Dependent Cell-mediated Cytotoxicity | Antibody-Dependant Cellular Cytoxicity | antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity


CCFL Stands For Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp| Counter-Current Flow Limitation| Center for Corporate Financial Leadership| Cold Cathode Fluorescent Light


CFL Stands For Council of Federal Libraries| compact fluorescent lamp| Compact Fluorescent Lamp


GFP Stands For : Glowing Flourecent Protein | Gel Filtered Platelets | Green Fluorescent Protein | green-fluorescent protein


AMA Stands For : acute metabolic alkalosis | antimyosin antibodies | antithyroid microsomal antibody | Against Medical Advice | Another Medial Anomaly | Anti-Mitochondrial Antibody | Anti Mitochondrial Antibodies | Anti-Mitochondrial Antibody | Acute Metabolic Acidosis | Advanced Maternal Age | Against Medical Advice | American Medical Association | Anterior Mesenteric Artery


ADC(s) Stands For : antibody-drug conjugates(s) | antibody-drug conjugate(s)


CFP Stands For : Cyan-Fluorescent Protein | Cyan-Fluorescent Protein


GFP Stands For Green Fluorescent Protein| Green Fluorescent Protein


AHA Stands For : acquired haemolytic anaemia | anti-heart antibody | anti-histone antibody | Associate of The Institute of Hospital Administrators (previously Area Health Authority) | autoimmune haemolytic anaemia | American Heart Association | Australian Healthcare Association


ADE Stands For : acute disseminated encephalomyelitis | adverse drug effect | Animal Disease Eradication Division USDA | antibody-dependent enhancement Immunology | Ara C | arrhythmogenic dose of epinephrine | Adverse Drug Event | Antibody Dependent Enhancement | Adverse Drug Experience


SSA Stands For Side| SulphoSalicylic Acid| System Science Applications| Solid State Amplifier| Shallow Self-Absorbed


ACA Stands For : acetoacetate | acquired child aphasia | acrodermatitis chronica atrophicans | acute cerebellar ataxia | acute cutaneous anaphylaxis | adenylyl cyclase A | adrenal cortex autoantibodies | aminocaproic acid | anterior cerebral artery | anterior communicating artery | anti-cardiolipin antibody | anti-centromere antibody | Area Cost Adjustment | Anhydrous Codeine Alkaloid | Affordable Care Act


TPI Stands For : Treponema Pallidum Immobilization | Total Performance Intake | Totally and Permanently Incapacitated | Treponemal Pallidum Immobilization test


HACA Stands For : Human Anti-Chimeric Antibody | Human Anti-Chimeric Antibody


ANCA Stands For : Anti-Neutrophil Cytoplasmic Antibody | Anti-Neutrophil Cytoplasmic Antibody | antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibody | antineutrophil cytoplasmic autoantibodies | Anti-Neutrophil Cytoplasmic Antibodies | Anti-Neutrophil Cytoplasmic Antibody | antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibodies | antineutrophil cytoplasmic autoantibodies


ABS Stands For : abdominal muscles | abdominal surgery | absorption | acid-base status | acute bacterial sinusitis | acute brain syndrome | Adaptive Behaviour Scale | admitting blood sugar | Adult Basic Skills | ageing brain syndrome | American Back Society | American Behavioral Scientist | American Board of Sexology | amniotic band sequence | amniotic band syndrome | antilock braking systems | arterial blood sampling | at bed side | autonomous biological system | Absorb | American Board of Surgery | Associated Biomedical Systems | chromosome aberration(s) | Able-Bodi


FQ Stands For : Fluorescent Quintron


RFP Stands For : red-fluorescent protein


FLUOR Stands For : FLUORescent


YFP Stands For : Yellow-Fluorescent Protein


MFI Stands For : Multiplex Fluorescent Immunoassay


FARP Stands For Fluorescent Aldehyde Reactive Probe


CCFL Stands For : Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp


DFMC Stands For : Duray Fluorescent Manufacturing Company


QF-PCR Stands For Quantitative Fluorescent-Polymerase Chain Reaction


FISH Stands For : Finger In Sinus Hole | Flog IT | Fellow Insane Sadistic Hentais | Fellowship In Someones Home | Fellowship In Someones House | Fellowshippers In Search Of Him | First In Serving Him | Fishing | Flash Internal Semiconductor Hard | Flexible Information Sharing And Handling | fluorescent in situ hybridisation | Fluorescent In Situ Hybridzation | Focus Inspiration Share And Hook | Focus Inspire Share Hook | Fool In Sharing Him | Friendly Initiative Smiley And Helpful | Friendly Inspiring Strong Helpful | Friends in Service to Humanity | Friends In Someones


FMD Stands For : Face Mounted Display, Fluorescent Multilayer Disc


AGM Stands For : Missile Range Instrumentation ship (Auxiliary | Absorbed Glass Matte | Advanced Grinding Monotony | Alex Gilmours Mad | Annual Gettogether Meeting | Arthurian General Meeting


fish Stands For Fluorescent in situ hybridization| Friday International Student Hospitality


NAB Stands For : Neutralizing Antibody


UII Stands For : Rat Urotensin II Antibody


MAB - MAB Stands For : Monoclonal antibody


RAD Stands For : Radiate | Radiation Absorbed Dose | Reactive Airway Disease | Reactive Airways Disease | Reactive Attachment Disorder


AG-AB Stands For : AntiGene-AntiBody complex


ANCA(s) Stands For : antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibody/ies


HBCAB Stands For : Hepatitis B Core Antibody


APLA Stands For : Anti Phospholipid Antibody


A/b Stands For : antibody | Acid/Base ratio


ASMA Stands For : Anti-smooth muscle antibody


VAG Stands For : Variable Antibody Gene | Vaginal | Vaginally


AMAS Stands For : Anti-Malignin Antibody in Serum


anti-HBc Stands For : Antibody to hepatitis B core antigen


ANTI HBC Stands For : Antibody to hepatitis B core antigen


IFAT Stands For : Immuno - Fluorescence Antibody Test


LMFC Stands For Liquid Mass Flow Controller| Logarithmic Mean Fluorescent Channel| Lector Modelo Futuro Colega


FMS Stands For : Fertilizer Management System | A Fast Manufacturing Systems | Facilities Management Services | Factory Management System | Faculty of Management Studies | Farmington Municipal Schools | Fatigue Management Scheme | Federal Malayan States | Federated Malay States | Final Mile Services | Financial Management Services | Financial Management Solutions | Financial Management Systems | First Marine Squad | Flash Management System | Flash Media Server | Flexible Modeling System | Flexible Monitoring System | Fluorescent | Fluorescent Mineral Society | For My Sa


CFL Stands For : California Finance Lender | Client For Life | Compact Fluorescent Light | Canadian Framework for Licensure (Professional Engineering)


CFVI Stands For : Child Friendly Village Initiative | Chronic Functional Voice Impairments | Circular Fluorescent Vision Illuminator


AAAAA Stands For : AHos Amazing Atlas of Antibody Anatomy


ALKM Stands For : anti-liver-kidney microsomal antibody


CAT Stands For : capillary agglutination test | card agglutination test | carnitine acyltransferase | catalase | catecholamine | Center for Assistive Technology | Change Agent Team | chimeric acetyl transferase | Chlamydia antibody testing | chloramphenical acetyltransferase | cognitive abilities test | Community Alcohol Team | Computed Axial Tomography | Chloramphenicol Acetyl Transferase | Concentration Activated Transformation | Cambridge Antibody Technology | Computerized Axial Tomography | combat application tourniquet | Computerized Axial Tomography | Cataract | Ca


CFP Stands For Coefficient of the Fractional Part| Centre For Postgraduate| Cyan-Fluorescent Protein| Common Foundation Programme| Ceramic Flat Pack


VAF Stands For : Virus Antibody Free | Veterinary Anatomy Forum (Japan)


RAD Stands For : rapid applications development | Routine Aerial Distribution | Radar | Radian | Radiation Dosage | Radiator | Radius | Roentgen Absorbed Dosage | Roll Attitude Determination | ReichsArbeitsDienst (State Labor Service) | Readily Available Deliveries | Robot Assisted Delivery | Route Availability Document


AFCP Stands For : Amniotic Fluid C Peptide | Antibody Forming Cell Precursors


NCCA Stands For : National Centre For Clinical Audit (absorbed by National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence‰ÛÒNIC) | National Commission for Certification of Acupuncturists (USA) | National Community Care Alliance | This term got 32 hits on 22102011 on lists of abbreviations and acronyms and thus assumed to be retired


ACRA Stands For : acetylcholine receptor antibody | Advisory Committee on Resource Allocation (obsolete


ASCA Stands For : Anti-Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Antibody | Australian Shepherd Club of America


BFP Stands For : bilateral facial paralysis | Blue Fluorescent Protein | Big Fat Positive | Biological False Positive | Body Fat Percentage


TGA Stands For : TransGlutaminase Antibody | Take Good Advice | Transient Global Amnesia | Transposition of the Great Arteries


APA Stands For : Air Pathway Analysis | Alkaline Phosphatase Activity | Anti Polymer Antibody | African Pigeon Association


VFD Stands For Vernacularly Fastened Door| Vacuum Fluorescent Display| Variable Frequency Drive| Virtual Field Device| Vector Field Diffusion


FPL Stands For Fulton Public Library| Fluroscent Pulse Light| Frequent Power Loss| Federal Poverty Level| Fluorescent Pulsed Light


ABC Stands For : aberrant behaviour checklist | absolute blast count | absolute bone conduction | acalculous biliary colic | acid-based control | airway | alternative birth centre | aneurysmal bone cyst | antibody-binding capacity | apnoea | ATP-binding cassette transporter | avidin-biotin complex immunoperoxidase | axiobuccocervical Dentistry | Active Breathing Coordinator | Across Breed Comparison | Adaptive Behavior Center | Antibody Binding Capacity | Activated B Cell | Advanced Breast Cancer | Absolute Brain Control | Abstinence Behavioral Change | Airway Breathing


PAR Stands For Parabolic Aluminum Reflector| Partially Absorbed or Reflected| Parabolic Aluminum Reflector| Photon Activity Rate| Photosynthetically Active Radiation| Photosynthetic Active Radiation| Participatory Action Research| Parabolic Anodized Reflector| Power Angle Regulation


SCA Stands For : Sudden Cardiac Arrest | Serum Complement Antibody | Spinocerebellar Ataxias | SpinoCerebellar Ataxia


HMA Stands For : health market analysis | Health Ministries Association | heteroduplex mobility assay | humanized monoclonal antibody


MAB Stands For Man And the Biosphere| Man And the Biosphere Program| Monoclonal antibody


ANA Stands For Anti-Nuclear Antibody| Atomic Non Atomic


AMI Stands For antibody mediated immunity| Allison Mechanical Institute| Applied Mathematics I| Asian Management Institute| Advanced Microelectronics for Industrialists


AFC Stands For : AFfinity Chromatography | Analytical Flow Cytometry | Antibody-Forming Cell | Amniotic Fluid Cell | Anti-Fungal Cream


HAA Stands For : hepatitis-associated antibody | Health Action Area | Hospital Activity Analysis | Hepatitis- Associated Antigen | Hepatitis Associated Antibodies


FMTT Stands For : Financial Management Transition Team | Financial Markets Trading Terminals | Firetide Mobility Test Track | Fluorescent Mini Tuft Technique | Friends of the Major Taylor Trail | future‰Ûoriented mental time travel


HAHA Stands For : Hideous Artwork Has Award | Ha Has | Harrisburg Area Homeschoolers Association | Having A Heart Attack | Health And Humor Associates | Human Anti Human Antibody


AIA Stands For : activation induced apoptosis | anti-insulin antibody | antigen-induced arthritis | aspirin-induced asthma | Ability and Involuntary Action


RAB Stands For : recombinant antibody | Resource Accounting and Budgeting | Resource Accounting Body | risk assessment battery


PRA Stands For : Panel Reactive Antibody | Plasma renin assay | Physicians Recognition Award | Panel Reactive Antibodies | Progressive Retinal Atrophy


AB Stands For : Aerobic Bacteria | Abortion | ABdomen | Abnormal | Abortion | Adaptive Behavior | Added Benefit | Antibody | Antigen Binding | Automatic Behavior | Artificial Breeding


RAD Stands For : Rapid Agony Distributor | Ratboy Ardent Devotees | Really Awesome Dude | Recycling Alien Dude | Review-Approval Datasheet | A Rising Action Diagram | Rapid Application Data | Ray Absorbed Distance | Really Awesome Doings | Rebelling Against Drugs | Redeemed And Delivered | Redundant Array Of Disks | Resist Aggression Defensively | Rick And Dennis | Robot Alchemic Drive | Rocket Assisted Descent | Royal Academy Of Dance | The Royal Acadamy Of Dance


ACB Stands For : albumin cobalt binding | American Council of the Blind | antibody-coated bacteria | aorto-coronary bypass | arterialised capillary blood | Association of Clinical Biochemists | asymptomatic carotid bruit | A Choose B | Alberta Cancer Board


DFSO Stands For : deceleration fuel shut off | DFSO Fluorescent Standard Output | District Flight Safety Officer | Division de Formation des Sous officiers | Dress For Success Oregon | Flight Safety Officer


IFA Stands For : Immuno - Fluorescence Assay | Immunofluorescence assay | Indirect immunofluorescence assay | Intrinsic Factor Antibody | Irish Farmers Association


FMPA Stands For : Family Medicine of Port Angeles | Ferris Music Parents Association | Finneytown Music Parents Association | Florida Municipal Power Agency | fluorescent multiplexed PCR analysis | Formal Methods and Performance Analysis | Full Moon Promotions Australia


FP Stands For : familial polyposis | family physician | family planning | family practice | family practitioner | femoropopliteal | field potential | first pass | flavoprotein | flexor pollicis | fluorescence polarisation | fluorescent protein | follicular phase | frozen plasma | fusion protein | Fat Potential | Food Poisoning


MAP Stands For : magnesium ammonium phosphate | malignant atrophic papulosis | mandibular angle plane | maturation-activated protein | maximum aerobic power | mean airway pressure | medical advantage plan | medical aid post Military medicine | medical assessment process | medical assistance plan | medical audit programme | medically-assisted procreation | Medicare Advocacy Project | medication administration record | megaloblastic anaemia of pregnancy | melphalan | membrane-associated protein | mercapturic acid pathway | mesenteric arterial pressure | microtubule-associat


TIRF Stands For : Technical Issues Resolution Fund | Telecoms Industry Regulatory Forum | Tirftotal Internal Reflection Fluorescence | Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence | Total Internal Reflection Fluorescent | Traffic Injury Research Foundation


CF Stands For : Cash Flow | Carlson and Fredricksen coffee shop | Ceska Financni | City Financial | Crown Financial | Central Files | Construction Foreman | Customs Form | Charter One Financial | Carbon Fiber | Clean Fuel | Cold Forged | Compact Fluorescent | Crude Fiber | Collection Frequency | Conservative Future | Canaccord Financial


RFU Stands For : Reach For Unbleached | relative fluorescent units | remote firmware update | Retained Firefighters Union | Retained Firefighters Union | Russian Football Union | Relative Fluorescence Units


AIT Stands For : adoptive immunotherapy | after-image transfer | anterior inferotemporal | antibody-incompatible transplantation | auditory integrated training | autoimmune thrombocytopaenia | autoimmune thyroiditis | Advanced Integrative Therapy | Acute Intensive Treatment | Auditory Integration Therapy


AGM Stands For : Adjusted Gross Margin | Annual General Meeting | Assistant General Manager | Allegro Global Marketing | Annual General Meeting | Auckland Glass Manufacturers | Auction Grimms Motorcycle | Australian Glass Manufacturers | Achievement Generation Methodology | Annual General Meeting | Federal Agricultural Marketing Corporation | Assistant Game Manager | Assistant General Manager | Absorbed Glass Mat | Absorbent Glass Mat | Associated Grant Makers


SAPU Stands For : Scottish Antibody Production Unit | South African Police Union | South African Policing Union | Surgical Assessment Planning Unit


VFD Stands For : Veterinary Feed Directive | Volunteer Fire Department | Value For Duty | Volunteer Factual Dispatch | Vacuum Fluorescent Display | Various Finary Disguises | Volunteer Factual Dispatch | Volunteer Feline Detective | Very Fortunate Disaster | Volunteer Fire Detective


SHA Stands For : severe haemophilia A | Socialist Health Association (!) | Southern hybridisation analysis | special health authority | sperm head anomalies | standard hash algorithm | staphylococcal hemagglutinating antibody | strategic health authority | strategic hospital alliance | Shampoo