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What is the full form of LTA ?

This page is all about abbreviation, acronym and meaning of the given term LTA.

LTA Stands For : large T antigen | laser thermal ablation | laser thermal angioplasty | laser trabecular ablation | lead tetraacetate | leisure time activity | life-threatening asthma | lifetime allowance | lipoteichoic acid | long-term adaptation | long-term agreement | Lotus tetragonolobus agglutinin | lung tumor-associated antigen | lymphocyte toxicity assay | lymphocyte transformation assay | lymphotoxin alpha | Late Term Abortion

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`Term` Stands For : `FullForm`


TERM Stands For : Terminal | Terminate


TERM Stands For : Termination | Technology Enabled Relationship Manager


LASER Stands For : Loans And Savings Earn Rewards | Lehigh All-Staff Employment Rewards


LASER Stands For : Londis Advanced Scanning Enabled Retailer | Leading A Stupid Engorged Rhinocerous | Looking At Source Erases Retina | Leonardo Art Science Evening Rendezvous | Leonardo Art/Science Evening Rendezvous | Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation | Light Amplification of Simulated Emission and Radiation | London and South East Region


LASER Stands For : Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation | Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation


LASER Stands For London and South East Region (library)| Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation| Language Arts Science Enrichment And Resource| Legacy Application Systems Empowered Replacement| Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation| Liberal Arts Science and Engineering Resources| Lincoln Advanced Science and Engineering Reinforcement| Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation


LA Stands For : lactic acidosis | Lambert | laser ablation | laser angioplasty | late antigen | latex agglutination | left atrial | leukocyte adhesion | levator ani | local anaesthesia | low affinity | Local Anesthesia | Lab Assistant | Lumpus Anticoagulant | left arm | left atrium | LeukoAraiosis | Long Acting | Lupus Anticoagulant


LTI Stands For : Language Technologies Institute | Language Testing International | Laser Technologies Inc | Laser Technology Inc | Laurel Technical Institute | Lavalle Transportation Inc | Leadership Training Institute | Learning Tool Interoperability | Learning Tools Interoperability | Leonardo Technologies Inc | Liberating Technologies Inc | Library Technologies Inc | Life Time Insurance | Life Training Institute | Limited Technical Inspection | Linear And Time Invariant | Living Technologies Inc | Long Term Incentive | Long Term Integration | Lost Time Injuries | Lo


LTDR Stands For : Laser Target Designator Rangefinder | Le temps dun regard | Learning Technologies Design Research | Long Term Data Record | long term disaster recovery | Lumbar Total Disc Replacement


LTIP Stands For : Laughing Till I Puke | Lipid Transfer Inhibitor Protein | Local Transportation Improvement Program | Local Transportation Improvements Program | Long Term Incentive Plan | Long Term Incentive Plans | Long term Incentive Program | Long Term Incentive Programme | Long Term Incentive Programmes | Long Term Income Protection | Long term investment plan | Long Term Investment Pool


LTTA Stands For : Learning Through the Arts | Leixlip Tidy Town Association | Licensed Trade Training Academy | Long Term Technical Assistance | Long Term Thermal Aging | Loosely Time Triggered Architectures


LTVP Stands For : Life Time Value Platform | Long Term Visit Pass | long term visitor pass | long term visitor passes


long Stands For : longitude


LONG Stands For : Longships


LONG Stands For : Laboratories Over Next Generation


LTC Stands For : large transformed cell | leukotriene C | local tumour control | long-term care | long-term condition | lysed tumour cell | Long Term Care | Long Term Care


LTA Stands For : Laser Tuning Aid | Latent Transition Analysis | Leave Travel Allowance | Legs Trunk And Arms | Light Tilting Arbor | Long Term Average


LTT Stands For : Long Term Training | Loss To Theater | Life Time Tax | Land Transfer Tax | Long Term Training


GLTA Stands For : Gonioscopic Laser Trabecular Ablation


LTC Stands For : Lower Trent Conservation (Authority) [Ontario | Leadership Training Class | Lieutenant Colonel | Long Term Captive | Long Term Contract | London Transit Commission (Ontario | Lieutenant Colonel - Army | Long Term Contract


LTTR Stands For Long-Term Thermal Resistance


LEAD Stands For : Laser Engraved Application Development, Linux Enthusiasts Association of Durban


LTC Stands For Long Term Cover| Learning Technologies Center| Local Training Centre| Long Term Contract| Lithographic Test Chip


LTA Stands For : Long Term Archiving, Leased Transport Area, Long Term Archival


LAICPMS Stands For : Laser Ablation Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer | Laser Ablation Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry


CLA Stands For : calcium leakage activity | cardiolipin antibody | Certified Lab Assistant | Commissioner for Local Administration (ombudsman) | common leukocyte antigen | conjugated linoleic acids | contralateral local anaesthesia | cutaneous lymphocyte-associated antigen | Clamp | Conjugated Linoleic Acid | Country Landowners Association


LTR Stands For : Lana the Ray | Language Teaching Research | Lawful Temporary Resident | Leave Time Reporting | Left to Right | Less Than Rent | Liberty Training Rifle | License To Rage | Light Tower Rentals | Logic Trunked Radio | Long Term Relationship | Long Term RelationshipåÊ | Towing and Recovery


LTD Stands For : Long Tall Dexter | Last Try from Detroit | Little Tasty Drinks | Little Tin Dream | Long Term Debt | Long Time Driving | Long | Lousy Transportation | Lying Texans Department | Lane Transit District | Last Trading Day | Lifetime to date | Likes The Dictators | Lincold Thunderbird Division | Lincoln Thunderbird Division | Lincon Type Design | Livin the Dream | Long Totally Distinguished | Love That Dog | Love Togetherness And Devotion | Love Togetherness Devotion | Life To Date


LTF Stands For : Long Term Financing | Leap To Frogans | Long-Term Fellowship


LTE Stands For : long-term employee | Limited Term Employee | Long Term Evaluation


LTSS Stands For : Long Term Care | Long-Term Services and Supports | Long-Term Services and Supports


LTEL Stands For : Learning and Teaching in Educational Leadership | Leveraging Technical Expertise Locally | Long Term English Learner | Long Term English Learners


LTM Stands For : lean tissue mass | learning to manage (health information) | long-term memory | Long Term Memory


LTG Stands For : Lets Talk GSM | Limited Trade Group | Long Term Growth | Catalina Lighting | Long Term Growth


LTP Stands For : Long Term Potentiation | Long Term Predictor | long-term potentiation


ALPS Stands For : Associated Leisure Products Shop | Always Low Price Store | Automatic Lead Processing System | Adjustable Long-term Puttable Security


LIFE Stands For : Laser Induced Fluorescence Endoscopy | Lifesaving Information For Emergencies | Lifestyle Information Fitness Education | Learning Immune Function Enhancement


LTFM Stands For : long term financial model | long term fiscal model


CBA Stands For : CarBoxylic Acid | cost-benefit analysis | cranial base angle | Competence-Based Assessment | Constricted Breathing Appliance | Collagen-Binding Assay | Competitive Binding Assay | Chocolate Blood Agar | Chronic Bronchitis and Asthma | Congenital Biliary Atresia | Cutting Balloon Angioplasty


LTIR Stands For : Long Term Injured Reserve | Long Term Injury Reserve | Lost Time Incident Rate | Lost Time Injury Rate


STLT Stands For : Short-Term / Long-Term | Select Therapeutics


LTCH Stands For : long-term care hospital | Long-Term Acute Care Hospital | LONG-TERM CARE HOSPITAL


LTAC Stands For : Long Term Acute Care | Long-Term Acute Care Hospital | Long Term Acute Care


Ltd Stands For : Limited | Limited | Long Term Disability | Loyalty Teamwork Dedication | Private Limited Company | Limited | Limited | Last Trading Day | Long Term Derivative


ALPHA Stands For : Access to Learning for the Public Health Agenda | Agenda for Leadership in Programs for Healthcare Accreditation (obsolete) | Antenatal Psychosocial Health Assessment | Amplified Luminescent Proximity Homogeneous Assay


GTPAL Stands For : Gravida Term Para Abortion Live | Gravida Term Preterm Abortions and Living | Gravidity Term Preterm Abortion Living


EVLA Stands For : Endovenous Laser Ablation


CMLTD Stands For : Current Maturing Long Term Debt | current maturity of long term debt


LAMIS Stands For Laser Ablation Molecular Isotopic Spectroscopy


LTM Stands For : Laser Tracker Module | Lead Time Matrix | Land Transformation Model


LTSA Stands For : Long-Term Service Agreement


PLAD Stands For : Pre Ligand Assembly Domain | Pulsed Laser Ablation Deposition


LTF Stands For Long-Term Fellowship| Long-Term Fellowship| Long-Term Fellowship


LTT Stands For : Liberty Tree Tavern | Libyan Telecommunications and Technology (now part of General Post and Telecommunication Company) | Long Term Training | Land Transfer Tax | Liberty Term Trust


LD Stands For : Large Date | Latist Dork | Loop Doodle | Loves Douchebags | Lucius Darling | Labor Day | Ladder Diagram | Large Display | Larry Don | Laser Disk | Late Disgorged | Lateral Deflection | Laterally Diffused | Lazy Dog | LD definition | Leadership Donor | Learning Dis | Left Distance | Legislative District | Leonard Dudley | Liggett Ducat | Liisachan Den | Lincoln Douglas | Linear Dominance | Link Dead | Linux Dedicated | List Delimiter | Little Darling | Litus Declino | Load Divergance | Loansome Doc | Local Detectors | Logarithmic Decrement |


FLTC Stands For : Farrell Learning and Teaching Center | Federal Long Term Care | Finger Lakes Trail Conference | First Learning and Training Centre | Fisheries Legacy Trust CompanyåÊ | Foreign Language Technology Center | Forest Landowners Tax Council | Foundation for Long Term Care | Fredericton Legion Track Club | Frinton Lawn Tennis Club


LTCI Stands For : long term care insurance | Long-Term Care Insurance


LB Stands For Log Base| Lower Bound| Lower Bounds| Lightning Bolt| Pound| Laser Beam| Laser Box| Line Broadening| Long Base| Liimii Bug| Leaky Box| Light Bandwidth| Loss Block| Low Barrier| Low Bias


LTD Stands For : long-term depression | Long Term Depression


CTLA-4 Stands For : Cytotoxic T-lymphocyte‰ÛÒassociated antigen


MLTSS Stands For : Managed Long Term Services and Supports | Managed Long Term Services Supports


LOT Stands For Lower Order Term| Laser-Optic Technology| Loss Of Tension| Loss Of Transitions| Lasers


LTTP Stands For : Last Train to Paris | Late to the party | Latent to Ten Print | Liberia Teacher Training Program | Link to the Past | Long Term Technology Plan


LTK Stands For : Laser Thermal Keratoplasty


LTO Stands For : Lansing Theatre Organ | Limited Time Offer | Locate To Order | Long-Term Option


LDTD Stands For : Laser Diode Thermal Desorption


LPF Stands For : Labourers Pension Fund | Laser Pointer Forums | Lead provider framework | Least Prime Factor | Leisure Property Forum | Lifes Purpose Fulfilled | Liga profesionista de fotbal | Little Pedersen Fankhauser | Local Preference for Flexibility | long polar fimbriae | Loss Prevention Foundation | Lothian Pension Fund | low pass filtering | Low Pulse Frequency | Liters Per Flush


CEA Stands For : carcinembryonic antigen | caudal epidural analgesia | cervical epidural anaesthesia | cholesterol-esterifying activity | continuous epidural analgesia | cost-effectiveness analysis | cranial epidural abscess | cultured epidermal autograft | Carcino-Embryonic Antigen | carcinoembryonic antigen | Carotid Endarterectomy | CarcinoEmbryonic Agent | CarcinoEmbryonic Antigen | Carcinogenic Embryonic Antigen | Collie Eye Anomaly


PSA Stands For : posterior septal artery | posterior spinal artery | Pre-Scheduled Appointment | Procedural Sedation and Analgesia | Professional Services Agreement | Prostate-Specific Antigen | Public Sector Agreement | Protein Specific Antigen | Prostate-Specific Antigen | Prostate-Specific Antigen | Persistent Sciatic Artery | Pressure Sensitive Adhesive | Progressive Spinal Ataxia | Prolonged Sleep Apnea | Prostate-Specific Antigen | Psoriasis Symptom Assessment | PSoriatic Arthritis | Poor Stray Animal | Poultry Science Association


LOTUS Stands For : Lotus is a spreadsheet application software by IBM.


ALC Stands For : absolute lymphocyte count | alcohol | alcoholic liver cirrhosis | alkali-extractable light chain | alternate level of care | alternate lifestyle checklist | alternate lifestyle companion | alternative level of care | amoebaless life cycle Microbiology | anaplastic large cell | anterior lens capsule | argon laser coagulation | assisted living center | atypical lymphoid cell | avian leukosis complex | axiolinguocervical Dentistry | Approximate Lethal Concentration


SLA Stands For : Strategic Logistics Agency | ERNO Spacelab Product Assurance Department | Shuttle Laser Altimeter | Super Light Ablator | Support and Logistics Areas | Service Level Agreement | Sealed Lead Acid | Service Level Agreement | Supported Living Arrangement | Symbionese Liberation Army


BTA Stands For : bladder tumour antigen (BTA) | Blood and Transplant Authority | botulinum toxin A | British Thyroid Association | Biological Terrain Assessment | Bladder Tumor Antigen | Bladder Tumor Associated


LT stands for Long Term


LTO stands for Long Term Operation


L-TE Stands For : long-term evaluation


LTS Stands For : Long Term Stay


LTE Stands For : Long-Term Effects


ALPHA Stands For : Another Life Phase Happily Achieved


RAG Stands For : Red Amber Green (traffic light) | Research Allocation Group | risk assessment in genetics | This term got 6 hits on 23102011 and is thus unlikely to be in active use | Recombination Activating Gene | Retinal Ablation Gene


LD Stands For : Limited Deployment, Long Distance, Link editor or loader, Local Device, Logical Disk, Laser Disc, List Designs, List Directory, Long Distance codes file (Telix)


TLA Stands For : theta-like activity | thymus leukaemia antigen | time-limited admission | translumbar aortogram | translumbar aortography | transluminal angioplasty | tumescent local anaesthesia


LTA Stands For : Leslie Taylor Associates | LÌ?nea TurÌ?stica Aereotuy | Llaves Telegraphicas Artisanes | Local Training Authority | LONG TERM ASSOCIATE | Lost Time Accident


STCM Stands For : Scanning Thermal Conductivity Microscope | Sed Theresas College Manila | Shipboard Three Component Magnetometer | Short Term Contact Methods | Space Time Coded Modulation | Space Time Coded Modulations | Storage Tank Contamination Monitoring


TD Stands For Table Dimension| Tangent Distance| Table Datum| Temperature Displacement| Thermal Desorption| Thermal Diffusion| Thermal Duration| Total Density| Thermal Donor| Time Division| Timing Diagram| Transmit Data| Trinchera Dolina| Temporal Difference| Time Definite| Time Differential


CADILLAC Stands For : Carries Around Dead Italians Like Luggage And Cargo | Cars Are Driven In Long Lines And Crashed | Crankshaft And Driveshaft Instantaniously Linger | Crazy And Demented Idiots Like Large American Cars | Cruise All Day In Leisure | Carrying A Dead Italian Lying Lifeless Amongst Cargo | Controlled Abciximab And Device Investigation To Lower Late Angioplasty Complications


RFA Stands For : radiofrequency ablation | reasons for assessment | restriction fragment analysis | RF ablation | right femoral artery | risk factor of atherosclerosis | Radio Frequency Ablation | Radiation Field Analyser | right forearm | Right forearm


TOR Stands For : Threshold Of Regulation | Tactical Operational Requirement | Term Of Reference | Time Of Receipt | Term Of Reference


LTSA Stands For Long-Term Space Astrophysics


LTFP Stands For : Long Term Financial Planning


LTSP Stands For : Long Term Soil Productivity


ltcf Stands For : long-term care facility


QLTC Stands For : Qualified Long Term Care


MLTC Stands For : Managed Long-Term Care


LTPP Stands For : Long-Term Pavement Performance


CLTM Stands For : Certified Long Term Monitor