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What is the full form of RCM ?

This page is all about abbreviation, acronym and meaning of the given term RCM.

RCM Stands For : radiocontrast medium | rapid culture method | red cell mass | reflectance confocal microscopy | restrictive cardiomyopathy | Right Costal Margin

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Related Full Forms - Terms


ICM Stands For : Inner Cell Mass | Idiopathic Cardiomyopathy | Inter-Costal Margin


CM Stands For : calmodulin | cardiac muscle | cardiac myocyte | cardiac myxoma | cardiomegaly | cardiomyopathy | carpometacarpal | cavernous malformation | cell membrane | centimetre | cerebral metastases | cervical myelopathy | charge master | Chinese medicine | chronic meningitis | chronic migraine | chylomicron | cisterna magna | clinical management | clinical medicine | combined modality | common migraine | community midwife | complementary medicine | conditioned media | confocal microscopy | congenital malformation | congenital myopathy | continuous murmur |


MARGIN Stands For : Mid Atlantic Regional Gang Investigators Network


RAPID Stands For : Reforming Accelerating And Protecting Interstate Design | Rapid Assessment Post Impact Of Disaster | Rescue And Preparedness In Disasters


MASS Stands For IEEE Symposium on Mass Storage Systems| Mathematics Advanced Study Semester| Monster Ass Speaker Simulator


RAPID Stands For : Read Ahead for Parallel Independent Disks, Rapid Application Programming For Imaging Developers, Robot Application Programming Interface Dialog, Remote Access Protocol Interface Device


D-CELL Stands For : Deployment Cell


RAPID Stands For : Rapid Adc Per Input Detector | Recycling Arms For Peace International Development | Redefining Advanced Processes In Development | Research And Policy In Development | Research And Public Information Dissemination | Response And Preparedness In Disasters | Robot Assisted Platform For Intratumoral Delivery | Robust And Accurate Polygon Interference Detection


RAPID Stands For : Rapidly Appraised Publications To Inform Decisions


RAPID Stands For : Rochester Area Patient Information Distribution | Ruggedized Advanced Pathogen Identification Device


CELL Stands For Continuous Education And Lasting Loss


CELL Stands For : Caller Enabled Leased Line


CELL Stands For : Commercial Excellence Leadership Learning | BrightPoint


MASS Stands For : Massage | Massive


J-MASS Stands For : Joint Mobility Analysis Support System


MASS Stands For : Memorandum Account Statement System | Mikdenmark Audio Sound Studio | Modular Approach To Systems Solutions


MASS Stands For : Molecular Assembly Sequence Software, Manufacturing Automation Support System, Microsoft Agent Scripting Software


MASS Stands For : Ministry Of Amarr Secret Services | MOBCON Automated Support System | Mobility Analysis Support System | Multiline Accuracy Support System


CELL Stands For : California Early Litarcy Learning | California Early Literacy Learning | cellular phone | Center for Ecological Living and Learning | Center of Excellence in Leadership of Learning | Community Education And Life Long | Computer Enhanced Language Learning | Connecting Evangelism Learning Loving | Continuing Education and Lifelong Learning


MASS Stands For : Mad About Species And Siberians | Multiline Accuracy Support System | Magnetix Apex Symmetrical Stasis | Massachusetts | Mathematics Advanced Study Semesters | Message Audience Situation Significance | Mix Asian Speed Sensations | Modelling Analytics Software Solutions | Modern Academic Slacker Society | Multi Ammunition Softkill System | Multi Application Safety System | Multiple Application Setting Syncer | Muscle And Sports Science | Muscle Athletic Sports Society


LCM Stands For : Laser Capture Molecular Core | Left Costal Margin


MRT Stands For : Mass Rice Train | Manitou Rotating Telehandler | Mass Rail Transit | Mass Rapid Train | Master Racquet Technician | Mean Radiant Temperature | Medium Range Tactical | Mercury Recovery Technology | Metro Rails Transit | Michelin Retread Technologies | Mishap Response Team | Moral Reconation Therapy | Multiple Rendering Target | Muscle Response Testing | Myofacial Release Technique


MRT Stands For : Maintenance Recovery Team | Mini Robotics Tank | Missile Round Trainer | Movement Regulating Team | Mission Readiness Test | Mountain Rescue Team | Mass Railway for Tourists | Mass Rapid Transit | Management Review Team | Mass Rapid Transport


CM Stands For Championship Manager| Chosen Multiplier| Confidence Measure| Confidence Measurement| Current Meter| Center of Mass| Convenient Measure| Certificate of Merit| Case Marker| Contoured and Molded| Curly Maple| Critical Mass| Cementitious Materials| Compound Management| Curium| Customized Microscopy| Common Mode| Configuration Management| Contrast Medium| Core Mantle


PGCM Stands For : Parathyroid Gland Culture Medium | Pre Gelatinized Corn Meal | Professional Geriatric Care Manager | Projected Generator Coordinate Method | Prosper General Circulation Model


MM Stands For Majorize-Minimize| Matrix Multiplication| Minimal Medium| Minorize-Maximize| Minus Minus| Meteorological Measuring System| Master Mariner| Mesoscale Model| MilliMeter| Molecular Manufacturing| Molecular Mechanics| Master of Management| Master of Music| Maritime Mobile| Missing Mass| Merton Malling| Massively Multiplayer| Molar Mass| Metrology & Measurements| Manufacturing Method| Mini-Module


CRM Stands For : circumferential resection margin | colorectal metastases | Committee on the Review of Medicines | confocal Raman microspectroscopy | cross-reactive material | crown-rump measurement | CardioRisk Manager | Cream


MRTS Stands For : Mass Rapid Transit System | Mass Rapid Transit System (Chennai)


MF Stands For : Medium Fast, MetricFiber, Mozilla Firefox, Multiple Frequency, Mail Filter, Main Frame, Mixed Field, Multi Format, Mass Flowmeter, Matched Filter, Method Flag, Multi-Field, Multifunction, TeX Metafont text file


NM Stands For IEEE Robert N Noyce Medal| Nanometer| Nearest Mean| Negative Medium| New Mapset| No Meaning| Non-Markovian| Non-Monotonic| Nonlinear Model| Not Measurable| Number Machine| Number Metric| Nano Modified| NanoMeter| Newton Meter| No Mass| No Motion| Non-Magnetic| Non-Mechanical| Non-Moment| Not Modulated| Northern Maple| NanoMeter| Non-Metal| Normal Metal| NanoMeter| Noise Margin


BRDF Stands For : Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Functions | Bidirectional Reflection Distribution Function | Bidrecional Reflectance Distribution Function | Binomial Reflectance Distribution Function | Brdfbidirectional Reflectance Distribution Function


ECM Stands For : electronic claims management | embryo conditioned media | endocrine cell micronests | endoscope-controlled microneurosurgery | epidemic cerebrospinal meningitis | erythema chronicum migrans | Every Child Matters | experimental cerebral malaria | extended cervical mediastinoscopy | external cardiac massage | extracellular mass | extracellular matrix | Electro Cell Manipulation | Extra Cellular Mass | extracellular matrix


FDC Stands For : Familial Dilated Cardiomyopathy | Follicular Dendritic Cell | fixed dose combination | Feline Domesticus Cat


MC Stands For : mass casualties | mast cell | maximum concentration | Medicines Commission | medullary carcinoma | medullary cavity | meningococcal | menstrual cycle | mercuric chloride | Merkel cell | mesangial cell | mesothelial cell | metacarpal | microcalcification | microcirculation | microtubule centre | mineralocorticoid | minimal change | minocycline | mitochondria | mitomycin C | mitotic count | mitral commissurotomy | mixed cellularity | mixed cryoglobulinaemia | molluscum contagiosum | mononuclear cell | motor cortex | mucinous carcinoma | mucocutaneo


MFM Stands For Magnetic Force Microscopy| Mass Flow Meter


TC Stands For : T cell | T cytotoxic | tacrolimus | talocalcaneal | taurocholate | teratocarcinoma | terminal cancer | Tertiary Careor | tetracycline | tetrahedral complex | theca cell | thymocyte | thyrocalcitonin | thyroid carcinoma | tobacco control | tongue carcinoma | tonic clonic | tonic contraction | total colectomy | total coliform | total communication | Total Communicationor | Town Councilor | transcobalamin | transhepatic cholangiography | transitional carcinoma | transitional care | transplant centre | trauma centre | treatment centre | trichilemmal


UAFM Stands For Uranyl Acetate Fluorescence Method| Ultrasonic Atomic Force Microscopy


CCF Stands For : Coulsdon Chess Fellowship | California Community Foundation | Catholic Community Foundation | CDMA Certification Forum | Cell Culture Facility | Center For Children and Families | Center for Consumer Freedom | Central Control Function | Centre Culturel Francais | Childrens Cardiomyopathy Foundation | Christian Campus Fellowship | Citizens Community Federal | Collaborative Computing Frameworks | Community Care Fellowship | Community Christian Fellowship | Compassion Capital Fund | Computing and Communication Foundations | Current Classification Format | Hu


STEM Stands For science| Soluble Trace Element Mixture| Science Technology Engineering And Mathematics| science| Science| Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy| Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope| scanning transmission electron microscopy| Storable Tubular Extendible Member| Stress Trajectories Element Method


REM Stands For Relative Electrophoresis Mobility| Rave English Movement| Recyclability Evaluation Method| Reflection Electron Microscopy| Roentgen Equivalent Man


ARVC Stands For : American Remote Vision Corporation | Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricle Cardiomyopathy | Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Cardiomyopathy


MEM Stands For : Monocular Estimate Method | Minimum Essential Medium | Memorize


CC Stands For : calcaneo-cuboidal | calcium carbonate | calcium citrate | carboplatin | cardiac catheterisation | cardiac cycle | Carney complex | cell culture | cerebral cortex | cervical cancer | cervical collar | Charity Commission | chest circumference | chest compression | chief cells | Children‰Ûªs Council | cholangiocarcinoma | choledochal cyst | chondrocalcinosis | choriocarcinoma | chronic constipation | chronic cough | cingulate cortex | City Council | classical conditioning | clean catch | clinical course | clinical criteria | clinical cure | clomiphe


GCCP Stands For : Good Cell Culture Practice


SMRT Stands For : Singapore Mass Rapid Transit


SCM Stands For : secretory cell metaplasia | Specialist in Community Medicine | spleen conditioned medium | spondylotic cervical myelopathy | squamous cell metaplasia | steatocystoma multiplex | sternocleidomastoid | subcutaneous mastectomy | Supportive Care Manager | SternoCleidomastoid-Muscle | Solid Color Mare


ccIIV3 Stands For : Cell-Culture Inactivated Influenza Vaccine


SCGM Stands For : Stem Cell Growth Medium


MSCM Stands For : Mesenchymal Stem Cell Medium


LCA Stands For : lateral costal artery | left carotid artery | left circumflex artery | leukocyte common antigen | lithocholic acid | liver cell adenoma | Logical Connection Architecture | Left Coronary Artery


ATR Stands For Almost Totally Real| Arithmetical Transfinite Recursion| Attenuated Total Reflectance| Absolute Time Reference| Antenna Test Range| Attenuated Total Reflectance


SILAC Stands For Stable Isotope Labeling with Amino Acids in Cell Culture


MTL Stands For : Medium Term Loan | Mass Transfer Limited | Metals Explore | Mullen Group Ltd


MMU Stands For : Malfunction Management Unit | Mass Memory Unit | Medium Machine gun Upgrade | Minimum Mapping Unit | Malfunction Management Unit | Manned Maneuvering Unit | Mass Memory Unit | Morristown Municipal Airport


ECM Stands For Elliptic Curve Method| Extracellular matrix| cell-extracellular matrix| cell-extracellular matrix (ECM)| Essential Computer Mathematics| Electronic Control Module| Electronic Counter-Measures| Electronically Commutated Motor


BC Stands For : backcross | basal cell | basket cell | bile canal | biliary colic | binding capacity | bipolar cell | bladder cancer | bladder capacity | blast crisis | block contracting | blood cell | blood count | blood culture | Blue Cross | borough council | bowel care | Bowman‰Ûªs capsule | Branhamella catarrhalis | bromocriptine | bronchoconstriction | buccal cartilage | buffering capacity | buffy coat | bulbocavernosus | Burkholderia cepacia | business continuity | Board Certified | Base Curve | Breast Cancer | Back Care | Birth Control | Birth Control


RAD Stands For : Rapid Application Development, Rapid Application Development, Remote Access Device, Rapid Application Design, Rapid Application Development, Rapid Applications Development, Recorded Announcement Device, Rapid Application Design, Radience, Reality AdLib Tracker 2-op FM music file


PCC Stands For : Pasteur Culture Collection | patient-centred care | Pearson‰Ûªs correlation coefficient | plasma catecholamine concentration | plasma cortisol concentration | pneumatosis cystoides coli | poison control centre | postcoital concentration | posterior cingulate cortex | premature chromosome condensation | primary care centre | primary care clinic | primary cell culture | protein C cofactor


CSC Stands For : Community Sector Coalition | Circulating Stem Cell | Cell Surface Complex | Chondroitin Sulfate C | Cytokine-Secreting Cell | Cancer Stem Cell | Cardiac Stem Cell | Central Serous Chorioretinopathy | Cervical Sympathetic Chain


MEOL Stands For : Marine engine operator license | Mass Ed Online LearnNet | Medium Earth Orbit Launch | Mid End of Line | middle end of line


WMD Stands For : Weapons of Mass Destruction | World Military Domination | White Mans Decision | Wildlife Management District | Weapon Of Mass Destruction | Weapons Of Mass Deception | Whining Mealymouthed Democrats | Willful Manipulation Of Democracy | Words Of Mass Distraction


EMMA Stands For Electro-Magnetic Mass Accelerator| Euclidean Model MAtching| Euclidean Model MAtching| Electron Microscopy and Micro-Analysis


LCCM Stands For : La Consolacion College Of Manila | Lan Client Configuration Manager | Lan Client Control Manager | Langerhans Cells Conditioned Medium | Lansing Chinese Christian Ministry | Less Crystalline Carbon Materials | Life Cycle Cost Management | Linearly Constrained Constant Modulus | London Centre Of Contemporary Music | Low Cost Competent Munition | Low Cost Competent Munitions | Low Cost Cruise Missile | Luteal Cell Conditioned Medium


MRE Stands For : Meal | Many Regurgitated Entrees | Maritime Republic of Eastport | McDonalds Religious Experience | Meal Refusing to Exist | Meal | Meals Rejected by Ethiopians | Minimally Radioactive Edibles | Morally Repugnant Elite | Mostly Rotten Encouragement | A Military Ration Envelope | Meal Ready Eat | Meal Resisting Exit | Method Replacement Extent | Mit Rice Engineers | Morally Repugnant Elites | More Restrictive Environments


BRDF Stands For Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Function| Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Function| Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Function


RTI Stands For : Random Technical Implement | Red Tape Industry | UL test - Relative Thermal Index | Race Tuned Imports | Reading Technologies Inc | Real Time Information | Really Terrific Instruction | Really Totally Insignificant | Record Technology Inc | Reflectance Transformation Imaging | reflectance transformational imaging | Remote Technologies Inc | Response to Instruction | Responsiveness to Intervention | Restaurant Technologies Inc


FIM Stands For Far-Infrared Maser| Field Intensity Meter| Field Ion Microscope| Functional Imaging Method| Food Industry Management| Film Insert Moulding| Finite-volume Icosahedral Model| Flow-following Icosahedral Model| Field Ion Microscopy


EMT Stands For effective medium theory| Emergency Medical Technician| Effective Mass Theory


CMP Stands For : cartilage matrix protein | caudal mesenteric plexus | cell membrane protein | chondrocyte metalloprotease | chronic marginal periodontitis | Civilian Medical Practitioner | comprehensive metabolic panel | cow milk protein | cytidine monophosphate | cytosine monophosphate | Container Managed Persistence | Cytidine MonoPhosphatase | CardioMyoPathy | common myeloid progenitors


RCN Stands For : radiocontrast nephropathy | renal cortical necrosis | right caudate nucleus | Royal College of Nurses


MCFA Stands For : Madison Contemporary Fiber Artists | Madison County Fair Association | Maine Coast Fishermens Association | Maine Coast Fishermens Association | Marie Curie Fellows Association | Marie Curie Fellowship Association | Medium Chain Fatty Acid | medium chain fatty acids | Mineral County Fairgrounds Association | Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts | Minnesota Collegiate Forensics Association | Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift America | Montgomery County Fair Association


BM Stands For : Bureau of Medicine | Back Mutation | Bulged Mutated | Basal Medium | Beneficial Microorganisms | Biological Molecular | Bump Mapping | Bachelor of Medicine | black male | Blood Monitoring | Bone Marrow | Basal Metabolism | Basement Membrane | Basilar Membrane | Blood Mage | Body Mass | Bone Marrow | Bowel Movement | Buccal Mass | BuccoMesial | Bowel Movement | Badbreed Member | Beta Male | Black Mamba


GCMs Stands For General Circulation Models| Gas Chromatographic Mass Spectrometer| Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry| Graduate Centre for Medieval Studies| Gas Chromatography Mass Spectroscopy


MSU Stands For : Medical Statistics Unit | Major Subordinate Unit | Mobile Surgical Unit | Mass Storage Unit | Measuring Stimuli Units | Medium Security Unit


SIM Stands For Conference on Semi-Insulating III-V Materials| Simple Integration Method| Star in Motion| Sulfide Indole Medium| School of Information Management| Singapore Institute of Management| Students In Mission| Source Independent Measurement| Selected Ion Monitoring


VPAM Stands For : Victorian Performance Audit Methodology | Virtual Partitioned Access Method | Visually Perfect Algebra Method | Visually Perfect Algebraic Method


SCC Stands For : Short Course Chemotherapy | Squamous Cell Carcinoma | Strategic Cell Controller | Somatic Cell Count


GMROI Stands For : Gross Margin Return On Inventory | Gross Margin Return On Investment


RCC Stands For : rape crisis centre | Rathke cleft cyst | red cell cast | regional cancer centre | Registered Clinical Counsellor | right common carotid | Rural Community Council | Mary Babb Randolph Cancer Center | Red blood Cell Count | Red Cell Concentrate | renal cell cancer | Rotterdam Coronary Calcification Study | Renal Cell Carcinoma


MS Stands For : Missing | Mass Spectroscopy | MileStone | Market Survey | Master Seaman | Mess Specialist | Message Switch Ms Millisecond | Microsoft Corporation | Mil-Spec | MileStone | Military Science | Military Standard | Military Stone | Mobile Suit | Mobilization Station | Modular System | Moral Support | Machine Screw | Machine Steel | Man System | Margin of Safety | Mass Spectrometer | Master Switch | Material Specification | Materials Science | Mating Sequence | MileStone | Military Standard (Parts Designation) | Millisecond | Mission Specialist | Mis


CCTD Stands For : Caring Canines Therapy Dogs | Casa de Cultura Traian Demetrescu | Catholic Council for Thailand Development | Centre Culturel Tib̩tain Dzogchenpa | Centre For Childrens Theatre Development | Cit̩ de la Culture et du Tourisme Durable | Cite de la Culture et du Tourisme Durable | Cite de la Culture et du Tourisme Durable | Cite de la Culture et du Tourisme Durable | Cit̩ de le Culture et du Tourisme Durable | Close Combat Test Directorate | Composite Cryotank Technologies and Demonstration | Composite Cryotank Technologies Demonstration | Concept Characteriz


C&S Stands For : culture and sensitivities | culture and sensitivity | Culture and sensitivity | Culture and sensitivity


TGCT Stands For : Testicular Germ Cell Transplantation | Testicular Germ Cell Tumor | Testicular Germ Cell Tumors | Testicular Germ Cell Tumour | Testicular Germ Cell Tumours | Transport Garanti Court Terme


MCL Stands For : Maximum Contaminant Level | Materials Cutting List | Maximum Containment Level | Mobilization Cross-Leveling System | Mass Change Log | Master Configuration List | Ministry of Culture | Most Contaminated Lakes


LSCM Stands For : Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope


MCT Stands For : Medium Chain Triglyercide | Medium Chain Triglyceride | Medium Chain Triglycerides


MV Stands For Mean and Variance| Mean Value| Medium Voltage| Medium Vitriol| MegaVolt| MilliVolt


SCS Stands For : Soc Culture Scottish | Soc Culture Soviet


ACM Stands For Alternative Calculation Method| Adiabatic Connection Model| Aluminium Composite Material| Anormal Chemical Material| Astrocyte-Conditioned Medium| Absolute Characteristic Maxima| Aluminum Conductor Material| Association for Computing Machinery| Audio Compression Manager| Autonomous Crack Monitoring


LM Stands For Life Magazine| Lagrange Multiplier| Low Melt| Meander length or river or stream| Light Meter| Linear Metre| lumen - SI unit of luminous flux| Low Mass| Lithium Manganese| Lab Manual| Learner Model| Leaky Mode| Light Microscopy| Meander Length of river or stream


MOS Stands For : My Own Store | Margin Of Success | Margin On Services | Members | Money Order Sales | Mutual Offset System | Mercantile Office System | Mobile Streams | Make Over Specialist | Marketing Opportunity Specialist | Microsoft Office Specialist | Military Occupational Speciality | My Other Secretary


MED Stands For : Medium | Mint Eye Disguise | Medium | Marine Emergency Duties | Meet Eat Dance | Member Enhancement Division


CM Stands For : Compounding Method | Contribution Margin | Canyon Medical | Club Med | Close Management | Combined Model | configuration management | Coles Myer | Camera Man | Case Manager | Cast Member | Certified Manager | Chief Minister | Chill Master | Communications Manager | Construction Manager | Contact Manager | Country Manager | Ceramic Modified | Certification Mark | Correlated Metal | Courcheval Manta | Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce


CAM Stands For : cell adhesion molecule | chorioallantoic membrane | chorioamnionitis | computer-assisted myelography | computerised anatomical man | congenital adenomatoid malformation | contralateral axillary metastasis | cyclophosphamide | cystic adenomatoid malformation | Complementary Alternative Medicine | Conventional Allopathic Medicine | Cell Adhesion Molecules | Crassulacean Acid Metabolism | complementary and alternative medicine | confusion assessment method | Complementary and Alternative Medicine | Crassulacean Acid Metabolism | complementary and alternative m


QMS Stands For : Quality Management System | A Quality Maintained Standards | Quadropole Mass Spectrometer | Quality Management System | Question Method And Solution


MDF Stands For : Manky Designer Froth | Main Distribution Framework | Medium Density Fiberboard | Medium Diffusion Film | Mediagrif Interactive Technologies Inc


RMC Stands For : Remote Method Call, Rons Mud Client, Rational Method Composer, Right Mouse Click


RAT Stands For : Radical Adversial Terminators | Rapid Assault Tactics | Rapid Attack Tactics | Recovery Assistance Team | Recruit At Training | Recruitment Assessment Team | Recruits At Training | Remove All Targets | Ram Air Turbine | Rapid Air Tranfer | Reserve Access Team | Regional Action Team | Right After Torrance | Radically Altered Transportation | Ride All The Time | Riders Association of Triumph | Right At Torrance | Road Anomalies Tour | Rocket Aided Takeoff | Rapid Assessment Team


GCC Stands For : gastric cardia cancer | General Chiropractic Council | giant cell carcinoma | glassy cell carcinoma | glucocorticoid | goblet cell carcinoid | guanylyl cyclase C | Genital Correction Clinic