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What is the full form of SCID ?

This page is all about abbreviation, acronym and meaning of the given term SCID.

SCID Stands For : Structured Clinical Interview for DSM | Structured Clinical Interview For DSM | severe combined immunodeficiency disease | Severe combined immunodeficiency | Severe Combined Immunodeficiency Disorder

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Related Full Forms - Terms


X-SCID Stands For : X-linked severe combined immunodeficiency disorder


COMBINED Stands For : Operations involving more than one countrys military


CID Stands For : Center for Infectious Diseases | chemotherapy-induced diarrhoea | chick infective dose | Choice In Dying | combined immunodeficiency | combined immunodeficiency disease | Community Index Database | cytomegalic inclusion disease | Card IDentification number | Communication Interaction Disorder | Cytomegalic Inclusion Diesease


SCID Stands For : Spacecraft Identification


INTERVIEW Stands For : interviewed | interviewing


SCD Stands For : Sequential Compression Device | Slow Continuous Dialysis | Source-Collimator Distance | severe combined immunodeficiency | sudden cardiac death | Sickle Cell Disease | Spinocerebellar Degeneration | Sudden Cardiac Death


PSCID Stands For : Primary Severe Combined Immunodeficiency Disease | Public Safety And Critical Infrastructure Division | Public Safety Critical Infrastructure Division


PESCI Stands For : Pre-Employment Structured Clinical Interview


SCIDS Stands For : Severe combined immune deficiency syndrome | Social Cultural and International Development Studies | Soft Computing Intrusion Detection System


OSCE Stands For : Objective Structured Clinical Examination | Oral Simulated Clinical Examination | Objective Structured Clinical Examinations | objective structured clinical examination | Objective Structured Clinical Examination


CVID Stands For : common variable immunodeficiency | common variable immunodeficiency disease


HIV Stands For : Human Immunodeficiency Virus | Human Immuno-Deficiency Virus | Human Immunodeficiency Virus | Helium Isolation Valve | Human Immunodeficiency Virus


SARS Stands For : Sacral Anterior Root Stimulator | Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome | Sadistic Anal Retrovirus System | Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome | Seasonally Affected Regional Syndrome | Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome | Systematic Achromia Resistant Spores


SARI Stands For : severe acute respiratory illness | severe upper respiratory infection | Severe Acute Respiratory Infection




HIV Stands For : Human Immunodeficiency Virus | Human immunodeficiency virus | Human Immunodeficiency Virus | Human Immunodeficiency Virus


PID Stands For : pain intensity differences | patient identification | patient identifier | person identifiable data | personally identifiable data | primary immune deficiency | proliferative intraocular disorder | Pelvic inflammatory disease | Primary immune deficiencies | primary immunodeficiency disease | Pelvic inflammatory disease | Poughkeepsie Inflamatory Disease | Prolapsed Intervertebral Disc


SCCAG Stands For : Southern Combined Clinical Advisory Group


CTX Stands For : Clinical Trials Exemption | Combined Training Exercise | Context Imager


DSPD Stands For Dangerous and Severe Personality Disorder


CDS Stands For : Carroll Depression scales | chemical (drug) delivery system | Commissioning Data Set | community dental service | compliance data system | contract data set | controlled drug substance | Clinical Decision Support | Color Doppler Sonography | Coding DNA Sequence | Clonidine Displacing Substance | Clinical Decision Support | code substitution | Caps Deficiency Syndrome | Cervico-Dorsal Syndrome | Chronic Disease State | code substitution learning | Cognitive Disabilities Severe


CFC Stands For : ChloroFluoroCarbon | ChloroFluoroCarbon | Combined Federal Campaign | Call For Comments | Canada Firearms Centre | Canadian Forces College | Centre des Armes ÌÄ Feu Canada | Combat Fighting Course | Combat Flight Center | Combative Fighting Concepts | Combined Federal Campaign | Combined Forces Command | Current Functional Capability | Call For Comments | Combat Flight Center | Combined Federal Campaign | California Fire Code | Call For Comments | Cheap Formula Continental | Chloro Fluoro Carbon | Combat Flight Center | Combination Friction Clutch |


CSA Stands For : catalysed signal amplification | cell surface antigen | central sleep apnoea | chondroitin sulphate A | chronic severe anaemia | chronic stable angina | Clinical Spine Application | common services agency | computer science application | continuous spinal anaesthesia | craniospinal axis | cross-sectional area | CycloSporin A | Clinical Skills Assessment | Chinese scalp acupuncture


SARS Stands For : Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome | Saddams Attack Retaliation System | Special Anti-Robbery Squard | Seriously Anti-Republican Sentiments | Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome


ID Stands For : During the Day | Inhibitor of Differentiation | Identification | Ill Defined | ImmunoDeficiency | Ineffective Dose | Infectious Disease | Insertion Device | Intestinal Diet | Intra-Dermal


STI Stands For : science and technology information | serum trypsin inhibitor | sexually-transmitted infection | Sexually Transmitted Incident | Sexually Transmitted Infection | Structured Treatment Interruption | sexually transmitted infection | sexually transmitted infection(s) | sexually-transmitted infection | soft-tissue infection(s) | Severe Thumb Injury | Sexually Transmitted Infection | Signal Transduction Inhibitor | Soft Tissue Injury | Structured Treatment Interruptions | Systolic Time Interval


SARS-CoV Stands For : severe acute respiratory syndrome‰ÛÒassociated coronavirus disease


POSH Stands For Probability Of Severe Hail| Probability Of Severe Hail


NSSFC Stands For : National Severe Storms Forecast Center | National Social Science Funds of China | National Severe Storms Forecast Center


IMD Stands For : immune deficiency | immunodeficiency | index of multiple deprivations | institute for mental diseases | Institution for Mental Diseases | Invasive mold disease | Immune-Mediated Disease | Index of Multiple Deprivation | Inherited Metabolic Disease | Invasive Meningococcal Disease


ESSL Stands For : Earth Science Society of Libya | Earth System Science Laboratory | Empire State Swim League | Engineering and Scientific Subroutine Library | European Severe Storms Laboratory | European Severe Storms Laboratorys | Experimental Social Science Laboratory


FIV Stands For : Feline Immunodeficiency Virus


SIV Stands For : Simian Immunodeficiency Virus


NSSL Stands For National Severe Storms Laboratory| National Severe Storms Laboratory


CDIP Stands For : Combat Developments Integration Plan | Combined Defense Improvement Project | Combined Defense Improvement Projects


CLTS Stands For : Combined Life Time Support | Combined Life Time Suppport | Cryogenic Linear Temperature Sensor


V-HIV Stands For : Vaccine for Human Immunodeficiency Virus


HIVG Stands For : Human Immunodeficiency Virus Gum problems


HIVP Stands For : Human Immunodeficiency Virus Periodontitis


HIVMA Stands For : Human Immunodeficiency Virus Medicine Association


NSSFC Stands For National Severe Storms Forecast Center| National Severe Storms Forecast Center


AIDSRRC Stands For : Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome Research Review Committee


OSCE XX Stands For : Objective Structured Clinical Exam


OSCA Stands For : Objective Structured Clinical Assessment


PIA Stands For : PTS-Independent Antitermination | Primary Immunodeficiency Association | Proliferative Inflammatory Atrophy


JCET Stands For : Joint Combined Exchange Training | Joint Combined Exercise For Training


CFLCC Stands For : Coalition Forces Land Component Cmd | Coalition Forces Land Component Command | Coalition Forces Land Component Commander | Combined Force Land Component Command | Combined Force Land Component Commander | Combined Force Logistics Coordination Center | Combined Forces Land Component Command | Combined Forces Land Component Commander


CTF Stands For : Counter-Terrorism Financing | Capture The Flag | Combined Task Force | Commander | Control Test Flight | Crew Training Facility | Combined Test Force | Counter Terrorist Force


PCFO Stands For : Panama City Field Office | Principal Combined Fund Operator | Principal Combined Fund Operator


SARS Stands For : Salami And Relish Sandwich | Servere Absence of Romance and Sex | Severe Acute Revenue Syndrome | Sick Asians Running the Streets | Sick Ass Redneck Syndrome | Singaporeans Are Really Scared | Swindon Always Running Scared | Safety and Reliability Society | Scheduling and Reporting System | Second Alarmers Rescue Squad | Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrom | Society of Academic Research Surgery | Southeastern Antique Radio Society | Sudan Archaeological Research Society


HVS Stands For Hard Very Severe


CREST Stands For : Casualty and Resource Estimation Support Tool | Capital Region Emergency Services Telecommunications | Combined Regional Emergency Services Training | Combined Regional Emergency Services Training


SHTG Stands For : Severe of Hypertriglyceridemia


SKD Stands For : severe knee disorders


SWODY2 Stands For Severe Weather Outlook Day 2


SWODY1 Stands For Severe Weather Outlook Day 1


COMBIC Stands For : Combined Obscuration Model for Battlefield Induced Contaminants | Combined Obscuration Model for Battlefield-Induced Contamination


SELS Stands For SEvere Local Storms Unit


SQL Stands For : Structured Query Language, Structured Query Language, Structured Query Language, Structured Query Language, SQL report or query, Squish message base last read pointers


WRIST Stands For : Weather Radar Identification of Severe Thunderstorms


CM Stands For : calmodulin | cardiac muscle | cardiac myocyte | cardiac myxoma | cardiomegaly | cardiomyopathy | carpometacarpal | cavernous malformation | cell membrane | centimetre | cerebral metastases | cervical myelopathy | charge master | Chinese medicine | chronic meningitis | chronic migraine | chylomicron | cisterna magna | clinical management | clinical medicine | combined modality | common migraine | community midwife | complementary medicine | conditioned media | confocal microscopy | congenital malformation | congenital myopathy | continuous murmur |


CIOS Stands For : Combined Intelligence Objectives Subcommittee | Combined Intelligence Objectives Subcommittee


CCEB Stands For : Combined Communications and Electronics Board | Combined Communications-Electronics Board


CIT Stands For : cautery to inferior turbinate | Center for Intensive Treatment | chemoimmunotherapy | chronic immune thrombocytopaenia | chronic indomethacin therapy | Clinical Information Technology | cold ischaemia time | combined intermittent therapy | conventional immunosuppressive therapy | conventional insulin therapy | Collagen Induction Therapy


SHT Stands For : severe head trauma | Short Histidine Tag | Systemic HyperTension


CANAL Stands For : Concerted Action on Neutralizing Antibodies in Severe Hemophilia A


CATI Stands For : computer assisted telephone interview | Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing | computer-assisted telephone interview | Computer-Assisted Telephone Interview | Canadian Automotive Trucking Institute | Carolina Association of Translators and Interpreters


COC Stands For : Combined Oral Contraceptive | combined oral contraceptive


SV Stands For : Serum Viscosity | severe | Splice Variant | Start Value | Simian Virus


WRDD Stands For Warning Research and Development Division of the National Severe Storms Laboratory


SWP Stands For Severe Weather Probability Overlay| Student Web Page| Single Wafer Processing


SCVU Stands For : Severe Clear Visibility Unlimited | Sony Certified Vegas User


CIB Stands For : Clinical Investigators Brochure | Cambodian Investment Board | Central Investigation Bureau | Combat Infantryman Badge | Combined Information Bureau | Controlled Image Base | Controlled Imagery Base | Change Impact Board | Change Implementation Board | Cosmic Infrared Background | Central Intelligence Beurau | Complaints Investigation Branch | Criminal Investigation Branch | Certificate of Indian Blood | clinical investigators brochure | Combat Infantryman Badge | Compliance Information Branch


CAC Stands For : Carcinogenicity Assessment Committee | Casualty Area Command | Combined Arms Center (formerly Combined Arms Command) | Common Access Card | Control Analysis Center | Crisis Action Cell | Current Actions Center | Citizens Advisory Council | County Administration Center | Cancer Assessment Committee | Carcinogenicity Assessment Committee (CDER)


CRS Stands For : Cant Remember Squat | Central Records System | Congressional Research Service | Contamination Response System | Coarse | Cant Remember Squat | Chairmans Readiness System | Coastal Radio Station | Combat Recon Soldier | Combined Reconnaissance System | Combined Reporting System | Communications Relay Set | Congressional Research Service | Container Recovery System | Coordinator for Reconstruction and Stabilization | Correctional Reporting System | Cant Remember Squat | CO2 Reduction Subsystem | Counter Rotation Scanner | CouRSe | CRosS | Combined Revenu


SWEAT Stands For Severe Weather Threat Index| Salt Water Energy Accumulation and Transformation


CD Stands For : cadaveric donor | caesarean delivery | Canavan disease | canine distemper | capillary diameter | carbon dioxide | cardiac denervation | cardiac disease | cardiac dysfunction | Castleman‰Ûªs disease | catalytic domain | cathepsin D | cation dependent | celiac disease | cell death | cell density | cell dissociation | centre distance | cerebellar degeneration | cervical dystonia | Chagas disease | challenge dose | chemical dependency | chemical diabetes | chiral discrimination | choline deficiency | chronic dialysis | chronic dizziness | cigarettes/d


SME Stands For : Somatic Mutational Event | Severe Myoclonic Epilepsy | Slow Maxillary Expansion | Subacute Measles Encephalitis


SA/SD Stands For Structured Analysis / Structured Design


SA/SD Stands For : Structured Analysis / Structured Design


CAPS Stands For : Corporate Accounts Payable System | Credit Assessment and Program Specifications | Capital Area Pronunciation Specialists | Combined Actuarial Performance Services | Counseling And Psychological Services | Capacity And Planning System | Combined Attitude And Perspective Survey | Computer Aided Product Selection | Computer Assisted Paint System | Corporate Account Printing Solutions | Corporate And Public Sector | Centralized Account Processing System | Community Alternative Placement Scheme


SVCP Stands For : Special Virus Cancer Program | Severe Viral Cold Period | Superior Vena Cava Pressure


SARS Stands For : South African Revenue Service | Presidencia Roque Saenz Pena | Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome


GNSS4SWEC Stands For : Advanced Global Navigation Satellite Systems tropospheric products for monitoring severe weather events and climate


STEPS Stands For Severe Thunderstorm Electrification And Precipitation Study| Skills For Tertiary Education Preparation Studies| Success To Every Presidential Scholar


MRS Stands For : Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy | Meganuclease Recombination System | Molecular Recognition Section | Mitsubishi Rotary Separator | Mentally Retarded Severe


SWO Stands For Severe Weather Office| Staff Weather Officer| Studies Of War Oppression


SSPQ Stands For : SCID Screen Patient Questionnaire for Windows


CTC Stands For : Canadian Tourism Commission | ChlorTetraCycline | Clinical Trial Certificate | Common Toxicity Criteria | Cadet Training Centre | Cargo Transfer Company | Civilian Treatment Center | Combat Training Center | Combined Training Camp | Contract Target Cost | CounterTerrorist Center | Camera | Chief Test Conductor | Core Technical Capabilities | Centralized Traffic Control | Community Transportation Coordinator | Computed Torque Control | Child Tax Credit


CAB Stands For : cabergoline | Calcium Antagonists in Blacks (clinical trial) | Cambridge Apraxia Battery | carbonic anhydrase B | carotid artery bruit | Change Advisory Board | chlorambucil | Choose and Book | chromogranin A and B | chronic asthmatic bronchitis | combined androgen blockade | complete androgen blockade | Consumer Advisory Board | conventional amphotericin B | coronary artery bypass | coronary artery bypass surgery


SARS Stands For : Sales Are Returning Soon | Salute to All Respected Staff | Severe Absence of Retail Sales | Stay After Retirement Syndrome


CVD Stands For : carvedilol | cerebrovascular disease | chronic valvular disease | chronic venous disease | cisplatin | clinical valve dysfunction | collagen vascular disease | coronary vascular disease | cardiovascular disease | CardioVascular Disease | Cerebro-Vascular Disease


CAPS Stands For : Coronary Arrhythmia Pilot Study (CAPS) | Cleaved Amplified Polymorphic Sequence | Clinical Analysis And Problem Solving | Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Services | clinician-administered post-traumatic stress [patient interview] | Child Amblyopia Prevention Screening | Cryopyrin-Associated Periodic Syndrome


CAP Stands For Coefficients And Properties| Circum-Atlantic Project| Catabolic gene activator proteins| Campus Access Point| Campus Accountability Partner| Capital Academic Program| Career Advisory Program| Center for Applied Probability--Columbia University| Centre for Academic Practice| Clinical Advancement Program| Computer Analysis Project| Cumulative Average Point| Curricular Academic Program| CAPacitor| Carrierless Amplitude Phase| Combined Analog and Pulsative


VODAFONE Stands For : Combined Voice


CFC-K Stands For : Combined Forces Command


CHT Stands For : Combined Hormone Therapy


SKA Stands For : Super Kinetic Association | Sangria Known As | Severe Kinetic Analyser | Skills Knowledge Ability | Small Kitchen Appliances | Square Kilometer Array


ISCC Stands For : Indiana Statistical Consulting Center | inno Screen Capture Codec | Integrated Solar Combined Cycle | Integrated Solar Combined CycleåÊ | Inter Society Color Council | Inter Society Coordinating Committee | International Skating Center of Connecticut | International Skin Carcinogenesis Conference | International Society for Children with Cancer | International Sustainability and Carbon Certification | International Sustainability Carbon Certification | Intestinal Stem Cell Consortium | Invasive Species Council of California