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What is the full form of BYOK ?

This page is all about abbreviation, acronym and meaning of the given term BYOK.

BYOK Stands For : Bring Your Own Koolaid | Bring Your Own Kayak | Bring Your Own KeggeråÊ | Bring Your Own Key | Bring Your Own Kid | Bring Your Own Knife | Build Your Own Keyboard

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BRING Stands For : Bringing


BRING UP Stands For : Beta-blockers In patients with congestive heart failure Guided Use in clinical Practice


BYOB Stands For : Bust Your Old Buttons | Brew Your Own Beer | Bring Your Own Bag | Bring Your Own Beer | Bring Your Own Both (Beef and Bottle | Bring Your Own Brunch | Bring Your Own Bucket | Beat your own brother | Behind Your Own Bag | Bite Your Own Boobs | Brew Your Own Bathtub | Bring You Own Broom | Bring Your Own Back | Bring Your Own Bag | Bring Your Own Basics | Bring Your Own Basket | Bring Your Own Bean | Bring Your Own Bear | Bring Your Own Bed | Bring Your Own Bike | Bring Your Own Binoculars | Bring Your Own Boat | Bring Your Own Bodyguard | Bring Your


BYOM Stands For : Bring Your Own Meat | Bring Your Own Model | Bring Your Own | Bring Your Own Mac | bring your own machine | Bring Your Own Malware | Bring Your Own Milk | Bring Your Own Mug | Build Your Own Model


BYOF Stands For : Bring Your Own Food | Bring Your Own Fleet | Be Your Own Fan | Bring Your Own Film | Bring Your Own Flask | Bring Your Own Friend | bring your own friends | Build Your Own Fundraiser | Building Your Own Fundraiser


BYOE Stands For : Bring Your Own Eggs | bring your own encryption | Bring Your Own Energon | Bring Your Own Environment | Bring Your Own Equipment | Bring Your Own Everything


BYOT Stands For : Build Your Own Technology | Build Your Own Tour | Bring Your Own Technologies | Bring Your Own Technology | Bring Your Own Teeth | Bring Your Own Thumb


BYOD Stands For : Bring Your Own Dog | Bring Your Own Drinks | Bring Your Own Dancer


BYOB Stands For : Bring Your Own Blood | Bring Your Own Bullets | Build Your Own Base


BYOS Stands For : Bring Your Own Sock | Bring Your Own Steak


BYOB Stands For : Bring Your Own Bong | Bring Your Own Branch


BOAT Stands For : Break Open Another Thousand | Break Out Another Thousand | Bring Out Another Thousand | Bring Over Another Thousand | Buoyancy Operated Aquatic Transport | Bail Out Another Thousand | Beer On A Table | Better Organize Another Thousand | Big Ole Ass Truck | Bit Of A Twat | Break Out Another Twenty | Bring Out Anther Thousand | Bust Out Another Thousand | But Only Another Thousand


BIG Stands For : Best In Group | Bovine Implosion Grenade | Boy Infested Girl | Breakfast In Gut | British | Balm In Gilead | Basic Income Grant | Basic Income Guarantee | Beautiful Indigenous And Glorifying | Bedford Internet Graphics | Behavior Improved Greatly | Beliefs In Government | Believe In God | Believer In God | Believers In God | Bob In Ga | Bold Inflammatory And Groundbreaking | Books Instead Of Guns | Boredness Immediately Gone | Bring In Guest | Bring In Guests | Bring In The Greeks | The Brain Injury Group


BUMP Stands For : Boost Up My Posts | Bring Up My Post | Bring Us More Posts | Bump Up My Post | Bring Up My Post


BMW Stands For : Blue | Babbling Mechanical Wench | Bad Mechanical Wonder | Bad Men Wave | Bad Motor Welding | Badly Maintained Wehicle | Barely Moving Wreck | Basic Marin Wheels | Bavarian Money Waster | Bavarian Murder Weapon | Be My Wife | Be My Woman | Beastly Monstrous Wonder | Beat My Wheels | Beating Many Wankers | Beautiful Magnificent Woman | Beautiful Masterpiece on Wheels | Beautiful Mechanical Wonder | Beckons Many Women | Beer | Befuddling Motor Works | Behold My Wealth | Big Man Walking | Big Meal Walking | Big Mechanical Warranty | Big Menopausal Wan


BUMP Stands For : Bring Us More | baby under manufacturing process | Baby Under Manufacturing ProcessåÊ | Balance Understanding Make Peace | Basic Unattended Micro Payment | Bostons Unscripted Musical Project | Bridging Urban Mission Partnerships | Bring Up My Posts | bumped | bumping | Burgundy Urban Mediation Project


BYOD Stands For bring your own device (pad/smartphone etc)| Build Your Own Dictionary


BYO Stands For : Bring Your Own


BYOC Stands For : Bring Your Own Car


BWYH Stands For : Bring What You Have


BUY Stands For : Bring Um Young


BTTT Stands For : Bring To The Top


BEAR Stands For : Bring Everything Always Ready


BYOP Stands For : Bring Your Own Portal


BYOV Stands For : Bring Your Own Vegetables


BIMP Stands For : Bring In More People


BIO Stands For : Bring It On | Bun In the Oven | By Invitation Only


BOYS Stands For : Bring On Your Scissors


BYOD Stands For : Bring Your Own Device


BYOA Stands For : Bring Your Own Advil


BYOH Stands For : Bring Your Own Hardware


BYOL Stands For : Bring-Your-Own-License (Oracle)


BYOZ Stands For : Bring Your Own Z-scale train


BYOT Stands For : Bring Your Own Transaction | Byotrol


BYOA Stands For : Be Your Own Awesome | Bring Your Own Access


BYOD Stands For : bring your own device (pad/smartphone etc)


MABEL Stands For : Mothers Always Bring Extra Love


BAF Stands For : Biafra Actualization Forum | Bring A Friend


BOYD Stands For : Bring On Your Device | Building Our Youths Development


WBAP Stands For : Windows Browser APplication, We Bring A Program


COBRA Stands For : Currency Options Bring Reward Alternatives


BYO Stands For : Bring Your Own | Be Your Own | Berkeley Youth Orchestra | Blend Your Own | Brew Your Own


BAE Stands For : Brigade Aviation Element | Bring Another Engine | British AErospace


BUSH Stands For : Beat Up Saddam Hussein | Bring the United States Here


BUTT Stands For : Backward Utilized Tracking Torpedo | Bring Up This Topic | broadcast using this tool


BTN Stands For : Ban Thanh Nien | Behind The News | Bent Technology Network | Better Than Nothing | Bring The Noise | Burn The Nose


BAG Stands For : Bees Are Gambling | Bad Ass Girls | Bay Area Gathering | Blessings Attitude And Gratitude | Bring A Guest | British American Glass | Building And Grounds | bag


ABATE Stands For : Always Bring Alcohol To Events | American Bikers Aiming Towards Education | A Brotherhood Aimed Towards Education


BBR Stands For : Big Black Rabbit | Baseline Budget Revision | A Boiling Beer Reactor | Bad Block Relocation | Becky Bonnell Rozales | Better Bring Roses | Big Bait Rod | Big Bald Ranger | Blues Brothers Racing


BUG Stands For Bring Up Grades| Brought Up Grade| Brought Up Grades| Bye Until Graduation


BEAR Stands For : Ballistic Engineered Armored Response | Base Expeditionary Airfield Resources | Basic Expeditionary Airfield Resources | Bring Everything | Bureau Enterprise Architecture Repository


BS Stands For : Be Sweet | Biting Sarcasm | Bring Snickers | Bull Shit | Best Site | Bull shit | The Binding Site


BMR Stands For : Bring Me Rutabagas | Bad Moon Rising | Bekonscot Model Railway | Balanced Mode Radiator | Basic Metabolic Rate | basic metabolic rateåÊ | Bill McAnally Racing | Bio Medical Research | Blue Mountain Region | Broadreach Medical Resources | Brown Mid Rib


BF Stands For : Bitstring Forecasting, Browser File, Bug Fix, Best Friend, BoyFriend, Boot Floppy, Bridging Fault, Bit Field, Blank Field, Block Fill, Bring Forward, Buffer Full, Busy Flag, Box Fill, Big File, Blank Filling, Bold Font, Brute Force


BM Stands For : Banco de Madrid | Branch Manager | Bade Miyaan | Boehringer Mannheim | Boston Market | Bristol Myers | Britannia Metal | Brealey - Myers | Briefing Memo | Bring Money | Business Management | Business Model | Buy Mine | Board Member | Bank Messenger | Barbarian Mercenary | Beast Master | Blog Master | Black Market | Box Machine


BCH Stands For : Baker Campbell Hausdorff | Balancing Calming and Healing | Bandy Carroll Hellige | Benign Congenital Hypotonia | Bjoern C Hasse | Bomber Command Heritage | Bose and Chaud huri | Bose Chaudhuri Hochquenghem | Bose Chaudhuri Hocquenghem | Boston Childrens Hospital | Boulder City Henderson | Boulder Community Hospital | Brady Chapman Holland | Bring Conservation Home


BARF Stands For : Biologically Appropriate Raw Feeding | Biologically Appropriate Raw Food | Bones And Raw Food | Bones And Raw Foods | Biologically Appropriated Raw Food | Bones And Real Food | A Biolically Approprite Raw Food | Baseball Above Replacement Fantasy | Be A Real Friend | Bring A Real Friend


KAYAK Stands For Koupler And Yet Another Koupler


BMC Stands For : Big Mikes Choppers | Black Mustang Club | Bulk Molding Compound | Bulk Mail Center | Baltimore Metropolitan Council | Bankrupt Motor Carrier | Barry Martin Car | Bend Memorial Clinic | Berkshire Medical Center | Bicycle Manufacturing Company | Big Mikes Choppers | Body Mind Centering | Bone Marrow Concentrate | Borkum Match Coal | Boss Mans Cars | Bring Much Cash | Broken Motorcycle Company | Bryn Mawr College | bud miller coors | Bulk Molding Classes | Business Machines Consultants | Business Model Canvas


BUILD Stands For : Businesspersons United In Louisvilles Development


B Stands For : Best | Bishop | Bargain | Big | Beau (French coin grade equivalent to Very Good) | Bello (Italian coin grade equivalent to Very Good) | Black | Blue | Brown | Bloodhound | Bananas | Beer | Blah | Bland | Blueberry | Bowl | Breakfast | Burnt | The Baddest | Bartholomew | Beatrice | Beatriz | Berkowitz | Bernard | Betty | Bill | Billy | Blaine | Bob | Brandon | Brett | Britney | Bruce | Buddy | B | Baby | Badboy | Balance | Bar | Barnes | Barriers | Batch | Beat | Beautiful | Beauty | Bechtel | Bee | befuddled | Bekki | Belief


BUILD Stands For : Baltimoreans United in Leadership Development | Builders United in Legislative Development | Building | Business Understanding for Inspired Leadership Development


ABC Stands For : Adelaide Brighton Ltd | Accountability Basics and Control | Analyze | Acorn Business Computer | Adventist Book Center | Air Batu Campur | Alexander Berkman Collective | Allevatori Bufalini Casertani | Alpha Beta Camera | American Beauty Center | American Broadcasting Company | Another Book Club | Antwerp Book Capital | AOUTEROA Board Company | Arels Business Charter | Associated British Corporation | Audit Bureau Of Circulations | Australian Broadcasting Company | Australian Broadcasting Corporation | A Better Company | A Board Commi


BC Stands For : Bien Conserve (French coin grade equivalent to Almost Good) | Black Chrome | Bright Colors | Border Collie | Beautiful Coconut | black coffee | Butt Cheese | Before Canada | Before Children | Before Clinton | Before Computers | Booty Call | Bring Cash | British Commonwealth | buzz cut (hair) | Beach Cat | Best Cousin | Big Cat | Black Cat | Brat Cat | Before Cameras | Black Cell | Ballot Counter | Bar Code | Baby Classics | Backup College | Backward Class | Bad Cat | Bad Choice | Ball Conrad | Ban Clotheslines | Bank of Canada | Barely Cath


KVM Stands For : Keyboard, Keyboard, Keyboard, Kilobyte Virtual Machine, K Virtual Machine, Keyboard, Key Variable Management, Keyboard, Kilobyte Virtual Machine, Keyboard-Video-Mouse switch, Kernel Virtual Memory


BOT Stands For : Build | Board Of Trustees | Boss Ordered This | Bought | Build | Build | Build | Buono Ordinario del Tesoro | Balance Of Trade | Block Ordered Texture


BOOT Stands For : Build | Build Own Operate And Transfer | Build | Lacrosse Footwear


OSK Stands For : Operationally Soft Keyboard, On Screen Keyboard, Os Starter Kit, Outlook Survival Kit


KEYBxx Stands For : load Foreign Keyboard Code Page for non-US keyboard


KCS Stands For : Knowledge Center Software, Keyboard Controlled Sequencer, Keyboard Controller Style


KBD Stands For : Keyboard, Knowledge Based Discovery, Keyboard mapping (LocoScript - Signature - Procomm Plus)


KSR Stands For : Keyboard Send/Receive, Keyboard Shift Right


BYD Stands For : Barley Yellow Dwarf | Before You Die | Build Your Dream | Build Your Dreams | Bury Your Dead


BYOB Stands For : Build Your Own Brand | Build Your Own Business | Be Your Own Boss


BYOG Stands For : Build Your Own Garment | Build Your Own Glove


BLD Stands For : Build, Build, Bloadable picture (BASIC)


BYOB Stands For : Build Your Own Basic, Build Your Own Browser


DK Stands For : Damn Kommies | Disbursing Clerk | Display Keyboard | Double Kill | DecK | Display/Keyboard | DocKing


QWERTY Stands For : Standard computer or typewriter keyboard, top-left 6 letters on a standard English keyboard


WK Stands For : Wider Keyboard, Web Keyboard, Who Knows


KYBD Stands For : Keyboard | Keyboard


BANANA Stands For : Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anyone | Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anything | Build Anything Nowhere And Nothing Anywhere | Building Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anything


CKC Stands For : Canadian Kennel Club | Canine Kennel Club | Canoe Kayak Club | Canton Kayak Club | Cavalier King Charles | Chaing Kai C | closed kinetic chain | Colossal Kaiju Combat | Community knowledge Centre | Contenintal Kennel Club | Core Knowledge Category | Corporate Key Contributors | Cultural Knowledge Consortium | Custom Kar Crafterz | Custom Kyley Cutlery


BOO Stands For : Build Own Operate | Build


BTO Stands For : Bild Ton Organisation | Build Transfer Operate | Built To Order | Business Technology Optimisation | Business Transformation Outsourcing | John Hancock Bank &Thrist Opportunity Fund | Build To Order | B2Gold Corp


OBK Stands For : Out Back Kayak


BOO Stands For : Baby Orphan Orca | Baby Orphaned Orca | Bash Object Oriented | Bethesda Online Organization | Binary Organic Optimization | Bladder Outlet Obstruction | Body Odor Optimal | Born of Osiris | Brake On Off | Build Operate Own | Build Own And Operate


DBOT Stands For : Design Build Operate And Transfer | Design Build Operate Transfer | District Board Of Trustees


DBO Stands For : Demanda BioquÌ?mica de OxÌ?geno | Department of Business Oversight | Design Build Operate | Destiny Bungie Org | Develop Build Operate | Digimon Battling Online | Distributed Biological Observatory | Dragon Ball | Dragon Ball Online


UTK Stands For : Under The Knife


PEBCAK Stands For : Problem Exists Between Chair And Keyboard, Problem Exists Between Chair And Keyboard


UWK Stands For : UnderWater Knife


EBK Stands For : Economical Belt Knife


OKC Stands For : Ontario Knife Company


TFK Stands For : Tactical Field Knife


CBK Stands For : Concealed Backup Knife


GKNF Stands For : Grille Knife


SRK Stands For : Survival Rescue Knife


SAK Stands For : Swiss Army Knife


SAK Stands For : Swiss Army Knife