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What is the full form of FORD ?

This page is all about abbreviation, acronym and meaning of the given term FORD.

FORD Stands For : Fabulous Off Road Driving | Factory Ordered Road Disaster | Fail On Road Daily | Failed On Race Day | Fails On Rainy Days | Falling Off Road Dead | Famous Odor Resistant Dog | Fantastically Orgasmic Realistic Dream | Fast Only Rolling Downhill | Fastest On Race Day | Fastest On Road | Fat Old Retarded Driver | Fatally Obese Redneck Driver | Feeble Old Redneck Driving | Final Organ of Reproductive Discipline | Finally Obsolete Racing Device | Finds Old Rusty Drivers | Fireball On Rear Denting | Fireball On Roadway: DETOUR! | Firestones On: Really Dangerous! | First On Race Day | First On Recall Day | First On Road to Dump | First On Rubbish Dump | First On Rust and Deterioration | First Order of Reproductive Discipline | Fix Or Recycle Dilemma | Fix Or Repair Daily | Fix Or Repair Dally | Fix Or Return for Dodge | Fixed Or Repaired Daily | Flames On Road Daily | Flintstone Or Rubble Driven | Flip Over Read Directions | Flipped Over Roadside Disaster | Flipping Over Results in Death | Flips Over Readily | Flys Over Rolled Dodge | Follow Our Ruddy Dogsled | Fond Of Resonating Decibels | Foot On Road Decelerates | For Old | For Only Real Drivers | For Only Rolling Downhill | For Our Retarded Daughter | For Over Reckless Driving | Forced On Reluctant Drivers | Fords Only Run Downhill | Forever On Road Driving | Forget Out-Running Dale | Forgot Our Recommended Defaults | Forgotten Old Rustedout Dodge | Fork Over Repair Dough | Forlorn | Formed Of Rejected DNA | Forward Only | Forwarded Once | Found Off Road Dead | Found On Racetrack Dead | Found On Red Dumpster | Found On Rednecks Driveway | Found On Reservation Dead | Found On Road Daily | Found On Road Dead | Found On Rubbish Dump | Found On Russian Dump | Found Our Real Dog | Found Our Relative Deceased | Found Outside Refuse Dump | Found Outside Rotting Dump | Fraternal Order of Restored Sotos | Free Or Reduced Drastically | Freeloaders On Runaway Donkey | Frequent Opinion of Rotten Dirt | Frequent Overhaul | Frequently On Ritalin | Fumes and Odors Readily Detectable | Funky Old Rebuilt Dodge | Funny Old Rattling Dump | Family Organization Recreation Dreams | Fatto Oggi Rotto Domani | Fellow Only Runs Downhill | Fisrt On Race Day | Fix Occasionly Rarely Daily | Fix Or Repair Dailyand | Fix Or Repair Department | Fix Orally Repulsive Dummies | Fixed Or Repeared Daily | Flying Out Right Dude | Fond Of Red Diesel | For Only Runs Downhill | Forget Out Runnin Dale | Found On Refuage Dump | Freaken Old Rebuilt Dodge | Fuel Oil Repair Daily

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ROAD Stands For : Roadway Express | Resolve Outlook Association And Disposition


ROAD Stands For Repository Of Academic Documents


ROAD Stands For : Retired On Active Duty | Reclaim Our Allocated Dollars | Riders Of American Defence


ROAD Stands For : Reality Of Amy Dumas | Record Of Achievement And Development | The Reality Of Amy Dumbass


ROAD Stands For : Rapid Object Application Development, Rapid Object Application Development


DODGE Stands For : Daily Owners Discover Grave Errors | Damnd Old Dodge Gos Everywhere | Damned Old Dirty Gas Eater | Dang Ol Dirty Gas Eater | Dang Old Dirty Gas Eater | Darned Old Dirted Gas Eater | Dead Old Dog Going East | Dead On Day Guarantee Expires | Dead On Delivery | Dead On Delivery | Dead On Donner Going East | Dead Or Damaged Greasy Embarrassment | Dead Or Dying Garbage Emitter | Definitely Over Done Garbage Equipment | Dem Old Dudes Go Everywhere | Department Of Defense Garbage Equipment | Dont Over Drive Garbage Equipment | Dont Over Drive Gutless Engine |

FORD (picture)

FORD (picture) Stands For : FORD (picture) found on road dead


REPAIR Stands For : repaired | Repairing


FIAT Stands For : Failed In A Tunnel | Fails In All Technicalities | Fails In Attempted Turns | Failure In Automotive Technology | Failure Is A Tradition | Fairly Innovative Auto Type | Fast | Feeble Italian Attempt at Transportation | First In All Tests | Fits In A Thimble | Fix It Again Ted | Fix It Again Tomorrow | Fix It Again Tony | Fix It All the Time | Flats In All Tires | Found In A Tip | Found In A Trench | Frenzied Italian At Traffic-lights | Frenzied Italians At Traffic


FORD Stands For : Fix Often Repair Daily


RRM Stands For : Realty Rate Monitor | Road Race Management | Road Race Motorsports | Really Rotten Modernization | Retail Revenue Management


FIBD Stands For : found in bed dead | Feline Inflammatory Bowel Disease


DEAD Stands For Diver Emergency Ascent Device


DIRT Stands For : Daily Individual Reading Time | Damage Information Reporting Tool | Data Intensive Real Time | Design In Real Time | Designed Integrated Resistance Training | dicated Improvement and Reflection Time | Diligent Innovative Research Team | Disaster Initial Response Trailer | Disaster Instant Response Team | Drivers Independant Race Tracks | Drivers Independent Race Tracks


BID Stands For : Background Information Document | Beth Israel - Deaconess | Bis In Die (Twice Daily) | Bacterial IDentification | Bis In Die (Twice Daily) | Bis In Die (Twice a day) | Bis In Die (Twice Daily) | Brought In Dead | Bis In Die (twice daily) | Bis In Die (Twice Daily)


Dead Stands For : Dearly Entering Afterlife Dramatically | Devastating Elite Army of Destruction | Destruction of Enemy Air Defenses | Drinking Ends All Dreams


RRE Stands For : Rubianna Resources Limited | Radical Ralph Entertainment | Red Rock Eater News Service | Road / Race Engineering | Road Race Engineering | Robert Reimers Enterprises


RD Stands For : Registration Dossier | Rapid Deployment | Repair Database | Replacement Detachment | Requirements Document | Research and Development | Results Database | Ringdown | Rock Drill | Radiation Detection | Reference Designator | Reference Document | Requirements Document | Round | Rear Drag | Road | Road Dog | Rolling Demo | Requirement Directive | Rural Development


HRDD Stands For : Horseshoe Road Drum Dump | Headquarters Research and Development Detachment


ERF Stands For : Early Reinforcing Force (follow-on 3 1/3 divs to CRF) | Eccm Remote Fill | Electronic Repair Facility | Extraordinary Repair Fund | European Road Failure


RR Stands For : Recall Recommendation | Relative Risk | Repeatedly Reactive | Readiness Review | Reattack Recommendation | Rebel Rocket | Recruitment and Retention | Reference Receiver | Refit and Repair | Relevant Rank | Reporting Responsibility | Requirements Review | River Rats | Rough Riders | Rounds Remaining | Royal Ranger | Range Rate | Rendezvous Radar | Requirements Review | Respiration Rate | Rafter Rat | Round Rock | Railroad | Refit and Repair | Relaxed Rider | Road Ready | Road Roller | Re Review | Rural Reconstruction | Rural Route


IHTFP Stands For : I Have This Fabulous Party | I Have Truly Found Paradise


SRC-FAMILY KINASES Stands For Sarcoma-family kinases The first member of this family to be found was the v-Src protein It was produced by virus


GRRE Stands For : Rehabilitation of Gravel Road or Earth Road to Gravel Road


FnF Stands For : Friends and Family | File Not Found


NEFO Stands For : No Employee Found in Organization


NDR Stands For : New Drunken Republicans | National Digital Repository | National Driver Registery | Natural Dynamic Range | Ned Davis Research | Network Disaster Recovery | Neville de Rougemont | Norther Distributor Road | Northern Distributor Road


DNF Stands For : Data Not Found


NFG Stands For : New Found Glory


SNF Stands For : Server Not Found


IFL Stands For : I Found Love


L&F Stands For : Lost and Found


NFP Stands For : New Found Power


L&FI Stands For : Lost and Found


FDTR Stands For : Faculty Down the Road | Fonds de DÌ©veloppement Touristique RÌ©gional | Food Down the Road | Frequency Domain Thermal Reflectance | From Dreams to Reality


LNFI Stands For : Lost and Found


PNF Stands For : Part Not Found | Pilot Not Flying | Pawnee National Forest ( U S Park Service)


NFF Stands For New Firm Formation| No Fault Found


INDIVIDUAL Stands For : This content can be found on the following page


TNF Stands For : Text Not Found | The Nippi Faerie


AFOP Stands For : Ammunition Found On Post


DTR Stands For : Direct To Rust | Defining The Relationship | Daily Temperature Reading | Data Transfer Rate | Degrees To Radians | Denver Teacher Residency | design technical resources | Diesel Truck Resource | Distributed test runner | Double Trouble in Recovery | Down the Road | Dual Tension Restorer | Dynamic Training Results


FTP Stands For : Free Toilet Paper | File Transfer Process | For the People | Found The Paul


LFG Stands For : LandAmerica Financial Group | Lost and Found Guy


DD Stands For : Data Dependent, Data Dumper, Device Dump, Duplicate Data, Digit Directory, Data Duplicator, Discharged Dead, Disk Data, Disk Drive, Disk Duplicator, Double Density (floppy disk), Duplicate Disk, Defined Definition, Definition Data, Definition Description, Compressed Macintosh file archive (DiskDoubler), Data Definition, Data Dump, Deterministic Data, Disk Dump


IRD Stands For : Iron Road | Income in Respect to Decedent | Independent Record Distributing | Inland Revenue Department | Infrared Rotary Drier | International Road Dynamics


LOFT Stands For : Lost Objects Found Treasures | Photoloftcom


FND Stands For : Windows 95 items FouND Saved search file

FORM 483

FORM 483 Stands For : Written Notice Of Deficiencies Found In Inspections


483 Stands For : FDA form used as a written notice of deficiencies found in inspections


OTR Stands For : Office Of Technology Resources | Over The Road | Operating Time Record | Outer | On The Run | Oceanic Transition Route | Off The Road


WTF Stands For : Way Totally Fun | Well Thats Fine | Well Trained Forum | Well | What the f*** | What The Flip? | What The Freak? | What The Fuck | What True Friend | Whats The Fuss | Wheres The Forum | Why The Frown | Wow! Thats Funky! | Weird Things Found | Welcome to Facebook


RACE Stands For : Real-time Asynchronous Compute Environment, Retrieval, Reconfigurable And Adaptive Computing Environment


NTF Stands For : Neutral Transfer Format, No Trouble Found, Lotus Notes Data file


KMFDM Stands For : Karl Marx Found Dead Masturbating | Kevin Makes Foolishly Disappointing Mix | Kmfdm Makes Funny Dance Music | Kangaroos Mimicking Furry Dogs Miscellaneous | Keep Metallica From Destroying Metal | Kein Mitleid Fur Der Mehrheit | Kein Mitleid Fur Die Mehrheit | Kein Mitleit Fur Die Mehreit | Keith My First Delightful Monkey | Kleine Mitleid Fur Das Mehrheit


NDF Stands For : No Defect Found, Non-Drop Frame, New Data Flag, National Development Framework, Normal Dispersion Fiber


SPF Stands For : Safety Promise Found, Sunbelt Personal Firewall, Summertime Phone Functionality, Slide Presentation File


DIR Stands For : DIRect | Document Information Record | Directive found in the Manual of Policy and Procedure | Division of Industrial Relations


RTA Stands For : Refusal To Accept | Roads & Transport Authority | Ready To Assemble | Repatriated To Australia | Residual Threat Assessment | Real-Time Accumulator | Road Traffic Accident | Regional Transit Administration | Roads and Traffic Authority | Rapid Transit Administration | Regional Transportation Authority | Road To Avonlea | Road Traffic Accident | Roads and Traffic Authority | Returned To Australia


RACE Stands For Rajkamal Academy Of Cinematic Excellence


RACE Stands For : Rapid Amplification of cDNA Ends


VOR Stands For : Variation Order Request | Variations on Rockdodger | Vertemati Off Road | Vertimatti Off Road | Vestibulo Ocular Reflex | Vhf Omni Range | Vhf Omni Rangevol | Vhf Omnidirectional Radio | Victim of Recession | Voice of Russia | Voice of the Researchers | Vuga Online Radio


RACE Stands For : Research | D A T A R A C E | Recorded Activity Compared To Expectations


EBME Stands For : Electro Biomechanical Engineer | Note: This term appears on several lists of abbreviations and acronyms that I found on this side of the pond There were no (none) hits on 05112011


FYI Stands For : Fer Yer Infermaeshun | for Yarn Invasion | For Your Improvement | For Your Inspection | For Your Inspiration | For Your Interest | For Your Intonation | Found Your Insulin | FUCK YEAH INFORMATION | FYI; generally written


FFF Stands For : Fake Furred Ferret | Friends For Food | Famous Fast Food | Feel Felt Found | Five Finger Fillet | Fall Fishing Fantasy | Fanatical Fundy Freak | Flat Footed Freak | Food Fighting French | Frags For Free | Friends | Federation For the Future | Final Fantasy Followers | Fat Fast Forty


XWD Stands For : X Windows screen Dump, X window dump, X- Window Dump screen window image Bitmap graphics format


UFO Stands For : Unique and Found Objects | Unemployed Factory Occupant | Unbelievable Financial Opportunity | Unlimited Financial Opportunity


SF Stands For : Soft Feel | Silver Fallow | Super Field | Shun Fat | Stimulant Free | Sting Free | Sucrose Formulated | Sugar Free | Scarcely Found | Street Fighter | San Francisco 49Ers | Science Fiction | Selbst Fahrend | Square Feet | Square Foot


ATB Stands For : Alberta Treasury Branches aka ATB Financial | Around the Bay Road Race


OYR Stands For : One Year Recall | Off Your Road | Old York Road | One Year Recall


FR Stands For : Forest Road | Federal Register | Fire/Rescue | Field Report | Fielding Runs | Final Report | Flat Rack | Full Rate | Functional Requirements | Firing Room | Flight Rule | FRame | Freedom Right | Federal Register | Final Rule | Fire Road | Free Ride | Front Radiating | Federal Register | Federal Regulation | Fedral Register | Forest Reserve | Form Report | Form Run


YBR Stands For : Yellow Brick Road Holdings Limited | Yellow Brick Road Promotions | Your Benefits Resources Financial


RRL Stands For : Road Research Laboratory | Rudder Reference Line | Road Research Laboratory | Runway Remaining Lights


SRTA Stands For : Santa Rosa Teachers Association | Se̱orita refers to an | Shasta Regional Transportation Agency | Southeastern Regional Transit Authority | Southeastern Regional Transit Authoritys | Southern Regional Testing Agency | State Road and | State Road And Tollway Authority | State Road Tollway Authority | Student Research Travel Award | Swiftwater Rescue Technician Advanced


RP Stands For : Resident Post | Radar Picket | Rally Point | Rapid Patch | Rapid Production | Recommended Practices | Recon Party | Reconstitution Priority | Red Phosphorus | Reference Point | Release Point | Release Point (Road) | Religious Program Specialist | Rendezvous Point | Repair Parts | Retained Personnel | Review Pane | River Patrol | Russian Prick | Reaction Plane | Relative Pressure | Repair Period | Rocket Propellant | Rotating Platform | Reporting Person | Responsible Person | Reform Party | Republican Party | Ron Paul | Really Poor | Response Pa


RMRR Stands For : Rocky Mountain Retriever Rescue | Rocky Mountain Road Runners | Routine Maintenance Repair and Replacement | Routine Maintenance Repair Replacement


RFTU Stands For : Ready for Training Use | Regional Fire Training Unit | Road Fuel Testing Unit | Road Fuel Testing Units | rudder feel trim unit


OSR Stands For : Oil Spill Response | Obital Ship Repair | Operations Support Room | Ohio State Reformatory | Office of State Revenue | Old Spanish Road | Old Stage Route


RT Stands For : Rucni Top | Real Time | Receiver Transmitter | Reconditioning Test | Recovery Team | Restraint to Target | Rough Terrain | Radio Telescope | Range-to-Target | RaTe | Real Time | Receiver-Transmitter | Reference Trajectory | RighT | Run Time | Rail Transit | Reaction Time | Right Turn | Road Tool | Road Track | Roll Top | Round Trip | Red Tape | Resolved That | Round Table


CERTO Stands For : Fruit pectin found in apples; concentrated as Certo enhances rapid jelling of fruit preserves during cooking process


FORK Stands For : Filibuster Over Reactionary Knowledge | Fantasies Of Road Kill | Friends of Ralph Klein | Friends Of Rohit Khare


OSF Stands For Optimal Solutions Found| Operational Support Facility| Operation Support Facility


RS Stands For : Radio Set | Radio Spares | Radio System | Rapid Shot | Rate Synthesizer | Really Shiny | Recommended Standard | Reconnaissance/ Surveillance | Relative Strength | Religious Support | Remote Sentry | Request for Support | Requirement Submission | Rescue and Survival | Returns Salute | Rawinsonde | Redundancy Status | Redundant Set | Reed Solomon | Refurbishment Spare | Release Secondary | Remote Station | Right Side | Rocket Start | Solar Radii | Revolutionary Soldier | Revised Statutes | Racing Sport | Railway Station | Rallye Sport | Remote St


OD Stands For : Operator Dialed, Oh, Octal Dump, Octal Dump, Open Diary, Optical Disk


WRW Stands For : W Ray Wallace & Associates | Wicked Road Warrior | Wicked Road Warrior


Rc Stands For : Radius of Curvature of river or stream | Radio Controlled | Raiding Cavalry | Raw Command | Reaction Center | Read and Cover | rear column | Receive Clock | Reduced Configuration | Regional Coordinator | Relative Coordinates | Remote Controlled | Requirements Contract | Reserve Component | River Current | Road Reconnaissance | Range Command | Rate Command | Recovery Controller | Recurring Cost | Resistor-Capacitor | Reverse Current | Rotation Control | Rubber Cement | Revolutionary Council | RCA Corporation | Racing Car | Road Reconnaissance | Re


RACE Stands For : A Rescue Alarm Contain Extinguish | A Run After Calling Emergency | Ready Aim Collect Emergency | Reasoner For Aboxes And Concept Expressions | Recorded Activity Compared To Expectation | Relocate Alarm Contain Extinguish | Remote Access Camera Experiment | Rescue Activate Contain Evacuate | Rescue Alarm Confine Englewoodhospital | Rescue Alarm Contain And Extinguish | Rescue Alert Contain Extinguish | Retrieval Annotation And Caching Engine | Riverwatcher Active Content Environment | Rubato Amateur Chamber Ensemble


DOM Stands For : Deluded Old Man | A Dedicated Object Management | A Document Order Model | Daerah Operasi Militer | Daily Oral Math | Data Object Model | Day Of Month | Days On Market | Days On The Market | Digital Optical Monitoring | Disk Of The Month | Disk On Media | Distributed Order Management | Document Object | Document Object Module | Domain Object Model | Download Only Members | Dump Organize And Map


FROG Stands For : Fast Road Of Glass | Flies Right Off the Ground | Four Really Old Guys | Freakin Real Old Guy | Front and Rear On Ground | F R O G | Fellowship Reach Out Group | Fishing Relaxing Organic Gardening | Flame Resistant Organizational Gear | Forever Reliant on God


RTW Stands For : Race The Wind Greyhound Adoption | Renaissance Theaterworks | Rock The World Productions | Rothberg | Register To Win | Release To Web | RTW | Road Tank Wagon


GOLF Stands For : Game Off Limit to Females | Gentlemen Only | Go Out and Love Food | Go Out Laugh Frequently | Great Outdoor Lost and Found | Green | Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbiden | Gentlemen Only Ladies Forrbidden | Gentlemen Only Ladies Forrbiden | Gents Only Ladies Forbidden | Great On Loans Funding | Green Oxygen Light And Foot


SRT Stands For : Seventh Ragged Tigers | Scarborugh Rapid Trains | Sex Reversal Therapy | Short Range Terms | Single Rope Techniques | Smelly Red Trash | Someone Redo The | Special Response Teams | Speech Recognition Technology | Sports Road Track | Standard Rotating Tines | Street Racing And Track | Street Racing Tiburon | Stress Relief And Tensioning | Subaru Rally Team | Super Road Track | System Readiness Test


KFF Stands For : Kentucky Fried Fox | Henry J Kaiser Family Foundation | Kaiser Family Found | Kaiser Family Foundation | Kaiser Family Foundations | Kenya Football Federation | Kettle Franchising Factory | Killers For Fun | King Faisal Foundation | Krakow Film Festival | Krakow Film Foundation | Kung Fu Fighting


SCORE Stands For : Senior Corp of Retired Executives | Setting Children On The Road To Empowerment | Sharing Christ Our Redeemer Enterprises | Short Course Off Road Enterprises | Smart Credit Opportunities Real Empowerment | Solution Centre Online Reference And Education | South Central Organization Of Researchers And Educators | State Collaborative on Reforming Education | Student Community Outreach Resource Endowment | Students Creating Opportunities For Recreational Enrichment | Successful Comprehension Of Reading For Everyone | Systems Control Operations Risk Evaluation


NPF Stands For : Network Processing Forum, Norton Personal Firewall, No Presentation Form, No Problem Found, Norton Personal Firewall


PDB Stands For : Presidential Daily Briefing | Personal Daily Brief | Post-Deployment Build | Presidents Daily Briefing | Program Budget Decision | Performance Data Book | Power Distribution Box | Project Data Base | Partido del Bierzo | Presidential Daily Brief


EMF Stands For : E-Mail Filtering, Eclipse Modeling Framework, Electrical Malfunction Found, Enhanced MetaFile, Enhanced MetaFile Vector graphics file, Enhanced Metafile Format