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What is the full form of GDUFA ?

This page is all about abbreviation, acronym and meaning of the given term GDUFA.

GDUFA Stands For : Generic Drug User Fee Act | Generic Drug User Fee Amendment | Generic Drug User Fee Amendments

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Proc Eur Soc St Drug Tox

Proc Eur Soc St Drug Tox Stands For Proceedings of the European Society for the Study of Drug Toxicity


USER Stands For : United States Energy Reserve


DRUG Stands For : Dragon Pharmaceuticals


AGDUFA Stands For : Animal Generic Drug User Fee Act


PDUFA Stands For : Prescription Drug User Fee Act of 1992 | Prescription Drug User Fee Act


ADUFA Stands For : Animal Drug User Fee Act of 2003 | Animal Drug User Fee Act


IDU Stands For : Intravenous Drug User | Illicit drug users


UUI Stands For : Union of Unemployed in Iraq | Universal USB Installer | urgency urinary incontinence | user to user indication | User To User Information | User to User Interface


GDEA Stands For : Generic Drug Enforcement Act of 1992


GINAD Stands For : Generic Investigational New Animal Drug file


GDMA Stands For : Generic Drug Manufacturing Assessment Branch (of OMPQ


PDUFA Stands For : Prescription Drug User Fee Act


GRE Stands For : Generic Routing Encapsulation, Generic Route Encapsulation, Generic Routing Encapsulation, Generic Routing Encapsulation, Generic Routing Encapsulation, Gecko Runtime Environment


SU Stands For : Sub-Unit, SUppressor, Scan Udp, Simultaneous Users, Service Unlimited, Shut Up, SuperUser, Seismic Unix, Set User, Specified User, Super User, System Userper, Stand Up, Substitue User, Substitute User, Switch User, Switch Users, Syntax Unit


IVDU Stands For : Intra-Venous Drug User


MGDP Stands For : Maize Gene Discovery Project | Mexican Genome Diversity Project | Mandatory Generic Drug Program


MUI Stands For : Macromedia User Interface, Magic User Interface, Magical User Interface, Micro User Interface, Multi User Interface, MY User Interface, Multilingual User Interface


ADR Stands For : acid-detergent residue | acquired drug resistance | acute drug reaction | ADR58 | adrenal and pituitary procedures | adriamycin | airway dilation reflex | Alzheimer‰Ûªs disease research | artificial disc replacement | ataxia-deafness-retardation syndrome | Animal Drug Request | Adverse Drug Reaction | Adverse Drug Reaction | adverse drug reaction


UI Stands For : User Interface, User Interface, User Interface, Uniform Interface, User Infrastructure, Unauthorized Information, User Interface, Unnumbered Information (frame), Unsigned Index, Unsigned Integer, Geoworks U I Compiler Espire language source code file, User interface (Sprint)


CMUG Stands For : C MUG User Group | Caracas Macintosh Users Group | Central Maryland User Group | Charlotte Mercury Users Group | Chennai Microsoft User Group | Christian Macintosh Users Group | Citrus Macintosh Users Group | Climate Modelling User Group | Coastal Mac User Group | Coastal Mac User Groups | COLORADO MULTIVALUE USERS GROUP | Corvallis Mac User Group | Cowtown Mac User Group


GRIP Stands For : Generic Remote Invocation Protocol, Graph Reduction In Parallel, Generic Roleplaying For Internet Programs


FDAAA Stands For : Food and Drug Administration Amendments Act | Food and Drug Administration Amendments Act


UDP Stands For : User Datagram Protocol, User Datagram Protocol, Undefined Destination Packet, Universal Data Port, User Data Protocol, User Datagram Protocol, User Datagram Protocol, Up Down Pair, User Defined Procedure


MUSH Stands For : Multi User Shared Habitat | Multi User Shared Halluciation | Multi User Shared Halluncination | Multi User Simulated Hallucination | Multi User Simultaneous Halucination | Multy User Shared Hallucination


DEA Stands For : Drug Enforcement Administration | Drug Enforcement Administration | Aerospace Drift Error | Data Exchange Agreement | Doctrine Evaluation Activity | Drug Enforcement Administration | Deployed Electronics Assembly | Department of Economic Affairs | Drug Enforcement Administration | Drug Enforcement Administration (US Department of Justice)


GUI Stands For : Graphical User Interface, Graphical User Interface, Gimp User Interface, Graphical User Interface, Guide For User Intelligence, General Use Input, Get Updated Information


GUI Stands For : Geese Under Igloos | Girls Unite Inside | Good User Interface | General User Interface | Global Unique Identifier | Golfing Union of Ireland | Government Unified Invoices | Graphic User Interface | Graphical User Interfaces | Graphics Unit Interface


BUS Stands For : BIMS (Biologic IND (Investigational New Drug) Management System) User Support Group | Rocket that launches satellites | Brownsville Urban System


GURPS Stands For : Generic Universal RolePlaying System | Generic Universal Role Play System | Generic Universal Role Playing Syestem | Generic Universal Role Playing System | Genreic Universal Role Playing System


MUD Stands For : Multiple User Domain, Multi-User Dimension, Multi User Dimensional, Multi User Domain, Multi User Dungeon


EUS Stands For : End User Segment, End User Services, End User System


FDA Stands For : factorial discriminant analysis | Family Doctor Association | Food and Drug Administration (USA) | Frenchay disarthria assessment | Food and Drug Administration | Fluorescein Diacetate A | Food and Drug Administration | Food and Drug Administration


NKDA Stands For : No Known Drug Allergies | No Known Drug Allergies | No Known Durg Allergies | No Known Drug Allergies | Non-Ketotic Diabetic Acidosis | No Known Drug Allergies


EUSM Stands For : End-User Spam Management, External User Security Model, End User Service Management


UID Stands For : Unique IDentifier, User Interface Definition, User IDentification, User Interface Description


DIA Stands For : diakinesis | diffusely infiltrating astrocytoma | Digital Image Analysis | DIAbetic | Diaphragm | Drug-Induced Agranulocytosis | Diazepam | Drug Information Association | Drug Information Association


UIM Stands For : Unit Information Module, User Identity Module, Unix Image Manager, User Interaction Management, User Interface Manager, User Interaction Management


NDA Stands For : New Drug Application | Next Doctor Appointment | New Drug Application | No Data Available | New Drug Application | New Drug Application


PUG Stands For : Personalized Unleavened Granola | Pirates Under the Government | Pick Up Group | Pictage User Group | Pictures Under Glass | Please Use Gallagher | Power User Gateway | Presses Universitaires de Grenoble | Python User Group


CDER Stands For : Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (United States Food and Drug Administration) | Center for Drug Evaluation and Research | Center for Drug Evaluation and Research | Center for Drug Evaluation and Research | Center for Drug Evaluation and Research


MUCK Stands For : Maynooth University Canoe Kayak | Multi User Character Kingdom | Multi User Character Kit | Multi User Chat Kingdom | Multi User Creature Kingdom


AODA Stands For : Alcohol And Other Drug Abuse | Alcohol And Other Drug Addiction | Alcohol And Other Drug Awareness | Alcohol Other Drug Abuse


SUI Stands For : Singer Under The Influence | Shopping Under the Influence | Service User Involvement | Society of United Irishmen | Solutions Unlimited Inc | Spatial User Interaction | stacked user inputs | State University of Iowa | Subsurface Utility Investigations | Systems Unlimited Inc


FDA Stands For : Food and Drug Administration | Food and Drug Administration | Fault Detection and Annunciation | Flight Deck Assembly | Foot Dragging And Alibis | Future Dictators of America | Front Driving Axle | Further Delays Ahead | Food and Drug Administration


TUI Stands For : Tangible User Interface, Telephony User Interface, Text User Interface, Text-based User Interface


FDA Stands For : Food and Drug Administration | Fatal Drugs Allowed | Fear | Federal Denial Agency | Food and Death Association | Food And Diet Administration | Fundamentalist Duping Association | First Division Association | Florida Dental Association | Food Drug Administration | Frog Detection Agency | Fundamentally Defective Agency | U S Food and Drug Administration | U S Food and Drug Administrations


GEM Stands For : Generic Electronic Mail | Generic E Mail | Generic Electronic Mail


XDR Stands For : excessively drug resistant | extensively drug-resistant | extremely drug resistant


ADAA Stands For : Animal Drug Availability Act of 1996 | Alcohol and Drug Abuse Administration


KFDA Stands For : Kansas Funeral Directors Association | Kernel Fisher Discriminant Analysis | Korea Food and Drug Administration | Korea Food Drug Administration | Korean Food and Drug Administration | Kunsten Festival des ArtsåÊ


GGP Stands For : Good Guidance Practice | Generic Gateway Protocol | Generic Gun Platform | good guidance practice


MDUFA Stands For : Medical Device User Fee Amendments of 2007


IND Stands For : Incision aNd Drainage | Independent | Investigational New Drug | Investigational New Drug | Investigational New Drug | Independent | Investigational New Drug


MUI Stands For : Majelis Ulama Indonesia | Malayan United Industries | Maritime Union of India | Master User Interface | Matter Under Inquiry | Mechanical Unit Injectors | Metro User Interface | Minor unusual incident | MUHAMMAD UNIVERSITY OF ISLAM | MultiLanguage User Interface | Musicians Union of Ireland


MDR Stands For : Multiple Drug Resistant | Multi-Drug Resistance | multi-drug resistant/ce | Medium Dose Rate | miltidrug-resistant | minimum daily requirement | Multi Drug Resistant | Manifestation Determination Review | minimum daily requirement | multi-drug resistant | Multiple Disease Resistance | minimum daily requirement


VUI Stands For : Voice User Interface, Virtual User Interface, Visual User Interface


UGO Stands For : User Group Order | User Group Other | User Group Others | UnderGround Online


MUDS Stands For : Multi User Domains Or Sometimes | Multiple User Domains She | Multiple User Dungeons Since


ADE Stands For : acute disseminated encephalomyelitis | adverse drug effect | Animal Disease Eradication Division USDA | antibody-dependent enhancement Immunology | Ara C | arrhythmogenic dose of epinephrine | Adverse Drug Event | Antibody Dependent Enhancement | Adverse Drug Experience


NDA Stands For : New Drug Application | New Drug Application number | National Disability Authority | National Drug Agency | Nuclear Decommissioning Authority | National Defence Academy | National Defense Area | No Detectable Activity | National Democratic Alliance | Non-Democratic Alliance | National Democratic Alliance | Next Day Air | New Drug Application | Non-Disclosure Agreement | Notice of Docket Activity


FTTU Stands For : Fiber To The User | Fibre To The User | Future Tactics The Uprising


URDB Stands For : User Requirement Data Base | User Requirements Database


UIB Stands For : User Is Blocked, Utility Integration Bus, User Interface Bitmap


MAUI Stands For : Massively Advanced User Interface | Matrix Analysis Of User Interfaces


UDC Stands For : Universal Domain Controller, Utility Data Center, User Defined Change, Universal Digital Channel, Universal Disk Controller, User Defined Codes, User Defined Command, Adobe Acrobat Spelling File


EUC Stands For : End User Certificate, Extended Unix Code, Japanese text (Kanji), End User Computing


FUD Stands For : Fast User Directory, Fully UnDetected, Fair Use Doctrine, Flawed User Decision


UPD Stands For : User Program Division | User Product Distribution


IUP Stands For : Internal User Profile, Installed User Program


URT Stands For : User Requirements Testing | Upright | User Requirements Testing | Urban Transit | User Requirements Testing | Utilities Review Team


AUI Stands For : Abstract User Interface, Attachment Universal Interface, Access Unit Interface, Adaptable User Interface, Application User Interface, Attachment Unit Interface, Attachment User Interface


UFD Stands For : Unidentified Flags and Ensigns | Universal Firing Device | User Functional Description | User File Directory


UIC Stands For : Universal Information Client, User Identification Code, Universally Interoperable Core, User Interface Compiler


UAC Stands For : User Agent Client, Unified Administration Center, User Account Control, Uniform Annual Charge


EUE Stands For : End User Experience, Early User Evaluation


MUD Stands For : Multiple User Dungeon | Manual Utilities And Drivers | Medieval Underground Dungeon | Mothers Under Dads | Multi Undergrad Destroyer | Multi User Dialogue | Multi User Dunqeon | Multiple Undergraduate Destroyer


UDD Stands For : Ultra DigiDrive, Ultrafast DigiDrive, User Data Disk, User Defined Device, Unified Data Descriptor, Unified Design Database, User- Defined Datatype, Universal Data Dictionary


URP Stands For : Universal ROM (Read-Only Memory) Programmer, Upper Receiver Parts, User Registration Protocol, User Role Profile


ADEP Stands For : Adobe Digital Enterprise Platform | Adolescent Diversion Education Program | Alcohol and Drug Education Program | Alcohol and Drug Education Programs | Alcohol Drug and Education Program | Association d Entraide des Polios


UV Stands For : User Visible, User Variable


EUI Stands For : External User Interface, Everyperson User Interface, End User Interface


EUE Stands For : Early User Evaluation | Early User Experimentation (or Evaluation) | External Upset Ends | Early User Evaluation


RUIM Stands For : Removable User Identity Module, Removable User Information Module, Removable User Identification Module


ADAP Stands For : Alzheimer‰Ûªs disease-associated protein | AIDS Drug Assistance Program | Alcohol and Drug Abuse Program


SFDA Stands For : Saudi Food and Drug Authority | State Food and Drug Administration (China) | San Francisco de AsÌ?s


BLUG Stands For : Barbados Linux User Group, Basler Linux User Group, Beijing Linux User Group, Bellingham Linux Users Group


CDAR Stands For : Center For Drug Abuse Research | Command Duty Alcohol Representative | Conditional Drawdown At Risk | Controlled Drug Administration Record | Customer Dialed Account Recording


UDTF Stands For : Underage Drinking Task Force | Urban Design Task Force | User Defined Table Function | User Defined Table Functions | User Defined Table FunctionåÊ


DDI Stands For : Drug-Drug Interaction


ODBP Stands For : Ontario Drug Benefit Plan | Ontario Drug Benefit Program | Ontario Drug Benefits Program


DDI Stands For : Dangerous Drug Informant | Division of Drug Information | Data Display Indicator | Deputy Director of Intelligence | Digital Display Indicator | Dedicated Display Indicator | Discrete Data Input | Division of Drug Information


GOMSFE Stands For : General Object Model For Substation And Field Equipment | General Object Models For Substation And Field Equipment | Generic Object Model For Substation And Feeder Equipment | Generic Object Models For Substation And Feeder Equipment | Generic Object Models For Substation Feeder Equipment | Generic Object Models For Substations And Feeder Equipment


DEN Stands For : Drug Experience Network | drug experience network | Stapleton International Airport | drug experience network


DGD Stands For : Dworkins Generic Driver, Dworkins Generic Driver


USD Stands For : Universal Service Directive, User Solution Definition, User Supplementary Document, Users Supplementary Documents


CUI Stands For : Complete Unstructured Information | Composite User Interface | Conceptual Unit Identifier | Concrete User Interface


ICARUS Stands For : Integrated Computer Application For Recognizing User Service | Integrated Computer Application For Recognizing User Services | Inter County Arson Reduction Usernet System | The Integrated Control Application For Restricting User Services


FLUID Stands For : Fast Light User Interface Designer | Foundation Language For User Interface Development