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Not Worth a Plugged Nickle

What is the full form of Not Worth A Plugged Nickle ?

This page is all about abbreviation, acronym and meaning of the given term Not Worth A Plugged Nickle.

Not Worth a Plugged Nickle Stands For : Useless

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Nickle Stands For : 5-inch square of fabric


DFW Stands For : Defenders Of Frigid Weaponry | Dallas Fort Worth | Dallas / Fort Worth International Airport


UHNWI Stands For : Ultra High Net Worth Individual | Ultra High Net Worth Individuals


NPI Stands For : Node Processor Interface, Numbering Plan Identifier, Not Plugged In, Source for DGEN.EXE interpreter (dBASE Application Generator)


NPW Stands For : National Payroll Week | National Police Week | Nancy Pearl Wannabe | Nasa Power Wing | National Performance Warehouse | Net Premiums Written | Net Present Worth | New Providence Wharf | Newham Partnership Working | Niesen Price Worthy | Nightmare Pro Wrestling | Non Potable Water | The Net Present Worth | •?¨•?¡•?á


WWR Stands For : Werewolf Registry | Welded Wire Reinforcement | Well Worth Reading | White Wabbit Records | whole words read | Wild Water Racing | Wild Wild Rennes | Will Wattanawongkiri Racing | Women Without Roofs | Wood Wind and Reed | Words Without Repetition | Working With Rails | World War Robot | world weather radars | World Wide Recycling | Wounded Warrior Regiment | Writing Worth Reading | Window Wall Ratio


FWIW Stands For : For What Its Worth


HNW Stands For : High Net Worth


DFW Stands For : Dallas/ Ft Worth


NFW Stands For : Net Future Worth


JM2CW Stands For : Just My 2 Cents Worth


NFW Stands For : North Fort Worth


FWIW Stands For : For What Its Worth | For Whoever Is Wondering


WWPF Stands For : Worth What Paid For


ZFW Stands For : Fairview | Fort Worth


W4D Stands For : Worth 4-dot test (in strabismus)


CNM Stands For : Career Network Ministry | Center for Nanoscale Materials | Center for Natural Medicine | Center for Nonprofit Management | central New | Central New Mexico | choose a nurse midwife | Chrome Nickle Moleybnynum | Clinical Nutritional Managemenet | Conseil National MixteåÊ | Custom Netowork Motors


WAFW Stands For : Web Architecture of Fort Worth


WOYB Stands For : Worth Youth Helmet Bag


HNWI Stands For : High Net Worth Individual


UHNW Stands For : ultra high net worth


UHNW Stands For : Ultimate High Net Worth


KFTW Stands For : Fort Worth Meacham Airport


KFWH Stands For : Fort Worth Carswell Air Force


KDFW Stands For : Dallas/Fort Worth Internationa


FWOS Stands For : Fort Worth Oral Surgery


WZA Stands For : West Zone Award | Worth Zilch Always


HNI Stands For : Hedge of a Net Investment | high net worth individual | Hon Industries


FWDB Stands For : Fort Worth and Dallas Belt Railroad


FWDR Stands For : Fort Worth and Dallas Railroad Company


FWWR Stands For : Fort Worth and Western Railroad Company


TS56 Stands For : KTVT Channel 11 Fort Worth Studio Heliport


TEAMWORK Stands For : Tonight Ends A Months Worth Of Rowing Kanoes


TNW Stands For : Total Net Worth | TashNa Whirlwindhorse | Technikon North West | Thorpe


CWR Stands For : Carignan Watch Repair | Comics Worth Reading | Ceres Power


NWCP Stands For Numerical Weather and Climate Prediction| Net Worth Certificate Program


WBB Stands For : Wide Bay Australia Ltd | WoolyBumBums | Worth Bishop and Bowerman | Webb Delaware Corporation


UN Stands For : Un Nutted | Unanimously Neglectful | Uneducated Nations | United Nothing | United Nuzum | Unmistakably Nutless | Unwanted Nobodies | Useless Nations | Useless Nutless | Useless Nuts | Usually Nothing | Universal Number | UnLucky | United Network | Unit | Uncountable Noun | Unidad Nacional | United Nazis | United Net | University of Nebraska | Useless Nimrods | User Name


PLUG Stands For : Pakistans Linux Users Group | People Living Under God | Philadelphia Linux Users Group | Plugged | Portland Linux Unix Group | Portland Linux/Unix Group | Power Linux Users Group | Provo Linux Users Group


GLOW Stands For : Gay Lesbian or Whatever | Gays and Lesbians of Waterloo | Generative Linguistics in the Old World | Get Lifetime of Wellness | Girls Learning Our Worth | Giving to Light Others Way | Go Light Our World


EMPOWER Stands For : Early Moms Proving Our Worth Embracing Revolution | Employing And Moving People Off Welfare And Encouraging Responsibility | EMPOWERED | Empowering | Enrichment Mentorship Partnering Opportunities Wisdom Excellence and Responsibility


CUBS Stands For : Cant Understand Baseball Strategy | Completely Useless By September | Completely Useless By Spring | Consistantly Unavailale By September | Cubs Useless By September | Can U Beat Somebody | Choke Usually Before September | Closers Usually Blow Saves | Come Unraveled By September | Come Usless By September | Completely Usless By September | Completly Unbeatable By September | Completly Useless By September


RPW Stands For : Revenue | Racing Performance Works | Random Plane Wave | range of part worth | Real Pro Wrestling | Recorder Players West | red palm weevil | Red Pill Women | Regulative Principle of Worship | Reliable Plating Works | Resistance Pro Wrestling | Revenue Pieces Weight | Rh̫ne Plume Water


TBU Stands For : True But Useless | Tie Bar Unit | True But Useless


FWF Stands For : Fair Wear Foundation | Fantasy Wrestling Federation | FASHION WEEK FUKUOKA | Fence With Fun | Fiordland Wapiti Foundation | Firewall Forward FWF | fixed width file | fixed width format | Flat Wrestling Federation | FLEMISH WRESTLING FORCE | Florida Wildlife Federation | Forestry Wildlife and Fisheries | Fort Worth First | Functional Whole Foods | Furry Wrestling Federation | The Free Writers Forums


IOWA Stands For : I Owe Wisconsin Apologies | Im One With Appeal | Im Only Worth Apology | Idiot Out Wheeling Around | Idiots On Wheels Alert | Idiots Out Walking Around | Idiots Out Wandering Arizona | Idiots Out Wandering Around | In Omaha Without Asking | Inbreds Out Working Agriculture | Inbreeding Over Wide Area | Inquisitive Online Wonders Advisories | I Otta Went Around | I Outta Went Around | I Owe The Wold An | Idots Out Walken Around | Ignorant Old Women And | Internet Objects For Web Applications | Interpolated Objects For Web Applications | Iowa Owes Wisconsi


NWA Stands For : National Weather Association | National WIC Association | National Wrasslin Alliance | National Wrestling Association | Never White Ass | New World Alliance | Nice White Aryans | Niggas with Attitude | Nominally Worthy Adventure | North West Arkansas | North West Assassins | Not Worth Anything | Nubian World Alliance | The National Weather Assocation


SUV Stands For : Safe Utility Vehicle | Satanic Urban Vehicle | Sausage Under Veils | Senseless Urban Vehicle | Senseless Urban Vulgarity | Seriously Useful Vehicle | Shameful Unregulated Vehicle | Sheep United For Victory | Shiny Unused Vehicle | Shut Up Vehicle | Simply Useless Vehicle | Slightly Upgraded Van | Sluggish Unbearable Vendor | Smelly Utility Vehicle | Snobs Upperclass Van | Soccermoms Ugly Van | Social Urban Vanity | Some Useful Virtues | Son Of Ugh Vitch | Spectacularly Ugly Vehicle | Spinal Utility Vehicle | Sport Utility Volvo | Square Underpowered V


GPW Stands For : Gary Pye Woodturning | General Purpose Wagon | German Precision Watch | Get Paid Weekly | Gieâda PapierÌ?w WartoÝciowych | Gary Pye Woodturning | General Purpose Wagon | German Precision Watch | Get Paid Weekly | Gieâda PapierÌ?w WartoÝciowych | GÌ?rnoÝl€Éskie Przedsi€ªbiorstwo Wodoci€ÉgÌ?w | Government Printing Works | Grand Prix White | Grand Pro Wrestling | Grayson Pender and Wordsworth | Gridded Population of the World | Gross Premiums Written | Gross Product Worth


VMU Stands For : Very Much Useless


ACU Stands For : All Completely Useless


SUV Stands For : Silly Useless Value


USL Stands For : Useless Loop


UHD Stands For : Useless Homeless Dog


TBU Stands For : True But Useless


UUOC Stands For : Useless Use Of Cat


MUGEN Stands For : Mostly Useless


UMP Stands For : Useless Message Poster


UMS Stands For : Useless Motivational Slogan


UPS Stands For : United Pie Stands | Ultra Poor Service | Un-Predictable Service | Unbelievably Pathetically Slow | Unbelievably Ponderously Slow | Unbelievably Poor Service | Unbelievably Pulverized Shipments | Uncommonly Poor Service | Unequaled Package Smashers | Universally Poor Service | Unmitigated Package Smashers | Unusual Pulling System | Unusually Poor Satanosphere | Use Purolator Service | Useless Poor Service | Useless Power Supply | Un-Prepared Speaking | Under Paid Slaves | Unreliable Postal Service | Unsatisfactory Poor Service | Utter Parcel Shit | Upda


TTIUWG Stands For : This Thread Is Useless Without Graphs


UMNO Stands For : Useless; Make Noise Only


TBU Stands For : Tape Backup Unit, True But Useless


ABU Stands For : Airman Battle Uniform | Always Bloody Useless | Anyone But United


LUG Stands For : Linux Users Group, List Useless Garbage


UPI Stands For : Unique Public Identifier, Useless Piece of Information


PRIUS Stands For : Pretty Rotten Incomprehensible Useless piece of Scrap


U Stands For : Unlimited | U S Airways Group | Useless | Uranium Participation Corporation


LOTUS Stands For : Loads Of Totally Useless Spares | Lots of Trouble Usually Serious


TRIUMPH Stands For : The Risk In Useless Machinery Pays Heavily | This Really Is Unreliable Man | Tried Repairing It Until My Parts Hurt!


WOW Stands For : Wardrobe On Wheels | White On White | Wine Of the Week | Warp On the Web | Way Out Wednesday | Way Out Women | Whipem Out Wednesday | Wisdom Of Whittier | Wondrous | World Of Wearableart | Warrior Of Wrath | Weekend Of War | World of Warcraft | Women Of the Web | World of Warcraft | The Walk Of Woe | Walk On Wildside | Walk Once a Week | Walker On Www | Walking On Water | Walking On Wednesdays | War of the Worlds | Waukesha Ozaukee And Washington | Web Of Wonder | Week Of Www | Whats On Weekends | Whipem Out Whenever | Wind Over Waves | Windows


EU Stands For : Elastic Underpants | Evil and Useless | Evil Union | Energy Usage


UGLY Stands For : Unbelievably Generous Lovable You | Unique Gifted Lovable You | Useless Generation Love Yourself


UWT Stands For : Undergraduate Writing Tutor | United World Telecom | Universal Wear Tester | University of Washington Tacoma | Useless Wooden Toys | UW Tacoma | UW Tacomas


UAE Stands For : Unusable Amiga Emulator | Useless Amiga Emulator | United Arab Emirates | Urinary Albumin Excretion


VU Stands For : Virtually Useless | Vehicle Unit | Vehicle Utility | Volume Unit | Vertical Unlimited


USB Stands For UPPER SIDEBAND| upper sideband| Undergraduate School of Business| University of South Berkly| Universal Serial Bus| Useless Steam Blowhole


UAW Stands For : U Agree Weakly | Unemployed Auto Workers | United Automaton Workers | Useless Auto Workers | Ultimate Anime Worshipper


UML Stands For : Underappreciated Modeling Language | University Of Manchester Language | Useless Modeling Language


UE Stands For : Unified And Errogant | Urban Exploration | Under Exposed | United Empire | The Uniform Edition | Ultimate Ears | Ultra Enterprises | Un Earthed | Unexpected Event | Uniformen Effecten | Unique Effector | unit Each | UNIVERSAL ENTERTAINMENT | Unknown Entity | Unofficial Expansion | Unrestricted Electives | Useless Elevation


UCS Stands For : Uniform Chromaticity Scale | Unidentified Carlos Sightings | Ultimate Collectors Series | Uniform Color System | Univeral Character Set | Useless Career Services | User Coordinate Surveying | Unit Coordinate System | Units Of Crack Susceptibility


BMW Stands For : Blue | Babbling Mechanical Wench | Bad Mechanical Wonder | Bad Men Wave | Bad Motor Welding | Badly Maintained Wehicle | Barely Moving Wreck | Basic Marin Wheels | Bavarian Money Waster | Bavarian Murder Weapon | Be My Wife | Be My Woman | Beastly Monstrous Wonder | Beat My Wheels | Beating Many Wankers | Beautiful Magnificent Woman | Beautiful Masterpiece on Wheels | Beautiful Mechanical Wonder | Beckons Many Women | Beer | Befuddling Motor Works | Behold My Wealth | Big Man Walking | Big Meal Walking | Big Mechanical Warranty | Big Menopausal Wan


IUD Stands For : Intra-Uterine Device | Incredibly Useless Device | Intra-uterine device | Intrauterine Device | Intrauterine device


MU Stands For : Marvel Universe | Manchester United | Mauritius | Maddness United | Mail Unicode | Maintainence Update | Make Up | Man Up | Manchester Useless | Maquis Universal | Marginal Utility | Marshall University | Massive Urethra | Math Urban | Measuring Up | Medium Universal | Member Update | Members Update | Memory Units | Military Unit | Miniature unit | Monitor Units | Morpholine Urea | Mother Unit | Moveable Unit | Muonic Units | Mutual Understand | Mass Units | Master Units


USDA Stands For : United States Department of Agriculture | United States Department of Agriculture | United States Department of Agriculture | Useless Students Demanding Attention | United Square Dancers of America | United Square Dancers of America


SAF Stands For : Seasonal Adjustment Factor | Supplementary Application Form | Safeland | Scudder New Asia Fund | Society of American Foresters


CVW Stands For : Clearview Wealth Limited | Collaborative Virtual Workspace


CNMT Stands For : Conmat Technologies | Certified Nuclear Medicine Technologist


FSCU Stands For : First South Credit Union


WSRI Stands For : Western States Reclamation


SCHE Stands For : Southern Cross


INFY Stands For : Infosys Technologies


TSBK Stands For : Timberland Bancorp


ACSM Stands For : American College of Sports Medicine

WGS 84

WGS 84 Stands For World Geodetic System 1984


SERU Stands For Shared Electronic Resource Understanding


NA Stands For Not Applicable| Not Available| numerical analysis| Neutral Axis| Negative Alignment| Non-Anomalous| Not Active| Nucleic Acid| Sodium (Natrium)| Non-Attainment| Numerical Aperture| Natural Amber| North American


HASA Stands For Hmong American Student Association| High Altitude Southern Appalachian


CEOAS Stands For College of Earth