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What is the full form of STFU ?

This page is all about abbreviation, acronym and meaning of the given term STFU.

STFU Stands For : Smell The Frenchs Underwear | Smells like The French Union | Snap The Farmers Underwear | Society To Find Unconformities | Socks Television Fascist Underwear | Steal The Funky Unicorn | Stealing Turkeys From Uncle | Stop This Foolish Ululating | Super Toga Football Umbrella | save the flying unicorn | Shut the Face Up | shut the fk up | Shut the Freak Up | Sound Technology Fashion and U | Southern Tenant Farmers Union | Star Trek Federation University

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STFU Stands For : Shut The F*** Up | Save The Forum Unity


STFU Stands For : Shut the F*** up


STFU Stands For : Southern Texas Fertilizer Unlimited | Street Tried Fords Unlimited | Scrawny Two Faced Underling


STFU Stands For : Superior Tactical Fragging Unit


SUAF Stands For : Savannah Urban | Savannah Urban Arts Festival | Shut Up and Fight | Shut Up and Fish | Sistema Unico de Asignaciones Familiares | Southern University Alumni Federation | Staff Union Assistance Fund


SCUBA Stands For : Saw Clintons Underwear By Ankles | Saw Clintons Underwear By Ankles | Self Confessed Underwater Breathing Addict | So | Some Come Up Barely Alive | Something Creepy Under the Boat | Special Camp for Underwater Ballet Academy | Super Cold Underwater Boat Adventure | Super Crazy Utterly Biased Acrobat


SCUBA Stands For : Super Cool Underwear Backstreet Apparel


SVU Stands For : SAP Version Update | Seek Vincent Urgently | Sex Vagina Underwear | Shopping Victims United | Southern Virginia University | SPECIAL VALENTINE UNIT | Sri Venkateswara University | Streaming Video Unit


U Stands For : Ugly | Underwear | Uncommon | Unhappy | Upbuilding | Ursula | Unplasticised | The Uncompensated | The Usual | U | Ubiquitous | Uk | Ullared | Ultra | Ulysses | Unapproved | unbeatable | Uncertainty | Uncollapsed | Unconnected | UNDEGROUND | Underground | Underline | Underlined | Understood | Unfired | Ungraded | Unicorn | unicycle | Unique | Unitary | Universe | Universeum | Unleveraged | Unrestricted | untersee | Upperdeck | Upping | Upsetalmost | Upsetover | used | Utah | utility | Utst | you | Units


FOOLISH Stands For : Foolishness


SNAP Stands For : Sharp National Account Program | Skali Netpreneurs Acceleration Program | Stop Now And Plan | Simplified Network Application Process | Synaptic Pharmaceutical


FIND Stands For : Find a specific string within a file


STOP Stands For : Safety Training Observation Program | Services That Offer Protection | Sit | Stop Think Observe And Plan | Stop Trashing Our Pub


STOP Stands For : So Tired Of Paying | Sacramento Taxpayers Opposed to Pork | Safety Training And Observation Program | Savor Travel Observe And Pause | Security Tracking Of Office Property | Service To Our People | Services Training Officers And Programs | Services Training Officers Prosecution | Services Training Officers Prosecutors | Simply Truths Our Priority | Slavery That Opresses People | Sports Trauma and Overuse Prevention | Squall Tires On Pavement | Stop And Think Of A Plan | Stop Taking On Pounds | Stop Taxing Our Pupils | Stop Teenage Opportunity to Purchase |


TReK Stands For : Telescience Resource Kit


BAU Stands For : Bad Apple Unicorn | Balqa Applied University | Balqa Applied University | Bangladesh Agricultural University | b‡¼¤u | beacon artist union | Behavior Antagonist Unit | Beirut Arab University | Beni American University | Bienal de Arte Urbano


TOGA Stands For : Top-down | Saratoga Beverage Group


SFDF Stands For : Samsung Fashion and Design Fund | Saskatoon Fashion and Design Festival | Saskatoon Fashion Design Festival | Science Fiction/Double Feature | Scottish Food and Drink Federation | Scottish Food Drink Federation | Sickness Fund Data File | Small Farmers Development Foundation | Sol Federation Defense Force | South Florida Dental FoundationåÊ | Squad Foundation of the Decisive Force | Strong Foundation Detailed Fundamentals | Swaziland Farmers Development Foundation


FACE Stands For : Bitmap graphics (UNIX Faceserver image file) (Usenix FACE)


SOS Stands For : Save Our Styles | Susies One Size | Save Our Soil | Salt Overly Sensitive | Steak On a Shingle | Strawberry On Shortcake | Same Old Stuff | Save Our Saucepans | Save Our Skins | Save Our Smallville | Save Our Snoopys | Save Our Socks | Secret Of Santa | Send One Suit | Shave Our Shins | Ship Or Shoot | Some One Smart | Soroptomists Own Stock | Sum Of Stupidity | Supporter Of Sora | Swapping Operating System | Son Of Samurai | Sons Of Storm | Save Our Scraps | Speak Out Softly | S O S | Save our ships | Sensor Observation Service | Society of Str


TOGA Stands For : Tropical Ocean Global Atmosphere | Take Off/Go Around


STAR Stands For : Special Travelers Account Record | Stevens Technology for Arsenic Removal | Safety Through Accountability And Recognition | Service | Situation | Software Technical Assistance Recognition | Lone Star Steakhouse and Saloon (de-listed - went private)


STAR-T Stands For : Super High Frequency Tri-Band Advanced Range Extension Terminal


TOGA Stands For : Take Off Go Around | Teaching Our Generation About | Tma Objective Grating Assembly | Topeka Outdoor Group Adventures


UNCLE Stands For : United Nations Control For Law And Enforcement


UNCLE Stands For : United Network Command for Law and EnforcementTHRUSH | Unusual Nut Case Lays of Ea


CIP SOCIETY Stands For : Chartered Insurance Professionals Society (Canada)


SAVE Stands For : Shared Accounting Of Various Expenditures | Service And Value Evaluation | Suggestions Are Valuable To Employees | Society of American Value Engineers | Start Accruing Valuable Equity


SUPER Stands For Students United Promoting Entertainment And Recreation| Service Unique President Executive And Relationship| Special University Program To Encourage Recycling| Special Unlimited Personal Electronic Resources


SOUND Stands For : Sufferers Of Unnecessary Nerve Damage


STAR Stands For : A System Of Technology To Achieve Results | Sanitation Training Assistance For Restaurants | School Tax Assessment Relief | School Technology And Readiness | Science And Technology Of Artificial Reality | Science Teacher Attraction And Retention | Screening Those At Risk | Security Trust Assurance Registry | Selling Testing Administrative And Research | Sensitivity To All Residents | Service To Area Residents | Set Targets And Achieve Results | Short Terms Advance Rehabilitation | Sistem Transit Aliran Ringan | Situation Or Task Action Result | Situation Ta


KFU Stands For : Kentucky Fried Underwear


STAR Stands For : Software Technology for Action and Reflection


STOP Stands For : Safe Tables Our Priority | Sit | Start Talking Over Problems | Slow Till Observing Police | Spin Tires On Pavement | Safety Training Observation Program | Slavery That Oppresses People | Stop The Oppressive Politics


FART Stands For : Farmers Against Renting Tractors | The Funny Art Of Riding Tractors | Farmers Against Retarded Television | Farters Against Raising Taxes | Farters All Race Today | Fathers Against Rude Teachers | Federal Association for Retired Teachers | Frank Accidentally Ruined Trousers | Freakin Awesome Raquetball Team | Frequency Activated Rectal Tremor | Friends All of Renewable Technology | Fabric Acquisition Road Trip | Fabulous Activities for Residents in Training | Family Afternoon Rest Time | FARTing | Fashion and Art The | Feed Affect Relegate and Terminate |


MBU Stands For : Mountain Bikes | Management By Underwear


TUW Stands For : Thailand Underwear | The Underground Warehouse


WCTU Stands For : Wild and Crazy Tattooable Underwear


SNAP Stands For : Swift Native Acceleration Personalization


FIND Stands For Filipino Intercollegiate Networking Dialogue


SNFU Stands For : Scottish National Farmers Union | Situation Normal Fouled Up | Society Not For Us


FUCK Stands For : Farming University of Central Kentucky | Fishing Under Cheese Kills | Fordham University College of Kinetics | Fornication Under Crown Knowledge | Fried Underwear Can Kill | Friend U Can Keep | Friendly Ugandian Crusty Knights | Friendship U Can Keep | Furry Umbrellas Catching Kangaroos | Friends U Can keep | fucking


OBU Stands For : OSIS Baseline Upgrade | Overtaken By Underwear | On Board Unit


JSU Stands For : Just Shut Up!


SNAP Stands For : Soluble Nsf Attachment Protein | Smoking Nutrition Alcohol And Physical | Supporting Neurotransmitter Activity And Production


PUB Stands For : Power Underwear Brands | Proposal Update Bulletin | Punch Tvns


STFUP Stands For : Shut The F*** Up Please


STHU Stands For : Shut the H*** Up


SULMF Stands For : Shut Up and Let Me Fap


IPU Stands For : Invisible Pink Unicorn | Image Processing Unit | Innovative Products Unlimited | Institute of Public Utilities | Integrated Police Unit | Inter Parliamentary Union | Internet Phone User | Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit | Irish Pharmacy Union | Index Participation Units


FIND Stands For : Financial Information Net Directory | FindexCom | Financial Intelligence Network Development


TOGA Stands For Tropical Ocean and Global Atmosphere| Tropical Ocean and Global Atmosphere


TECHNOLOGY Stands For : technological | technologies


WYPSYM Stands For : Will You Please Shut Your Mouth


WYPSYM Stands For : Will You Please Shut Your Mouth


KYMS Stands For : Keep Your Mouth Shut


SHUSH Stands For : a nice way of saying shut up


SUAL Stands For : Shut Up And Listen


MICRO-SNAP Stands For : Micro-Shipboard Non-Tactical Automated Data Processing System


STFD Stands For : Shut The Front Door


AGSOS Stands For : Automatic Gas Shut-Off System


I/FACE Stands For : Interface


STAR Stands For Joint CCOP/ SOPAC-IOC Working Group on South Pacific Tectonics And Resources| Satellite Transmitted Academic Resources| Science Technology And Research| Science To Achieve Results| Scottish Technology And Research| Small Tandem for Applied Research| Smart Technology for Academic Rewards| Strategically Targeted Academic Research| Strategies and Techniques for Academic Reinforcement| Student Team About Results| Student Telephone Assisted Registration| Student Testing| Student Tracking Admissions and Registration| Students Taking Action And Responsibility| Stude


SAVE Stands For : Esquel


FACE Stands For : Forty Assets Change Everything


SNAP Stands For Strontium Nitrate Acetone Peroxide| Student Needs Assistance Program| Student Network Access Project| Student Nurses At Penn| Selective Niobium Anodization Process


FACE Stands For : Fellow of the American College of Epidemiology


FACE Stands For Fine Arts Core Education


SU Stands For : Shut Up! | Single User | Sonic Underground


SUPER Stands For : Simplified Universal Player Encoder Renderer


SUPER Stands For : Simplified Universal Player Encoder & Renderer


SUR Stands For : Skraps Usually Run | Southern United Raza | Seemingly Unrelated Regression | Seemingly Unrelated Regressions | Seemly Unrelated Regression | Shut Up Robot | Some Udder Reason | Southern United Razza


FACE Stands For : Forward Aviation Combat Engineering | Fatality Assessment And Control Evaluation


SAVE Stands For : Sterile Air Venting Elimination | Support the AIDS Vaccine Effort


SDK Stands For : Sillies Dont Know | Shut Down Key | Sellings drugs to kids


STAR Stands For : Sustainable Technologies And Renewables | Scheduled Theater Airlift Route | Sensitive Target Approval and Review | Service Tradition Awards Recognition | Simulation in Training for Advanced Readiness | Situation Task Action Result | Standard Attribute Reference | Standard Threat Assessment Report | Surface-To-Air Recovery | System Threat Assessment Report | Scientific and Technical Aerospace Report | Shuttle Turnaround Analysis Report | State Testing And Reporting | Simplified and Transparent Administration of Registration | Standard Terminal Arrival Route |


STOP Stands For : Single Topic On a Page


STOP Stands For : Spontaneous Termination Of Pregnancy


SAVE Stands For : Safe Alternatives to Violent Environments | Safeguard for Agricultural Varieties in Europe | Safeguarding A Vital Existence | San Antonio Vacation Experience | Save And Value Environment | saving | Scientists Academics Volunteers And Educationists | Share A Vital Earth | Simulation And Analyses Of Virtual Energy | St Alphonsus Values Education | Standing Against Violence Everyday | Statewide Advocacy for Veterans Empowerment | Statewide Advocacy for Veterans Empowerment | Students Adults Veterans and Educators | Students Against A Violent Environment | Stud


STOP Stands For : Systematic Turnaround Operation Planning


STQ Stands For : Safe T Quake Shut-Off Valves | Income STREAMS III Corporation


SNAP Stands For : Secondary Nuclear Auxiliary Power | System Nuclear Auxiliary Power | Systems For Nuclear Auxiliary Power | Significant New Alternatives Policy | Streamlined Noncompeting Award Process


SOV Stands For : Schedule Of Values | Standard Oil of Venezuela | Sovereign Bancorp | Shut-Off Valve


ZFU Stands For : Zimbabwe Farmers Union


UFU Stands For : Ulster Farmers Union


NFU Stands For : National Farmers Union


OFU Stands For : Ohio Farmers Union


CCU Stands For : Cobar Consolidated Resources Ltd | California Credit Union | Capitol Credit Union | Champion Credit Union | Chester Credit Union | City Credit Union | Cloverbelt Credit Union | College Credit Union | Colorado Credit Union | Columbia Credit Union | Commonwealth Credit Union | Community Credit Union | Consumers Credit Union | Cornerstone Credit Union | Coventry Credit Union | Cowlitz Credit Union | Carbon Capture and Utilisation | Clear Channel Communications


UBS Stands For : The Urban Bomb Squad | Undergraduate Business Society | Underwear Boiling System | Unethical Brokers Of Securities | United Bible Societies | United Blood Services | United Buying Service | Universal Banking Service | Univerzalni Bouchac Sluzeb


NFU Stands For : National Farmers Union | National Frighter`s Union


SNAP Stands For : Single Network Access Pass, Sub-Network Access Protocol, Synchronous Network Architecture Planning, System Neutral Access Protocol, Secure Network Access Platform, System Network Advanced Protection, Sub-Network Access Protocol, Size Nomenclature Activity And Protection, Space Network And Power


TFCU Stands For : Taunton Federal Credit Union | Teachers Federal Credit Union | Teaneck Federal Credit Union | Technicolor Federal Credit Union | Tewksbury Federal Credit Union | Ticonderoga Federal Credit Union | Tiger Federal Credit Union | Tinker Federal Credit Union | Tooele Federal Credit Union | Tower Federal Credit Union | Toyota Federal Credit Union | Tracy Federal Credit Union | Transtar Federal Credit Union | Trenton Federal Credit Union | Triangle Federal Credit Union | Tropical Federal Credit Union | Truliant Federal Credit Union | TruStar Fed


SAVE Stands For : Supporting Alabamas Vaccine Efforts | Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlement | Systematic Alien Verification For Entitlements


NFUS Stands For : National Farmers Union of Scotland


SWU Stands For : Star Wars UniverseNet | Star Wars Unleashed Simulation | Seoul Womens University | Separative Work Units | Sluts Whores United | South West United | South West University | Southwest Workers Union | Southwest Workers Union | Stand With Us | Star Wars Universe


SAVE Stands For South Atlantic Ventilation Experiment| Students Activating Voicing Empowering| Students Against Violating The Earth| Students Against Violating The Education| Students Against Violence Everywhere| Students For A Viable Environment| Synchronized Audio Visual Entertainment


FFCU Stands For : Fairfield Federal Credit Union | Fairmont Federal Credit Union | Fairport Federal Credit Union | Fairwinds Federal Credit Union | Fancy Farm Credit Union | FAST (Families And Schools Together) Federal Credit Union | Federated Family Credit Union | Financial Federal Credit Union | Fire Fighters Credit Union | Firelands Federal Credit Union | First Federal Credit Union | First Financial Credit Union | First Florida Credit Union | First Four Credit Union | First Future Credit Union | Fitzsimons Federal Credit Union | Florence Federal Credit Un