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What is the full form of CCF ?

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CCF Stands For Carbonaceous Chondrite Fission| Correlation Crystal Field| Circuit Correction Factor| Cosmogenic Correlation Factor| Campus Christian Fellowship| Christs College Finchley| Complementary Class Fitting

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CF Stands For Correction Factor| correction factor (for LC data)| Central Focus| Certainty Factor| Characteristic Function| Correction Factor| Cumulative Frequency| Cold Fusion| Constant Flow| Cross Flow| Curved Field| Conceptual Framework| Chartreuse Fluorescent| Compact Framework| Californium| Ceramic Fiber| Chemical Fixation| Collection Frequency| Clinical Fellowship| Core Foundation| Curriculum Framework| Californium| Center Frequency| Characteristic Frequency| Conductivity Factor| Cape Fear


OCC Stands For Odd Cross-Correlation| Oakland Community College| Ocean County College| Off-Campus College| Onondaga Community College| Oral Communication Center| Orange Coast College| Owens Community College| Ozark Christian College| Open Circuit Characteristics


ECC Stands For Electronic Components Conference| Even Cross-Correlation| Error Correcting Code| Engineered Cementitious Composite| Emulsion Cloud Chamber| Elgin Community College| Erie Community College| Error Correction And Checking| Error Correction Circuit


CLASS Stands For : Come Late And Start Sleeping | Christian Life and Service Seminars | Classes | College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences | Colorado Learning Attitudes about Science Survey | Creativity Lifestyle And Sustainable Synergy


CIRCUIT-A Stands For : Counter-Insurgency Rescue Combat Unit Intercepting Terrorist Activity


CAMPUS Stands For : Course Assessments Methods And Perspectives Of Undergraduate Students


CAMPUS Stands For Canadian Administrative Management And Professional University Staff


CCC Stands For Computational Complexity| Common Catalogue Code| Cophenetic Correlation Coefficient| Roman Numeral 300| Conformal Cyclic Cosmology| Canadian Computing Competition| Certificate of Clinical Competency| China Compulsory Certification| College Credit Certificate| chlorocholine chloride| Chemical Contents Check| Computer Controlled Combustion| California Community College| Campus Computing Center| Campus Computing Clowns| Cleveland Community College| Coast Community College| Coffeyville Community College| College Collateral Courses| Collegiate Chapters Council


M-CLASS Stands For mobile CLASS


COLLEGE Stands For : Commonly Optimistic Legends Learning to Enlighten their Graduation of Education


CLASS Stands For : Cell Level ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode) Services Simulator, Custom Local Area Signaling Services, Java bytecode (compiled class - application)


FIELD Stands For : Field Immersion Experiences for Leadership Development | Immersion Experiences for Leadership Development


GCF Stands For Generalized Cofactor| Greatest Common Factor| Gas Correction Factor


OC Stands For On Center| Optimum Compaction| Old Coherence| On Center| Optimal Classification| Organic Carbon| Odessa College| Off Campus| Oklahoma Christian| Online Class| Open Concepts| Open Circuit| Open Collector| Operating Characteristic| Optical Cable| Optical Circuit| Over Current| Orange Coast


CLASS Stands For : application/octet-stream


CLASS Stands For : Canada-London Automated Settlement Service


CLASS Stands For : Closed Loop Artillery Simulation System | CLASSification | Committee for Law Abiding State Senators


CLASS Stands For cross-chain LORAN atmospheric sounding system| Catholic Leadership Academy for Successful Schools


NC Stands For No Convergence| No Correlation| Not Calculable| Not Converged| Numerical Calculation| NOAA Corps Operations| NOAA Corps| New Coherence| Non-Conservative| Neoclassical Component| Numerical Cosmology| Nickel Cadmium| Nitro Cellulose| Non-Catalysed| Not Counted| Newcomb College| No Calculator| No Class| No Credits| North Campus| Neutral Current| No Conductor| Noise Cancelling| Normally Closed| Numerical Control


HPF Stands For : Health Point Factor | hibernation promoting factor | High Power Field


CF Stands For : Chartreuse Flourescent | Cold Finish | Complete Finisher | Captive Farmed | Casein Free | CatFish | Charcoal Filtered | Chicken Fat | Cshtuffing Fenvelopes | Cell Face | Central Focus | Clear Flash | Close Focus | Compact Flash (memory card) | Clone Fiction | Crystal Fighter | Flotilla Cruiser (Cruiser | Central African Republic | C Fest | Camp Fianna | Canopy Formation | Center Flag | Character First | Christy Fest | Chyang Fun | Cluster F | Cold Fire | Collision Free | Command Freaks | Common Factor | Compares Favorably | Compensational Fai


SF Stands For South Fork| science fiction| Scaling Factor| Simple Function| Stackelberg Follower| Small Fall| Square Footage| Step Footing| Science Fiction| Surface Features| Self-Flocculating| Spreading factor| Simple Flux| Step Frequency| Summed Frequency| Super Fluorescence| Shallow Faulting| Schrodinger Functional| Shield Fusion| Singular Field| Speed Figure| Static Force| Strong Field| Structured Field| Super Free| Surface Friction| Symmetry Factor


Fv Stands For : Aircraft Speed Correction Factor | Field Validation | Functional Validation | Flight Version | Front View


OF Stands For : open field | operating framework | orbitofrontal | organ failure | osmotic fragility | ossifying fibroma | oxidation fermentation | Obliquity factor; Output factor


DLF Stands For : Dose-Limiting Factor | Direct Lytic Factor | Digitalis-Like Factor | Dorso-Lateral Fasciculus


ICC Stands For IEEE International Conference on Communications| Inter Class Competition| International Culture Club| Intra Class Correlation| Item Characteristic Curve


PAF Stands For : paroxysmal atrial fibrillation | Performance Assessment Framework | permanent atrial fibrillation | phosphodiesterase-activating factor | plain abdominal field | platelet-activating factor | progressive autonomic failure | Public Audit Forum (!!!) | pulmonary arteriovenous fistula | Platelet Activating Factor


RCF Stands For : Recipe Conversion Factor | Roller Coaster Freak | Radio Communications Foundation | Radio Control Framework | Rail Coach Factory | Rainforest Conservation Fund | Rapid Credit Facility | Rashtriya Chemicals and Fertilizers | Refined Concurrent FPC | Relieved Compress Format | Remote Call Framework | Renewal College Fellowship | Reno Christian Fellowship | Residential Care Facility | Resource Capital Funds | Rich Client Framework


WF Stands For Weak Fairness| Weighting Factor| World Friendship| Water Factor| Well Formedness| Withdrawn Failing| Weak Field


EF Stands For Equal Frequency| Evaluation Function| Extended Function| Easy Flow| Electric Field| Energy Factor| Extra Fine| Elastic Fusion| Emission Factor


FOCUS Stands For : Faculty Outreach Collaborations Uniting Scientists | Families Offering Care Understanding And Support | Fellowship of Orthodox Christians | Fellowship of Overseas Christian University Students | First Offender Close Up Services | Focus On Curriculum For Underachieving Students | Focus On Customers Ultimate Satisfaction | focused | Following Our Choices Unto Success | Forum On Computing Users And Services | Foundation for Overcoming Challenges and Utilizing Strengths | Founded On Christs Ultimate Sacrifice | Founded On Christs Undying Salvation | Founded On C


NF Stands For : Number of Farms | National Formulation | Nice Fink | Norfolk Island | A Number Of Filled | National Federation | National Francaise | neighboring face | Net Flix | New File | new frank | NF definition | Niagara Falls | Nice Fantasy | Nice Fight | Night Force | No F | No Fear | No Fill | No Fitting | No Flow | Noise Floor | Noise Free | Non Fiction | Non Field | Non First | Non Frustrated | Non Fui | nonfeminine from | Nonforest Forest | Normal Feel | Normalization Factor | North Fork | Not Fault | Not Finished | Now Following | Nuclear Fa


GFC Stands For Granville Female College| Gas Filter Correlation


AHG Stands For : acute herpetic gingivostomatitis | anti-human globulin | antihemophiliac globulin | ‰Û¢ Factor IX | ‰Û¢ Factor VIII | AntiHemophilic Globulin factor | AntiHemophilic Globulin factor


AIF Stands For : Apoptosis Inducing Factor | Adherence-Inhibiting Factor | Anemia-Inducing Factor | Anterior Interbody Fusion | Animal Industry Foundation


CSF Stands For Coordinate System File| Computer Straight Forecast| Clustered Star Formation| California Scholarship Federation| Christian Student Fellowship| Curriculum and Standards Framework| Critical Success Factor


MLIF Stands For : Mamanasco Lake | Medicaid For Low Income Families | Ministry Of Light Industries And Foodstuff | Monocyte Locomotion Inhibiting Factor | Monocyte Locomotion Inhibitor Factor | Monocyte Locomotion Inhibitory Factor | Mouse Leukemia Inhibitory Factor | Municipal And Local Investment Fund | My Life is Foxy | My Life Is Friends


BAF Stands For : Bioaccumulation Factor | Biologically Active Filter | Backup Alert Force | Bangsamoro Armed Forces | Battle Analysis Facility | Bunker Adjustment Factor | Bunker Adjustment Factor


SCF Stands For : Frank Samford | Sammy Carla Forever | Super Collection Figures | Superhero Costuming Forum | Sectional Center Facility | s for Command file | Sahara Conservation Fund | Security Consultants Financial | SketchUp Community Forum | Skp1 Cul1 F | South Coast Fellowship | Sparks Christian Fellowship | St Croix Falls | Standby Credit Facility | State College of Florida | state compensation fund | stem cell factor | Stereo Chorus Flanger | Structured and Corporate Finance | Student Computing Facilities | Survey of Consumer Finances | Standard Cubic Feet


AGF Stands For : adipocyte growth factor | angiogenic growth factor | autologous growth factor | Angle of Greatest Flexion


CFA Stands For confirmatory factor analysis| Cross Field Antenna| Cetylated Fatty Acid| College of Fine Arts| Component Failure Analysis| Cross Field Antenna| Continuous Flight Auger


CC Stands For Creative Commons| Complex Conjugate| Conjugated Complex| Convex Combination| Convexo-Concave| Correlation Coefficient| Cumulus Cell| Conversion Current| Closed Circuit| Conservation of Charge| Central Composite| Computer Center| Cubic Centimeter| Colorado College| Computation Center| Chip Carrier| Cluster Controller| Coiled Coil| Common Cathode| Cane Creek


SPF Stands For : Snape Protection Factor | Specific Pathogen Free | Sun Protection Factor | Sunscreen Protection Factor


RF Stands For : Rheumatoid factor | Radio Frequency | Right Front | Renal failure | Response Factor | Rheumatoid Factor | Right Foot | Right Front


CEF Stands For : Catastrophic Ending Failure | Central Experimental Farm | Chronic E Fec | Cisco Excess Forwarding | College English Fellowship | Combo Ender Factor | Common European Framework | The Campaign Ethics Foundation


CRF Stands For : Consumer Retail Fashion | Capital Rhyming Force | Central Repair Facility | Cave Research Foundation | Charitable Resource Foundation | Choroideremia Research Foundation | Cold Rolling Former | Collegiate Reformed Fellowship | Combustion Research Facility | Common Result Format | Community Reinvestment Fund | compact range finder | Condensation Resistance Factor | Conditional Random Field | Consolidated Revenue Fund | Constant Rate Factor | Contained Research Facility | Convex Regular Faced | Coral Restoration Foundation | Crotch Rocket Factory | CUSTOM


IPFC Stands For Indo-Pacific Fisheries Commission| Interleaved Power Factor Correction


TF Stands For : Tropical Fresh | Terminal Flatulence | French Southern Territories | Tapered Flexible | Tee And Fairway | Tentative Filiation | Ternary Fission | Tex Fontamp | Text Font | Thanks For | Thats Funny | The Fierce | The Firing | Thomas Francis | Tight Fit | Time Factor | Tissue Factor | Tomorrow Fund | Tooth Fairy | Total France | Total Fun | Totally Fecked | Toy Fair | Trace Free | Traffic Format | Training Facility | Transfer Fraction | Transfer Function | Traverser Fed | Trek Fan | Tri Flow | Tube Foot | Tube Furnace | Tubular Fluid | Twin F


CCF Stands For : Coulsdon Chess Fellowship | California Community Foundation | Catholic Community Foundation | CDMA Certification Forum | Cell Culture Facility | Center For Children and Families | Center for Consumer Freedom | Central Control Function | Centre Culturel Francais | Childrens Cardiomyopathy Foundation | Christian Campus Fellowship | Citizens Community Federal | Collaborative Computing Frameworks | Community Care Fellowship | Community Christian Fellowship | Compassion Capital Fund | Computing and Communication Foundations | Current Classification Format | Hu


TOBSY Stands For Total Through-Bond Correlation Spectroscopy| Total Through-Bond Correlation Spectroscopy


PF Stands For : parafascicular | parafollicular | pars flaccida | partial filling | partial Fourier | patellofemoral | patients‰Ûª forum | peak flow | perfusion fluid | pericardial fluid | peritoneal fluid | physical fitness plantar flexion | plain film | plasma factor | plasma fibrinogen | Plasmodium falciparum | platelet factor | pleural fluid | post fertilisation | post fracture | posterior fossa | potentiation factor | prefrontal | primary fibromyalgia | primary follicle | primordial follicle | profile | proliferative fraction | protection factor | proximal


NRSF Stands For : Neuronal Restricted Silencing Factor | Neuron- Restrictive Silencer Factor


SFF Stands For Science Fiction Final| Small Form Factor| Scientific Fudge Factor


BLF Stands For : Balanced Learning Format | Blinky Light Factor | Bush League Factor


DCOH Stands For : Dimerization CO-factor of Hepatocyte nuclear factor


DCOH-1 Stands For : Dimerization CO-factor of Hepatocyte nuclear factor 1


LLF Stands For Laki-Lorand Factor| Light Loss Factor


ANF Stands For : Anti- Nuclear Factor | Atrial Natriuretic Factor


LCF Stands For : Large Cargo Freighter | Landing Craft | La Chat Folle | Lucifers Chosen Few | The Luminosity Correction Factor


PF Stands For Prime Factorization| Purification Factor| Particle Flow| Photon Flux| PicoFarads| Power Factor


ACF Stands For : Activated Carbon Filter | Association of Consulting Foresters | Administration for Children and Families | Access Control Facility | Air Contingency Force | Airlift Clearance File | Army Cadet Force | Auto- Correlation Function | Auto- Correlation Function | Area Control Facility | Administration for Children and Families


TNF Stands For : Tumour Necrosis Factor | Tumor Necrosis Factor | tumor-necrosis factor | TUMOR NECROSING FACTOR | Tumor Necrosis Factor


BCF Stands For : basophil chemotactic factor | beta cell function | Boundary Change Factor | breast cyst fluid


SF Stands For : Serious Fall | Swine Flu | Scatter Factor | Sandals And Feet | Spew Factor | Spinal fluid | Superior Feel


WCC Stands For Washington Campus Compact| Western Christian College| World City College


CF Stands For : calcaneofibular | cardiac failure | cardiac fibrillation | cardiac fibroblast | carotid foramen | case fatality | clastogenic factor | complement fixation | contractile force | coronary flow | counting fingers | crude fibre | ChloroForm | Christmas Factor | Circulatory Failure | Cystic Fibrosis | Clotting Factor | Colony Formation | Culture Fluid | Cure Found | Collimator Factor | cystic fibrosis | Cardiac Float | Cervical Fluid | Chronic Fatigue | Colds and Flu | Compare | Cystic Fibrosis | Consume with Food


LF Stands For Lexical Function| Linear Fractional| Logical Form| Latency Factor| Low Friction| Load Factor| Low Fluorocarbon| Laminar Flow


CSF Stands For : Collaborative Standards Forum | Colony-Stimulating Factor | CerebroSpinal Fluid | Community Support Framework | CerebroSpinal Fluid | Colony Stimulating Factor | CytoStatic Factor | CerebroSpinal Fluid | Colony Stimulating Factor | Calcium Stone Forming | CerebroSpinal Fluid | Chronic Fatigue Syndrome | Classical Swine Fever | Contrast Sensitivity Function | Coronary Sinus Flow | Classical Swine Fever


BF Stands For : bentonite flocculation test | biceps femoralis | bile flow | blastogenic factor | bleeding frequency | blocking factor | breast fed | broth filtrate | buffered | burning feet syndrome | Bone Fracture | Barrier Filter | Before Food | Big Forehead | Blood Flow | Bodily Function | body fat | Bone Formation | Bone Fragment | BreastFeeding | Burn Factor | Butt Fat


MCC Stands For Matthews Correlation Coefficient| Monte Carlo Calculations| Multiple Conversion Calculator| Midwest Climate Center| Mesoscale Compressible Community| Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation| Manchester Computing Centre| Maysville Community College| Mott Community College| Maximum Continuous Capacity| Motor Controller Center


AF Stands For Approximately Finite| Array Formula| Air Force| Acceleration Factor| Alternating Field| Anisotropic Filtering| Audio Frequency| Audio Frequency| Aluminum Frame| After Fall| Added Fluoroelastomer| Anistropic Filtering| Augmented Formulation| Akademi Fantasia| Anode Fall| Attenuation Factor| Audio Frequency| Automatic Filter| Across Flats| Anti-Fall


CCHE Stands For : California Cultural And Historical Endowment | Canadian Coalition For Health And Environment | Ccheclassical Christian Home Educators | Centre For Complementary Health Education | College Of Christian Higher Education


UCU Stands For UCCF (Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship) Christian Union| Uganda Christian University| Ukrainian Catholic University| Unidad Cristiana Universitaria| Universidad Cat??lica del Uruguay| Universidad de Concepci??n del Uruguay| University and College Union| University Center Underground| University College Utrecht| University of Canberra Union| Utrecht University College


VCF Stands For : Venture Capital Financing | Value City Furniture | Vic Custombuilt Furniture | Value Catalyst | Volumetric Correction Factor


SF Stands For : San Francisco Field Office | Standard Form | Security Force | Security Forces (Air Force or Navy) | Special Forces | Standard Form | Safe | Safe | Safety Factor | Scale Factor | Selection Filter | Signaling Frequency | Sliding Filter | Star Field | Static Firing | Structural Foam | Subcontractor Furnished | Supreme Fascist | San Francisco | Scranton Flats | Sneads Ferry | San Fernando Electronics | Solid Frame | Starboard Forward | Straight Forward | Senate File | Short Form | Standard Form


CRF Stands For Cloud Radiation Feedback| case report form| corticotrophin-releasing factor| Charge Remote Fragmentation| Contrast Rendering Factor| Cumulative Relative Frequency


PFC Stands For : Power Factor Correction, Policy Feature Card (Cisco), Progressive Flow Control, Personal Filing Cabinet, PF Component, Text file (First Choice)


LCC Stands For : London Chess Classic | Lets Clean Constantly | Landing Craft Command | La Costa Canyon | Lambda Car Club | Lancaster Colony Co | Landscape Christian Club | Landscape Conservation Cooperative | Landscape Conservation Cooperatives | Lane Community College | Language and Culture Center | Language Computer Corporation | Laredo Community College | Laredo Community Colleges | Las Colinas Country | Last Chance Critics | Latino Cultural Center | Leeward Community College | License Control Center | Lightbridge Communications Corporation | Lima Central Catholic |


PFC Stands For Perfluorocarbon| Parallel Flange Channel| Pourable Fluid Capacity| Per-FluoroCarbon| Power Factor Correction| Power Frequency Control


RH Stands For : Radiation Hybrid | Releasing Hormone | Rhesus Factor | rheumatic | Rhesus (monkey) factor | Right Hand


CSCF Stands For : Call Session Control Function | Campbellford/ Seymour Community Foundation | Campbellford/Seymour Community Foundation | Canadian Ski Coaches Federation | Center for the Study of the College Fraternity | Childrens Sickle Cell Foundation | Civil Society Challenge Fund | Clinical Services Capability Framework | Computer Science Computing Facility | cross sectoral correction factor


MTF1 Stands For : Metal-responsive Transcription Factor 1 | Mitochondrial Transcription Factor 1


MTF2 Stands For : Metal-responsive Transcription Factor 2 | Mitochondrial Transcription Factor 2


MPF Stands For : Money Follows the Person | Maturation Promoting Factor | Mitosis Promoting Factor


FIGF Stands For : Free Insulin-like Growth Factor | c-Fos Induced Growth Factor


GF Stands For : Genetic Fixation | Growth Factor | Gluten Free | growth factor


SXY Stands For Cross Correlation between X and Y


UCK Stands For : Universal Correlation Key


ZCZ Stands For : Zero Correlation Zone


ICC(s) Stands For intraclass correlation coefficient(s)


FCOR Stands For Filtering and Correlation


ACF stands for Auto-Correlation Function


HFC Stands For : Heterozygosity-Fitness Correlation


BPF Stands For : Bat Performance Factor | Berkely Packet Filter | Blood Potential Factor | Bluebonnet Pecan And Friendship | Brevets Des Province Francais | Bsd Packet Filter


REF Stands For : regional ejection fraction | renal erythropoietic factor (erythropoeitin) | restriction endonuclease fingerprinting | restriction endonuclease fragments | Relative Exposure Factor


ADRF Stands For : Aerosol Direct Radiative Forcing | Adipocyte Derived Relaxing Factor | Adjustable Distal Radius Fixator | Adventitium-Derived Relaxing Factor


MEF Stands For : Matrixs Elite Few | Maximum Expansion Factor | Memorial Education Fund | Ministerial Education Fund | Modified Energy Factor


YCF Stands For : Car Float (Yardcraft | Yacht Club de France | Yale Christian Fellowship | Yavapai College Foundation | YMCA of Central Florida | York Christian Fellowship | Yorkshire Chemical Focus | Yorkshire Cleaning Fabrics | Yorkshire Cycling Federation | Yorkshireterrier Club of Finland | Young Choreographers Festival | Young Company Finance | Your Connected Future | Your Creative Friends | Youth Care Foundation