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What is the full form of CCFL ?

This page is all about abbreviation, acronym and meaning of the given term CCFL.

CCFL Stands For Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp| Counter-Current Flow Limitation| Center for Corporate Financial Leadership| Cold Cathode Fluorescent Light

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CCFL Stands For : Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp


CCFL Stands For : Codex Committee on Food Labeling


COLD Stands For : Cow On Land Department | Creatures Of Light And Darkness


COLD Stands For : chronic obstructive lung disease


COLD Stands For : Computer Output To Laser Disk


COLD Stands For : Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease


COLD Stands For Council on Oceanographic Laboratory Directors


COLD-SAT Stands For : Cryogenic On-orbit Liquid Depot - Storage


CF Stands For : Cash Flow | Carlson and Fredricksen coffee shop | Ceska Financni | City Financial | Crown Financial | Central Files | Construction Foreman | Customs Form | Charter One Financial | Carbon Fiber | Clean Fuel | Cold Forged | Compact Fluorescent | Crude Fiber | Collection Frequency | Conservative Future | Canaccord Financial


CFL Stands For Council of Federal Libraries| compact fluorescent lamp| Compact Fluorescent Lamp


FLOW Stands For : Find Lease Outfit And Work | Flow International Corporation


FLOW Stands For : Fait Love Obediece And Wisdom | Faith Love Obedience Worship | Faith Love Outreach And Worship | Field Level Operations Watch | Followers And Lovers Of The Word | For Love of Water | Free Lunch On Wednesday | Free to Learn Our Way | Friends Lend Others Wings | Functional Layers On Web | Funding Leadership and Opportunities for Women


CF Stands For Correction Factor| correction factor (for LC data)| Central Focus| Certainty Factor| Characteristic Function| Correction Factor| Cumulative Frequency| Cold Fusion| Constant Flow| Cross Flow| Curved Field| Conceptual Framework| Chartreuse Fluorescent| Compact Framework| Californium| Ceramic Fiber| Chemical Fixation| Collection Frequency| Clinical Fellowship| Core Foundation| Curriculum Framework| Californium| Center Frequency| Characteristic Frequency| Conductivity Factor| Cape Fear


LAMP Stands For : Language Access Metro Project | Latin American Microform Project | Leadership and Management Program | Learning About Multimedia Project | Lending And Management Program | Liberal Arts And Management Program | Ligon Alexander Moore And Privott | Limits Along Monotone Paths | Linus Apache Mysql Php | Linux Apache MySQL and PHP | Linux Apache MySQL PHP | Look At Me People | Louisiana Area Mission Project | Lysosome Associated Membrane Protein


CRT Stands For : Continuously Regenerating Trap | Case Report Tabulation | Cathode Ray Tube | Contingency Response Team | Counter Rotating Tines | Cathode-Ray Tube | Campaign Research Team | case report tabulations


RT-LAMP Stands For : Reverse Transcription Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification


LAMP Stands For Library Access To Music Project| Liberal Arts Major Preference


LAMP Stands For : Legal Assistance For Military Personnel | Logistics Automation Master Plan | Low Altitude Mapping Photography


LAMP Stands For : Linux Animation and Movie Player, Linux


FLOW Stands For : Florida Licensing On Wheels


LIGHT Stands For : Ladies In Gods House Together | Leave Instrument Go And Have Tea | Living In Gods Heavenly Thoughts | Living In Grace And Holiness Together | Love Is Gods Healing Truth


CENTER Stands For : Continuing Education Network For Training Enrichment And Renewal


FA Stands For : First Aid | Fatty Acid | Fluorescent Antibody | Fat Adjuster | Fluorescent Antibody | Failed Appointment | Fat Analysis | Fertility Awareness | ForeArm | Friedreichs Ataxia


FPL Stands For Fulton Public Library| Fluroscent Pulse Light| Frequent Power Loss| Federal Poverty Level| Fluorescent Pulsed Light


CFS Stands For : ComForce Corporation | Cash Flow Surge | Comprehensive Financial Strategies | Corporate Financial System | Commodity Flow Survey | Corporate Flag Ship | Certified Fund Specialist | Compressed Fibre Sheeting | Canadian Financials and Utilities Split Corporation


CRT Stands For : Computer Resource Teacher, Combined Rlogin and Telnet, Cathode Ray Tube, Internet security certificate, Cathode Ray Tube, Control Return True, Oracle Terminal settings information file, C Run Time, Computer Readout Time, Computer Remote Terminal


CFM Stands For : Center for Mindfulness | Center for the Future of Museums | Centralization Formalization And Matrix | CENTRO DE F̍SICA DE MATERIALES | Certified In Financial Management | Christian Family Movement | Class Four Mutant | Client Focused Media | Cold Fusion Mark | Cold Fusion Media | Come F Me | Construction and Facilities Management | Contract Furnishings Mart | Creative Fitness Marketing | Creative Fitness Marketings | Cubic Feet moved | Certified Facility Manager | Cubic Feet per Minute


CC Stands For Creative Commons| Complex Conjugate| Conjugated Complex| Convex Combination| Convexo-Concave| Correlation Coefficient| Cumulus Cell| Conversion Current| Closed Circuit| Conservation of Charge| Central Composite| Computer Center| Cubic Centimeter| Colorado College| Computation Center| Chip Carrier| Cluster Controller| Coiled Coil| Common Cathode| Cane Creek


CFI Stands For : Canadian Football for Idiots | calibrated flight instrument | California Federation of Interpreters | Call Frame Information | Campaign Finance Institute | Carbon Farming Initiative | Carpet and Fabricare Institute | Center for Faculty Innovation | Center for Financial Inclusion | Center for Food Integrity | CENTER FOR FOODBORNE ILLNESS | Center For Incivility | Center for Inquiry | Certificated Flying Instructor | Certified Fire Investigator | Certified Floorcovering Installers | Chief Flying Instructor | Child and Family Investigator | Coalition for Ind


CGG Stands For : California | Canada | cancer | carbonic anhydrase | carcinoma | cardiac arrest | cat allergen | catecholamine | cathode | celiac axis | cephalic artery | cerebral aqueduct | cerebrovascular amyloid | Certificate Authority | Certified Acupuncturist | challenging arthritis | Chemical Abstracts | chloramphetamine | cholic acid | choline-adrenalin | chromic acid | chronologic age | Citizen Act | coagulation | coarctation of the aorta | Cocaine Anonymous | coeliac axis | cold acclimated | cold agglutination | colloid antigen | common antigen | Comp


LCD Stands For : Liquefied Cat Droppings | A Logically Coded Decimal | Leadership And Career Development | Life Changing Discipleship | Light Crystal Display | Liquid Cathode Display | Liquid Crystal Diplay | Liquid Crytal Display | Lithium Created Diode | Local Change Directories | Low Class Display


CFM Stands For : Content Flow Manager, Code Fragment Manager, Cold Fusion Markup, Code Frag Ment, Cold Fusion Markup Template, Calibration File Manager, Configuration File Management


LMFC Stands For Liquid Mass Flow Controller| Logarithmic Mean Fluorescent Channel| Lector Modelo Futuro Colega


GFP Stands For : Glowing Flourecent Protein | Gel Filtered Platelets | Green Fluorescent Protein | green-fluorescent protein


FMS Stands For : Fertilizer Management System | A Fast Manufacturing Systems | Facilities Management Services | Factory Management System | Faculty of Management Studies | Farmington Municipal Schools | Fatigue Management Scheme | Federal Malayan States | Federated Malay States | Final Mile Services | Financial Management Services | Financial Management Solutions | Financial Management Systems | First Marine Squad | Flash Management System | Flash Media Server | Flexible Modeling System | Flexible Monitoring System | Fluorescent | Fluorescent Mineral Society | For My Sa


CRO Stands For Center Rotate Offset| Classes Reunion Organization| Course Resources Online| Cathode Ray Oscilloscope


FTA-ABS Stands For : Fluorescent treponemal antibody absorbed | Fluorescent Treponemal Antibody ABSorption test | Fluorescent Treponemal Antibody ABSorption test


CFL Stands For : California Finance Lender | Client For Life | Compact Fluorescent Light | Canadian Framework for Licensure (Professional Engineering)


OFC Stands For : Open Financial Connectivity | Omni Flow Computers | Office | Optional Federal Charter | Offshore Financial Center | Corporate Office Properties Trust | Oxygen Free Copper


CDU Stands For : Counter-Drug Update | Computer Display Unit | Control and Display Unit | Coupling Data Unit | Coupling Display Unit | CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) Display Unit | Corporate Development Unit | Christian Democrat Union | Christian Democratic Union | Christlich-Demokratische Union (Christian Democratic Union)


CD Stands For : Canadian Forces Decoration | Certified Director | Companion Dog | Cow Dung | Cookie Dough | Corn Dog | Cannot Decide | Cell Designation | Compact Disc | Cyber Dad | Carl Dinkelacker | Carnal Desire | Carrel Dakin | CD definition | Certainty And Dependability | Chalmers Datenforung | Changing Directory | Character Death | Child Development | Cirrus Design | Civil Defence | Civil Disobedience | Class Document | Classy Dragapella | Clearly Digital | Cluster Differentiation | Cluster Of Differention | Coarse Decision | Cold Dead | Cold Deadapril |


FMTT Stands For : Financial Management Transition Team | Financial Markets Trading Terminals | Firetide Mobility Test Track | Fluorescent Mini Tuft Technique | Friends of the Major Taylor Trail | future‰Ûoriented mental time travel


SIFT Stands For : Scanning for Intensely Fluorescent Targets | Secure Internet File Transfer | Security Incident Fusion Tools | sensations images feelings and thoughts | sifting | Smart Information Flow Technologies | Software Implemented Fault Tolerance | specified investment flow through | Sstudents Initiative For Technopreneurship | Student Initiative Fund For Technology | Student Initiative Funds For Technology | Sum Index Flow Technology | Summer Institue For Future Teachers


CT Stands For Carter Turner| Constant Term| Cold Tongue| Computed Tomography| Conductivity Temperature| Continuous Time| Current Transformer| computed tomography| Computer Technology| Cerro Tololo| ChemoType| Coral Tree| Course Tools| Curriculum Technology| Center Tapped| Chrono Trigger| Current Transformer| Cycle Time| Consolidated Test


CLD Stands For Cold| Current Limiting Device| Filter Capacitor for the Level Detector Comparator


CFP Stands For : Cyan-Fluorescent Protein | Cyan-Fluorescent Protein


GFP Stands For Green Fluorescent Protein| Green Fluorescent Protein


CFT Stands For : Comhairle Fo Thuinn (Irish Underwater Council) | Call For Testing | Center for Financial | Center for Teaching | Central Florida Turbo | Child and Family Team | Classifica̤̣o Farmaco Terap̻utica | COLD FUSION TIMES | Combat Fitness Test | combating the financing of terrorism | Compendium Federal Technology | conformal field theory


KCRT Stands For : Keyboard Cathode Ray Tube


CRTC Stands For Cathode Ray Tube Controller


KCRT Stands For : Keyboard Cathode Ray Tube


CAI Stands For Cold Air Induction| Cold Air Intake| Calcium Aluminum-rich Inclusion| Computer-Aided Instruction| Computer-Aided Instruction


FCRT Stands For : Flight display Cathode-Ray Tube


NLLC Stands For : National Leadership and Literacy Camp | National Leadership Literacy Camp | NATO Lessons Learned Conference | New Life Lutheran Church | New Light Leadership Coalition | New Look Laser College | Northern Light Learning Center


SALT Stands For : Serving And Learning Together | Strategic Arms Limitation Talks | Supporting Arms Liaison Team | Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty | Strategic Arms Limitation Talks | State And Local Tax | Speech Application Language Tags | School Activities Likes And Take | Strategic Alliance For Leadership Training | Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty | Strategic Arms Limitations Talks


REEFER Stands For : Refrigerated or Cold Storage Unit | Refrigerated or Cold Storage Unit | Refrigerated or Cold Storage Unit | Refrigerated or Cold Storage Unit


CASI Stands For : Chili Appreciation Society International | Cold Atom Sagnac Interferome | Cold Atom Sagnac Interferometer | Compact Airborne Spectrographic Imager | Computer Aided Spatial Informatics | Computer Assisted Self Interviewing | Computer Automated Systems Inspector | The Canadian Aeronautics And Space Institute


CLI Stands For : Certified Legal Investigator | A Copy Line And Insert | Cadet Leadership And Instruction | Caller Line Identification | Caller Line Identifier | Caller Line Indentification | Calling Line Identity | Childrens Learning Institute | Childrens Literacy | Childrens Literacy Initiative | Christian Leadership Institute | Cold Lake Itches | Combs Lab Inc | Comman Language Infrastructure | Common Linux Interface | Composite Leading Indicators | Computer Lab International | Continual Learning Institute | Cumulative level Index | Cumulative Liberalization Index |


CRTC Stands For : Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission / Conseil de la radiodiffusion et des t̩l̩communications canadiennes | Cold Region Test Center | Combat Readiness Training Center


FQ Stands For : Fluorescent Quintron


RFP Stands For : red-fluorescent protein


FLUOR Stands For : FLUORescent


CWH Stands For : Certified WareHouse | Cold War History | City WithHolding Tax | City WithHolding Tax | Cold War History


CRI Stands For Composite Ranking Index| Corner Reduced Integration| Cathode Ray Indicator| Color Reversal Internegative


FTA Stands For : Fluorescent Treponemal Antibody


YFP Stands For : Yellow-Fluorescent Protein


MFI Stands For : Multiplex Fluorescent Immunoassay


FTA ABS Stands For : Fluorescent treponemal antibody absorbed


FARP Stands For Fluorescent Aldehyde Reactive Probe


DFMC Stands For : Duray Fluorescent Manufacturing Company


QF-PCR Stands For Quantitative Fluorescent-Polymerase Chain Reaction


FISH Stands For : Finger In Sinus Hole | Flog IT | Fellow Insane Sadistic Hentais | Fellowship In Someones Home | Fellowship In Someones House | Fellowshippers In Search Of Him | First In Serving Him | Fishing | Flash Internal Semiconductor Hard | Flexible Information Sharing And Handling | fluorescent in situ hybridisation | Fluorescent In Situ Hybridzation | Focus Inspiration Share And Hook | Focus Inspire Share Hook | Fool In Sharing Him | Friendly Initiative Smiley And Helpful | Friendly Inspiring Strong Helpful | Friends in Service to Humanity | Friends In Someones


WCFR Stands For West Coast Fossil Reserve| Wide Cold Frontal Rainband| Wynne Center For Family Research


FMD Stands For : Face Mounted Display, Fluorescent Multilayer Disc


DFA Stands For : Direct Fluorescent Antibody | Difficulty Falling Asleep


fish Stands For Fluorescent in situ hybridization| Friday International Student Hospitality


UVL Stands For Ultra-Violet Lamp| Underwater Video Light| Ultra-Violet Lamp| Ultra-Violet Lamp| Ultra-Violet Lamp


CRREL Stands For Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory| Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory


CFE Stands For : Certified Franchise Executive | Certified Fraud Examiner | Credentialled Food Executive | Campaign for the Farmed Environment | CBOE Futures Exchange | Center for Entrepreneurship | Center For Excellence | Center for Faculty Excellence | Centre for Fashion Enterprise | Certified Facilities Executive | Certified Fraud Examiners | Cities for Financial Empowerment | Code for Front Ends | Cold Field Emission | College of Further Education | Comision Federal de Electricidad | Comision Federal de Electricidad | Common Firmware Environment | Computer Face Engine


K Stands For the Kth item| Boltzmann Constant| Kelvin| Kelvin| Kreosote| Potassium| Cathode| Electromechanical Relay (circuit diagram designation)| Permeability factor


CAF Stands For : caffeine | calcium-activated factor | carotid arterial flow | cell adhesion factor | central abdominal fat | chromatid aberration frequency | chronic allograft failure | chronic atrial fibrillation | coronary artery fistula | cyclophosphamide | Caucasian Adult Female | Cold Aseptic Filling


LCL Stands For : Lower Control Limit | Less Container Loaded | LCL | Light Center Length (lamp design) | Loose Container Load


CRT Stands For : Combat Result Table | Court | C runtime the | Cardiovascular Research Technologies | Cathode Ray Tubes | Center For Religious Tolerance | Claiming Rule Team | Claiming Rule Teams | Claims Resolution Tribunal | Cognitive Reflection Test | Commercial Road Transport | Community Renewal Team | Connecticut Repertory Theatre | CRISPR Recognition Tool | Culture Recreation and Tourism


WCFP Stands For : Water Cooling Flow Protection | Women And Children Focal Point | Wide Counter Flow Pipeline


CFVI Stands For : Child Friendly Village Initiative | Chronic Functional Voice Impairments | Circular Fluorescent Vision Illuminator


CCL Stands For : Cloud Capiche Land | Cactus Configuration Language | Center for Connected Learning | Center for Creative Leadership | Centralia City Light | Child Care Licensing | Christian Community League | Christian Copyright Licensing | Citizens Climate Lobby | Climate Change Levy | Club Champions League | Collection Cneva Lerpac | Constant Change League | Crazy Cat Lovers | Current Contract Language | Curved Carapaxe Length


CWC Stands For : Canadian Wood Council | Cabot Watch Company | CADfix Wizard Configuration | Cambell Wyant Cannon | Canadian Women in Communications | Center for Wireless Communication | Center for Wireless Communications | Center on Wrongful Convictions | Central Warehousing Corporation | Central Water Commission | Central Wisconsin Center | Central Wyoming College | Centre for Wireless Communications | Charleston Wrecking Crew | Cherry World Communication | City of Westminster College | Class Within A Class | Clean Washington Center | Clear Window Car | Close With Conf


HC Stands For Half Circle| Hermitian Conjugate| High Complexity| Horizontal Coefficient| Horn Clause| Hard Condition| Heteroclinic Connection| Honoris Causa| Historic Churches| Historical Colors| Hot and Cold| High Carbon| Hover College| Human Communication classes| Humphreys Classes| Headphone Coupling| High Current


CFP Stands For Coefficient of the Fractional Part| Centre For Postgraduate| Cyan-Fluorescent Protein| Common Foundation Programme| Ceramic Flat Pack


CC Stands For : calcaneo-cuboidal | calcium carbonate | calcium citrate | carboplatin | cardiac catheterisation | cardiac cycle | Carney complex | cell culture | cerebral cortex | cervical cancer | cervical collar | Charity Commission | chest circumference | chest compression | chief cells | Children‰Ûªs Council | cholangiocarcinoma | choledochal cyst | chondrocalcinosis | choriocarcinoma | chronic constipation | chronic cough | cingulate cortex | City Council | classical conditioning | clean catch | clinical course | clinical criteria | clinical cure | clomiphe


CFMS Stands For : Call forwarding management system | Cargo Fire Monitoring System | Case Flow Management System | Catering Facilities Management Services | Central Financial Management System | Centralised Funds Management System | Centre For Fraud Management Studies | Chinese Font Module Simplified | CHIPPEWA FALLS MIDDLE SCHOOL | Clearwater Fundamental Middle School | Collaboration Flow Management System | Columbus Folk Music Society | Combined Field Maintenance Shop | Computerised Financial Management System | Computerized Facilities Management System | Construction Fina


CDB Stands For : Cold Bay


CLG Stands For : Guided-missile Light Cruiser | CERTIFIED LOCAL GOVERNMENT | Certified Local Governments | Change Leadership Group | Chicken looks good | Chris Laura Genevieve | closing logo group | Closing Logo Groups | Closing Logos Group | Coastal Logistics Group | Combined Local Global | Communities and Local Government | Communities and Local Governments | compile link go | Continuous Learning Group | Counter Logic Gaming | Counter Logic Gamings | Counter Logic Government


CCP Stands For : Credit Corp Group Ltd | Current COE Price | Cash And Collateral Pool | Curl Curl Plumbing | Cold Contact Process | Critical Control Point | Celtic | Certified Childcare Professional | Certified Compensation Professional | Certified Computing Professional | Certified Culinary Professional | Clinical Career Pathway


FSC Stands For : Food | Federal Supply Classes | Fernbank Science Center | Field Servicable Cassette | Financial Services Commission | Financial Status Classification | Fire Safe Cigarettes | Fire Safety Cigarette | Florida Southern College | Flow Systems Controller | for Ask com | Forest Stewardship Councils | Forest Stewardship Councilå¬ | Forest Stewartship Council | Free Space Credit | Free Speech Coalition | Free Storage Counter | Free Store Club | Freemans Sporting Club | Full Service Carrier | Full Spectrum Communications | Securities Corporation | The Forum So


c-a Stands For : cold-adapted


IRCOLD Stands For : Ir > Cold


CNH Stands For Cold Normal Hot