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What is the full form of DBDD ?

This page is all about abbreviation, acronym and meaning of the given term DBDD.

DBDD Stands For Dual Binary Decision Diagram| Di-BromoDoDecenoic acid

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DBDD Stands For : Data Base Design Definition


DBDD Stands For : Dead Bodies Dont Drown


DBDD Stands For : Data Base Design Definition | Database Design Document | Data Base Design Definition | Data Base Design Definition


DEHYDROCHOLIC ACID Stands For A semisynthetic bile acid made from cholic acid


RIC ACID Stands For : Ricinoleic Acid


ACID Stands For : ANSI Creators In Demand | Acer Gdr Reg S | Amstrad Cartridge Identification Device


ACID Stands For Atomicity Consistency Isolation Durability| Atomicity


ACID Stands For : Adaptive COMSEC Interface Device | Analysis Console For Intrusion Databases | Analysis Console For Incident Databases


ACID Stands For : Analysis Console for Incident Databases, Anti-Copying In Design, Abstract Consciousness In Development, Analysis Control For Intrusion Detection, Atomic Consistent Isolated And Durable, Atomic, Automatic Consistency Integration Of Database, Automation


BDD Stands For : Browser Definition Data, Behavior Driven Development, Binary Decision Diagram, Business Desktop Deployment, Binary Dialog Definition


ZBDD Stands For : Zero-suppressed Binary Decision Diagram


OBDD Stands For : Ordered Binary Decision Diagram


ROBDD Stands For : Reduced Ordered Binary Decision Diagram


HLDD Stands For : herniated lumbar disc disease | High Level Decision Diagram | High Level Decision Diagrams | High Level Design Document


FBD Stands For : Functional Block Diagram, Fully Buffered DIMM (Dual Inline Memory Module)


ERD Stands For : Entity Relationship Diagram, Entity Relationship Diagram, Emergency Repair Disk, Entity Relationship Diagram, End Recovery Data, Prosa Entity Relationship Diagram graphic file, Emergency Recovery Disk, Emergency Rescue Disk, Engineering Review Diagram, External Requirements Document


OTDD Stands For : Optical Time Division Demultiplexed | Ordered Ternary Decision Diagram | Ordered Tricontinuous Double Diamond


BD Stands For : Battlefield Distribution | Binary Decoder | Binary Digit | Binary Discrete | Board | Radio-frequency Band | Buildings Department | Building and Development


OBDD Stands For : ordered bicontinuous double diamond | Ordered Binary Decision Diagrams


DL Stands For : Direct Labor | Drawing Limit | Dead Lobster | Draine And Lee | Decision List | Delivers Less | Dial Corporation | DeLuxe | Dual-Layered | Danier Leather


RNA Stands For : Registered Nurse Associate | RiboNucleic Acid | Ribo Nucleic acid | Ribonucleic acid | RiboNucleic Acid | Ribonucleic Acid


DNA Stands For : did not arrive | Deoxyribonucleic Acid | deoxyribonucleic acid | Data And Numeric Analysis | DeoxyriboNucleic Acid | DeoxyriboNucleic Acid | Did Not Attend | Deoxyribonucleic Acid


ADM Stands For : Administrative | Abu Dhabi Municipality | Acquisition Decision Memorandum | Admiral | Admiralty | Advanced Development Model | Arrow Diagram Method | Atomic Demolition Munitions | AsociaciÌ?n DemocrÌÁtica de la Mujer | AsociaciÌ?n DemocrÌÁtica Menorquina | Admiral - Navy


DPA Stands For Differential Power Analysis| Di-picolinic acid| Displacements Per Atom| dual-pipette aspiration assay| Destructive Physical Analysis| Displacement Per Atom


BEB Stands For : Blue-Eyed Bulldog | Best Ever Bottled | Bayard Ewing Building | Binary Encounter Bethe | binary exponential back | Binary Exponential Backoff | Blue Eyed Boy | Brussels Event Brewery


BLOB Stands For : A Binary Large Object B | Basic Language Object Border | Binary Large Object Both | Binary Low Overhead Block | Bsd Leaves Others Behind


DNA Stands For : DeoxyriboNucleic Acid | DeoxyriboNucleic Acid | Defense Nuclear Agency | DeoxyriboNucleic Acid | Desire And Needs Assessment | Did Not Attend | Does Not Apply | Does Not Apply | Deoxyribonucleic Acid | Do Not Assume


DAR Stands For : Dual Analog Route, Decision Analysis and Resolution, Disk Archive RPMSeek, Disk Archiver Retriever, Data Acquisition Request, Direct Access Restore, Disc Area Ratio, Disk Archive Rpm


AFB Stands For : aorto-femoral bypass | Acid Fast Bacilli | acid-fast bacill-us | Acid-Fast Bacillus | Acid Fast Bacillus | AflaToxin B | AortoFemoral Bypass | American Farm Bureau Federation


VMA Stands For : vanilmandelic acid | Vanillylmandelic Acid | VanillylMandelic Acid | Vacuolar Membrane Arc | Vitesse Maximale AÌ©robie


BCD Stands For : Binary Coded Decimal, Binary Coded Decimal, Binary Coded Decimal, Binary-Coded Decimal, Binary-Coded Decimal, Boot Configuration Data


WKB Stands For : Wasp KeyBoard, Well-Known Binary, Well- Known Binary, WordPerfect for Win Workbook Document


DBDPA Stands For Dual Band Dual Polar Antenna


DBDP Stands For Dual Band Dual Polar| Decyloxy-5-(2


DDL Stands For : Dogs Dont Lick | Dungeon Definition Language | Digital Direct For Linux | Dual Dual Link


EBCDIC Stands For : A Extendable Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code | A Extended Binary Code Decimal Interchange Control | Esextended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code | External Binary Code Decimal Input Code


DBDM Stands For Dual Band Dual Mode


DFD Stands For : Displaced Frame Difference, Data Flow Diagram, Data Flow Diagram graphic, Dyadic functions (ABC programming language), Data From Drive, Default Free Deliveries


BIN Stands For : Binary Is a Name, Binary file, SGI Powerflip


DIP Stands For : Dynamic Internet Protocol, Dialup Internet Protocol, Dual In-line Package, Dual In-line Package, Digital Input Platform, Database Initialization Program, Debug info processor (Watcom Debugger), Digimon Intensity Project, Document Image Processing, dual-in-line package


RBD Stands For : Red Bull Division | Reliability Block Diagram | Reliability Block Diagram | Revolution By Design


BIF Stands For : Build-In-Function, Built-In Function, Binary Information File ( ASCII file describing image), Bitmap graphics (b&w Binary Image Format) (Image Capture board), Initialization file (GroupWise), Binary Information File


DIP Stands For : Ductile Iron Pipe | Daftar Isian Proyek | Dance In Peace | Data Information And Process | Decision In Principal | Decisions In Progress | Developer Induction Printer | Digital Ink Paint | Dingo In Propulsion | Diversified Innovative Products | Dmitry I Platonoff | Downtown Implementation Plan | Drunken In Public | Dual Inline Pin | Dynamic Information Protocol


NAAT Stands For : nuclear acid augmentation test | Nucleic Acid Amplification Test | Nucleic acid amplification testing | nucleic acid amplification tests | nucleic acid amplification test | Nucleic Acid Amplification Testing | nucleic acid amplification testing


CCD Stands For Camera Charging Device| Calcite Compensation Depth| Catholic Catechism Department| Charge-Coupled Device| Component Coupling Diagram| Control Circuit Diagram| Controlled Current Distribution| Carbonate Compensation Depth


PFD Stands For : Peter Fraser & Dunlop | Probability of Failure of Demand | Process Flow Diagram | Project Flow Diagram | Prem Foods | Preferred Income Fund | Prepared For Dyeing | Permanent Fund Dividend | Preferred Stock


FDD Stands For : Fictional Digimon and Digidestined | Facilities Development Division | Familial Danish Dementia | Feature Design Document | Feature driven design | Footing Drain Disconnection | Foundation for Defense of Democracies | Foundation For The Developmentally Disabled | Franchise Disclosure Document | Freezing Degree Days | Freight Demurrage And Defence | Frequency Division Duplexing | Functional Decision Diagram


SADM Stands For : Secretary of the Army Decision Memo | System Acquisition Decision Memorandum | Solar Array Drive Mechanism


BSP Stands For : Belkin Soft Phone | Binary Space P | Binary Space Preview | Blatant Sherlockian Preening | Bulk Similar Pages


EOTDA Stands For : Electra Optical Tactical Decision Aid | Electro Optical Tactical Decision Aide | Electro Optical Tactical Decision Air | Electro Optics Tactical Decision Aid


BAM Stands For : Bacteriological Analytical Manual | Battle Array Mix | Binary Angular Measurement | Binary Angular Moment | Black Americans for McCarthy | Break Away Mode


DFD Stands For : Data Flow Diagram | Defense Facilities Directorate | Directorate of Force Development | Data Flow Diagram


DXA Stands For dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry| dual-energy xray absorptimetry


PAA Stands For Phosphoric Acid Anodized| PolyAcrylic Acid| Purdue Alumni Association


PABA Stands For Para Amino Benzoic Acid| paraminobenzoic acid


MTPA Stands For Moshers acid| ‰ñ-methoxy-‰ñ-trifluoromethylphenylacetic acid


E304 Stands For : Fatty acid esters of ascorbic acid


OA Stands For : obstructive apnoea | occipital artery | occiput anterior | odontoameloblastoma | oesophageal atresia | oleic acid | oligoastrocytoma | open appointment | ophthalmic artery | option appraisal | organic anion | orotic acid | ovarian artery | oxalic acid | old age | Osteo-arthritis | osteoarthritis | Ocular Albinism | Optical Axis | OsteoArthritis | Osteoarthritis


PGA Stands For Peak Ground Accerleration| Phospho Glisaric Acid| PhosphoGlyceric Acid| PolyGlycolic Acid| Pin Grid Array| Plastic Grid Array| Professional Graphics Adapter| Programmable Gain Amplifier| Programmable Gain Array


STD Stands For : Security Tools Distribution, Security Tools Distribution, Simple To Design, Secondary Telecom District, Subscriber Trunk Dialing, Save The Date, State Transition Diagram, Set Direction Flag, LocoScript Standard, State Transition Diagram graphics file


DIMM Stands For : DSP Interface ManageMent, Dual Inline Memory Module, Duel Inline Memory Module, Dual Inline Memory Module, Dual In-line Memory Module


TJD Stands For : TraJectory Diagram | TraJectory Diagram


DS Stands For : Double Strand | Dollar Sign | Deep Spaghetti | Duh Statement | Day Sailor | Design Standard | Dark Side | Dark Stalkers | Dark Star | Demon Seed | Demon Stone | Dach Stein | Dal Segno | Dark Subtracted | Darling Son | Data Segment | Data Studio | Dead Soul | Dead Souls | Dead Space | Deadly Sins | Death Scythe | Decision Sciences | Deep Scratch | Define Space | Del Signo | Deluxe Single | den samme | Designed For Shane | Desperate Solution | Detached Service | developer s | Developer Seducing | Developers System | Die Syriel | Diet Sprite


TCA Stands For Tri Chloroacetic Acid| TriChloroAcetic acid


DHA Stands For dehydroascorbic acid| DocosaHexaenoic Acid


PBCC Stands For : Packet Binary Convolution Code | Packet Binary Convolutional Coding | Pakistan Blind Cricket Council | Permian Basin Community Centers | Portland Bight Citizens Council | Putney Bridge Computer College


BIP Stands For : Binary Integer Programming, Business Intelligence Portal, Bit Interleaved Parity, Binary Integer Programming, Basic Imaging Profile, Basic Interface For Parallelism


ISDS Stands For Information Systems Decision Sciences| Invasive Species Data Service| Institute of Statistics and Decision Sciences| IRAC Science Data Simulator


WB Stands For : Write Back, WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) Binary, Web Browser, White Boxes, Would Be, Write Back, Write Binary, Write Bootstrap, WriteBack


AA Stands For : acute appendicitis | aplastic anaemia | ascending aorta | ascorbic acid | Attendance Allowance | autoanalyser | Absolute Alcohol | Application As | Amyloid Associated | Amyloid Associated | Alcohol Abuse | Amyloid Associated | Anaplastic Anaemia | Abdominal Aorta | African-American | Alopecia Areata | Amino Acid | Anal Aneurysm | Anatomical Adaptation | Aspenice Anesthesiology | Of Each | Amino Acid | Of each (Ana)


GAE Stands For : gallic acid equivalent | gallic acid equivalents | Google Apps Engine | Granulomatous Amoebic Encephalitis


GLA Stands For Geophysics Luminous Aurora-like Phenomena| Goddard Laboratory for Atmospheres| Gamma Linolen Acid| Gamma Linolenic Acid


LA Stands For Language Arts| Lactic Acid| Lanthanum| Linoleic Acid| Liberal Arts| Local Academy


DSI Stands For : Daiichi Sankyo Inc | Data for School Improvement | Data Sciences International | Data Server Internals | Day Sales of Inventory | De Samvirkende Invalide | Decision Sciences Institute | Deep Space Industries | Delivered Source Instruction | DESIGN FOR SOCIAL INNOVATION | Designed Security Inc | Development Specialists Inc | Digital Serial Interface | direct spark ignition | Dirty South Improv | District Squadron And Individual | Down | Down Syndrome International | Dual And Sequential Ignition | Systems Inc


DHA Stands For : District Health Authority | dorsal hypothalamic area | docosahexaenoic acid | docosahexaenoic acid


AK20F Stands For : 80% nitric acid + 20% N2O4 + fluorine passivant (AK = Azotna Kislota = Nitric Acid)


AK20I Stands For : 80% nitric acid + 20% N2O4 + Iodine passivant (AK = Azotna Kislota = Nitric Acid)


AK27I Stands For : 73% nitric acid + 27% N2O4 + Iodine passivant (AK = Azotna Kislota = Nitric Acid)


EMAAA Stands For : Ethylene Acid Terpolymer | Ethylene Methyl Acrylate And Acrylic Acid


AAAD Stands For : Aromatic Amino Acid Decarboxylase | Apparent Amino Acid Digestibility | KJA


LBP Stands For : LAND BANK OF THE PHILIPPINES | Lead Based Paint | left binding power | Licensed Building Practitioners | Lipopolysaccharide Binding Protein | Little Big Planet | Local Binary Pattern | Local Binary Patterns | London Biodiversity Partnership | Lower Back Pain | Lukas Bmw Performance


DMC Stands For Diffusion Monte Carlo| Diffusion Monte Carlo| Dynamic Motion Control| Discrete Memoryless Channels| Determined Medium Concentration| Dough Moulding Compounds| Dubai Mens College| Dual Matrix Coupling| Dual Mode Circuit


DH Stands For : Dark Horde | Death Due to Hostilities | Directorate for Human Intelligence | Decision Height | Dark Horse | Decision Height | Dedicated Height | Dwelling House


PLGA Stands For poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid)| polylactic-co-glycolic acid


AK20 Stands For : 80% nitric acid + 20% N2O4 (AK = Azotna Kislota = Nitric Acid)


DMRD Stands For : Defense Management Resource Decision | Defense Management Review Decision | Defense Management Review Decision


ISDP Stands For : IntelliLight Shared Dual Path, Information Sharing Data Protection, IT (Information Technology) Service Delivery Process, Intelligent Shared Dual Path, In-Situ Data Products


DSM Stands For : Direct Sales Margin | Diamond Star Motor | Diamond Star Motors | Diamond Star Motorsports | Dragon Scale Mail | Dual Star Motors | Dutch State Mines | Daily Service and Maintenance | Decision Support Modeling | Demand Side Management | Display Systems Manufacturing | Domestic Salvage Market | Dreyfus Strategic Municipal Bond Fund | Da Skills Manifest | District Sales Manager | Daily Standard Market


UBF Stands For : Universal Binary Format, Universal Binary Format, Ugl Bitmap Font


HCl Stands For : HydroChloric Acid | Hairy Cell Leukemia | HydroChloric Acid


AA Stands For Alliteration and Assonance| Associate in Arts| Associate of Arts| Acetic Acid| Activation Analysis| Advanced Alloy| Amino Acid| Amino Acrylate| Arachidonic Acid| Ascorbic Acid| Atomic Absorption| Academic Affairs| Advanced Auditing| Alpha Alumni| Alumni Affairs| Ancient Arts| Active Active| Anti Aliasing| Atomic Absorption| Audio Animatronics| Automatic Adjust| Authors Addition| Authors Alteration| Adaptive Algorithm| Almost All| Angle Angle| Argument Analysis| Academic Alliance| Assistant Administrator| Achievement Age


BSP Stands For : Business Server Page, Best Security Practices, Backup Solutions Program, Board Support Package, Bright Software Project, Board Support Package, Bit-Slice Processor, Map (Quake), Binary Space Partition, Binary Space Partitioning, Bulk Synchronous Parallel


AB Stands For Aurora Borealis| Asymmetric Balance| Ars Bachelor| Apple Blossom| Acid Base| Acid Bath| Accreditation Body| Activities Building| Advanced Business| Alpha Beta| Active Bridge| Amplifier Board| Automatic Balancing


DNA Stands For IEEE Daniel E Noble Award| Differential Numerical Algorithm| DeoxyriboNucleic Acid| Did Not Answer| DeoxyriboNucleic acid| Dioxide Normal Atoms| Dark Negative Anode| Digital Nonlinear Accelerator| Do Not Adjust


MDSS Stands For : II Marine Air-Ground Task Force (MAGTF) Deployment Support System II | Maintenance Decision Support System | Mobilization Decision Support System | Missouri Department of Social Services


BI Stands For : Backup Interface, Business Interruption, Buffered Image, Build Index, Business Intelligence, Back Illuminated, Backplane Interconnect, Basic Instrument, Bus In, Bus Invert, Binary and Includes, Binary Input, Byte Integer, BASIC source code include file (Visual Basic), Basic Instructions, Bullet Icon


BIT Stands For : Binary digIT | Built-In Test | BInary digiT | Built-in Test | Brampton Intermodal Terminal


BUFR Stands For Binary Universal Form for the Representation of Meteorological Data| Binary Universal Form for Representation


ISDM Stands For : IBM Service Delivery Manager | Information Systems Development Methodology | Informed Shared Decision Making | Integrated Science Data Management | International Shared Decision Making | International Society of Deliverance Ministers