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What is the full form of ISAT ?

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ISAT Stands For Initial Surface Absorption Test

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ISAT Stands For : Inmarsat | International Schools Association Of Thailand


ISAT-SAC Stands For Information Service and Technology - Student Advisory Committee


ISAT Stands For : Idaho Standards Achievement Test | Idaho Standards Achievement Tests | Illinois Standards Achievement Test | Illinois Standards Assessment Test | Illinois State Assessment Test | Illinois Student Achievement Test | In Situ Adaptive Tabulation | Inginternational Science And Technology | Intelligent Students At Twin | Interactive Specification Acquisition Tools | International Science And Technology | International Student Admissions Test | International Subarachnoid Aneurysm Trial | Irish Sleep Apnoea Trust | Itemsillinois Standards Achievement Test


TEST Stands For International Test Conference (ITC)


TEST Stands For : test


C&I TEST Stands For : Compatibility and Interoperability Testing


TEST Stands For : Too Expert So dont Take | Tested | Testing


SEXAFS Stands For Surface Extended X-ray Absorption Fine Structure


IAT Stands For : Initial Acceptance Test | Institute for Advanced Technology | Intake Air Temperature | Integrated Avionics Test | Integration And Test | Inter Arrival Time | Internal Air Transport


BST Stands For : British Soul Time | Bunny Standard Time | Buff-Scry-Teleport | Basic Sanity Test | Basic Skills Testing | Basic Standard Trainings | Berlin Space Technologies | Beyond Surface Technologies | Bible Study Tools | Bituminous Surface Treatment | Bituminous Surface Treatments | bovine somatotropin These | Breakaway Support Technology | Breed Suitability Test | British School in Tokyo | Brown Spotted Tabby | Builder Sea Trials


AAS Stands For Asymptotically Almost Surely| Auto Available Split| Advanced Automation System| American Astrophysical Society| Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry| Associate in Applied Science| Associate of Applied Sciences| Advanced Antenna Systems| American Astronautical Society| Archaeology| Atomic Absorption Spectrometry| Atomic Absorption Spectrophometer| Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy


FTA-ABS Stands For : Fluorescent treponemal antibody absorbed | Fluorescent Treponemal Antibody ABSorption test | Fluorescent Treponemal Antibody ABSorption test


IFQT Stands For : Informal Qualification Test | Initial Formal Qualification Test


IQT Stands For : Informal Qualification Test | Initial Qualification Test


XAS Stands For X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy| X-ray absorption


ITT Stands For Initial Teacher Training| Inter-Test Time


DIOT&E Stands For : Dedicated Initial Operational Test and Evaluation


IPO Stands For : Interest Paid On | Initial Public Offer | Internationale Prufungs Ordnung | Immediate Profit Opportunities | Industrial Process Optimization | Infrastructure Production Operations | Initial Public Offering | Installation Productivity Option | Investment Process Outsourcing | Its Probably Overpriced | Initial Public Offering | Internationale Pruefungs Ordnung | Ip Group | Initial Public Offering | Initial Public Offering | Insane Profit Opportunity | Investing Pays Off | Its Probably Overpriced


IOT&E Stands For : Initial Operational Test and Evaluation | Internal Operational Test and Evaluation


SCITT Stands For : School Centred Initial Teacher Training | Static Component Interconnection Test Technology


PIR Stands For : Project Implementation Review | Para Infantry Regiment | Pass In Review | Passive Infra Red | Post-Implementation Review | Primary Image Record | Priority Information Requirement | Priority Intelligence Requirement | Priority Intelligence Requirements | Problem Identification Report | Police Initial Recruitment | Police Initial Recruitment Test


SAR Stands For : sarcoidosis | sarcoma | sarcosine | seasonal allergic rhinitis | secondary attack rate | sinoatrial rate | slowly adapting receptor | specific absorption rates | standardised access ratio | staphylococcal accessory regulator | subjective analysis return | survival after recurrence | suspected adverse reaction | systemic anaphylactic reaction | Systemic Affect Rating | Scatter-Air Ratio | Sodium Absorption Ratio | Sodium Adsorption Ratio | Specific Absorption Rate


STP Stands For : Sewage Treatment Plant | Security Technical Procedure | Segmenting | Service Transformation Project | Short Term Project | Software Test Plan | Special Tactics Protocol | Self-Test Program | Shuttle Technology Panel | Solar Terrestrial Probes program | Space Technology Payload | Space Test Program | System Test Plan | Silver Top Posse | Sewage Treatment Plant | Sailing To Philadelphia | Seattle To Portland | Surface Transportation Program


SAT Stands For Scholastic Aptitude Test| Supplementary Angle Theorem| Surface Air Temperature| Stages And Tranformations| University of St Andrews - 2| Scholastic Aptitude Test| Science| Science| Slow Analytical Thinking| Stanford Achievement Test| Student Action Team| Student Assistance Team| Self-Adjusting Technology| Self-Adjusting Threshold| Smart Amplifier Technology| Spray Acid Tool


IGES Stands For : Initial Graphics Exchange Specification | A Integrated Graphics Exchange Specification | For Initial Graphics Exchange Specification | Initial Graphic Exchange Specifications | Initial Graphics Exchange Service | Initial Graphics Exchange Specifications | Initial Graphics Exchange Standard | Institute For Global Environmental Strategies | Internation Grephical Exchange Standard | International Genetic | International Genetic Epidemiology Society | itial Graphic Exchange Standard | itial Graphics Exchange Specification | itial Graphics Exchange System


SMD Stands For : Store My Ducks | Duck My Dick | SEGA MEGA DRIVE | Shechtman Marks Devor | Standard Modifier Dictionary | Stellar Micro Devices | Steve Meade Designs | Sub Mucosal Diathermy | Suck My Dick | Surface micro discharge | Surface Mount Devices | Surface Mounted Device | Surface Mounted Diode | Sutton McAughan Deaver


LMA Stands For Low Moisture Absorption| Low Moisture Activity| Low Moisture Activity| Low Mositure Affinity| Large Mode Area| Low Moisture Absorption


BSA Stands For : Basic Skills Agency | biotin-streptavidin | bismuth sulphite agar | bowel sounds active | Brief Scale for Anxiety | British Society of Audiology | British Stammering Association | burn surface area | Biomolecular Sequence Analysis | Bovine Serum Albumin | body surface area | Body Surface Area | Body Surface Area | Bowel Signs Active | Body Surface Area | Bovine Serum Albumin


IITF Stands For : India International Trade Fair | Indicators Implementation Task Force | Instrumented Initial Test Facility | Interagency Interoperability Task Force | International Institute For Tropical Forestry | International Institute Of Tropical Forestry | Itsc Internet Test Facility


IST Stands For : Indian Stretchable Time | Industrial Strength Trance | Information Systems Technology | Initial Strength Test | International Steam Table | Isolated Seat Tube


IP Stands For : Ingress Protection | Indianapolis Field Office | Information Panel | Internet Protocol | Image Processing | Implementation Procedure | Informal Processing | Information Processor | Initial Point | Initial Point (bombing) | Initial Position | Initial Production | Instructor Pilot | Intelligence Processing | Internal Protocol | International Patrol | Internet Protocol | Identification of Position | Igloo Pallet | Impact Point | Inertial Processing | Initial Point | Instructor Pilot | Instrument Panel | Instrumentation Payload | Instrumentation PCM Dat


TST Stands For : Thermoregulatory Sweat Test | Timed Sequential Therapy | Toxic Shock syndrome Toxin | Treadmill Stress Test | Tuberculin Skin Test | TeSTosterone | Thromboplastin Screening Test | Tuberculin Skin Test | tuberculin skin test(ing) | Tuberculin Skin Test | TectoSpinal Tract | Triceps Skin-fold Thickness | Tuberculin Skin Test


ASTA Stands For : Aerial Surveillance and Target Acquisition | Aviation System Test Activity | Airport Surface Traffic Automation | American Society of Travel Agents


IPL Stands For : Interim Parts Library, Initial Program Load, Integrated Program Loudness, Interrupt Priority Level, Initial Primary Loader, Pantone Spot reference palette file (CorelDraw)


IV Stands For : Ivory | For Intra Venous | Identifying Variable | Immigrant Visa | Imperial Vengeance | Inclusive Value | Indain Village | Independent Ventures | Individual Values | Informed View | Inherent Value | Initial V | Initial Value | Initial Variant | Initialization Vector | Inner Voice | Inspired Version | Instantaneous Values | Integral Of V | Intensity Vs | Inter Varsity | Internet Visualization | Intra Venus | Intuitive Voice | Invalid Veterans | Inversed Viscera | Isle Vista | Isolated Volume | Ivan Variklechkov


SSV Stands For Surface Safety Valve| Solid Surface Veneer| Steady-State Value


POST Stands For : Power-On Self Test, Power-On Self Test, Power-On Self Test, Power On Self Test, Printer Online Standard Test, Positive Operating System Test


SCSSV Stands For : Surface Controlled Sub-surface Safety Valve


sEMG Stands For : surface electromyelograph | Surface Electromyography


RSM Stands For Response Surface Methodology| RHESsys (Regional Hydro-Ecological Simulation System) Snow Model| Royal School of Music| Remote Sensing Manual| Regional Spectral Model| Response Surface Method| Response Surface Methodology


STCR Stands For : Society for Translational Cancer Research | Soil Test Crop Response | Soluble T Cell Receptor | Stewart Title Costa Rica | Subscribe to Comments Reloaded | surface tender centcom region


IOC Stands For : In-Organic Contaminants | Interception Of Communication | Ignorant Oppressive And Corrupt | Indoor Obstacle Course | Industrial Operations Command | Infantry Officer Course | Initial Operational Capability | Intelligence Operations Center | International Olympic Committee | Investigations Operations Center | Indirect Operating Costs | Initial Operating Capability | Initial Operational Capability | Input/Output Controller | Incident Operations Center | Independent Outpatient Clinic | Index Of Cooperation | Industry Overpowers Communism | Instrument Of Comm


CSS Stands For : Capability Support System | Central Security Service | Chinese Surface-to-Surface | Combat Server Support | Combat Service Support | Communications SubSystem | Comprehensive Smoke Study | Confederate States Ship | Coordinator Surface Search | Counter Strike Source | Computer SubSystem | Control Stick Steering | Core Segment Simulator


SSM Stands For : Skin Surface Microscopy | Simulation Support Module | Soldier System Modeling | Squadron Sergeant Major | Surface-to-Surface Missile | Sample Support Module | Spacecraft Systems Monitor | Standard Solar Model | SubSystem Manager | Support System Module | Systems Support Module | Sault Ste Marie


ALSEP Stands For : Apollo Lunar Surface Experiment Package | Apollo Lunar Surface Experimental package | Apollo Lunar Surface Experiments Package | Apollo Lunar Surface Experiments PackageåÊ


ASST Stands For : Arab School For Science And Technology | Average Sea Surface Temperature | Averaged Sea Surface Temperature


IPO Stands For : Initial Public Offering | Integrated Program Office | Intercept Point Optimization | International Program Office | Investigation Police Officer | Ideological | Initial Public Office


FAT Stands For : Factory Acceptance Test | Factory Acceptance Test | Fatalities | Final Acceptance Test | First Article Test | Flechette Anti Tank | Flight Attitude Table | Fresno Air Terminal | factory acceptance test


WIST Stands For : Weather Information For Surface Transportation | Weather Information For Surface Transportation | Women In Skilled Trades (program) | Weather Information For Surface Transportation


IML Stands For : Information Markup Language, Interactive Matrix Language, Interface Management Language, Intermediate Markup Language, Initial Microcode Load, Initial Machine Load


IPT Stands For : Image Perspective Transformation | Initial Production Test | Integrated Planning Team | Integrated Process Team | Integrated Product Team | In-Plant Transporter | Integrated Product Team | International Pipe Thread


TCR Stands For : Tactical Control Room | Test Completion Report | Transfer Control Record | Test Compare Results | Test Conductor | Test Constraints Review | Thermal Concept Review


PIRT Stands For : Phenomena Identification and Ranking Table | Police Initial Recruitment Test | Policy of Insurance of Record Title | preschool intervention and referral team | Preschool Intervention Referral Team | Pretreatment Implementation Review Task | Professional Improvement Resource Team


PVT Stands For : Positioning | Private | Private - Army | Private - USMC | Product Verification Test | Production Validation Test | Prototype Version Test | Physical Vapor Transport | Pre-flight Verification Test | Pressure | Pressure/Volume/Temperature | Private | Pyrotechnic Verification Test


TMDE Stands For Test| Test| Technology Mediated Distance Education| Time-Multiplexed Deep Etching| Test


SFT Stands For : summer field training | ShaFT | Simulated Flight Test | Static Firing Test | System Functional Test


FRSI Stands For : Felt Reusable Surface Insulation | Flexible Reusable Surface Insulation | Farm-Related Service Industries


IPL Stands For : Imagery Product Library | Initial Program Load | Integrated Priority List | Interim Parts List | Indentured Parts List | Initial Program Load


TMDS Stands For : Table Management Distribution System | Test | Test | Test


SCUD Stands For : Sport Car Ultimate Drive | Surface-To-Surface Missile System | Sports Car Ultimate Drive | Sure Could Use Directions


ADMET Stands For : Absorption


ADME Stands For : Absorption


SIIP Stands For : S Ii Integrated Product | Sa Inti International Program | Safety Innovations In Practice | Screening Interview For Initial Placement | Small Industry Incentive Program | Smallholder Irrigation Improvement Project | Spatially Intermittent Initiation Points | Standard Information Interchange Processes | Statistical Instruction Internet Palette | Sugar Industry Infrastructure Program | Summer International Internship Programme | Surface Irrigation Improvement Project | Systemic Instructional Improvement Program | Systems Integration And Implementation Plan


IGES Stands For : Initial Graphics Exchange Specification, 2D or 3D CAD model (Initial Graphics Exchange Specification format), International Graphics Exchange Standard


ISTEA Stands For : Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act | Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act of 1991 (Public Law 102-240 | Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act


VTB Stands For : Virtual Test Bed | Virtual Test Bed | Virtual Test Bed | UNITED STATES BANKRUPTCY COURT District of Vermont | Virtual Test Bed


ISSL Stands For : Immediate Skill Shortage List | Initial Spares Support List | Initial Spares Support List


FLAA Stands For : FLame Atomic Absorption


DIAL Stands For DIfferential Absorption LIDAR


STF Stands For : Software Test Facility | Some Tests Failed | Special Task Force | Storm The Front | Super Twin Fan | Software Test Facility | Spin Test Facility (see DSTF) | Structural Fatigue Test | Scheduled Transfer Facility | Systematic Transformation Facility


VZI Stands For : Initial Rate of Climb | Initial Rate of Climb | Initial Rate of Climb


DAST Stands For : Denver Audiometric Screening Test | Distributed Applications Support Team | Drone For Aeroelastic Structure Testing | Drug Abuse Screen Test | Drug Abuse Screening Test | Dyslexia Adult Screening Test


SSWM Stands For : Salezjaãskie Stowarzyszenie Wychowania Mâodzie?y | Single Step Web Management | Stainless Steel Wire Mesh | Stichting Scholing en Werkgelegenheid Meubel | Strong Selection Weak Mutation | Sub Surface Waste Management | Surface and Storm Water Management


RAIRS Stands For Reflection-Absorption InfraRed Spectroscopy


IRAS Stands For Infrared Reflection-Absorption Spectroscopy


EXAFS Stands For Extended X-ray Absorption Fine Structure


DACT Stands For : Disposable Absorption Collection Trunk


NEXAFS Stands For Near Edge X-ray Absorption Fine Structure


RANC Stands For : Radar Absorption Noise and Clutter


DOAS Stands For Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy


IRAS Stands For : infrared reflection absorption spectroscopy


MMMA Stands For Magnetically Modulated Microwave Absorption


OSM Stands For : Office of Surface Mining | Orbital Service Module | Office of Surface Mining


ORIGIN Stands For : Outcome Reduction with an Initial Glargine Intervention | Outcome Reduction with an Initial Glargine Intervention (trial)


EAM Stands For Embedded Atom Method| Electro-Absorption Modulator


CVAAS Stands For Cold Vapor Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy


CLEAR Stands For Controlled Liquid Electrophoresis Absorption Reflection


ADME Stands For : Absorbsion Distribution Metabolism And Excretion | Absorption


GFAAS Stands For Graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrophotometry


EDT Stands For : Energy Dissipation Test | Engineering Data Transmittal | Executive Director for TMDE (Test | Eastern Daylight Time | Engineering Design Test | Explosive Duct Tape


ASTB Stands For : Augmentation System Test Bed | Augmentation Systems Test Bed | Aviation Selection Test Battery


ISOS Stands For Integrated Surface Observing System| Integrated Surface Observing System| International Southern Ocean Studies


HYAAS Stands For Hydride generation atomic absorption spectrophotom etry


SIT Stands For : Sensory Integration Training | Short Intensive Training | Slayers In Training | System Integration Test | Seal Initiation Temperature | Shuttle Integrated Test | Shuttle Interface Test | SITuation | Software Integration Test | SSV (Space Shuttle Vehicle) Integrated Test | System Implementation Team | Special Investigation Team | Storage In Transit


VIY Stands For : Initial Vertical Velocity | Initial Vertical Velocity


STR Stands For : Sustained Transfer Rate | Separation Transformation Reintegration | Shoot The Russkie | Software Test Report | Software Testing Regimens | Software Trouble Report | Strength | Surplus To Requirements | Software Test Report | Structure | System Test Review | Student Teenage Republican | Section | Software Test Report


AA Stands For Alliteration and Assonance| Associate in Arts| Associate of Arts| Acetic Acid| Activation Analysis| Advanced Alloy| Amino Acid| Amino Acrylate| Arachidonic Acid| Ascorbic Acid| Atomic Absorption| Academic Affairs| Advanced Auditing| Alpha Alumni| Alumni Affairs| Ancient Arts| Active Active| Anti Aliasing| Atomic Absorption| Audio Animatronics| Automatic Adjust| Authors Addition| Authors Alteration| Adaptive Algorithm| Almost All| Angle Angle| Argument Analysis| Academic Alliance| Assistant Administrator| Achievement Age


ST Stands For : seizure threshold | seminiferous tubule | semitendinosus | sensory threshold | Shiga toxin | signal transduction | sinus tachycardia | skin temperature | skin testing | skinfold thickness | slow twitch | smokeless tobacco | sniff test | soft tissue | solid tumour | solitary tract | stable toxin | stage | standard therapy | standard treatment | stereotypy | sternothyroid | sternotrachealis | steroid therapy | stimulation | storage time | strength training | stress test | subacute thyroiditis | sulphathiazole | sulphotransferase | superior tempor


OP-TDLAS Stands For Open Path Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy