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What is the full form of RWS ?

This page is all about abbreviation, acronym and meaning of the given term RWS.

RWS Stands For Radio Wave Study| Receiver Window Size

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HAM RADIO/Amateur Radio

HAM RADIO/Amateur Radio Stands For : HAM is a synomic-variation of the FCC licensed amateur radio station es amateur radio operator license/written permission granted under the laws and regulations of PUBLIC RADIO formulated/ passed by United States legislators

regenerative receiver

regenerative receiver Stands For regenerative and super regenerative radio receivers challenged other radio receiver circuitry in their inherit power output in relation to low input power requirements




WINDOW-NT Stands For : Will Install Needless Data On Whole System - Never Try


WINDOW-ME Stands For : Will Install Needless Data On Whole System - Moron Edition


STUDY Stands For : Strategy Towards University Death Yard | Strategy Towards University Death Yard‰ÛÂ | studied | Studies


WAVE Stands For : Web Access To Virtually Everything

New Wave

New Wave Stands For : The style of the 1980s which included weird hair cuts


WAVE Stands For : Wellness Activities For Virtually Everyone | World Association of Veterinary Educators


WAVE Stands For : Walking Attack Vehicle Enhanced | WAD (Work Authorization Document) Authoring and Validation Environment


WAVE Stands For : Women Accepted for Voluntary Emergency | Women Against Violence Europe


WAVE Stands For : Wide Area Voice Exchange, Wireless Access in Vehicular Environments, Wireless Audio Visual Email


WAVE Stands For Water Alliance For Voluntary Efficiency| Watershed Action For Virginias Environment| Wide Area Vertical Expansion| Wartburg Alumni Volunteering For Enrollment| Wavelength Absorption For Visual Enhancement


WAVE Stands For : Waste Annihilated Value Enhanced | We Always Value Excellence | Weyerhaeuser Active Volunteer Employees | Women of Achievement | Nuwave Technologies | Weyerhaeuser Active Volunteer Employee


VSWR Stands For Very Short Wave Receiver| Voltage Standing Wave Ratio


RFS Stands For Radio Frequency Simulator| Radio Frequency System| Regardless of Feature Size| Receptive Field Size


URR Stands For : UHF Radio Receiver | Un- Resourced Requirement | Unconstrained Requirements Report | UHF Radio Receiver | Unconstrained Requirements Report | Usual Running Rate


SIGWINCH Stands For : signal: window (size) changed


WS Stands For : White Stripe | Wipper Snapper | Samoa | The Watt Strogatz | The Whitesand Soil | The Worship Service | W Sellars | Walmart Smp | Warrior Spirit | Washing State | Weapon Specialist | Weapons System | Weather Station | Web Services | Web Sites | Website Or Something | Website Seer | Website So | Website To Supplement | Weinberg Salam | Weird Stuff | West Samoa | Western Somalia | Western Somoa | Western Steer | What s | Wheel Steering | White Space | Whitespace Space | Wide Screen | Wildy San | Will Save | Will Snap | Win Shares | Window Size


TRF Stands For TRF| Tuned Radio Frequency| Tuned Radio Frequency Receiver| Tuned Radio Frequency| Tropical Rain Forest| Technology Resource Fee| Transition Reflection Formalism| Tuned Radio Frequency


XTAL SET Stands For Acronym for crystal set; Simplistic radio receiver with basic tuner/detector circuitry Signal power of radio station effects detection of radio frequency signal and excites audio signal in earphone circuitry


XMX Stands For : X Protocol Multiplexer, X Window System session on multiple X displays, Specify heap memory size in command line arguments, Autodesk AutoCAD External Message Compiled File


URR Stands For : UHF (Ultra-High Frequency) Radio Receiver


URR Stands For UHF (Ultra-High Frequency) Radio Receiver


ROUS Stands For : Rats Of Unusual Size | Rodent Of Unusual Size | Rodents Of Unusual Size | Rodents Of Usual Size


BM Stands For : Bdales Mailer, Boyer-Moore, Maximum Burst size, Battle Mac, Button Masher, X-Window BitMap Bitmap graphics (1bit text), Bench Mark, Bit Mapped


SWL Stands For : Shooters Without Law | Short Wave Listening | SHORT WAVE LISTENER | A Signal Wave Letters | Short Wave Listeners | Short Web Language


ROC Stands For Radius Of Curvature| Radar Operations Center| Receiver Operating Characteristic| Regionaal Opleidingen Centrum| Rejects Of Cramer| Residents On Campus| Receiver Operating Characteristic| Receiver Operating Curve| Remote Object Communications| Remote Operation Control| Response Operator Curve| receiver operator characteristic


PDS Stands For : pain dysfunction syndrome | Paris dosimetry system | Parkinson‰Ûªs Disease Society | paroxysmal depolarising shift | penile Doppler study | perfusion defect size | peritoneal dialysis solution | Personal Demographics Service | Personal Dental Service(s) | positive Darwinian selection | Progressive Deterioration Scale | psychomotor disadaptation syndrome | Psychotic Depression Scale | pulsed Doppler sonography | Poole Diabetes Study | Patient Distribution System | Poole Diabetes Study | Prairie Dog Specialists


ARF Stands For Amateur Radio Forum| Addiction Research Foundation| Almost Ready To Finish| Audio Receiver File


RT Stands For : Rucni Top | Real Time | Receiver Transmitter | Reconditioning Test | Recovery Team | Restraint to Target | Rough Terrain | Radio Telescope | Range-to-Target | RaTe | Real Time | Receiver-Transmitter | Reference Trajectory | RighT | Run Time | Rail Transit | Reaction Time | Right Turn | Road Tool | Road Track | Roll Top | Round Trip | Red Tape | Resolved That | Round Table


CW Stands For ClockWise| Coefficient of Wind| Cold Weather| Column Water| Clean Water| ClockWise| continuous wave| carrier wave| Continuous Wave| ClockWise| College for Women| College of Westchester| Course Work| Crimson White| Carrier Wave| ClockWise| Continuous Wave| Constant Width


DAR Stands For Digital Analog Radio| Digital Audio Receiver| Dimensions of Anger Reactions scale


SW Stands For Square Well| Swendsen-Wang| Severe Weather| Salt Water| Saturated Warm| Spot Witness| Short Wave| SideWalk| Solvent Water| Social Work| Same Wave| Sheikhholeslami-Wohlert| Surface Wave


MSS Stands For : Median Signal Selector, Managed Security Services, Maximum Segment Size, Motorola Service Software, Modular Sample System, Minimum Segment Size, Minimum Segment Size, Memory Stack Segment, Measurement and Stimulus Sub-system, Manuscript text file (Perfect Writer - Scribble - MINCE - Jove)


XWD Stands For : X Windows screen Dump, X window dump, X- Window Dump screen window image Bitmap graphics format


MTW Stands For : Maximum Transmission Window, Multiple Toplevel Window, Data file (Minitab)


MSRT Stands For : Mobile Subscriber Radio Terminal | Mobile Subscriber Receiver/ Transmitter | Multistage Shuttle Run Test


PLGR Stands For : Precise Lightweight Global Positioning System (GPS) Receiver | Precision Lightweight GPS Receiver


SALTE Stands For : size | size


SALUTE Stands For : Size | Size


TWM Stands For : Tab Window Manager, Tabbed Window Manager, Toms Window Manager


CWR Stands For : Calm Water Ramp | Continuous Wave Radar | Continuous Wave Radar | Central Wisconsin Route | Continuous Welded Rail | Cabinet War Room | Civilian Welfare Report | Continuous Wave Radar


WM Stands For : Word Munchers | Wrap Music | William | WordMaster | A Workspace Monitor | Warta Mikael | Waste Materials | Webmaster Mo | Weighed Mean | Weight Management | Wet Manual | Whisker Motive | White Marsh | Whole Mount | William Marion | William Marshall | William Mulready | Window Manger | Window Mod | Window Multi | With Monitoring | Within Morpheme | Woman Marine | World Models | Worshipful Master | Wrapped Motion


LWS Stands For Light Warning Sensor| Lightning Warning Set| Local Weather Service| Low Water at Spring Tide| Local Weather Service| Low Water at Spring Tide| Low Water Spring| Long-Wave Set| Long-Wave Spectrograph| Low Water Sensitivity| Large Wafer Study| Low Water Sensitivity


UART Stands For : Unconventional Assisted Recovery Team | Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter | Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter | Universal Asynchronous Receiver/ Transmitter


KW Stands For Kinematic Wave| Kilowatt| Kurz Welle (Short Wave)


CDW Stands For Circumpolar Deep Water| Continuum Distorted Wave| Charge Density Wave


MW Stands For Modified Weights| microwave| Master of Wine| Medium Wave| Magnetized Water| Molecular Weight| Medium Wave| MegaWatt| MicroWave| milliWatt| Modulated Wave| Molecular Weight


REC Stands For : Renewable Energy Credit | Radio Electronic Combat | Receive | Received | Receiver | RECommendation | Receive | Record (RCD preferred) | Racial Equality Councils | Rear End Collision | Roadway Encroachment Or Closure | Regional Extension Center


LTW Stands For Linearly Transformed Wave| Linearized Traveling Wave


RXV Stands For : Receiver Video | Receiver Video | Rear Crossview Mirror


PWV Stands For : Pantser Wiel Voertuig | Pulse Wave Velocity | Pulse Wave Velocity | Pittsburgh and West Virginia | Pulse Wave Velocity


GSE Stands For : Grapefruit Seed Extract | Ground Support Equipment | Generic Structure Editor | Genital Self Examination | Ghassan Salih Elwadiy | Giant Size Enemabag | Golden State Examination | Gordon Safety Engineering | Government Service Employee | Graduate Student Executive | Group Study Exchange


WRB Stands For : Wireless Receiver Box, Web Request Broker, Wireless Receiver Box


SWM Stands For Shallow Water Model| Sustainable Watershed Management| Sabine Wireless Microphone system| Silent Wave Motor| Sine Wave Modulation


SMCR Stands For : Self Modeling Curve Resolution | sender message channel and receiver | Smith Magenis Chromosome Region | Society for Menstrual Cycle Research | Source Message Channel Receiver | Standard Microcircuit Cross Reference


RXD Stands For : Receive Data, Receiver Downstream, Receiver Driver, Receive Data, Reflex 1 Datafile


CWD Stands For : Casual Working Dress | Childrens Wear Digest | Confederation of World Domination | Cash Without Debt | Champlain Water District | Change Working Directory | Chicks with Dicks | children with DIABETES | Common and Well Documented | Common Wealth Development | Common Windows Desktop | Community Waste Disposal | Continuous Wave Dopplers | Crew Working Day | Current Window Directory


SH Stands For Study Hard| The Subspace Of H| Southern Hemisphere| Super Hot| Semester Hour| Shire Hall| Sierra Hall| Study Hall| Study Humans


CHS Stands For : calvarial hyperostotic syndrome | Canada Health Survey | Canadian Hematology Society | Cardiovascular Health Study | cavernous haemangioma | Center for Health Statistics | central hypoventilation syndrome | Chediak-Higashi syndrome | Child Health Surveillance | Chinese Health Study | chlorinated hydrocarbons | chronic hyperplastic sinusitis | community health sciences | community health study | compression hip screw | controlled haemorrhagic shock | Coronary Heart Study | Current Health Status | Cardiovascular Health Study


UART Stands For : Universal Asynchronous Receiver/ Transmitter, Universal Asynchronous Receiver/ Transmitter, Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter, Universal Asynchronous Receiver/ Transmitter, Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter, Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter


MWM Stands For : Metacity Window Manager, Motif Window Manager, Motif Windows Manager, Motif Window Manager


USRT Stands For : Universal Synchronous Receiver/Transmitter, Universal Synchronous Receiver/Transmitter, Universal Synchronous Receiver/Transmitter, Universal Synchronous Receiver/Transmitter, Universal Synchronous Receiver/Transmitter


TRC Stands For : Total Recordable Rase | Tactical Radio Communication | Threat Reduction Cooperation | Transmission Release Code | Turbo- Roto- Compound | Thermodynamics Research Center | Transmitter Receiver Computer | Texas Railroad Commission | Texas Railroad Commission (became RCT) | Track Recording Car | Twin Rail Cavity


NPR Stands For : National Pinko Radio | National Proletariat Radio | National Prolitariat Radio | National Propaganda Radio | Nationalist Peoples Radio | Nazi Propaganda Radio | Net Profit Ratio | Never Praise Republicans | Never Praises Republicans | No Place for Republicans | No Power Rangers | No Public Restroom | Notoriously Pinko Ranting | National Palestinian Radio | Nazi Propaganda Resurrection | Never Pay Retail | New Phreakin River | New Plums Ripen | Nipple Piercing Related | No Password Required | No Pertinent Reporting | No Pie Refused | Noiseless Portable


RXU Stands For : Receiver Unit | Receiver Unit | Receiver Unit


TGR Stands For : Timing GPS Receiver | Timing GPS Receiver | Timing GPS Receiver


FLDWAV Stands For FLooD dynamic WAVe| FLow Dynamic WAVe


FVWM Stands For : Featherweight Virtual Window Manager | Feeble Virtual Window Manager


ROC Stands For : receiver operating characteristic curve | Reactive Opponent Control | Reality Of Combat | Receiver Operating Characteristics | Regional Operation Center | Rehearsal of Concept | Reign Of Chaos | Remote Operations Controller | Required Operational Capability | Rules Of Conduct | Receiver Operator Characteristics | Record Of Comments | Regional Operations Center | Request of Change | Russian Organized Crime | Regional Organizing Convention | Return Our Constitution | Right Of Center | Remembering Our Culture | Rest Of Country | Greater Rochester Internati


WM Stands For : Windows Messaging, Window Manager, Window Message, Windows Media, Windows Message, Word Macro


RWIN Stands For : Receive WINdow, Receive WINdow


WR Stands For : War Reserve | War Reserves | Water Rat | Wave Rider | Weapon Radius | West Riding | Wire Receive | Weather Radar | Wrist Roll | Walnut River | White Rock | Wave Rider | Wildlife Refuge


AVR Stands For Acidification Volatilization Reneutralization| Audio Video Receiver| Audio-Video Receiver| Automatic Voltage Regulation| Automatic Voltage Regulator


MCW Stands For : Modulated Carrier Wave | Modulated Continuous Wave | Modulated Continuous Wave


DW Stands For : Dry White | Distilled Water | Disk Wars | Dark Warriors | Darrell Wayne | David Wynne | Dorothy Winifred | Dark Wizard | Dragon Warrior | Drow Warriors | And Dream Writer | Da Wife | Dame With | Damn Wife | Dan Wesson | Danger Warning | Darcy West | Dark Washu | David Wininger | Daywalker Www | De Witt | Deadly Wrestleing | Define Words | Definetly Would | Degrees Of Wisdom | Delicars Wheel | Delicars Wheel | Derivative Warrant | Desert War | Desireable Wife | Dialog Window | Diana Whitney | Digital Watch | Dijital Wear | Dildo With | Dim


PDSA Stands For : Peoples Dispensary for Sick Animals | Peoples Dispensary For Sick Animals | Pets Dispensary For Sick Animals | Pharmaceutical Distribution Security Alliance | Plan Do Study Act | Plan Do Study And | Plan Do Study And Act | Platelet | Preliminary Documented Safety Analysis | Process Delivery Study Activation


GPRS Stands For : Generally Poor Rank Service | Global Pasty Routing System | Got Problem Remembering Sickness | Great Potential | Grossly Promoted | General Packet Radio Services | General Packet Radio ServiceåÊ | General Packet Radio System | Global Packet Radio Service | Global Packet Radio Services | Global Packet Radio Switching | Global Packet Radio System | Global Personnel Recruitment System | GRANT PAYMENT REQUEST SYSTEM | Ground Penetrating Radar Services | Growth and Poverty Reduction Strategy


CSW Stands For : Critical Structural Weakness | Cambridge School of Weston | Catalog Service for the Web | Center for the Study of Women | Certified Specialist of Wine | Chemical Society of Washington | College of | College of Social Work | Combat Submission | Combining Speaker Weights | Compressed Square Wave | critical structural weaknesses | Customer Service Workstation


DAR Stands For : Division of Animal Research | Daily Activity Report | Daughters of the American Revolution | Defense Acquisition Reform | Defense Acquisition Regulation | Defense Acquisition Regulations | Distortion Adaptive Receiver | Data Aided Receiver | Deviation Approval Request | Digital Autopilot Requirements | Drawing Analysis Record | Dial-A-Ride | Dont Accept Responsibility


PPS Stands For Pattern Probability Strategy| Probability Proportional to Size| Provider Power Series| Precipitation Processing Subsystem| Probability Proportionate to Size| Photosynthetic Pigment System| Photosynthetic Pigment Systems| Philosophy Paradigm Studies| Physician Practice System| Pied Piper Sampling| PolyPhenylene Sulfide (Plastic)| Peter Pan Syndrome


EPS Stands For : Electronic Prescription Service | electrophysiological study | extrapyramidal syndrome | Emergency Pregnancy Service | Emergency Psychiatric Services | Extracellular Polymeric Substance | ElectroPhysiologic study | Electro Physiological Study | Enhanced Probiotic System | Expressed Prostatic Secretion | Extrapyramidal symptoms


CW Stands For : Chemical Warfare | Chemical Weapons | Code Word | Combat Weapon | ClockWise | Command Word | Continuous Wave | Continental Winchester | Continuous Wave | Civilian Welfare | Complied With


WRT/R Stands For : Wireless Transmitter/Receiver, Wireless Transmitter/Receiver, Wireless Transmitter/Receiver


WARC Stands For Warminster Amateur Radio Club| Warren Amateur Radio Club| Westlake Amateur Radio Club| Wichita Amateur Radio Club| Worcester Amateur Radio Club| West African Research Center| World Advertising Research Center


WTG Stands For Wave & Tide Gauge| Wave & Tide Gauge| Wisconsin Tuition Grant


SMATS Stands For : Saginaw Metropolitan Area Transportation Study | Sarasota Manatee Area Transportation Study | Saturday Morning At The Symphony | Spokane Metropolitan Area Transportation Study | Surface Metrology Algorithm Testing System


WC Stands For : Wicked Clownz | Willman Company | Wine Centre | World Craft | Window Cards | With Case | Work Center | Workmens Compensation | Worst Case | War Correspondent | Washroom Cleaner | Web Correspondent | Window Cleaner | Wing Commander | Wonderful Companion | Wood Cutting | Workers Compensation | Working Certificate


WVHT Stands For : Wave Height | Wave Height


VRC Stands For : Vehicular Radio Communications | Vehicular Radio Control | Veteran Reserve Corps | Virtual Reality Consortium | Vehicular Radio Control | Vital Records Control | Vehicular Radio Control


HIS Stands For : Health Informatics Service | health information service | Health Interview Survey | heat inactivated serum | Hemodilution In Stroke study | histidine | histology | Hormones In Stroke study | hospital information system | Hungarian Isradipine Study | HIV Incidence Surveillance


MARCS Stands For : Macarthur Auditory Research Centre Sydney | Madison Area Radio Control Society | Multi Agency Radio Communication System | Multi Agency Radio Communications System | Multi Agency Radio Communications Systems


DISC Stands For Digital Information Science and Communication| Denmark Inter-disciplinary Study tour Committee| Drop In Study Centre


WRU Stands For : Wireless Receiver Unit, Wireless Receiver Unit, What Are You ...., Where Are You?


GARC Stands For : Gadsden Amateur Radio Club | Garland Amateur Radio Club | Gator Amateur Radio Club | Georgia Association of Regional Commissions | Goddard Amateur Radio Club | Goddard Amatuer Radio Club | Governance in Asia Research Centre | Graduate Appalachian Research Community | Grant Amateur Radio Club | Grant Application Resource Center | Grassroots Animal Rights Conference | Great America Rifle Conference | Great American Rifle Conference | Grinnell Athletic Recreation Center


EARS Stands For EUMESTAT Advanced Retransmission Service| Effective Affordable Reusable Speech| Edmond Amateur Radio Society| Escondido Amateur Radio Society| Electrostatic Atmospherics Radio Sensor


LSOA Stands For : Local Service Ordering Administration | Logistics Strategic Opportunity Assessment | Longitudinal Studies Of Aging | Longitudinal Study Of Aging | Longitudinal Study On Aging | Longitudinal Survey Of Aging | Lsoalongitudinal Study Of Aging | Lviv State Oblast Administration


LPRA Stands For : Low-Power Radio Association A trade body representing the low power radio community Based in the UK the LPRA has an international membership and covers all aspects of short range devices from RFID through to radio telemetry


CRW Stands For : Campus Recreation and Wellness | Center for Reading and Writing | Chemical Reactivity Worksheet | China Radio Washington | College Radio Workshop | College Radio Workshop‰Û?‰Û?‰Û? | Comparative RNA Web | Counter Revolutionary Warfare